Today as we battle for the future of all of the Cait And Doggo memes, check out Cyber Animal, a game about feeding Cyber Animals to save the internet.

Cats and VR

Not only are Memes an integral part of the game but Moodie used several online Unity tutorials to become a first time VR game developer. He then decided to share his experience and new found knowledge base with the world using Medium. A fight not only for the freedom of Cait and Doogo Memes but also a future of knowledge building and sharing. link] Moodie is an interior architect turned VR / AR designer and developer based in San Francisco.

9 Must Have Skills To Become An AR/VR Developer (With Course Recommendations)


There is no use of all that knowledge that you have accumulated in the past 6 months if you don’t apply it to a real world project.Therefore add to that another 6 months of applying your learning in a real world project through an internship or a job.