Oculus Rift Pulls Ahead Again In December Steam Hardware Survey


I was half expecting to write that the combined power of the Vive and Vive Pro had allowed HTC to regain the top spot it once held for so long in December’s Steam Hardware Survey. Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets saw a significant leap of their own in December. This is an optional survey and you need to have your hardware plugged in (and using Steam) for it to register.

Survey 212

Report: Microsoft Might Not Update HoloLens Hardware Until 2019


A report on Thurrott.com indicates Microsoft is skipping an incremental hardware update to its Hololens in favor of a generational upgrade in 2019. The post by Brad Sams says tips he received from “several sources” indicated Microsoft canceled its second version of Hololens to focus on a third version that will take longer to ship but provide a bigger improvement. This framing of the information could be representative of Microsoft’s outlook.

Microsoft Affirms No Plans for VR on Xbox Consoles

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” Now, it appears, Microsoft’s chief marketing officer for gaming Mike Nichols has put a final nail in the Xbox One VR coffin in a recent GamesIndustry.biz interview, saying the company doesn’t have “any plans specific to Xbox One consoles.”

Microsoft Could Reveal HoloLens 2 At Mobile World Congress


Microsoft sent out invites to journalists today for a press reception at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. MWC is the last week of February and the Microsoft event will be held ahead of the conference on Sunday, February 24 at 8 am Pacific (5 pm Central European Time). It’ll be hosted by Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, CVP Julia White and Technical Fellow Alex Kipman. AR HoloLens 2 microsoft

U.S. Army To Receive 100,000 Microsoft HoloLens Headsets


Microsoft lands $479M contract to put the MR headsets into the hands of soldiers in active combat zones. Army thanks to a huge $479 million contract between the legendary military branch and Microsoft. Army would expect all 100,000 HoloLens devices from Microsoft.

Sony CEO Confirms Company Is Working On ‘Next-Generation Hardware’


According to an interview posted on the Financial Times (and referenced by IGN ) Sony’s CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said, “At this point, what I can say is it’s necessary to have a next-generation hardware”.

Toyota Looks To Improve Their Kaizen Philosophy With Microsoft HoloLens


Toyota plans on using Microsoft’s HoloLens and AR technology as part of their kaizen philosophy in hopes of giving themselves a boost in efficiency and assistance them overall in how they operate as a company. News AR Augmented Reality Microsoft HoloLens Toyota Toyota Way

Magic Leap One Teardown Reveals Sophisticated Hardware with Shortish Shelf Life & Low Repairability

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The team over at iFixit, known for tearing down and examining some of the most popular devices on the planet, including devices like Apple's iPhone, iPad, MacBooks, Microsoft's Surface, and many other devices.

Microsoft Garage Launches Reality Room For Employees


The Garage Reality Room is a place where Microsoft employees and volunteers can learn, experiment, and hack on XR (Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality). 2017 was a busy year for Microsoft and Mixed Reality. News HoloLens Microsoft Microsoft Garage Reality Room

Microsoft Reveals Motion Controllers for Mixed Reality Headsets Coming This Holiday

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Today Microsoft has unveiled their Windows Mixed Reality motion controllers. The controllers fill in a major gap in Microsoft’s strategy to become the “most complete platform across the broadest range of mixed reality devices and experiences.”

Pressure Mounts for Xbox’s Missing VR Strategy as PSVR Rakes in an Estimated Half Billion From Hardware Alone

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In an era where Sony appears to have a significant lead in console sales already, and with PSVR sharpening the system’s competitive edge, pressure is mounting for Microsoft to figure out its Xbox VR strategy. Pressure is mounting Microsoft to figure out how its VR plans pan out on Xbox.

Microsoft: “Holiday 2017 is Going to be Phenomenal”, E3 to See More Mixed Reality Announcements

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Microsoft Technical Fellow and chief inventor of HoloLens, Alex Kipman, took the stage today at Microsoft Build 2017 to show off a number of upcoming mixed reality hardware and software streaming out of the company and its partners.

Best VR Hardware Of E3 2017


Now that it’s all said and done it’s easy to see that E3 2017 just wasn’t a huge showing for VR hardware. Microsoft didn’t even mention VR at all during the reveal of the Xbox One X even though executives have suggested the system will still support it. Best VR Hardware of E3 2017: DisplayLink Wireless Vive. — What were some of the best hardware announcements and demos you saw at E3 2017?

Microsoft Reveals Acer Mixed Reality Headset


Microsoft is showing some commitment to the idea of Windows Mixed Reality (formally known as Windows Holographic) with not just a single headset, but with five headsets. The post Microsoft Reveals Acer Mixed Reality Headset appeared first on VRScout.

Microsoft Reveals VR Headsets Coming From Top Manufacturers, Starting at $299

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The number of big-name manufacturers getting into VR is going to increase substantially with the entry of Microsoft VR hardware partners, revealed on stage today at Microsoft’s hardware-focused event.

Power and Responsibility: Highlights from Microsoft Build

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We need to ask ourselves not only what computers can do, but what they should do,” said Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in his opening keynote at Build. Microsoft sees the “intelligent cloud” as the backbone of this revolution.

Microsoft’s ‘Haptic Links’ Bring A New Level Of Realism To VR


That’s why Microsoft is currently in development on a solution that would actually link two standard VR motion controllers together to simulate realistic tension and pressure. This is possible thanks to what Microsoft is calling their “Summoning” input method.

Haptic 196

Microsoft to Expand HoloLens Availability to 29 More European Markets in December

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Microsoft announced at their at Future Decoded conference in London that HoloLens, the company’s augmented reality headset, will be expanding its international availability to include all of the European Union in December. image courtesy Microsoft. image courtesy Microsoft.

Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

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Microsoft Research has devised two novel methods for more realistic haptic feedback on virtual reality controllers. The wealth of powerful haptic hardware on the market is one of the main reasons why flight and driving simulations are already so effective in VR.

Haptic 284

Microsoft Reveals Asus Mixed Reality Headset, New Design from Dell

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Today at Computex 2017, the annual IT expo held in Taipei, Taiwan, Microsoft revealed more from their line-up of affordable Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ headsets, including Asus’ headset and an updated design from Dell.

Microsoft Launch HoloLens ‘Commercial Suite’, Declares it “Ready for Business”

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Microsoft have just launched a new HoloLens ‘Commercial Suite’ which packages the augmented reality visor as ready for business with numerous new features and benefits for business buyers.

Microsoft Has No Plans For ‘Xbox Consoles In VR’


Microsoft’s messaging around VR on Xbox has been confused to say the least, having introduced its Xbox One X console to the world in 2016 stating that it would support “high fidelity VR”, then promising that ‘Mixed Reality’ experiences would come to the console this year. There are plenty of companies investing in it in the hardware side and the content side, or some combination therein.” The only question is if Microsoft will act on that.

The Best VR Hardware Has Never Been Cheaper Than Right Now

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Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets also have a consumer-friendly pricing too, selling normally between $400-$500. The Best VR-Ready Hardware Deals. The post The Best VR Hardware Has Never Been Cheaper Than Right Now appeared first on Road to VR.

U.S. Army Chooses Microsoft’s HoloLens For $480 Million Contract


The United States Army awarded a $480 million contract to Microsoft that will equip military personnel with prototype versions of HoloLens intended to increase “lethality, mobility, and situational awareness.” ” HoloLens is an all-in-one augmented reality headset from Microsoft which first shipped in 2016 for $3,000. A report from Bloomberg suggests the award could eventually lead the military to purchase more than 100,000 headsets from MIcrosoft.

Microsoft Reveals Motion Controllers For Windows VR Headsets


In a keynote today Microsoft is revealing a long-awaited missing piece of its Windows mixed reality platform – motion controllers. Microsoft’s HoloLens is a $3,000 entirely self-contained wearable computer that delivers augmented reality (AR) rather than virtual reality (VR).

Marginal Shifts For Rift/Vive In September Steam Hardware Survey


September’s Steam Hardware Survey doesn’t see much change in VR headset usage on the platform. Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets also gained slightly more ground this month, moving from 7.18% in August to 7.22% in September. Tagged with: htc vive , oculus rift Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Marginal Shifts For Rift/Vive In September Steam Hardware Survey appeared first on UploadVR.

Survey 123

Microsoft Publishes New System Requirements for Windows VR Headsets, and An App to Check Your PC

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As the holiday launch of the Windows VR headsets nears , Microsoft has published a new set of system requirements and an app allowing you to see if your PC will be ready for the company’s “Mixed Reality” platform. Image courtesy Microsoft.

HP muscles into VR hardware space


HP appears to be the latest hardware manufacturer to be making a strong push into the VR space, after announcing a range of developments including the pending release of a professional version of its mixed reality headset. The post HP muscles into VR hardware space appeared first on VR World.

Microsoft is Building VR MMO for Xbox and PC, Job Listing Indicates

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A job listing for a Senior Design Manager position on Microsoft’s “Xbox Mixed Reality team” says that the company is “looking to build a massively social gaming and entertainment experience for both the PC and the console.”

Microsoft’s VR Headsets Will Run on $500 PCs, More Info in December


Microsoft’s surprise new VR headsets, revealed last week and expected to ship next year, remain something of a mystery right now, but we should find out more about them in December. We’ve reached out to Microsoft to confirm that this is the case.

Vive, Windows VR Gain Ground, Rift Shrinks In Latest Steam Hardware Survey


Newer VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro and Windows VR headsets are the winners in the October Steam Hardware Survey results. Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets, meanwhile, continue to grow from 7.22% last month to 7.7% As always, we note that these figures don’t necessarily reflect the actual install base of PC VR headsets, as the hardware survey is optional and requires users to have their VR kit plugged in for it to be registered.

Survey 157

Microsoft to Debut VR Dev Kits for Windows Holographic in March

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Microsoft has confirmed that development kits of VR headsets for their Windows Holographic platform are in the works and will make their debut at GDC 2017 in March. Today Microsoft confirmed that VR headsets from major manufacturers are set to launch in 2017.

Microsoft Hires USC Mixed Reality Pioneer Mark Bolas


hardware VR Industry News ict mark bolas usc

Microsoft Announces The Minimum Specifications For Its Upcoming $300 VR Headsets


Microsoft has been a shadow player in the virtual reality arms race since it officially kicked off on March 28, 2016. On that date the Oculus Rift launched in each and every box was a Microsoft manufactured Xbox One controller.

Clay Brings Gesture Tracking To Apple’s ARKit With No Extra Hardware


One of the amazing things about Apple’s new ARKit developer platform is that there’s no extra hardware required. Experiences Hand Tracking Hardware

Rift, Vive Barely Move In July’s Steam Hardware Survey


Microsoft’s Windows VR headsets were the only devices to enjoy a slight rise, moving the needle from 6.25% in June to 6.41% this month. Tagged with: htc vive , oculus rift Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Rift, Vive Barely Move In July’s Steam Hardware Survey appeared first on UploadVR. The share of VR usage on Steam barely shifted in July 2018.

Survey 115

Minimum Specs for Microsoft’s Windows 10 AR/VR Interface Are Impressively Low

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In a compatibility test application from recent Windows 10 test builds, Microsoft has revealed some minimum specs for Windows Holographic, the Windows 10 interface and platform for VR and AR devices which will include inexpensive headsets from big manufacturers.

Will Mixed Reality as a Service be a Game Changer for Microsoft?

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Since the HoloLens was first released almost three years ago, Microsoft has steadily been building partnerships and demonstrating an array of industry use cases across manufacturing, engineering, healthcare, education and many others. Microsoft introduces mixed reality as a service [link].

Microsoft Planning VR/AR Headset for $299


During the Microsoft Surface event today, it was not just all about the massive Surface Studio Desktop. Microsoft discussed plans for their $299 (£245, AU$295) VR/AR headset. VRCircle will be there, so here is hoping Microsoft!

Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses


The Microsoft Research Team revealed a new pair of augmented reality glasses today that offer an exciting form factor, even if their performance isn’t up to snuff. The new lenses were made known to the world in a research paper titled Holographic Near-Eye Displays for Virtual and Augmented Reality penned by Microsoft’s Andrew Maimone , Andreas Georgio and Joel Kollin. AR Microsoft VR Industry News SIGGRAPH

Lemnis To Showcase Varifocal VR Hardware/Software Platform At SIGGRAPH 2018


The company today announced that it will launch a new software and hardware platform simply named Verifocal at SIGGRAPH 2018 in Vancouver next week. At SIGGRAPH, Verifocal will be shown running in a headset based off of Microsoft’s Windows ‘Mixed Reality’ VR headsets. Tagged with: Lemnis Technologies , Verifocal Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Lemnis To Showcase Varifocal VR Hardware/Software Platform At SIGGRAPH 2018 appeared first on UploadVR.

Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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This week however, the company was granted two patents that establish basic hardware and software solutions not only pointing towards a prospective Apple AR device, but marking out some fundamental territory in the process. Microsoft, Apple v.

Apple 266

Microsoft Launches Sci-Fi ‘Reality Rooms’ For Employee VR/AR Development


VR and AR can both still be considered experimental technologies, so Microsoft is letting its employees experiment with them. Microsoft VR Industry NewsThis month the company’s Garage division revealed what it calls Reality Rooms.