PlayStation 5 Will Support PSVR, Sony Affirms

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It was more than a year ago—before PlayStation 5 was formally announced—that Sony confirmed its ‘next-gen console’ would continue to support PlayStation VR. Image courtesy Sony. Sony Isn’t Expected to Announce PSVR 2 Until After PS5 Launches.

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Blood & Truth Dev Sony London Hiring For Next PSVR Game


Sony London, the studio behind Blood & Truth , is staffing up for its next VR game. Sony is thought to be launching its next PlayStation in 2020, so it seems likely Sony London’s next game would arrive on that console.

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Sony Says PS5 User Interface Is A Complete Overhaul From PS4

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While we didn’t get any VR-specific news, a Sony executive recently commented that the PS5 user interface (UI) is a complete overhaul from the PS4. The post Sony Says PS5 User Interface Is A Complete Overhaul From PS4 appeared first on UploadVR.

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Sony Licenses ‘Advanced Haptics Patent Portfolio’ For ‘VR Controllers’


Haptic feedback technology company Immersion Corp signed an agreement with Sony to license their “advanced haptics” patent portfolio. The company stated that Sony can use this to leverage their technology for “gaming controllers and VR controllers.” ” Immersion Corp doesn’t actually manufacture the hardware for haptic feedback. Immersion Corp claims there are now three billion devices worldwide using their haptic technology.

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Wireless PSVR Headset Detailed In New Sony Patent


The future of Sony’s PSVR headset just got even more promising. Still, if Sony is working on an official solution for its next VR headset it could mean a big jump in immersion between PSVR 1 and 2. The assumption is that such a device would run on Sony’s next console, a hypothetical PS5. Tagged with: PSVR , PSVR 2 , sony , wireless PSVR Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Wireless PSVR Headset Detailed In New Sony Patent appeared first on UploadVR.

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Sony: PS5 To Lower Power Consumption, Exploring PSVR Apps On Climate Change


Sony is looking to tackle climate change with ‘PS5’ and PSVR. Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan confirmed as much in a recent PlayStation Blog post. However, Sony is already working to make its next PlayStation exactly that.

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5 PS5 Games We Hope Get PSVR Support


This was to be expected, of course; Sony wants to market its console for launch and talking about additional hardware at this stage complicates that. Gran Turismo Sport, the PS4 iteration of the racing sim, featured incredibly immersive but desperately slim PSVR support.

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Sony Announces 2 New PSVR Bundles Coming This Month

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If you were wondering what Sony’s next big hardware bundles were going to be, wonder no more. Description : Step on to the course like never before in the most immersive Everybody’s Golf experience yet!

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Sony Pictures Teams With The VOID on ‘Jumanji: Reverse the Curse’, Launching November 27th

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Hot on the heels of Avengers: Damage Control , the next experience heading to VR attraction The VOID is Jumanji: Reverse the Curse , made in collaboration with the Sony Pictures Virtual Reality group. ” SEE ALSO Inside 'Avengers: Damage Control', The VOID's Newest Immersive Experience.

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Could Sony’s Next Headset Finally Crack the VR Gaming Market?

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If anybody can do it, it’s probably Sony. Ever since the Playstation was first launched – if, like myself, you’re old enough to remember it, you may pause a moment here to consider your own age and mortality – Sony has been in the business of reinventing gaming.

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Community Download: Is Sony Pulling Away From PlayStation VR?


Last year, the Oculus Rift (Facebook), HTC Vive (HTC and Valve) and the PlayStation VR (Sony) all debuted, and Samsung just announced 5 million of its Gear VR headsets have shipped. And yet as 2017 begins, the question must be asked: is Sony already beginning to pull away from PS VR?

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Next-gen PlayStation Will Support Current PSVR, Sony Confirms

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Sony revealed the first details of its upcoming console today in an exclusive interview with Wired. While Cerny wasn’t ready to say whether or not the company is planning a new PlayStation VR headset to go along with PS5 (or whatever Sony ends up calling their next-gen PlayStation console), considering the company’s year’s-long investment in building one of the most successful VR ecosystems out there, it seems likely they will want to continue.

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Vimeo 360 is a Revolution for Immersive Storytellers—Here’s How


Lessons via 360 Video School to optimize immersive storytelling and workflows. Integrations via direct upload from Adobe Premiere Pro and Sony Vegas. The post Vimeo 360 is a Revolution for Immersive Storytellers—Here’s How appeared first on VRScout.

Editorial: To Keep Up, Sony Must Prepare To Release More Than One PSVR Next-Gen


At over five million units sold, Sony’s PlayStation VR (PSVR) is considered a modest success in the fledgling VR market. Sony still says its anticipated PlayStation 5 (PS5) console is arriving this holiday season. Sony has skimmed the possibility of a wireless PSVR before.

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Nokia and Sony Pictures Team Up For 360-Degree Content


360-degree videos are the most accessible means to show the benefits of immersive content, even if you don’t think they’re “real” virtual reality. Nokia is even helping Disney bring their biggest franchises to immersive screens.

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Sony’s Streaming Service Crackle Jumps Into VR


The free streaming TV network is creating VR content for original programming like Snatch , along with immersive sponsorships for advertisers. Produced with Future Lighthouse , the six-minute immersive experience will transport you into the hustlers’ world of crime and chaos in London.

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Sony Patents VR Headset That Combats Simulation Sickness With Eye-Tracking And More


A new patent from Sony suggests the company’s next PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset will take the fight to simulation sickness. It’s an interesting approach to solving the simulation sickness issues; many hardware and software developers are trying to reduce sickness through intelligent design but this patent suggests Sony may come up with a system that accepts people get ill in VR and tries to help them when they start feeling nauseous. PSVR VR Industry News sony

Apple AR/VR Product to Debut in 2017, Predicts Sony’s Head of Worldwide Studios

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To many, the question of an Apple AR or VR headset has become a “when” rather than an “if” The President of Sony’s Worldwide Studios thinks 2017 is the year that Apple introduces its first immersive device.

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‘Blood & Truth’ Behind-the-Scenes – Insights & Artwork from Sony’s London Studio

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As the studio behind the excellent PlayStation VR Worlds , Sony Interactive Entertainment’s London Studio has been at the forefront of VR game design since before PSVR even shipped back in 2016. ” Image courtesy Sony London Studio. Image courtesy Sony London Studio.

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Sony Showing More Believable VR Characters In PSVR GDC Tech Demo


Creating more believable virtual characters will play an essential role in further immersing us in single-player VR experiences in the future, and Sony intends to demonstrate that on PlayStation VR (PSVR) this GDC. Tagged with: GDC , PlayStation VR , PSVR , sony.

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Sony Announces PlayStation VR Price, Release Date and New Titles


E3: Sony’s VR headset is coming, along with some killer new titles. When we first broke the news that PlayStation VR would be coming this Fall , we still had no idea what date or even what the price of Sony’s VR headset would end up at.

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Sony Increases PSVR Production Due To Demand


A few weeks ago we reported that Sony was planning to bump up production of its PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset around E3 time. Simon Benson, Director of Sony’s Immersive Technology Group, recently said as much in an interview with MCV. “It is still very early days, but we have a better feel for the demand for VR gaming and so we are planning to increase production,” Benson said. PSVR Sony VR Industry News

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Sony Japan Studio Announces VR Platformer ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’ For PSVR, Teaser Trailer Here

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Sony Japan Studio today announced a new platform action game for PSVR starring the cute little robots made famous in Sony’s The Playroom (2013) and The Playroom VR (2016). Image courtesy Sony Japan Studio.

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Sony’s London Studio Doubles Down With VR as Its Top Priority

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Sony’s London Studio is behind PlayStation VR Worlds (2016) , a collection of VR vignettes for PSVR—including the lauded ‘London Heist’—which was included in some of the headset’s launch bundles. Image courtesy Sony London Studio. Image courtesy Sony.

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Reactive Content: The Future of Immersive Storytelling


And how can we approach these questions in the context of immersive storytelling? Creating Customized Narratives In Immersive Content. For the first time in history, immersive storytellers have access to technology that will allow them to merge the reactive and affective elements of oral storytelling with the affordances of digital media. When I’m immersed in a story, I don’t want to have to pick up a controller or remote to select what’s going to happen next.

Sony’s ‘Joshua Bell VR Experience’ on PSVR is Among the Best VR Video You’ll Find on Any Headset

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The VR video experience uses inventive techniques to give you an immersive front row seat to a world-class violinist, featuring positional tracking and impressively sharp visuals. PSVR Games VR Games VR Video joshua bell joshua bell vr experience playstation vr psvr sony

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Official: Sony Sold Nearly 1 Million PlayStation VR Headsets in 4.5 Months, Despite Limited Stock

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Sony is the first of the big three tethered VR headset makers to drop official PSVR sales figures: 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets sold as of February 19. Speaking with the New York Times recently , Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, confirmed the PSVR sales data.

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Nick Fury, Ghost & More Feature In New Iron Man VR Video


The video, which sees members of developer Camouflaj speak to the game’s immersive elements, features S.H.I.E.L.D. If you’re yet to pick up a PSVR or need a pair of Moves, Sony is bundling the game with some hardware in different regions, so be sure to check out those promotions.

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Sony AR Patent Hints at Stereoscopic Headset Capabilities

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Recently a Sony patent appeared indicating plans for upgrades to PlayStation VR, adding features like inside-out tracking and wireless capabilities. Of course, what’s a Sony patent without a hint of PlayStation somewhere in there.

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How Immersive Tech Continues to Find a Home in Architecture and Real Estate


Since its inception in the industry a couple of years ago, immersive tech quickly found an appropriate home in real estate and architecture, and proved itself to be one of the most valuable tools to communicate a property design. Guest Post.

Sony London Studio Head Forms New VR Studio ‘Dream Reality Interactive’

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Dave Ranyard, who headed up Sony’s London Studio throughout PlayStation VR’s development, has announced the formation of a new VR-focused game Dream Reality Interactive. SEE ALSO Hands On: 'PlayStation VR Worlds' is an Immersive Starter Pack for PSVR.

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Hands On: ‘PlayStation VR Worlds’ is an Immersive Starter Pack for PSVR

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Sony’s virtual reality gaming and experience compilation PlayStation VR Worlds is a virtual reality taster selection of sorts from Sony’s London Studio, designed to show off just what their forthcoming PlayStation 4 powered VR headset is capable of.

Hands-On: Skyrim VR Without Teleportation Is Much More Immersive


For me, it was enough just to visit the world of Tamriel from inside the immersive confines of a VR headset. That being said, the added layer of immersion the PS Move controllers afford was lost in the process.

Location-Based AR Ghostbusters Experience Launching In Japan


Work together with friends to rid Ginza Sony Park of a ghostly threat. Beginning this weekend in Tokyo, Japan, Ginza Sony Park will be hosting Ghostbusters In The Park , a massive live event celebrating the historic 35th anniversary of Ghostbusters. Image Credit: Sony.

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Groundhog Day’s VR Sequel Releases Next Month


Sony Pictures Virtual Reality and MWM Immersive confirmed the news just ahead of Gamescom this week, where the game is on show. Experiences Gaming Groundhog Day Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son MWM Immersive Sony Pictures Sony Pictures Virtual RealityGroundhog Day’s VR sequel (yes, that’s a real thing), will be with you very, very soon. Groundhog Day: Like Father Like Son is releasing on September 17th on Rift, Vive and PSVR.

Editorial: Sony And Facebook Don’t Need To Finance Shooting Virtual Humans


In contrast, Facebook and Sony are farming out projects to trusted teams and insulating these creators from community feedback. Sony isn’t alone here. VR is a new medium and it is true that most of the projects getting funding from Facebook and Sony are not realistic shooters.

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Sony Drops PlayStation VR Price by $100, Bundles Now Starting at $300

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Sony has announced a $100 price drop to their PlayStation VR headset across the board. Bringing prices that haven’t been seen since temporary sales during 2017’s holiday shopping period, Sony is permanently slashing prices on the PlayStation VR, making it more accessible than ever.

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