Microsoft Employees Aren’t Happy About $479M HoloLens Military Contract


Last week a collection of Microsoft employees penned a letter to the companies CEO, Satya Nadella, and its president, Brad Smith, expressing their open discontent regarding a $479M contract with the United States military that would introduce roughly 100,000 HoloLens MR headsets to the battlefield.

US Navy Taps Microsoft's HoloLens for Augmented Reality War Games System

Next Reality AR

Simulated training can help soldiers and sailors learn how to use their weapons safely, but simulations can sometimes lack the stressful environment of a real firefight.

‘FlyInside Flight Simulator’ Preview – A Promising Start in VR-native Flying

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FlyInside FSX , the crowdfunded VR plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator X (2006) , was built well before first-party VR motion controllers existed, developed back in the DK2-era of 2015 as an ad hoc way of jumping into an already highly-detailed flight sim.

Microsoft Shows New Research in Haptics With ‘CLAW’ VR Controller Prototype

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There are plenty of companies out there working to help define the first real haptic standard outside of tiny vibration motors seen already in VR motion controllers, and now it appears Microsoft can be counted among them with their newly revealed CLAW controller prototype.

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Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

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Microsoft Research has devised two novel methods for more realistic haptic feedback on virtual reality controllers. The wealth of powerful haptic hardware on the market is one of the main reasons why flight and driving simulations are already so effective in VR.

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Grasp, Touch & Trigger In VR With Microsoft’s CLAW


Earlier this month Microsoft showcased their latest ‘Haptic Link’ technology, creating a brand new solution for the realistic sensation of tension and pressure whilst immersed in VR. This same closed-loop force control system is also responsible for the devices ability to simulate touch.

Microsoft Introduces HoloLens Mixed Reality To The Job Site


Microsoft teases practical MR worker tools for Hololens at 2018 Build Developer Conference. I was trying out the Microsoft Remote Assist feature, a HoloLens app (although the functionality also works on PCs. Image Credit: Microsoft Build.

The Australian Air Force Is Now Testing the Microsoft HoloLens


The Australian Air Force and Saab Australia are trialing the Microsoft HoloLens augmented reality headset as the Australian military evolves into a “fifth-generation fighting force.” The post The Australian Air Force Is Now Testing the Microsoft HoloLens appeared first on VRScout.

Google, Facebook and Microsoft Line Up For VR Standalone Push


Over the next two weeks we are expecting major announcements related to VR from Microsoft, Google and Facebook. Microsoft. Halo is coming to Microsoft-based immersive systems. Microsoft is also expected to roll out the Xbox One X in November.

Microsoft Patents A Tactile Feedback Device For Mixed Reality


According to a recently-published patent , Microsoft is working on a device that will give you tactile feedback in both mixed and virtual realities. In its own images, Microsoft gives an example of holding a basketball, with the user’s hand stretched to simulate the curves of the ball. “In With Microsoft’s tech, though, VR worlds can come a step closer to reality by giving players realistic feedback. Tagged with: microsoft Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

Microsoft May Leapfrog Facebook and Google in VR With HoloLens Tracking


Microsoft’s play for command of next generation personal computing can be seen today with the announcement of a series of Windows-powered VR headsets starting at $300. This is not the case with the headsets on the way from Microsoft’s partners.

Experimental Controllers From Microsoft Research Offer A New Way To Feel Objects In VR


We’re eager to go hands-on with Valve’s new prototype Vive controllers, but these new experiments from Microsoft’s Research division might be even more exciting. Haptics force feedback microsoft research touch

Microsoft HoloLens: Everything you need to know about the $3,000 AR headset


Microsoft HoloLens, the company's holographic, augmented reality headset took us all by surprise when it was unveiled at a Windows 10 event at the beginning of 2015. Microsoft wants developers to create new apps, games and experiences for the HoloLens using its Holographic platform.

VR Flight Simulator for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with Aerofly FS 2


From the earliest Microsoft Flight Simulation games on my 80386 CPU, I just loved being able to fly anywhere and everywhere. Other options you can look at is Digital Combat Simulator (DCS) if you're into shooting at stuff. I grew up playing flight sims.

Stories You Might’ve Missed: Microsoft CLAW VR, AMDFLAWS and more


Microsoft, AMD and Bose were all in the news for vastly different reasons, but all of these reasons were relevant to the world of VR. Microsoft shows off prototype CLAW VR controller. In the second week of March, from the 9th to the 16th, more stories broke.

For Once, Microsoft Got The Jump On Google and Apple with HoloLens — Will It Last?


In terms of the enterprise market, that pie will be smaller, but will lean even more heavily toward AR and MR. Currently, at the forefront of the MR revolution is the Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft has uncharacteristically been early to market in this sector, with the HoloLens dominating almost all coverage of actual deployments of the technology. Tagged with: microsoft Facebook Twitter Reddit More. AR microsoft

Take A Look A Microsoft’s Home Space For Windows Mixed Reality


Oculus Home and the new SteamVR Home offer cosy spaces to launch into your VR experiences, so why should we expect Microsoft to offer anything less? With HoloLens, Microsoft envisions a world in which users have virtual screens showing up in specific locations around their houses. Microsoft is designing this as a place to really lose yourself in, with gorgeous scenery and an ocean off in the background. Microsoft VR Industry News

Microsoft develops ‘canetroller’ device for the visually impaired


Researchers at Microsoft have developed a device they call the “canetroller”, a haptic VR controller that works with the HTC Vive headset and tracker to help people with visual impairments navigate virtual environments.

Microsoft Research Shows Haptic VR Add-On That Links Motion Controllers


However, a new project from Microsoft Research is addressing this issue with Haptic Links. As explained the video above, Haptic Links uses electro-mechanically actuated physical connections that will simulate variable stiffness when holding something like a shotgun.

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Field in View: Valve, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Sony – Who Believes What’s Best For VR?


It seemingly believes the compromises that it makes in a VR experience are worth it; many of PSVR’s biggest games are experienced with a DualShock 4 gamepad and ports of games like Job Simulator have been adapted to accommodate the tracking. Microsoft.

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Packaging the Future

Tech Trends VR

By connecting packaging lines to the Microsoft Azure Cloud, Tetra Pak can collect operational data to help predict informed maintenance timing Click To Tweet. Tech Trends went to Sweden to see how Tetra Pak is moving into Industry 4.0 by using technologies such as Mixed Reality.

Unofficial Yu-Gi-Oh! Fan Project Brings The Classic Trading Card Game To VR


Sloth Paradise also offers Duel Monsters GO , an AR version of the experience available free on the Microsoft HoloLens. This alternative experience features voice commands, local multiplayer functionality on the same internet connection, and a manuel dueling simulator.

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NASA JPL may have given us a preview of next gen HoloLens

The Ghost Howls

It seems that Microsoft has worked a lot to make the device more ergonomic and elegant , but the style remains anyway less classy than the one of Magic Leap. augmented reality AR hololens Microsoft nasa next-gen sneak peekIt’s L.E.A.P.

VR Flight Simulator Lets You Explore the World and the Web


This week, Daniel Church achieved lift-off with a successful Kickstarter campaign for his virtual reality flight simulator. FlyInside FSX is a plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator and Prepar3D that brings you inside a completely realistic airplane flight deck.

Halo VR Training Included In Touring Fan Event


The Training Grounds will “simulate what it takes to be a Spartan, in an immersive, Halo themed combat training environment,” according to the website for Halo: Outpost Discovery. VR Industry News 343 Industries Halo microsoft

Logitech Acquired Saitek For its Future VR Controllers?


Logitech announced the news in a blog post, calling it an “exciting day for Logitech” and heralding Saitek as the “go-to” source for fans of spacefaring and simulation-style games such as Elite Dangerous, Eve Valkyrie, Star Citizen, Microsoft Flight Simulator and Farm Simulator. “Simulation games are cool and getting cooler.

Is Sound the Secret Sauce for Making Immersive Experiences?


Audio plays a huge part in building truly immersive virtual experiences, so developing a way to realistically simulate the way that sound comes at you from different directions was a priority from the get-go, says HoloLens inventor Alex Kipman.

CES 2019 Predictions: VR’s Next Generation Is Still Developing


Valve and Microsoft are also invested in the future of the PC VR market but we’re not sure if they’ll be showing major updates related to the conference. based companies like Microsoft, Valve, Google and Facebook are under pressure to take VR hardware performance further, increase immersion to new levels, lower overall cost and deliver hand-controlled games like Beat Saber, Job Simulator and Superhot that people proved they’ll pay for in VR.

Impressions: What We Think Of The HP Windows VR Headset Dev Kit


Microsoft is using the term “Mixed Reality” as an umbrella to encapsulate VR, AR, and all other related devices. I can pick some pre-selected apps here like Microsoft Edge for web browsing, a Photo viewer, a Video client, and more.

How Virtual Practice Makes Perfect

Tech Trends VR

People all over the world will be able to easily access realistic experiences and simulations, learning and practicing new skills in entirely new ways Click To Tweet.

Hands-On With Blade and Sorcery’s Brutally Realistic VR Combat System


The major drawback here is that it’s not really a “game” at all, but rather just a sandbox combat simulator. Gaming HTC Vive Microsoft Oculus Oculus Rift Blade and Sorcery

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HapTech is Aiming its Electromagnetic Haptics at Military VR Training

Road to VR

To demonstrate that the company’s electromagnetic haptic system can scale from commercial use up to the needs of the military, HapTech integrated their simulated recoil system into a Browning M2, a widely used.50 SEE ALSO Microsoft Wins $480M Defense Contract to Provide U.S.

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The Best HTC Vive Deal Yet: $100 Discount + $100 Gift Card + Free Shipping

Road to VR

Microsoft’s after-holiday sale has one of the best HTC Vive deals we’ve seen yet, offering $100 off of the headset’s original price along with an additional $100 gift card to the Microsoft Store.

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Audio Highlights of VR News from 6 Major E3 Press Conferences

Road to VR

I watched all of the press conferences from Sony, Ubisoft, Bethesda, Microsoft, EA, and Oculus’ appearance at the PC Gaming Show in order to capture audio highlights of all of the VR news that was presented. Job Simulator by Owlchemy Labs.

Stories You Might’ve Missed: Apple Swift Playgrounds and how VR is hopping into cars


At various shows and events, companies like Dodge, Ford, and Lexus have implemented VR driving simulators, mixed reality with HoloLens, and more. The Dodge Drag Strip Simulator lets people hop into an actual car and experience a drag strip through VR. Honda used Microsoft’s HoloLens to provide a mixed reality experience, where they were able to examine the holographic insides of Honda’s vehicles. Image Credit: Apple Swift Playgrounds.

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HP muscles into VR hardware space


According to HP, the Z4 Workstation is specifically targeted at high-end computing, including virtual reality productio and simulation-based design.

New to VR? A beginner’s guide


Basically every VR experience will allow the user to feel as though they are in this simulated world and look around it, while more advanced systems allow for movement and interaction. Photo from Microsoft. from Microsoft.

Deal: $100 Gift Card Offer Still Available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift

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The holidays have come and gone, but Microsoft is still offering a $100 gift card with your purchase of the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift through their store. And while the best deals so far may have come and gone, Microsoft is still offering a solid deal.

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Super Mario Bros Recreated As Life Size HoloLens Experience


Arguably the coolest mixed reality experience developed on the Microsoft HoloLens headset so far, that’s what. Items such as power-up mushrooms also have a real effect, shrinking the overall size of the models to simulate the feeling of growing taller.

Football (Soccer) training and experiences with Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Tech at Soccerex 2015!

EON Reality

Left: Visitors interact with a Football Experience on the Ibench Mobile Right: Oculus HMD and Microsoft’s Kinect make for a fun interactive experience.

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HTC Vive Goes Retail


The Vive at Micro Center is bundled with features such as Google Tilt Brush, Fantastic Contraption, and Job Simulator. Microsoft store shows their supply as coming soon. First, Oculus Rift appeared in small numbers at Amazon and Best Buy but was quickly snapped up.

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AR+VR Weekly: Mobile AR top platform, HoloLens wins the Army and the massive opportunity of enterprise AR

AWE Blog

Source: Microsoft HoloLens. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s HoloLens beat out the likes of Magic Leap’s latest device for a whopping $480 million Army Battlefield contract which will see as many as 100,000 HoloLens devices purchased as a result.

Report: Apple Using VR to Test Self-Driving System


Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman and Gerrit De Vynck reported that VR simulators will allow the Apple team to test their self-driving software without taking the system on public roads. The self-driving platform simulation group now includes VR expert Doug Bowman who joined Apple in January.

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