‘Skyrim VR’ for PC Review – a Dragon-sized Feast for the Eyes

Road to VR

Available On: Oculus RIft, HTC Vive, Windows VR, PSVR. Reviewed On: Oculus RIft, HTC Vive. I found all control schemes, including scrolling through the game’s vast amount of menus, to be much more simple on Oculus Touch than with HTC Vive motion controllers.

Using XR to Change Everything (Without Changing Anything) with Lance-AR's Lance Anderson

XR for Business Podcast

So I wanted to take all that knowledge and bring it to the enterprise space and see if we could turn some things around. We come in after the fact, and we bring in the knowledge/expertise, the engineering knowledge/expertise for manufacturing, or logistics, or whatever it might be. Sprinkle in a little tribal knowledge on top of that, that isn't written down anywhere. And the new Hololens 2 interactions are all kind of around that real gesture base.

Flexing Your Brain in XR, with Cognitive Design's Todd Maddox

XR for Business Podcast

But if you start tweaking and incorporating other ways of doing this, that are less guided and more discovery-based by the learner, and – critically -- involve real-time reward and punishment. And you're asking him to sit down and type out standard operating procedures, which is knowledge. Now, what you're saying is, let's create a more discovery-based, or maybe even gamified experience, where I learn, but I'm learning while doing and making mistakes.