Dev Shares Crash Course on VR Game Optimization for Oculus Quest & Mobile Hardware

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Optimization is no easy task, especially with the limited resources of mobile hardware like the Snapdragon 835 processor in the Oculus Quest. Rizzotto’s video covers 14 points about specific tools and techniques which help games run smoothly on low-end hardware.

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Oculus Rift Pulls Ahead Again In December Steam Hardware Survey


I was half expecting to write that the combined power of the Vive and Vive Pro had allowed HTC to regain the top spot it once held for so long in December’s Steam Hardware Survey. Turns out the opposite is true; the Oculus Rift gained ground this month. HTC looked like it had Oculus on the ropes. HTC focused on Pro for its Black Friday promotion and Oculus cut $50 off of the Rift.

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Vive Closes In On Rift In May Steam Hardware Survey


It’s the start of a new month so you know what that means; the latest Steam Hardware Survey is in. Once again the gap between the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive family of headsets has decreased. It looks like Oculus may have handed HTC this month’s results on a silver platter. Back in March Oculus started winding down Rift sales in preparation of the launch of the Rift S later in May.

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Oculus CTO: Quest Has No Dedicated Hardware to Play PC Games over USB-C

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Oculus Quest, the company’s newly announced high-end standalone headset, has a USB Type-C connector. Oculus CTO John Carmack tweeted recently that although “it was debated a lot,” the team ultimately decided against adding in VirtualLink functionality.

Palmer Luckey’s Oculus Go Mod Offers a Wishlist of Hardware Features

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Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey may have left Facebook in 2017, but as the designer behind the Oculus Rift and its two developer kits, he has unique insight into what makes VR headsets tick.

Rift/Vive Gap Nearly Doubles In March Steam Hardware Survey


The March Steam Hardware Survey results continue a recent trend. The Oculus Rift once again widened the gap with its main competitor, the HTC Vive. The Hardware Survey is optional and requires users to have their headsets actually plugged in to count. Neither Oculus nor HTC has shared official sales figures for their respective headsets. Finally, we’re hoping for the announcement of the Oculus Rift S and Valve’s own SteamVR device at GDC later this month.

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Rift/Vive Gap Widens In February Steam Hardware Survey


The Oculus Rift continued to widen the gap with HTC Vive headsets in the latest Steam Hardware Survey results. It’s not too surprising; at the start of the year Oculus cut the price of the Rift to $349. Both are coming this year so we’ll be looking forward to seeing what impact they make on the Steam Hardware Survey. The same goes for the rumored Oculus Rift S headset. Wrapping up, 0.79% of VR Steam users are still running Oculus Rift Dk2 (really).

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Hands-on: 3DHaptics Achieves Compelling Directional Haptics with Simple Hardware

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I got a chance to try their latest demo this week at VRS 2018, which is able to achieve unique directional haptic feedback from a handheld device using relatively simple hardware. MIRAISENS is Japan-based haptics company which is developing what they call 3DHaptics technology.

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Oculus Further Details Ideal Hardware and Sensor Configurations for Roomscale VR with Touch

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The Oculus Team have published a detailed guide on Roomscale VR setup. While Oculus continues to recommend the two-forward-facing sensor configuration for Touch users and developers, many people are trying roomscale solutions, using two or three sensors to achieve 360 degree tracking.

Rift Loses More Ground To Vive In November Steam Hardware Survey


The Oculus Rift’s lead over the HTC Vive family of VR headsets in Steam’s monthly hardware survey is now the smallest it’s been in some time. Windows VR headsets and even the Oculus Rift DK2 (yes really) all grew ever so slightly as well. As always, we must remind you that Steam’s Hardware Survey isn’t a definitive means of tracking the actual sales of VR headsets in relation to others.

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The Best VR Hardware Has Never Been Cheaper Than Right Now

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VR headsets have already seen some pretty drastic permanent price reductions in the past few months, including the new $400 Oculus Rift + Touch price, the new $600 HTC Vive price, and the new $450 ‘all-in’ PlayStation VR bundle. The Best VR-Ready Hardware Deals.

E3 2016 - New VR Hardware Announcements


E3 was not expected to showcase any new VR hardware. Oculus Rift and HTC Vive consumer versions have been around for a few months now, albeit in limited supply. Oculus will release their Touch controllers in the second half of 2016 and did not announce any new date guidance.

Oculus Quest vs HTC Vive Focus Plus

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This year we had the launch of two amazing 6 DOF all-in-one Virtual Reality headsets : the Oculus Quest and the HTC Vive Focus Plus. The official boxes of the Oculus Quest (above) and Vive Focus Plus (below). Oculus Quest and controllers (Image by Oculus).

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Prototype VR Hardware Photos From Valve’s Index Briefing In Bellevue


For those unfamiliar, the teams at Valve developed critical tracking and display technologies which, in 2014, helped convince Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg (see blurry photo below) that Oculus would be a smart investment in a future computing platform. Zuckerberg bought Oculus for roughly $3 billion. I’ve reached out to Valve to see if I can get more specific information about when each of these hardware designs were created — and what was learned from each approach.

Oculus Rift Increases Lead Over HTC Vive In March Steam Hardware Survey


March’s Steam Hardware Survey results are in, and the Oculus Rift continues to increase the gap with the HTC Vive. As always, we have to point out that this is not definitive proof that Rift is outselling Vive; Steam’s hardware surveys are entirely optional and there are a number of factors that could drastically alter the results. Tagged with: htc vive , oculus rift , Steam Hardware Survey Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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Facebook Gets A New VP Of AR/VR Hardware And Portal Lead


There’s a new face heading up Facebook’s AR/VR hardware division. Rafa Camargo has jumped from his previous role as VP of Facebook’s Portal team to VP, AR/VR Hardware. He added that he’ll be helping to launch the new Oculus Quest standalone headset. Excited to announce that I’ll be leading Hardware for AR/VR at @facebook …and would like to welcome Ryan Cairns, who will now lead Portal.

Facebook Hires Apple Hardware Expert To Head Oculus Advancements


Now we’ve got some movement in the VR and AR industries again, this time with a senior ex-Apple employee becoming head of Oculus VR hardware. Michael Hillman, who spent 15 years at Apple and held design and engineering roles there, will now be instrumental in Oculus’ desire to make VR hardware mainstream, as reported by Bloomberg. A hire such as this shows that they are still standing behind the hardware and want the division to evolve.

NVIDIA Offers Three Free VR Games With Select New Hardware


While the price of admission may still be a bit on the higher end for some, the software ecosystem is inspiring people to invest and get hardware that can support these immersive experiences. Tagged with: nvidia , oculus rift Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Facebook Appoints Andrew Bosworth To Unify Consumer Hardware Including Oculus


Earlier this year Facebook appointed Hugo Barra as its new VP of VR, leading the Oculus team forward. Now the company is looking to unify its VR efforts with its other consumer hardware projects, and it’s doing some shifting around to make that happen. Facebook this week confirmed to UploadVR that it has appointed Andrew “Boz” Bosworth to oversee its consumer hardware divisions, including Oculus as well as devices being built by its Building 8 team.

Juniper Research: VR Hardware Market Will Be Worth $50 Billion in 5 Years


A new report from market analysis group Juniper Research states that VR hardware will be worth $50 billion by 2021. By hardware, Juniper means VR headsets, peripherals, and 360 cameras. Juniper says that console VR will account for 50 percent of VR hardware revenues in 2021.

Oculus Reverses DRM Decision: “We won’t use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future”

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In a new update to the Oculus Rift PC runtime, the company has removed a controversial DRM provision which checked to ensure that users running Rift games were actually using a Rift headset. We won’t use hardware checks as part of DRM on PC in the future.

Oculus Is Building an AR Incubation Team to Prototype New Hardware


When you think of Oculus you typically think of one thing: virtual reality. Today, flush with Facebook’s seemingly endless resources, Oculus is at the forefront of the VR industry’s research and development. Michael Abrash on stage at Oculus Connect 3.

Oculus Rift/HTC Vive Gap Widens In August Steam Hardware Survey Results


August’s Steam hardware survey results are now in , and the Oculus Rift takes its biggest leap over the HTC Vive yet. Could the launch of Oculus’ Marvel: Powers United VR bundle have given the headset a boost in any way? The Hardware Survey is an optional survey that collects data about the hardware customers are using. Since launching in early 2016 neither Oculus nor HTC has provided official sales data for their respective headsets.

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Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Capture Tools Now Available


Record yourself in the virtual world with Oculus’ official MRC kit. Yesterday, Oculus launched its official set of Mixed Reality Capture Tools for the Oculus Quest, allowing users to record high-quality gameplay footage where real-world objects and people appear in VR.

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Palmer Luckey: ‘No Imminent VR Hardware Is Good Enough To Go Truly Mainstream’


The creator of the Oculus Rift says that neither existing nor imminent VR headsets have what it takes to go ‘truly mainstream’ Oculus co-founder Palmer Luckey said as much in a new entry of his personal blog posted today. “I want to take this a step further and make a bold claim: No existing or imminent VR hardware is good enough to go truly mainstream, even at a price of $0.00.” Oculus Go Oculus Quest Oculus Rift VR Industry News palmer luckey

Marginal Shifts For Rift/Vive In September Steam Hardware Survey


September’s Steam Hardware Survey doesn’t see much change in VR headset usage on the platform. It’s the poor Oculus Rift DK2 that suffers the most from these increases, falling from 1.18% last month to 1.11% this month. Oculus did tell us that Rift was selling ‘really well’ at Connect last week but we don’t really have any way of telling what that means. HTC Vive Oculus Rift VR Industry News htc vive oculus rift

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Vive, Windows VR Gain Ground, Rift Shrinks In Latest Steam Hardware Survey


Newer VR headsets like the HTC Vive Pro and Windows VR headsets are the winners in the October Steam Hardware Survey results. Could Vive’s two headset approach put HTC back on course to overtake Oculus in the survey once again? As always, we note that these figures don’t necessarily reflect the actual install base of PC VR headsets, as the hardware survey is optional and requires users to have their VR kit plugged in for it to be registered.

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Oculus’ Rubin: Price Point, Better Hardware And Patience ‘Sets Rift Up To Win’


Oculus has had a few stumbles since it launched the Rift VR headset just over a year ago now. In a recent interview with MCV reflecting on the first year of VR, Rubin acknowledged that the Facebook-owned Oculus “could have done better” during the Rift’s first year of consumer availability, but pledged things were on the mend. No hardware manufacturer in my memory has given away as much software for free as Oculus has in its first year.”

Vive Pro Hardware Review: For VR Buyers With Deep Pockets


Two years ago HTC Vive beat Oculus Rift to market with a more complete package, helping inspire developers who were able to create groundbreaking virtual worlds in which people could use their hands to interact and feet to move around larger spaces. Now, just days after we saw Oculus Rift widen its lead over Vive in Steam usage, we see the release of the Vive Pro HMD with its marquee feature being a major bump in resolution.The headset is an $800 upgrade for people who already own a Vive.

Report: Global VR Hardware Revenue To Hit $3.6 Billion in 2017


After a mixed year for VR hardware sales in 2016, two new separate reports are painting a more optimistic outlook for the VR market going forward. In a new consumer VR report just released by SuperData Research , the findings show that global VR hardware revenue is expected to hit $3.6

GDC 2018: Oculus Introduces Hardware Reports For Data-Driven Decision-Making


Developers will no longer have to rely on third-party software to gather data on how customers respond to their Oculus apps. Today, Oculus is introducing Hardware Reports for both Rift and Gear VR. Simply put, these systems provide developers (or anyone with a passing interest) with aggregated statistics on the Oculus platform. It’s a little like Steam’s monthly hardware survey, though specifically tailored towards VR.

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‘Vanishing Realms’ Roadmap: New Content, Hardware Support, and 1.0 Launch on the Way

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The acclaimed VR action RPG is due to receive a large update that launches the original game out of Early Access, with brand new content and new hardware support also in the works. The post ‘Vanishing Realms’ Roadmap: New Content, Hardware Support, and 1.0

Oculus Rift Surpasses HTC Vive in Steam Majority Market Share for the First Time

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According to Valve’s February Steam hardware and software survey, the Oculus Rift is now the most used VR headset on the Steam platform, taking the market share of VR headsets on Steam with a near 2% lead over its competitor HTC Vive.

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Oculus Quest Review – The First Great Standalone VR Headset

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Oculus Quest is now available for pre-order and will launch on May 21st. After testing the headset for several weeks, our Oculus Quest review is here. Oculus Quest Review Summary. Image courtesy Oculus. – – — – – Oculus Quest In-depth Review.

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Preview: Valve Index is the DSLR to the Oculus Rift S Point-and-shoot

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The Lab came out in 2016 — and I’ve explored damn near all of it —but three years later I experienced something that I never really noticed until better hardware came along and revealed it.

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GDC 2017: Oculus Slashes Hardware Prices – Rift and Touch Together Now $600


Facebook is announcing a $100 price drop for both its Oculus Rift headset and Oculus Touch controllers, bringing the “all-in” price for the system to around $600. The $200 price drop represents the strongest attempt yet by Facebook’s Oculus to push high end VR firmly into mainstream. Oculus hardware is sold at cost, according to the company, but since the hiring of a new Chief Operations Officer, Hans Hartmann , last year, those costs reportedly have come down.

GDC 2018: Rubin: ‘Oculus Is Winning In Every Hardware Category It Has Entered’


Oculus’ VP of Content Jason Rubin has come out swinging at the company’s GDC talk today. Opening up the session, titled ‘Inside Oculus 2018’, Rubin stated that “Oculus is winning in every hardware category it has entered, on PC and mobile,” later adding that “it’s a pretty inarguable statement that Oculus builds the best hardware.” Either way, these are bold claims for Oculus to be making.