Ultrahaptics Buys Finger Tracking Company Leap Motion


Ultrahaptics announced a “strategic deal” with hand tracking company Leap Motion to combine their startups and technologies. Ultrahaptics “projects ultrasound-drive tactile sensations onto users’ hands” while Leap Motion tracks the movements of the fingers.

Ultrahaptics Acquires Leap Motion for a Reported $30M

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Leap Motion, the pioneer in optical hand-tracking, has been acquired by Ultrahaptics, the enterprise-focused immersive haptics company. According to the Wall Street Journal , Ultrahaptics reportedly acquired Leap Motion for approximately $30 million.

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Leap Motion ‘Virtual Wearable’ AR Prototype is a Potent Glimpse at the Future of Your Smartphone

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Leap Motion , a maker of hand-tracking software and hardware, has been experimenting with exactly that, and is teasing some very interesting results. Now as Leap Motion’s VP of Design, he’s turning his ideas into (augmented) reality.

Leap Motion Looks To Combine AR & VR With ‘Mirrorworlds’


Leap Motion dreams big with an ambitious new project that could open ‘alternative dimensions of reality, layered over the physical world.’. Mirrorworlds immerse you without removing you from the space. News AR Augmented Reality Leap Motion Mirrorworlds VR

Exclusive: Leap Motion Explores Ways to Make Controller-free Input More Intuitive and Immersive

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There’s an intuitive appeal to using controller-free hand-tracking input like Leap Motion’s ; there’s nothing quite like seeing your virtual hands and fingers move just like your own hands and fingers without the need to pick up and learn how to use a controller.

Leap Motion Update Improves Physics, Supports Rift And Vive Controllers


Fully functioning hand-tracking might be a ways off from becoming the standard form of VR input, but Leap Motion is making a big step toward that future today, taking its Interaction development engine to 1.0 Leap Motion has built a new user interface module that allows developers to create their own accessible menus and systems that can be navigated a little like Tom Cruise navigates menus in Minority Report. Tagged with: leap motion Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Leap Motion’s New 180-degree Hand-tracking Comes to Qualcomm’s Latest VRDK Headset

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Qualcomm has debuted an updated version of their VR Headset Reference Design now with Leap Motion’s new 180-degree hand-tracking to bring gesture control to mobile VR headsets. The new headset and Leap Motion tracking module was shown off during last week’s GDC 2017.

We Tried Leap Motion’s New Hand Tracking Module On Gear VR


Leap Motion is a young technology company that is perhaps best known at this point for what it sells at your local Best Buy. It can even track individual fingers and has been well received by the immersive community so far.

AR From an Architect’s Perspective, Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD

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Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the Vice President of Design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion. Explores immersive interfaces to tell a spatial story of Veuve Clicquot wine. Matsuda has an upcoming immersive VR film called Merger.

Qualcomm’s Standalone VR Is Getting Embedded Leap Motion Hand Tracking


Anyone that has used mobile VR knows that controllers are nice, but unless you can ‘see’ your hands and interact with your surroundings with your hands, the immersion is lost. The real improvements are increased performance, power savings and support for Leap Motion.

Leap Motion VP: ‘AR And VR Will Have To Make Do With Sound And Vision For The Foreseeable Future’


We’ve seen some incredible things emerging from Leap Motion since the company hired visionary filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda last year as a vice president leading a new London research studio. So how does Leap Motion’s technology fit into the AR/VR market?

Leap Motion Shares Amazing Demo of Augmented Reality Table Tennis with AI Opponent

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Hand tracking technology company Leap Motion has built a stunningly fluid augmented reality ping-pong game that not only showcases the capabilities of its open source Project North Star augmented reality headset, but also demonstrates how artificial intelligence can elevate immersive experiences.

VRgineers Reveals Improved ‘XTAL’ Professional Headset with Auto IPD Adjustment & Leap Motion

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VRgineers , a Czech-based startup building enterprise VR headsets, today revealed their new ‘XTAL’ headset, an improved version of their prior VRHero “5K” headset, which is smaller, lighter, and builds Leap Motion’s hand tracking tech directly into the headset.

Weekly Funding & People Roundup: Leap Motion Raises $50M,


Schilowitz will remain as chief creative officer at immersive cinema specialist Barco Escape. weekly roundup investment investing investors investments virtual reality vr Augmented reality ar mixed reality immersive tech immersive reality

Building Blocks: A Deep Dive Into Leap Motion Interactive Design


Immersion and Flow. As human beings, we crave immersion and “ flow ,” a sense of exhilaration when our bodies or minds are stretched to their limits. It’s the feeling of being “in the zone” on the sports field, or becoming immersed in a game.

VR Prototyping for Less Than $100 with Leap Motion + VRidge


63 for the Leap Motion Controller and VR Developer Mount , now on sale in our web store. This limits immersion, but mobile VR headset users will already be familiar with this. If you’re sensitive to motion sickness, the added latency may cause you to feel uncomfortable.

Oculus Rift S Onboard Cameras Could Support Finger Tracking In Future


Not only did the headset have two front facing cameras, but it also had a slot remarkably similar in shape and configuration to the Leap Motion finger tracking addon. Or perhaps Leap Motion was simply being used to help train a first party algorithm using the front facing cameras.

Holovis Uses Giant Robot Arms for Intense VR Motion Simulated Experiences

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The technology claims to offer the rider genuine interactivity and ‘complete agency’ over the experience, including real-time control of the motion profile. The post Holovis Uses Giant Robot Arms for Intense VR Motion Simulated Experiences appeared first on Road to VR.

CES 2019: Pimax Showcases Open-Palm Controllers, Hand & Eye-Tracking


Pimax, the Chinese VR technology company responsible for the first commercially available 4K VR headset, was center-stage at CES this morning presenting the latest production versions of their new Pimax 5K & 8K ultrawide VR headsets alongside their knuckles-style open-palm motion controllers.

Under the Hood: The Leap Motion Hackathon’s Augmented Reality Workspace


Early last month, Leap Motion kicked off our internal hackathon with a round of pitch sessions. At Leap Motion, we spend a lot of time experimenting with new ways of interacting with technology, and we often run into the same problem. Leap Motion.

Punch into Hyperspace with VR Cockpit: Leap Motion’s Latest Experimental Project


The demo puts you in control using a combination of Leap Motion interaction and a fully integrated Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) control system. visual and audio feedback mechanisms for motion control interfaces. Leap Motion + HOTAS Gamepad.

Volkswagen Launches Custom VR Exhibit At Historic Brand Tower


Volkswagen Group is back again with yet another VR project that continues to prove just how much faith the German automaker truly has in the immersive medium. News Automotive HTC Vive Leap Motion T-Roc Virtual Reality Experience Volkswagen Volkswagen Group

AR+VR Weekly: Slump in AR+VR headsets, Leap Motion AR table tennis demo and no-go to Xbox VR/MR

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: IDC releases new AR+VR headset numbers, Leap Motion demos Project North Star and Microsoft says no to Xbox VR/MR. Meanwhile, Leap Motion released a new demo of its open-source AR headset, Project North Star, in action playing a game of augmented reality table tennis. .

How Sound Design Can Add Texture To A Virtual World


Sound is essential for truly immersive VR. For this reason, sound is more than just an immersive tool – how (and where) objects around you sound has an enormous effect on your understanding of where they are, especially when you’re not looking at them. Editorials How-to leap motion

This VR Demo Uses Mid-Air Haptics To Make Affected More Immersive


It’s a little similar to early versions of Leap Motion before it started integrating itself into headsets. UK-based Ultrahaptics thinks it has the key to haptic feedback in VR. This week you can try it out for yourself.

Haptic 220

Immersive Architecture is the event all architects were waiting for

The Ghost Howls

In a week here in Italy will start a very interesting VR-related event called Immersive Architecture. The rooms inside the Im Arch venue where you’ll be able to meet interesting people from the industry and also assist to some cool showcase (Image from Immersive Architecture).

‘Where Thoughts Go’ is an Anonymous, Immersive Social Network for Reflecting on the Human Experience

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Where Thoughts Go is a unique social network where users can share intimate thoughts and emotions in an immersive and inviting way, in the form of anonymous audio entries.

SIGGRAPH 2017: Optitrack Reveals Tracking Puck For Full-Body VR Immersion


When I tried the latest installation of The VOID earlier this year in Utah I encountered what I think is likely the pinnacle of immersion possible in 2017, with one major limit. The VOID’s system is wireless and its relatively lightweight backpack PC actually enhances immersion because it fits with a narrative they concocted of becoming a fully equipped Ghostbuster.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


LENOVO KEEPS GETTING MORE IMMERSIVE. San Francisco-based Leap Motion has raised a $50M Series C for their hand- and finger-tracking technology. The round was led by JP Morgan Asset management, and this fresh influx of cash brings Leap Motion’s total funding to almost $95M.

Showing Off VR 2.0 at #CES2019

Tech Trends VR

So by that measure, Pimax over-delivered at CES 2019 with its Leap Motion bundle featuring 8K VR headset with built-in speakers, 200° FOV and optional eye tracking being developed in partnership with 7invensun.

Designing Cat Explorer


In the physical world, we rely on tangible things to dissipate tremors and inaccuracies, offer mechanical constraints that restrict erratic motion, provide high fidelity feedback at the points of contact, and serve as a rest, allowing some of the arm muscles to relax while staying productive over longer periods of time. We also have some new interactions that are native to immersive media: the sphere handle and the hand effector itself.

Multiplayer VR and Cinematic Wizardry


With this wealth of talent and ideas flooding the field, even more immersive and cinematic experiences are starting to be released. Using the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift, you’ll be able to throw spells with varying force and speed to battle the unknown evils ahead. A full bodied experience – Loop uses a Leap Motion Controller, Oculus Rift, and a treadmill. The post Multiplayer VR and Cinematic Wizardry appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Designing Physical Interactions for Objects That Don’t Exist


But in VR, human movement cannot be arbitrarily limited in VR without resulting in a disastrous loss of immersion. This is the philosophy behind the Leap Motion Interaction Engine , which is built to handle low-level physics interactions and make them feel familiar.

VR Design Guide


In the context of motion controls, good affordance is critical, since it is necessary that users interact with objects in the expected manner. With 2D Leap Motion applications, this means adapting traditional UX design principles that condensed around the mouse and keyboard.

SIF: Mandala mixes interactive theater with VR, my experience with redirected walking and much more!

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Last post about my experience at Sandbox Immersive Festival! (If This has been one of the things that made me love this experience: with out you noticing, it tries to keep the immersion strong by keeping coherent the relationship between the real and the virtual world.

3 Robots About to Break Into Your Everyday Reality


At Leap Motion, we’ve seen our fair share of impressive motion-controlled robots that will one day bring about the robocalypse. (We’re The Leap Motion Controller was a natural input choice for its popularity among makers and developers. Happy Halloween!

VR Interface Design and the Future of Hybrid Reality


This week, motion designer Mike Alger released an 18-minute video that digs into the cutting edge of VR interface design using the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift. The post VR Interface Design and the Future of Hybrid Reality appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.