Google Job Listings Point to New “Mass Production” AR/VR Hardware in the Pipeline

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Google launched the Daydream View headset late last year, the company’s first virtual reality hardware product. A slew of recent job postings however suggest significant new AR/VR hardware in the works from Google.

Google’s VR/AR Team Seeks New Hire to “drive multiple hardware projects simultaneously from prototype to mass production”

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A flurry of new job postings suggests Google is ramping up a team to create new consumer VR/AR hardware that goes beyond their Daydream View headset. ” Google has also previously created first-party tablets and laptops under the Pixel brand.

Rift S Hardware Review: A Simplified PC VR Headset Focused On Easier Setup And Lowering Cost


Facebook’s relationship to people is reliant on platforms controlled by other companies like Google, Apple, and Microsoft. The next priority apparent in the Rift S design is cross-compatibility with other Oculus content and hardware. Hardware Reviews facebook oculus rift s

Watch: Google’s Live Event Here – Daydream VR Hardware Unveiling Expected

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Daydream VR, Google’s high-end VR platform for select Android smartphones, may be seeing its time in the spotlight at the company’s hardware-focused event today. image courtesy of Google.

Google to Shutter Jump VR Video Service in June

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Google seems to be taking somewhat of a step back from VR, as Variety reports the company will be shutting down its Jump program for good next month. Any later than that, and all Jump-related files will be deleted from Google’s Cloud Services for good.

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Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset


Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Here’s a detailed spec breakdown of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 headset: SoC — Qualcomm Quad Core, 1.7GHz, 10nm.

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Daydream & VR Nowhere to be Seen at Google I/O

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If you’ve felt that Google has been quiet about their Daydream VR initiative for a worrying amount of time, you aren’t alone. A total lack of anything Daydream related at Google I/O this week only further shows that the company has shifted its interests elsewhere.

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Report: Google is Developing a Standalone AR Headset to Rival HoloLens

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Google is allegedly developing a standalone augmented reality headset that aims to offer users a tethereless AR experience, German tech publication WinFuture reports. ” Image courtesy Google.

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Facebook Gets A New VP Of AR/VR Hardware And Portal Lead


There’s a new face heading up Facebook’s AR/VR hardware division. Rafa Camargo has jumped from his previous role as VP of Facebook’s Portal team to VP, AR/VR Hardware. Excited to announce that I’ll be leading Hardware for AR/VR at @facebook …and would like to welcome Ryan Cairns, who will now lead Portal. Oculus, which Facebook acquired in 2014, already has a Director of Hardware in Caitlin Kalinowski.

Juniper Research: VR Hardware Market Will Be Worth $50 Billion in 5 Years


A new report from market analysis group Juniper Research states that VR hardware will be worth $50 billion by 2021. By hardware, Juniper means VR headsets, peripherals, and 360 cameras. Juniper says that console VR will account for 50 percent of VR hardware revenues in 2021.

Google: ‘Exactly Where We Take Daydream Remains To Be Seen’


It’s uncertain days for Google’s mobile VR ecosystem, Daydream. Speaking to Fast Company , Google senior VP of devices and services Rick Osterloh said the company will likely continue to invest in VR, but it “remains to be seen” where it goes.

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New Google Glass for Enterprise Emerges in FCC Listing

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It’s been over a year since Google launched its Glass Enterprise Edition , something the company called “a new chapter” for the device. ” Image courtesy Google. SEE ALSO Google Appears to Be Ramping Up R&D Efforts for "New and novel" AR/VR Lenses.

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Developers Now Receiving Google’s Experimental 6DOF Controller Kits

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So far Google has been mum on the details, so at this point we just can’t tell. The post Developers Now Receiving Google’s Experimental 6DOF Controller Kits appeared first on Road to VR.

Google is Developing a VR Display With 10x More Pixels Than Today’s Headsets

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Earlier this year, Clay Bavor, VP of VR/AR at Google, revealed a “secret project” to develop a VR-optimised OLED panel capable of 20 megapixels per eye. The post Google is Developing a VR Display With 10x More Pixels Than Today’s Headsets appeared first on Road to VR.

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Google Patent Shows Smartphone Packaging that Doubles as a VR Headset

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A recently published Google’s patent application describes an ‘ Integrated mobile device packaging and virtual reality headset ’. Google introduced Cardboard, their inexpensive VR solution to the world in 2014, producing a VR viewer enclosure for smartphones made from Cardboard.

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Report: Google’s Daydream Headset Is Daydream View, Debuts Oct 4th


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New Report: Google Still Working on a Headset That Mixes VR and AR


AR hardware VR Headsets google Google headset mixed reality

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Google Demonstrates Promising Low-cost, Mobile Inside-out Controller Tracking

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But we could see that change in the near future, thanks to research from Google which details a system for low-cost, mobile inside out VR controller tracking. We do not require additional markers or hardware beyond a standard IMU based controller.” Image courtesy Google.

Google to Feature High-resolution VR OLED Display for Wide FOV Headsets at SID 2018

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As first reported by OLED-info , an advanced copy of the event’s schedule maintains that a talk featuring Google hardware engineer Carlin Vieri will be taking place May 22nd. Yes, Google is researching foveated rendering too.

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Google Brings Native ‘Tango’ AR Support to Unity

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Google has announced that its augmented reality platform Tango will be getting native integrated support for Unity later this year. Google’s Nathan Martz, Photo Courtesy Unity. SEE ALSO Asus 'ZenFone AR' Google Tango, Daydream VR Phone Launched, Specs Revealed.

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Google’s VR Painting App ‘Tilt Brush’ is Coming to Quest, Cross-Buy with Rift

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Already own a copy of Google’s VR creation tool Tilt Brush (2016) from the Oculus Store? The company announced the news today in a Facebook blog post , outlining some of the changes the team made to get Tilt Brush on Quest’s mobile hardware.

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Palmer Luckey: ‘No Imminent VR Hardware Is Good Enough To Go Truly Mainstream’


Hardware sales get a lot of attention and speculation from analysts and consumers alike, but the real name of the game revolves around the number of people logging in and spending money each week, the life force that makes everything actually go,” he wrote, further adding that cheap VR headsets like the phone-based Google Cardboard may have millions of owners, but few people continue to use them and buy content for long.

Google Reveals Experimental 6DOF Controllers for Lenovo Mirage Solo

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It appears Google has made some serious headway on its low-cost, mobile inside out VR controller tracking standard first seen back in April. The post Google Reveals Experimental 6DOF Controllers for Lenovo Mirage Solo appeared first on Road to VR.

5 Google ARCore Experiments That Inject Magic into Everyday Life

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Google released a preview version of ARCore for Android yesterday, the company’s answer to Apple’s ARKit. Built by George Michael Brower with friends at Google Creative Lab. Built by Jane Friedhoff with friends at Google Creative Lab using Unity and ARCore.

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Google I/O 2019 Developer Conference Set For May


We’re coming up to developer conference season once again, and Google’s now dated I/O’s 2019 return. Google didn’t even mention the former at last year’s show despite launching its Lenovo Mirage Solo Daydream headset around it. We’re also wondering if there might be any new Daydream hardware or apps to talk about. Events Google Google Daydream VR Industry News ARCore Daydream google Google I/O

How to enable WebVR in Google Chrome

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One of the biggest news of the last days is that finally, Google Chrome for Windows has added support for WebVR. And when the son of Microsoft Explorer gets functionalities faster than you, Google, you understand that something is not working as it should. Come on Google, you can do it.

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Joy to Patients with Google Daydream


Using Google Daydream , Joy brings a patient to nature scenes, storytelling around a campfire, and even interaction with a friendly dog! Google Daydream Hardware Video Virtual Reality Virtual Reality News VR VR News

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Is This The Asus Google Daydream Headset?


Asus was one of the many partners announced to be working on The post Is This The Asus Google Daydream Headset? hardware VR Headsets asus Asus VR google daydreamappeared first on UploadVR.

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Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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This week however, the company was granted two patents that establish basic hardware and software solutions not only pointing towards a prospective Apple AR device, but marking out some fundamental territory in the process.

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Report: Global VR Hardware Revenue To Hit $3.6 Billion in 2017


After a mixed year for VR hardware sales in 2016, two new separate reports are painting a more optimistic outlook for the VR market going forward. In a new consumer VR report just released by SuperData Research , the findings show that global VR hardware revenue is expected to hit $3.6

Google Announces New Tools to Develop High-performance Daydream Apps

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Scaling means getting developers to build VR experience that are not only fun, but highlight optimized, and Google wants to make that as easy as possible. SEE ALSO Google Bringing Native 'Tango' AR Support to Unity Later This Year.

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Google Not Releasing Oculus Quest Competitor, Pixel 3a Doesn’t Support Daydream


In an interview with CNET , Google’s Head of VR & AR revealed that the company will not be releasing an Oculus Quest competitor this year. Google’s Clay Bavor told CNET that the company’s focus in VR “is much more on services and the bright spots where we see VR being really useful”. Back in December Google released a 6DoF controllers dev kit for the headset, but the company hasn’t shared any plans about bringing these to consumers.

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Yes, Google is Making its Own Daydream VR HMD


The long-rumoured new mobile VR HMD from Google was MIA at the I/O developer conference this week, but the company has at least now confirmed it’s coming. The post Yes, Google is Making its Own Daydream VR HMD appeared first on UploadVR.

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Google Announces 6DoF Controller Devkit, ‘See-Through’ Mode For Daydream


In an effort to better perfect the Daydream experience, Google recently announcement an experimental 6DoF motion controller devkit designed specifically for 6DoF headsets operating on the Daydream platform, which currently consists of solely the Mirage Solo. Image Credit: Google AR & VR.

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Google’s Daydream View VR Headset Has Arrived


Unveiled at a press event last month, Google’s Daydream View headset is now on sale from retailers like Best Buy, Verizon, and Google’s own store. Like the Google Cardboard and Gear VR, Daydream View is powered by your phone (in this case a Google Pixel or Pixel XL device).

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Google Rebrands AR Stickers as Playground; Introduces 3D AR Animation


While Playground may not seem much different from AR stickers, lenses, or filters we’ve seen in the past, Google is clear on the fact that these are in fact all 3D assets, delivered in a smarter way with spatial and object recognition thanks to artificial intelligence.

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Hands On With Google’s Daydream View VR Headset


We’re live from Google’s Pixel phone media event, where we got hand’s on with the company’s new Daydream View VR headset. Much like the Google Cardboard and Gear VR, Daydream View is powered by your phone (in this case a Google Pixel phone). News Daydream Events Google Hardware

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