The Cast of The Princess Bride Will Reunite for a Virtual Table Read to Benefit the Wisconsin Democratic Party

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The event will be a fundraiser for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. the princess bride cary elwes democratic party wisconsin billy crystal mandy patinkin robin wright robert reinerRead more.

Ignoring Scientists' Advice, Wisconsin Will Allow Hunters to Kill 300 Wolves This Fall

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A new state policy could imperil that progress: Wisconsin’s Natural Resources Board voted last week to allow hunters to kill up to 300 wolves during a fall killing period this year, ignoring recommendations from an advisory… Read more.


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Apparently Foxconn's Wisconsin LCD Factory Is Fake

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Last week, the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) rejected electronics maker Foxconn’s tax subsidy application for failing to not only hire the number of employees it promised, but to build a Gen 10.5 foxconn wisconsin donald trump scott walker factory

Wisconsin Pharmacist Who Destroyed Hundreds of Covid-19 Vaccine Doses Sentenced to 3 Years Prison

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On Tuesday, a federal judge sentenced Steven Brandenburg, the Wisconsin pharmacist whom police say deliberately sabotaged hundreds of covid-19 vaccine doses last December, to three years in federal prison, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Leaked Data Reportedly Shows Cops Donated to Kyle Rittenhouse's Legal Defense Fund

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Hackers used altered invoices to steal $2.3 million, says Wisconsin Republican Party

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In the swing state of Wisconsin, the state's Republican Party says hackers stole $2.3 Wisconsin Republican Party Chairman Andrew Hitt told the Associated Press that invoices from four vendors, who distributed direct mail and merchandise for the Trump campaign, were altered. Most polls show a tight race in Wisconsin, although a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden leading Trump by a whopping 17 points.

Here's what Trump paid for each new Biden vote in Wisconsin

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In one of his last-ditch efforts to wrest the electoral college away from President-elect Joe Biden, Donald Trump spent big on a partial recount in Wisconsin. More about Culture , Wisconsin , Trump , Recount , and Biden. Culture Wisconsin Trump Recount Biden

Woman Who Stabbed Her Friend for Slender Man at Age 12 Is Getting Released Early

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Engage in the Ultimate Form of Self-Care by Buying a Simmons Beautyrest Mattress, 65% Off!

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mattresses memory foam zalmon gilbert simmons ii bedding furniture bed sleep simmons bedding company kenosha wisconsinSimmons Beautyrest Mattresses | $290+ | BuyDig | Promo code SIMMONS Read more.

Using Thermal Cameras to Track Hand Motions Could Be the Key to Interacting with Smart Glasses

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Thanks to new research from Cornell University and the University of Wisconsin, Madison, we could still rely on our… Read more. research thermal cameras cornell university university of wisconsin madison wearables

Woodlands Dark and Days Bewitched Is an Essential Folk Horror Encyclopedia

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folk horror horror the 2021 south by southwest children of the corn quatermass and the pit entertainment culture film genres film horror film wisconsin death trip korean horror it guy maddin witchfinder general creative works candyman jim williams kier la janisse horror fiction thrillers quatermass

Whistleblower Alleges AT&T Overcharged Underfunded Schools for Phone and Internet Service

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att wisconsin bell business finance e rate internet in the united states federal communications commission fletcher cook ajit pai companies telecommunications theodore marcus scott shepherd internet access david b cohen agencies of the united states government todd heath

Foxconn Won't Get Tax Subsidies After Failing to Deliver Factory and Jobs It Promised

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President Trump promised that a Foxconn manufacturing plant would create 13,000 jobs in the state of Wisconsin, even calling it the “eighth wonder of the world.” foxconn wisconsin donald trump factory scott walker tony evers

Facebook Unblocks Kyle Rittenhouse, Says He Can Open Accounts Now

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Facebook has rescinded its block on searches for Kyle Rittenhouse, the teenaged gunman who killed two and wounded another with an AR-15-style rifle during Black Lives Matter protests and civil unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin in August 2020.

Zuckerberg Admits That Facebook Screwed Up by Ignoring Milita Group Complaints Before Kenosha Shooting

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Facebook made “an operational mistake” in ignoring reports about a page encouraging an armed militia to “defend” Kenosha, Wisconsin, against Black Lives Matter protestors, CEO Mark Zuckerberg acknowledged in a video post Friday.

U.S. Could See 2,000 Covid-19 Deaths Per Day by Christmas: Report

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The cast of HBO's 'Veep' is reuniting to help elect Joe Biden in 2020

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Donations of any amount made here guarantee attendance to the one-time stream, and they benefit the Democratic Party of Wisconsin. All roads to the White House go through the great state of Wisconsin," Louis-Dreyfus explained of the event's intent in her announcement.

The Violent Fantasy of Kyle Rittenhouse

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Kyle Rittenhouse, the Illinois teen charged with shooting three protestors in Kenosha, Wisconsin, gets the fanmail congratulating him on his heroic exploits in juvenile detention, because he is 17 years old.

New U.S. Postal Service Delivery Vehicle Design Receives Mixed Reactions Online

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Postal Service held a press conference on Tuesday to announce the agency has awarded a $482 million contract to Wisconsin-based Oshkosh Defense for a new fleet of vehicles scheduled to be rolled out in 2023. Officials at the U.S.

How Shrekfest keeps the 20-year legacy of 'Shrek' alive

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He planned to incorporate everything advertised on the fake event page into real-life Shrekfest and hold it in Madison, Wisconsin, where fake Shrekfest had been suppose to occur.

Facebook will remove posts praising Atlanta shooting

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Facebook has previously classified shootings, such as the one at the Black Lives Matter protest in Kenosha, Wisconsin last summer, with this designation.

Northern lights may be visible for many Americans this Halloween weekend

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Specific states like Montana , Michigan, and Wisconsin are preparing for a unique sight, as well, NBC News reported. Some parts of the U.S. are in for a witchy sky this Halloween weekend.

Hand Tracking Wristband Brings More Detailed Hand Movements To VR & AR


The minds over at Cornell University’s SciFi Lab , along with help from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have come up with a unique wristband device that uses four small (9.30mm) synchronized thermal cameras to deliver more precise VR and AR hand tracking experiences.

Mark Zuckerberg blames Facebook contractors for Kenosha militia fiasco

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Notably, The Verge reports that the event page issued a "call to arms" — not in response to Wisconsin police shooting Jacob Blake seven times in the back , but rather the protests demanding justice for the shooting.

John Oliver takes a disturbing deep dive into U.S. voter suppression

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Unsurprisingly, many of these efforts have been concentrated in the States that were closest in last year's election — Georgia, Arizona and Wisconsin — and (also unsurprisingly) many of these efforts target voting methods favoured by people of colour.

Facebook and Instagram now allow praise for Kyle Rittenhouse

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25, 2020 in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Kyle Rittenhouse fatally shot two men and injured a third on Aug. Now, Meta has decided it will no longer remove comments on Facebook and Instagram that praise him.

How to support the surge of Native American voters long before the next election

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This was an untapped resource in the voting population," says Dee Sweet (of the Chippewa tribe), who worked with Wisconsin Native Vote to get Indigenous people to vote in the 2020 election. Indigenous voters showed up in force for the 2020 election, a marked increase from 2016.

Watch John Oliver's stark, furious breakdown of the links between the RNC and Kenosha violence

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Oliver then drew a line between the rhetoric and outright lies sprayed at serious volume at the Republican National Convention last week and the protests and then violence that erupted in Kenosha, Wisconsin almost simultaneously following the police shooting of Jacob Blake, an unarmed Black man.

Why everyone should understand 'racial trauma' right now

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It's how a Black person's heart and mind may seize upon seeing the video of the recent attack in Kenosha, Wisconsin, or reading about it in the news. Racial trauma is what happens when a Black man like Jacob Blake is shot seven times in the back by a police officer.

Why mindfulness is the most important skill of 2022

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Dr. Jack Nitschke, a clinical psychologist, and associate professor in the department of psychiatry at the University of Wisconsin, told me that exposure to unpredictability doesn't necessarily improve our coping skills. "I I've given myself an impossible task.

Researchers Show FingerTrak, A Hand Tracking Wristband For AR/VR Input

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Developed by Cornell University’s SciFi Lab with assistance from University of Wisconsin, Madison researchers, FingerTrak uses a deep neural network to stitch together input from three or four miniature thermal cameras mounted around the wrist, collectively capturing an entire hand pose.

Milwaukee Is Being Sued Over Mandatory Augmented Reality Permits


Apparently developing an AR game in Wisconsin isn’t as simple as it seems. Developers of Candy Lab AR took the entirety of Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, to court over a bizarre permit requirement they claim impedes on their first amendment rights. Friday was a historic day for virtual and augmented reality.

Creating Immersive Learning Experiences

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As Jen Zurawski, an educator with Wisconsin’s West De Pere School District, puts it: “With Expeditions, our students had access to a wide range of tours outside our geographical area, but we wanted to create tours here in our own community.” Google harnesses the power of photos and street view to deliver simplified VR development for teachers and students.

Photos of workers fighting for a better life to help you celebrate Labor Day

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Protesters return to the Capitol Building rotunda in Madison, Wisconsin, after Gov. This Labor Day, put down your burger and White Claw, and spend some time thinking about the American worker.

Enter The Monarchy


With Frogworld , the first public NatureSims™ VR prototype, now available on Oculus and Steam, I am turning back to the project that first inspired me to start along this path.

LiveLike Adds DVR-Like Replay To Live VR Broadcasts


Just this past Saturday on December 3rd, LiveLike handled the broadcast of the Wisconsin vs Penn State game in VR through the Fox Sports VR application. We’re at an early point in the expansion of the virtual reality industry where a lot of “firsts” will be claimed as companies blaze their own paths toward prominence.

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A first look at the Tundra Labs HDK

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Tundra is based in the Titletowntech building in Green Bay, Wisconsin, USA, a state-of-the-art facility built by Green Bay Packers and Microsoft to act as a start-up incubator for small tech companies.

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