Varjo Promises “Human-Eye” Resolution With VR-1 Headset


Alongside its proprietary 20/20 eye tracker and 60-PPD Bionic Display with “human-eye” resolution, the VR-1 also features support for a large helping of photorealistic virtual workflows, including Unreal Engine, Unity, Autodesk, VRRED, PREPAR3D, ZeroLight, and VBS Blue.

The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


Last year, the inaugural VR On The Lot brought together major players from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Europe, and China for a two-day exploration of the intersection between entertainment and technology. LIFE VR, Unity, Unreal Engine, VRC and DTS (an Xperi company).

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The VR Job Hub: Ready At Dawn, LIV & Make Real

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Europe, Remote. Unreal and C++ Engineer (VR). Europe, Remote. Here on the Sunday VR Job Hub at VRFocus we like to include the very latest and most up to date selection of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) jobs from around the world. If a developer is working on an awesome new project and need to up the staff or simply looking to expand their core team, we’ll have those vacancies. Location. Company. Irvine, CA. Ready At Dawn. Level Designer.

All you need to know on Oculus Connect 6: the most important news in one single article!

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And as you complete your tour of duty across Europe, you’ll collaborate with the French Resistance, working to sabotage Nazi operations from behind enemy lines.

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Varjo Launches VR-1 with Retina-quality Fixed-foveated Display & Eye-tracking, Priced at $6,000

Road to VR

Varjo says their “industrial-grade” VR-1 headset is available starting today in 34 counties, across North America, Europe, and Hong Kong. Varjo today announced the launch of its VR-1 headset.

Eido Inoue tells us everything we need to know about HADO and location based augmented reality

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We also have a small office and a couple of people overseas in Europe and America. In Europe, there are venues in Britain, Spain, France, Serbia (by raw play stats it’s the most popular area in the EU; don’t ask me why), and Russia.

Magic Leap’s John Gaeta talks about the future of cinema, storytelling and mixed reality

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We went to Europe and found some amazing locations for the movie. And in general, the world of cinema and of “gaming” will converge always more and in the end, we’ll have movies that will be realized with game-engines like Unity and Unreal Engine.

Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

Road to VR

With currently 26 labs operating in the United States, Europe, Asia and Oceania, VR First is bringing the number to 40 labs by the end of year.

Lenqiy aims at fostering creativity in Chinese kids with virtual reality

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The typical development environment that they use is Unity, but if the customer requires Unreal because wants a better graphical quality, they can develop using UE4, too. while the US and Europe still develop better software.

Hands-On: Riff VR Has Potential To Realize A Full Rock Band VR Vision, But Not Yet


They’re just not that responsive and the difficulty curve compared to guitar and singing is just unreal. When I reviewed Rock Band VR last year, I loved what the team at Harmonix did to bring the feeling of playing a guitar, on-stage, in front of a live audience to VR headsets.

Our First Look At Microsoft HoloLens 2


To do that, it had to pass the basic impact tests from several protective eyewear standards used in North America and Europe. Tim Sweeney, founder and CEO of Epic Games, then took to the stage to say that Unreal Engine 4 support would also be arriving on the HoloLens 2.

All the most important AR and VR news from the GDC 2018

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If this may interest to you, here you are the link for the form to be filled (note: I’ve provided you the link for Europe… if you’re from UK, just substitute “eu” with “uk” in the address; if you are from US, use “us”, etc…).

2016: The year of VR in review


Both Unity and Unreal Game engines tried their hands at creating a development environment in VR. Between these two, the Unreal toolkit is a little further along, but both need a lot of design and improvement and neither of these seems like it has surpassed the productivity of a traditional development environment. Just recently, HTC Vive began rolling out VIVE Arcades across China and has announced plans to do this in the US and Europe as well.

New HTC Vive Releases For The Week Of 03/12/17


Charles III of Spain and the antiquity tells the story of how Charles III funded the excavations that discovered the ancient cities of Herculaneum and Pompeii, spreading the knowledge acquired throughout Europe and America.

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Virtuix Faces Problems and Does the Right Thing


Officially, Virtuix comes Unity and Unreal Engine 4 SDK, speeding the integration in the game or some other VR application. ” If you want the Virtuix Omni in its present form, the shipping cost to Europe would be approximately $600-900 i.e. more than the cost of an actual Omni platform.