Leap Motion Releases Major Tracking Update and New Demos to Show It Off

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Leap Motion builds the leading markerless hand-tracking technology, and today the company revealed a update which they claim brings major improvements “across the board.” Image courtesy Leap Motion.

Ultrahaptics Relaunches as ‘Ultraleap’ After Leap Motion Acquisition

Road to VR

Leap Motion, the optical hand-tracking firm, was acquired by Bristol, UK-based haptics company Ultrahaptics earlier this year. Leap Motion, known for its eponymous optical hand-tracking module and underlying software, was acquired by the company for a reported $30 million back in May.

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Leap Motion Grabs $50M Investment for Class-leading Hand-tracking Tech

Road to VR

Leap Motion, a veteran player in the virtual reality sector (having been founded two years ahead of Oculus), has announced the closure of a Series C investment round totaling $50 million.

Leap Motion VP: ‘AR And VR Will Have To Make Do With Sound And Vision For The Foreseeable Future’


We’ve seen some incredible things emerging from Leap Motion since the company hired visionary filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda last year as a vice president leading a new London research studio. So how does Leap Motion’s technology fit into the AR/VR market?

Leap Motion Raises $50 Million For Its Finger Tracking Technology


Leap Motion is one possible solution, with its hand and finger tracking technology offering one route for VR and AR headsets to let people make selections and interact with virtual worlds. This potential likely figured into the $50 million Series C funding raised by Leap Motion. Morgan Asset Management’s Private Equity Group, Lawrence Unrein, is joining Leap’s board of directors.

‘ARMA’ Developer Spin-Off Using Rift And Leap Motion For Military Sim Setups


VR Industry News ARMA 3 Bohemia Interactive Simulations

Leap Motion secures $50M to continue its work in VR/AR hand-tracking tech

Cats and VR

Leap Motion, Inc., the leading creator of motion tracking technology for natural input in virtual and augmented reality, today announced $50 million in Series C funding led by clients advised by J.P.

Made-For-VR ‘FlyInside’ Is What VR Flight Simulation Needs


After almost two years of development, FlyInside Flight Simulator has launched in Early Access on Steam. FlyInside originally began in 2015 as a Kickstarter for a mod for Flight Simulator X (FSX). Simulators early access flight sim flyinside steam

Leap Motion tracking v4 sample apps show how Virtual Reality UX should be made

The Ghost Howls

This is because Leap Motion has announced its v4 version of the tracking runtime and with it three demos to showcase the new tracking functionalities: Cat Explorer, Particles, and Paint. A great job by Leap Motion engineers!

Exclusive: Scaffolding in VR – Interaction Design for Easy & Intuitive Building

Road to VR

Barrett is the Lead VR Interactive Engineer for Leap Motion. Martin is Lead Virtual Reality Designer and Evangelist for Leap Motion. Barrett and Martin are part of the elite Leap Motion team presenting substantive work in VR/AR UX in innovative and engaging ways.

VR Prototyping for Less Than $100 with Leap Motion + VRidge


63 for the Leap Motion Controller and VR Developer Mount , now on sale in our web store. This transforms your phone into a VR headset screen, simulating devices like the HTC Vive. If you’re sensitive to motion sickness, the added latency may cause you to feel uncomfortable.

This Tech Lets You Move Virtual Objects Like A Jedi


Dynamically mapping rich features of input gestures to properties of physics-based simulation made the interface controllable in most cases. To test the feature, the team used an Oculus Rift CV1 for display and a Leap Motion was applied for hand tracking.

CES 2019: Contact CI Simulates Actual Touch With Motorized Tendons


What sets the Contact CI glove apart from other gloves that might just track your fingers or even HaptX which provides a bit of haptic feedback in your hand, is that Contact CI is able to accurately simulate tension. For the actual hand and finger tracking they were using a Leap Motion sensor which is neat, but not very accurate. Last year at CES 2018 one of my favorite demos was when I met with Craig Douglas from Contact CI and tried out his haptic glove dubbed the Maestro.

Reliving Memories With The Looking Glass Pro 3D Holographic Workstation


This USB-C input can also be used to connect a variety of compatible controllers, including the Leap Motion tracker, Intel’s Realsense, even a Nintendo Joy-Con. The Looking Glass 3D display is now available as a touch screen standalone device.

Punch into Hyperspace with VR Cockpit: Leap Motion’s Latest Experimental Project


The demo puts you in control using a combination of Leap Motion interaction and a fully integrated Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) control system. visual and audio feedback mechanisms for motion control interfaces. Why a space simulator? Leap Motion + HOTAS Gamepad.

5 Experiments from Leap Motion’s Internal Hackathon (Including the Augmented Reality Workspace)


Recently, Leap Motion kicked off one of our internal hackathons, where small teams pitch and develop quick demos over the course of two days. The simply titled Swipey Joe McDesktop took the top prize for utility – winning the Throne of Leaps (seen below alongside the Leap Motion Crown).

Exclusive: Summoning & Superpowers – Designing VR Interactions at a Distance

Road to VR

As part of its interactive design sprints, Leap Motion , creators of the hand-tracking peripheral of the same name, prototyped three ways of effectively interacting with distant objects in VR. Barrett is the Lead VR Interactive Engineer for Leap Motion.

Reach into the Digital World: Getting Started with Leap Motion @ HackingEDU


At Leap Motion, we believe that the next wave of technological interfaces will rely on the original human operating system: your hands. LA Hack Finalists Armateur: Robotic Arm + Leap Motion + Bluetooth. Getting Started with Leap Motion.

‘FlyInside Flight Simulator’ Preview – A Promising Start in VR-native Flying

Road to VR

FlyInside FSX , the crowdfunded VR plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006) , was built well before first-party VR motion controllers existed, developed back in the DK2-era of 2015 as an ad hoc way of jumping into an already highly-detailed flight sim.

Volkswagen Launches Custom VR Exhibit At Historic Brand Tower


We’ve seen the company use the technology before on everything from collaborative group meetings between team members to a simulator that lets you drive an Audi in a sandbox track. News Automotive HTC Vive Leap Motion T-Roc Virtual Reality Experience Volkswagen Volkswagen Group

New VR Glove Uses Muscle-Like Chambers To Simulate Touch


In theory, the gloves could paired with other technologies like a Leap Motion sensor to simulate a wide range of activities. A full-body suit would need to be able to differentiate between pressure, impact, or muscle simulations on different areas of your body, which would also need to be fine-tuned from a software perspective.

Job Simulator Co-Creator Alex Schwartz On Making Hit VR Games Look Easy


His company’s debut game, Job Simulator , is one of the big hits among VR games. Owlchemy followed that with Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, and now it is working on Vacation Simulator. Above: Alex Schwartz is CEO of Owlchemy, creator of the Job Simulator VR game. Above: Job Simulator is a launch title on the HTC Vive. GamesBeat: How is Vacation Simulator coming along? It’s not just Job Simulator on a beach.

Bohemia’s ‘Virtual Battlespace 3’ Military Sim Adds Rift CV1 and Vive Support


VR was utilized in military simulations long before it became a cheaper, consumer-level technology, but now that headsets are in homes, one well-known simulator is going to use them. Experiences gaming Bohemia Interactive Simulations military simulation Virtual Battlespace 3

Enterprise VR: How VRgineers is Creating the Ultimate HMD for Simulation

Peter Graham

VRgineers’ first product was the VRHero 5K Plus before its successor arrived in 2018, offering improved visuals, greater field of view (FoV), automatic IPD adjustment (AutoEye) and integrated hand tracking thanks to built-in Leap Motion technology.

Mastering Reality with Project North Star


At Leap Motion, we’re always looking to advance our interactions in ways that push our hardware and software. With its best-in-class field-of-view, refresh rate, and resolution, the North Star headset has proven to be an exceptional platform for representing high-speed motions with small objects. Click To Tweet With this demo, we have the magic of Leap Motion hand tracking combined with a handheld paddle controller.

Tinker Pilot Is A Customizable Spaceship Sim Built From The Ground Up For VR


It supports a wide range of input devices as well as immersive peripherals such as motion rigs and USB fans. The system has full support for the Leap Motion finger tracking addon. Gaming Simulators elite dangerous Tinker Pilot

VR Flight Simulator Lets You Explore the World and the Web


This week, Daniel Church achieved lift-off with a successful Kickstarter campaign for his virtual reality flight simulator. FlyInside FSX is a plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D that brings you inside a completely realistic airplane flight deck.

Interview And Demo With The $8,000 Military-Grade Dual 4K XTAL VR Headset At CES 2020


For $5,800 it featured dual 1440p OLED panels, 70Hz refresh rate, custom lenses with 180° field of view, eye tracking for automatic IPD, and built in Leap Motion controller-free hand tracking.

Bending Reality: North Star’s Calibration System


1] Raytracing makes it possible to simulate where a given ray of light entering the eye came from on the display, so we can precisely map the distortion between the eye and the screen. [2]. The post Bending Reality: North Star’s Calibration System appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


San Francisco-based Leap Motion has raised a $50M Series C for their hand- and finger-tracking technology. The round was led by JP Morgan Asset management, and this fresh influx of cash brings Leap Motion’s total funding to almost $95M.

What Makes a Spoon a Spoon? Form and Function in VR Industrial Design


Martin Schubert is a VR Developer/Designer at Leap Motion and the creator of Weightless and Geometric. All this and we’d still have a rather clunky spoon, capable of crudely pushing around other rigid objects within the physics simulation.

Beyond Flatland: User Interface Design for VR


At Leap Motion, we’ve been experimenting internally with a range of different interfaces that are part of the user. The post Beyond Flatland: User Interface Design for VR appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

11 Mind-Bending Puzzle Games


Cube Simulator. I honestly never heard of the Leap Motion Controller until someone posted on Facebook about the 3D Jam. Leap in the Clouds. Leap into the Hole. The post 11 Mind-Bending Puzzle Games appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

VR Design Guide


In the context of motion controls, good affordance is critical, since it is necessary that users interact with objects in the expected manner. With 2D Leap Motion applications, this means adapting traditional UX design principles that condensed around the mouse and keyboard.

Reaching into 3D Data, Exploring CAD Designs, Virtual Meetings, and More


Please try a new text input interface using Leap Motion!” Leap Commander. Leap Commander makes it possible to build a database of hand signs and add snapshots to help your custom commander make better choices. “In Leap Opticals.

Data 56

Summoning and Superpowers: Designing VR Interactions at a Distance


One of the core design philosophies at Leap Motion is that the most intuitive and natural interactions are direct and physical. This single motion action to select and summon was more efficient than two discrete motions, though they offered more control.

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Scaffolding in VR: Interaction Design for Stacking and Assembly


How could we place, stack, and assemble virtual objects quickly and accurately while preserving the nuance and richness of full physics simulation? Check out our results below or download the example demo from the Leap Motion Gallery.