Expert View: 3 ways VR is transforming Learning & Development

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We have started to improve cognition and retention of knowledge through immersive learning environments. We have started to improve cognition and retention of knowledge through immersive learning environments Click To Tweet. The value proposition of Skills-Based VR training is clear.

Today as we battle for the future of all of the Cait And Doggo memes, check out Cyber Animal, a game about feeding Cyber Animals to save the internet.

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He then decided to share his experience and new found knowledge base with the world using Medium. A fight not only for the freedom of Cait and Doogo Memes but also a future of knowledge building and sharing.

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ManoMotion’s SDK Welcomes Hand Gestures Development for AR/VR


It marks the start of a new community and knowledge base around gesture technology, to which ManoMotion will show undying commitment and contribution. Mobile VR’s high accessibility and convenience is looking more and more like the path of least resistance when it comes to virtual reality having a common presence in households.

JigSpace With ARKit Gives You AR Manuals For Just About Anything


Combine that with existing knowledge bases and a compelling solution is possible. They have amazing communities of passionate users that take pride in creating, sharing, and protecting the integrity of knowledge.

Immersive Training for Retention

Tech Trends VR

Healthcare professionals are tasked with learning and retaining an enormous amount of knowledge and skills. In this example, we assume that the learner obtained 100% of the knowledge initially. It processes and stores knowledge and facts.

Oculus Details ‘Buffered Haptics’ for Advanced Haptics on Touch Controllers

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Oculus has added new documentation to their developer knowledge base detailing the ‘buffered haptics’ feature of the Oculus SDK, a method for programming more advanced haptic feedback from the company’s Touch controllers.

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Report: XR Medical Device Training

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First, document training focuses almost exclusively on cognitive learning, when what is needed is broad-based experiential and behavioral learning. Second, hands-on training with an expert, although effective, is rarely extensive enough to ensure broad-based proficiency.

Talespin Runway Expands Training Library to Improve Enterprise Learning

Peter Graham

Also including is Talespin Propel, designed for object and process-based training across a multitude of use cases. We’re lowering the barrier to entry with our expanded platform, which helps any company better train its workforce and share knowledge with its employees.

VR’s Killer Apps Will Be Created By The Next Generation Of Developers


Report: Using Extended Reality in Healthcare

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For example, anatomy and physiology is about obtaining knowledge and facts to be remembered and available for recall at a later date. Gaining a solid knowledge base (e.g.,

Oculus: 2017 Rift Lineup Will Bring the ‘Depth’ of AAA Console/PC Games to VR


With that sort of time investment and knowledge base behind them, we’re confident that the 2017 game line-up is going to start showing the depth and engaging narratives that people have come to expect from existing games.

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MobiledgeX Offers Early Access to Proprietary Edge Computing Research Data


Thus, according to the company, they hope to boost knowledge sharing and collaboration across various industries. Thus, according to Braun, the collaboration within the Edge Navigator platform will help create a public knowledge base. MobiledgeX is giving away 3-year worth of proprietary use case research involving edge computing. The company has decided to offer early access to developers to its research data.

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Space Junkies Arcade Now on the SpringboardVR Marketplace


How to Get Space Junkies Arcade To add Space Junkies Arcade to your VR Library, please follow these steps in this Knowledge Base article. We are beyond excited to announce that Space Junkies Arcade is now on the SpringboardVR Marketplace!

Danish Students Upgrade Their Skills With EON Reality

EON Reality

The UK-based Marcin Kasica traveled across Europe to Viborg to teach the students the latest technology and approaches to VR and AR platform solution design. Globally, EON Reality provides work-based learning and true-to-life scenarios for learning VR and AR technologythrough its VR Innovation Academy (VRIA) program. The partnership with VIA University College is able to provide faculty and students with the best knowledge based on pure development experience.

Shooting in 360-degreesMaking 360 videos can be tricky.


But thanks to the YouTube Creator Academy , we can all learn from the collective knowledge base at YouTube. Shooting in 360-degrees Making 360 videos can be tricky. Honestly, none of us have really figured it out. We’re learning as we go.

Report: Building Healthcare Expertise With VR

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Merriam-Webster defines an expert as “one who displays special knowledge or skills representing mastery of a particular subject that derives from training or experience”. Thus, developing knowledge-based expertise is distinct from developing skill-based expertise.

‘Skyrim VR’ for PC Review – a Dragon-sized Feast for the Eyes

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Many of these moral choices are decided through the game’s text-based dialogue system, which admittedly isn’t ideal in VR, but it’s really the only way of inserting your opinion into the game’s narrative.

Disneyland Goes VR with Star Wars Experience


The experiences are being developed by The Void, which is quickly building a name for themselves with team-based VR experiences that will make you sweat.

VR for HR: Learning How to Tell Stories in XR, with BODYSWAPS' Christophe Mallet

XR for Business Podcast

Somewhere Else Solutions is a London based innovation agency specialized in immersive technologies. And to do that, the investment that they do is shifting away from knowledge -- because the knowledge fits in your phone -- into behavior. And what we found is that if you're studying to become a nurse in psychiatry, like in many types of studies, you're going to spend a year in the classroom, learning all kinds of theoretical knowledge.

Using XR to Change Everything (Without Changing Anything) with Lance-AR's Lance Anderson

XR for Business Podcast

So I wanted to take all that knowledge and bring it to the enterprise space and see if we could turn some things around. We come in after the fact, and we bring in the knowledge/expertise, the engineering knowledge/expertise for manufacturing, or logistics, or whatever it might be. Sprinkle in a little tribal knowledge on top of that, that isn't written down anywhere. And the new Hololens 2 interactions are all kind of around that real gesture base.

VR First Goes Independent, Futuremark Joins the Initiative


Futuremark’s extensive benchmarking experience and independent voice will be invaluable in our mission to democratize VR innovation, set industry standards, and create a global VR knowledge base.”

The Gigantic List of Augmented Reality Use Cases


Surgery assistance: identify organs and tissues during surgery and get instructions, whether from doctors observing your POV or knowledge-base applications you’re running. See where you’re most likely to spot different animals based on past recorded sightings.

AR, MR, XR or VR?


From this point in VR’s history, it is ‘just’ resolution and fidelity boosts to get to our modern consumer-based headsets. KARMA was the first knowledge-driven AR application.

Flexing Your Brain in XR, with Cognitive Design's Todd Maddox

XR for Business Podcast

But if you start tweaking and incorporating other ways of doing this, that are less guided and more discovery-based by the learner, and – critically -- involve real-time reward and punishment. And you're asking him to sit down and type out standard operating procedures, which is knowledge. Now, what you're saying is, let's create a more discovery-based, or maybe even gamified experience, where I learn, but I'm learning while doing and making mistakes.