Oculus Quest App ‘Magic Keys’ Teaches You Piano Using AR


This past July Facebook released its experimental Passthrough API into the wild, allowing developers to harness the Oculus Quest’s built-in cameras to create engaging mixed reality experiences. I ported my AR Piano Learning App to the Quest using the new Passthrough API from OculusQuest.

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How to build your passthrough AR app for Oculus Quest in Unity

The Ghost Howls

I love passthrough augmented reality , because it lets us create AR experiences with the VR headsets that we already own, plus it also opens up augmented reality to new possibilities, like wide-FOV vision or diminished reality experiences. Oculus Passthrough APIs video tutorial.

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Oculus Quest Apps Use AR To Teach You To Play Piano

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In a video posted to Reddit earlier this week , developer Dominik Hackl showed footage of his AR app, Magic Keys, running on Oculus Quest using the experimental passthrough API.

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How to activate AR in your Oculus Quest Home Menu

The Ghost Howls

Today I was reading Upload VR, and I’ve found a very interesting article by David Heaney stating that now it is possible to use your real environment as your Oculus Quest Home environment. AR in Oculus Quest Home is available only on Runtime v16.

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Developers Can Now Test Spark AR Effects Virtually Using Oculus Quest

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Developers of Spark AR effects can now test their creations in VR using an Oculus Quest. The Spark AR Player is now available for Oculus Quest, which allows developers to test Spark AR effects on a virtual phone in a virtual environment.

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Cubism In AR On Oculus Quest Might Be The Best Way To Play

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The Quest is suddenly transformed into an AR device, allowing you to manipulate all of Cubism’s familiar puzzles in a live representation of the space you’re playing in.

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Oculus Head of Developer Relations Leaves for Niantic as it Ramps up Lightship AR Platform

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Dan Morris has been at Oculus since 2015, spending four years at the Head of Store, and another two years as the Head of Developer Relations, according to his LinkedIn profile. Beyond Niantic’s AR platform, the company is teasing AR hardware and software of its own.

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VR Coworking Platform ‘Spatial’ Launches Mobile AR Workspace


This week the company introduced mobile AR support to the platform, allowing team members to participate in virtual meetings using a compatible iOS or Android device. The phone is where AR will thrive first and we’re capitalizing on this trend today.

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Oculus Quest Passthrough MR Hands-On Impressions

The Ghost Howls

After Venice VR Expanded has come to an end, I have finally had the time to experiment with Oculus Quest AR Passthrough. Tried the new #OculusQuest2 passthrough API in Gravity Lab #VR #AR pic.twitter.com/rrONObVubC — Mark Schramm #VR #AR (@MarkSchrammVR) August 15, 2021.

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Oculus Quest Pro Leak: Promo Videos Show Possible Headset Design

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We may well have an Oculus Quest Pro leak that gives us our first look at the headset from possibly leaked promotional videos ahead of Facebook Connect this week. Oculus Quest Pro Leak?

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Nreal announces Nreal Air AR glasses

The Ghost Howls

After some days of teasing, Chinese AR company Nreal has finally announced its latest AR glasses: Nreal Air. Nreal Air is basically an AR viewer. Imagine it like a pair of AR glasses, very light and fashionable and that work only in 3DOF. augmented reality AR

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VR And AR Projects Releasing Online After SXSW 2020 Cancellation


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, several VR and AR projects that were set to be presented at this year’s SXSW Festival are being released online this month after the festival’s cancellation.

Oculus Quest 2 passthrough now works without boundaries

The Ghost Howls

Today I made two little big discoveries about the Oculus Quest 2 that together mean that you can use this headset as an AR device whenever and wherever you want. You read it right: now passthrough AR works event with Guardian disabled.

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Oculus Teases Updates To VR & AR Lineup At Oculus Connect 6 This September


Facebook’s sixth annual Oculus Connect will take place September 25th & 26th at the San Jose McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, CA, introducing developers, content creators, and other VR fanatics to the latest advancements made by the Oculus team. Last year at OC5 we received our first official look at the Oculus Quest, went hands-on with several standalone 6DoF VR experiences, and learned more about Expressive Avatars technology. Image Credit: Facebook / Oculus.

‘XR Casino’ Brings Cross-Platform Gambling To VR & AR


Bet on games of Blackjack and Roulette in this blockchain-powered virtual casino coming soon to major VR & AR devices. Tech giants such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft have invested heavily into AR, VR and MR to speed up mass adoption through both hardware and software solutions.”

NuEyes’ AR Glasses Are Made For Hardcore PC Gamers


AR company NuEyes is taking its passion for AR and gaming to the next level with the launch of the Pro 3e 5G-enabled smart glasses through their gaming division, NuGaming. Adjusting the settings on the AR glasses is simple.

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How Astronauts Are Using VR & AR Aboard The ISS


But how exactly is VR & AR technology being used by the astronauts operating within the multinational low orbit space station? According to the official NASA blog , just yesterday two members of the Expedition 65 crew employed VR and AR technology as part of their respective duties.

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Facebook’s Project Aria Will Pave The Way For Consumer-Friendly AR


Referred to as Project Aria, this bleeding-edge research device uses machine perception and AI research to safely gather data in an effort to answer key questions, both technological and ethical, regarding the use of AR technology in a public setting.

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Facebook To Discontinue Oculus Rift S Beginning 2021


You can still buy an Oculus Rift S.for now. During Facebook Connect this past week, Mark Zuckerberg talked about the future of how AR technology will play an important role in the future of the company that included information on Project Aria. So long, Oculus Rift S.

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How NASA Astronauts Use VR & AR Aboard The International Space Station

Upload VR

A recent blog post from NASA detailed various ways that VR and AR technology is used aboard the International Space Station and back on Earth to prepare astronauts for take-off. The most common headset pictured in the blog post is the HoloLens, Microsoft’s enterprise-only AR headset.

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Samsung’s Leaked AR Concept Videos Reveal Its Augmented Ambitions

Road to VR

Leaked concept video featuring two Samsung AR devices has come to light. WalkingCat was also involved in leaking photos of Oculus Quest 2 before it was launched, and Lenovo’s latest ThinkReality AR glasses for enterprise before it was announced at CES this year.

Oculus Quest v31 Adds Experimental Passthrough API For Mixed Reality

Upload VR

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is teasing that the upcoming v31 update for Oculus Quest “makes it easier to coordinate multiplayer games by sending friends pop-up invites, and gives developers access to Passthrough API Experimental to build and test mixed reality experiences.”

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Oculus Rolls Out ‘App Lab’ For Quest Developers, Messenger On Oculus


Developers can now share their apps with Oculus players without Store approval. Prior to the launch of the original Oculus Quest back in 2019, Facebook revealed a strict application system for Oculus Quest developers in order to better control the quality of content available to users.

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5 Free VR Games On Oculus Quest 2 – September 2021


Thanks to VR platforms such as the Oculus App Lab and SideQuest, the Oculus Quest has amassed a sizable catalog of games and apps available 100% free of charge. The following are five new games and apps available free on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets: Seeker VR.

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Hand Tracking Comes To Nreal AR Glasses


High fidelity hand tracking lets you pinch, grab, and zoom in AR. If you own a set of Nreal Light’s AR glasses or you’re a developer, one of your first questions regarding native hand tracking is how much of an impact this feature will have on battery life.

Oculus Hiring Spree Suggests Facebook is Accelerating VR/AR Plans

Road to VR

Starting toward the end of 2017, the number of listed job openings at Oculus has nearly tripled, with the current number of openings floating around an all time high. Across Oculus’ 15 locations, the company is currently listing 443 available openings , spanning 20 categories from Research to Software Engineering to Computer Vision, and more. In early 2017, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg publicly toured the Oculus Research facility and shared an inside look.

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Oculus Job Posts Point to Facebook-built AR Headset on the Horizon

Road to VR

As first reported by PocketGamer , Facebook is advertising a few new posts at its VR subsidiary Oculus, laced with the notion that a Facebook-built AR headset is definitely on the rise. We knew the company was creating AR headsets behind closed doors—so much was clear from what Facebook’s head of AR Ficus Kirkpatrick told TechCrunch late last year. ” SEE ALSO Oculus Chief Scientist Dives Deep Into the Near Future of AR & VR.

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VR & AR 2018: A Year In Review


If 2016 was the birth of modern VR/AR technology, than 2018 was its elementary school graduation. Major hardware releases, vast improvements to software, and various other integral advancements have quietly solidified VR & AR as viable, long-term technological platforms for years to come. So while there may not have been any bombshell announcements or jaw-dropping reveals per sey, 2018 will still go down as a key, if not climactic, year for VR & AR technology regardless.

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Rumor: ‘Apple Glass’ AR Headset Will Retail At $499, Works With iPhone


New leaks may reveal additional information regarding Apple’s long-rumored AR device. As for pricing, Powell claims Apple Glass will set users back a solid $499 , the same price as an Apple Watch Series 5 or 128GB Oculus Quest VR headset.

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Every Major Oculus Quest & Rift Announcement Made At Oculus Connect 6


Native hand tracking, PC/standalone hybrid functionality, and new games confirmed for the Oculus platform. That’s a wrap on Oculus Connect 6. Facebook’s annual two-day developer conference dedicated to all things Oculus brought its A-game this year delighting users with a series of surprise bombshells, as well as updates on several highly-anticipated updates and experiences. Oculus Link launches this November ; Oculus will be offering its own official USB-C cable as well. .

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Oculus Quest Pro Reference Hidden in Latest Software, Mentions Face & Eye Tracking

Road to VR

The v32 firmware release for Oculus Quest last month ostensibly confirms that the company is moving forward with the device, as it contains hidden reference to an “Oculus Quest Pro” headset along with text mentioning both eye and face-tracking.

Oculus is “All in on OpenXR,” New Developer Features Will Come to OpenXR Only

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Oculus is making hard shift away from its proprietary developer APIs in favor of OpenXR, an industry-backed project that aims to standardize the development of VR and AR applications. ’ in 2019 ; this new announcement from Oculus is sure to hasten the pace significantly.

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This Billie Eilish Oculus Quest 2 Video Inadvertently Offers a Peek at AR Gaming on the VR Headset

Next Reality AR

Such is the case thanks to a new Oculus Quest 2 commercial designed to promote a new aspect of the VR dance game Beat Saber. It's always fun to get an unexpected glimpse of the future, especially when that peek is so close you can actually feel the excitement of the new emerging dynamic.

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Facebook’s Head Of AR & VR Shows Off Futuristic Mixed Reality Workspace


Check out this next-gen office powered by Oculus’ Passthrough technology. Earlier this week Facebook’s head of AR & VR Andrew “Boz” Bosworth showed off an experimental mixed reality workspace powered via prototype Oculus hardware.

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Report: Nearly 10,000 People at Facebook Are Working on AR & VR

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Further underling Facebook’s bet that immersive technologies are the future of computing, a report from The Information claims that the company is currently employing nearly 10,000 people to work on AR/VR. Facebook News facebook ar facebook vr oculus

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Report: Apple In Development Of VR/AR Headset & AR Glasses, First Device Launches 2022


A new report pushes the rumored launch date of Apple’s AR device by two years; hints at a second, sleeker device. This past October, TF International Securities analyst and veteran Apple researcher Ming-Chi Kuo released research indicating that Apple would be launching its long-rumored AR headset during the second quarter of 2020 and would be partnering third-party eyeglass brands, hinting at a modular design. Concept design for AR glasses / Image Credit: Taeyeon Kim.

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Oculus Quest Unlisted App Distribution Launch Likely Imminent

Upload VR

In another Instagram AMA, Andrew ‘Boz’ Bosworth, Vice President of Augmented and Virtual Reality at Facebook suggested that the launch of the new unlisted app distribution method for Oculus Quest is likely to release very soon.

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