How to get started with WebXR in Unity

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WebXR is a technology with enormous potential, but at the moment it offers far worse tools to develop for it than standalone VR , where we all use Unity and Unreal Engine. As a Unity developer, I think that it is a very important enabling solution. I downloaded Unity 2019.3.11

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Unreal Engine Adds Oculus Quest Vulkan Support, Unity To Follow ‘Later This Year’


Unity told us they will add the same “later this year” What Is Vulkan? Vulkan was developed by The Khronos Group, a non-profit industry consortium which includes major tech companies like NVIDIA, AMD, Microsoft, Facebook, Google, and Intel.

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VR Veteran Tony Parisi is Leading Unity’s AR & VR Strategy Beyond Gaming

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The keynote from Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit yesterday showcased just how far Unity is reaching into non-gaming content when it comes to augmented and virtual reality. New Unity Tools Bring Interactivity and Real-time CGI to 360 Video, Now in Beta.

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GDC 2017: Google Daydream Support Coming To Unity On March 31st


At GDC 2017, Unity held a keynote discussing their impact on the gaming industry, future updates to the engine, and much more. The Unity engine and titular company have been very accommodating when it comes to VR development, having added a feature that even allows developers to work within VR and provided the framework that makes it easier to develop for VR in general. Unity 5.6 Tagged with: 2017 , cardboard , GDC , Google Dardream , OpenXR , unity , Vulkan API.

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New Humble Software Bundle Lets You Learn VR & AR Game Dev In Unity


A new Humble Software Bundle is now available offering a bunch of courses and projects that aim to teach you how to develop for VR and AR using Unity. The VR and AR Game Dev bundle includes a bunch of projects that cover developing for VR and AR using Unity, along with a few games to play as examples. All of the projects are designed by Zenva Academy , a group known for development courses and projects on topics like coding, web development, machine learning and heaps more.

Superhot VR Wins Best Game At Unity Vision Summit 2017


Today is Unity’s Vision Summit in Los Angeles. Social Impact Award – Out of Exile: Daniel’s Story (Emblematic Group, Atrevida Productions, True Colors Fund).

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OpenXR 1.0 Released, Microsoft Supports on HoloLens & WMR, Oculus Plans Rift & Quest Support

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It’s a major milestone, according to Khronos Group which has overseen development of the standard by a consortium of many of the biggest names in the AR/VR sector. Today the group announced the release of OpenXR 1.0, Khronos Group says that from 1.0 openxr working group

GridRaster Raises $2 Million for AR/VR Cloud Rendering Solution

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” The near $2 million funding round consists of investments from several venture capital firms including Lumia Capital, Pipeline Capital, Exfinity Ventures, NextStar Partners, Unshackled Ventures, and Explorer Group.

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Social App VRChat Launches Next Week With Multiplayer Games And Unity SDK


Environments invite sandbox-style madness; at one point in the trailer a bowling game is abandoned as two groups of friends instead start to hurl balls at each other. VRChat also aims to offer deeper user customization with integration with Unity.

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Unity Vision VR/AR Summit 2017: Courtside for the Convergence of Realities


When it comes to changing the game for XR, Unity Technologies just can’t stop. Vision Summit 2017— Unity’s VR/AR-centric industry conference held this Monday and Tuesday at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood—doubled down on this push in a dramatic way. “We Google Tango with Unity.

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Oculus Quest To Get ‘Prototype’ OpenXR Support Later This Month


Engines like Unity and Unreal make this easier, and both are trying to separately unify VR APIs under their own new engine subsystems, but the problem still exists. It was developed by a working group managed by Khronos, a non-profit industry consortium.

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Japanese Students Construct VR Roller Coaster Attraction Inside Classroom


As impressive as that quessadilla was, and it was impressive, it pales in comparison to a project conducted by a group of third-year Japanese students which involved the careful planning and construction of a functioning roller coaster accompanied by a custom-made virtual reality experience. ??????3??????VR????????????????????????????VR??????????????????????

Fans Get A VR Tour Of LA Stadium Ahead Of Super Bowl LIII


Built in Unity , the VR experience gives fans an in depth look that the stadiums various luxury accomodations, from the beachside view provided by the Champions Plaza level, to the exclusive Club level suites located right on the sideline.

GDC 2019: OpenXR Specification And API Released Publicly For AR And VR Devices


The Khronos Group, which is releasing the standard for developer and industry feedback , is broadly supported by companies invested in AR and VR technologies. Competing proprietary standards don’t inspire confidence in the consumer to invest,” said Neil Trevett, President of the Khronos Working Group. This chart from the Khronos Group shows groups supporting the standard as of March 2019. They include Facebook, Microsoft, Epic Games, Unity, HTC and Intel.

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Cross Platform VR/AR Development in Unity for Vive and HoloLens


Deploying to the Unity Editor. Appendix A: An Aside on Using External Libraries for Unity Development. Check Appendix A: An Aside on Using External Libraries for Unity Development for more about class libraries and links to my library. UNITY_EDITOR) && !UNITY_WSA_10_0.

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Revive Creator Joins OpenXR Initiative ‘to help create a truly open VR standard’

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Lead by the Khronos Group , OpenXR aims to eliminate industry fragmentation by creating a standard, royalty-free API that enables applications to target a wide variety of AR and VR headsets. image courtesy Khronos Group.

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What Will Advertisements Look Like in VR?


This past week, Unity Technologies unveiled key components of its advertising strategy , notably including the “Virtual Room,” a customizable mini app for brands to create their own integrated experiences. News Jigsaw Jigsaw VR Unity VR Advertising

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Researchers Discover Security Flaws In Bigscreen VR App


During their investigation, the team claimed to also have discovered several concerning security flaws in the popular game engine Unity – upon which Bigscreen was developed. ek Peter Casey Unity University of New Haven

GDC 2017: Vive ‘Working’ to Join Oculus on a Committee for Open VR Standards


Earlier this morning the Khronos Group announced a name and details for its open virtual and augmented reality standard committee. Christened now as the Open XR Working Group, the organization will be comprised of representatives from the worlds leading AR/VR companies. Today’s announcement indicated that most of the major VR imprints have been granted membership into the group including: Oculus, Valve, Unity, Epic, Samsung, and Google.

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Unlocking New Hands in the Unity Core Assets: Part I


In rebuilding our Unity developer toolset from the ground up , we started by rearchitecting the interfaces that receive data from the Leap Motion device. In the Hands_Viewer_Demo Unity scene, you can see this by comparing hand pair 1 to hand pair 2, and hand pair 3 to hand pair 4.

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Redesigning Our Unity Core Assets Part II: New Features in 4.1.0


With our latest Unity Core Assets release , we’re excited to unveil full support for the Unity 5.4 And in some cases, we’re adding features to the Core Assets to support upcoming Unity Modules. The post Redesigning Our Unity Core Assets Part II: New Features in 4.1.0

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Addition of OpenXR Support in Oculus PTC Could Smooth Cross-Platform Development

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The industry is striving for ever greater openness and interconnectivity, hence why The Khronos Group and its affiliates began working on OpenXR. News Oculus Oculus Rift Oculus Rift S OpenXR The Khronos Group

Antilatency Showcases Wireless Full-Body Tracking With 10-Person VR Zumba Class


Each team member can be seen operating the body of their own unique avatars in a custom tech demo environment built on the Unity platform. The content for the technical demo was created in Unity.

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Valve Releases OpenXR Preview for Steam Game Developers

Road to VR

Valve just took a big step in prepping Steam game developers for the full arrival of OpenXR, the new industry-wide open standard for AR and VR headsets. Developers can now download a beta version that will let them start integrating OpenXR apps into SteamVR.

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Mozilla Hubs Cloud is the foundation of the free metaverse

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This was our little group before the event started. Why not a Unity exporter? Unity WebXR exporter is a powerful tool for all us Unity developers (Image by Mozilla). I mean, I could craft my whole world in Unity, export it into WebXR, and then Hubs could use it.

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Case Study: ABB Transforms Field Operations

AR Insider

Learn how industrial giant ABB is using Unity and augmented reality to transform field maintenance procedures into a completely paperless process. Kielar, to walk us through how they used Unity to develop a new digital field operator system.

Latest Oculus Quest Update Introduces Auto Hand Tracking Functionality


You can now switch to hand-tracking by simply putting down your Touch controllers. The Oculus Quest just keeps getting better. Yesterday Oculus announced the rollout of their 13.0 software update, revealing a sprinkling of new features and enhancements heading to the standalone VR headset this week.

Valve Releases OpenXR Developer Preview For SteamVR


“Thanks to The Khronos Group and the extensive hard work of OpenXR’s many members (AMD, ARM, Epic, Facebook, Google, HTC, Microsoft, NVIDIA, Qualcomm, Unity, Valve, and many more) VR now has a consolidated API to enable developers to bring universal VR support to their applications.”

What I Learned Designing My First AR App


Build your first HoloLens 2 Application with Unity and MRTK 2.3.0 In addition, I had to group the parts to allow users to select different pieces of the model.

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Famous musician Jean-Michel Jarre to host a live VR concert on VRrOOm on Sunday

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There are lots of tests that must be done on VRChat to see what is feasible because in VRChat you can develop using Unity, but you can’t write C# scripts and this kills completely lots of possibilities for us developers.

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Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

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Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. image courtesy Khronos Group.

Nreal Light devkit review: an interesting entry point for AR

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A little fact: due to their combined shape, the unit+the controller form a group called “Oreo” Controller. The NRSDK is Nreal’s SDK that lets you develop applications using the popular Unity game engine. You can already develop with it applications using the Unity SDK.

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Enlightened AI !??


Build your first HoloLens 2 Application with Unity and MRTK 2.3.0 You will be able to get the feel of practicing group yoga, see them just inches away virtually, from the comfort of your own home. Enlightened AI !?? The Future Of Yoga post COVID-19 2020 has brought us down to our knees.

Oculus Rift Has Hidden Preliminary Support For OpenXR


It was developed by a working group managed by Khronos, a non-profit industry consortium. The working group includes the major VR companies such as Facebook, Valve, Microsoft, NVIDIA, AMD, HTC, Google, Unity, and Epic.

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Holo-BLSD is a powerful AR tool to teach first-aid procedures and save lives

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So, coming back to your question, I am an associate professor of the Computer and Control Engineering department at the Politecnico di Torino , where I am heading the Computer Graphics and Vision research group. We divided volunteers into two groups.

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Blocks By Google VR – 3D Modeling for the Masses


Like Tilt Brush, objects made with Blocks may seem simplistic at first, but the apps professional potential becomes glaringly obvious once it’s objects are rendered in software like Unity. This will feel limiting at first, but it is a life saver when working in Unity.

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Alone Together: What I have learned organizing a big VR concert

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This group of crazy people worked really hard for three weeks to develop this project, which was called Alone Together to underline the fact that it was an event where all people were together enjoying music while being alone at home in lockdown because of the coronavirus.

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