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Here’s What We Know About ZeniMax v. Oculus VR

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Over the past two weeks, ZeniMax Media and Oculus have been duking it out in the Earle Cabell Federal Building and Courthouse in Dallas, TX, and we’ve been observing and taking notes. Beth Wilkinson, Oculus’ lawyer, also said Carmack shouldn’t have copied the files, and that he turned everything in within a year of the litigation being filed.

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Dan White and Brandon Pittser of Filament Games

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Filament games has over 100 games they’ve produced for clients like National Geographic, The Smithsonian, McGraw Hill Education, and universities including MIT, Oklahoma State University, and the University of Wisconsin Madison.


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Enter The Monarchy


With Frogworld , the first public NatureSims™ VR prototype, now available on Oculus and Steam, I am turning back to the project that first inspired me to start along this path. Concept art: 5th instar monarch caterpillar fending off a paper wasp.

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Zero Latency Shoots For Multiplayer VR Arcade Network With 24 Locations In 2017

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The idea came to co-founders Tim Ruse (who’s now the CEO) and Scott Vandonkelaar (CTO) when the two first saw the Oculus Rift while working together at web agency Roadhouse Digital. locations in Orlando, Boston, Philadelphia, Wisconsin and the Poconos.

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Hand Tracking Wristband Brings More Detailed Hand Movements To VR & AR


The minds over at Cornell University’s SciFi Lab , along with help from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, have come up with a unique wristband device that uses four small (9.30mm) synchronized thermal cameras to deliver more precise VR and AR hand tracking experiences.