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Best Practices for Successful Mixed Reality Adoption


Leveraging Historical Knowledge Base. Hence, the leadership was dependent on them and had to retain them to make sure the knowledge would not be lost. Balance the user interface and do not clutter the field of view. Solution Scalability From PoC or Working Prototype to MVP.

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Will VR Training Redefine IT Hardware Education?

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Additionally, Virtual TechLab includes innovative collaboration features that further push the learning power held between students and teachers.

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Qualcomm is Preparing Developers for the Coming Wave of Smartphone-tethered AR Glasses

Road to VR

“Developers will also receive a robust resource library that includes documentation, sample code, tutorials, knowledge bases, and tools to help accelerate their development.”

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Report: Building Healthcare Expertise With VR

Tech Trends VR

Learning science—the marriage of psychology and brain science–makes clear that knowledge acquisition and skill acquisition are mediated by distinct learning systems in the brain that each have their own unique processing characteristics. Thus, developing knowledge-based expertise is distinct from developing skill-based expertise.

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EON Reality Expands Its AI-Powered XR Solutions With the Launch of EON Reality Oman

EON Reality

This initiative is in alignment with Oman’s vision to foster a knowledge-based economy and drive societal progress through innovative technologies. About EON Reality EON Reality is a world leader in AI Assisted Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality-based knowledge transfer for education and industry.

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EON Reality Launches Revolutionary AI Assistant: EON-XR Mastermind

EON Reality

EON-XR Mastermind’s extensive knowledge base includes not just general information but also specific, nuanced details relevant to existing users. Exclusive Access for EON Reality’s Customers This revolutionary tool is exclusively available to EON Reality’s customers, ensuring a personalized and secure experience.

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EON Reality Introduces the EON-XR Portal: Transforming Education with Immersive Simulation-Based Learning

EON Reality

Curiosity-Driven Learning: Navigate through knowledge based on your interests, making every discovery exciting and personal. Personalized AI Tutoring: Benefit from an AI guide that offers insights and adapts to your individual learning needs.