Bologna IDC Celebrates 200 years of US Embassy in Firenze

EON Reality

Alongside local government figures from all of the main civil and political authorities of the City of Bologna, EON Reality was delighted to be invited to the event commemorating the first 200 years of the US Consulate in Italy. Benjamin Wohlauer, Console Generate degli Stati Uniti a Firenze.

A Look at the Upcoming AR/VR Policy Conference


This technology is still new enough that there aren’t a lot of laws that explicitly govern it. A special conference taking place on October 21 will look at both extant policies governing XR as well as what sort of policies may be advantageous as the field continues to grow.


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2018 Highlights: Award-winning VR gloves, global customers, and a growing team


Dozens of leading companies around the world in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and government sectors are already seeing incredible results with the HaptX Gloves Development Kit for design and training applications.”. The same principle guided the software team to the first customer-facing SDK release, sporting plugins for Unreal Engine and Unity that instantly, intuitively, and effectively enhance customer projects with haptics.”. “We’ve A new generation of HaptX Gloves.

Interaction Engine 1.0: Object Interactions, UI Toolkit, Handheld Controller Support, and More


From birth we grow to understand the objects around us by the rules that govern how they move, and how we move them. Last year, we released an early access beta of the Leap Motion Interaction Engine , a layer that exists between the Unity game engine and real-world hand physics. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Team Orion Unity UX Design interaction engine uiAs humans, we are spatial, physical thinkers.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.08.24): Facebook login gets imposed on Quest and the community riots, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

There is a lot at stakes, because if these two companies won’t settle (and I think that they are just firing big shots before finding an agreement), Unreal Engine developers won’t be able to develop properly for Apple XR devices, and they will have all to migrate to Unity.

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One of America’s Biggest VR/AR Centers Is… Orlando?


While he is now the Head of Government Solutions for Unity , Disti remains a member – Disti’s Global Managing Director is the chapter’s marketing director. Similar cases include Luminar , who worked with Unity to create open-source LiDar models of Volvo Cars.

VR Pioneer Dr. Jacki Morie Joins Upload As Vice President Of Education


Jacki’s impressive career includes creating the first computer animation training programs for Walt Disney Feature Animation, helping to found the Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT) at USC, and working with DARPA, NASA and other government agencies to drive VR forward. Other upcoming courses include: Introduction to AR With Unity.

Valve Ends SteamVR Support For macOS


The company even worked with Unity and Unreal Engine to make this available to all developers. Valve just ended SteamVR’s support for macOS. ‘Legacy builds’ will continue to be available.

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Mozilla to Launch ‘Hubs Cloud’ as a First Step Toward an Open Web-based Metaverse

Road to VR

SEE ALSO Mozilla Updates the Unity WebXR Exporter to Run VR Apps in the Browser. Mozilla Hubs is the company’s impressive WebXR social app which allows users from almost any device (VR or not) to jump into a virtual room with the click of a link.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

From time to time, I like to look at the adoption graph of XR shown by John Riccitiello (the CEO of Unity) in 2017 , where you can see that the real acceleration of immersive technologies should start around 2022-2023. Let’s be honest: no one made correct predictions for 2020.

Filmmakers, Gamers, And Dreamers Come Together For Venice Expanded


You could be anyone you wanted to be; free to go anywhere, transcending borders, gender, and governments. The layout and logistics for the festival are enough to make any Unity developer break out in a cold sweat.

LooxidVR is a virtual reality headset that can analyze your emotions

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Our VR system enables researchers to directly build VR environments through our Unity SDK and track, as well as detect, physiological signals. . Automatic Time Synchronization : LooxidVR facilitates time synchronized acquisition of eye and brain data , as well as VR contents and interaction data (Unity event logs).

Why There Is Rising Future Of Virtual Reality Industry


Notwithstanding it, being a comparatively modern technology, the adoption of virtual reality across organizations, businesses, and even governments has been embraced as its potential becomes more apparent with every new improvement.

Editorial: Oculus Quest 2 Developer Success Marks New Era For VR

Upload VR

Governments could break up Facebook and stop the sale of its VR hardware. VR is here to stay. Virtual reality would still survive far beyond the research labs and hacker communities in which it existed prior to Oculus’ founding in 2012.

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Watch ‘Escape Code,’ A Neon-Soaked 360-Film About Our Cyberpunk Future


The entire short film, embedded below, was created in Unity and is driven by a synthwave soundtrack scored by Emmy award winning composer RAD LAZER (aka Rafter Roberts). I don’t want to give too much away, but essentially Jonas (our hero) is a computer hacker, and accesses a government database that acknowledges the existence of aliens. He’s a hacker and unwittingly accesses a government database. UploadVR: Why did you choose to make this entirely in Unity?

My predictions for augmented reality in 2021

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There are vaiours solutions to also export Unity XR projects to the web (Image by Mozilla). Besides them, there are also other frameworks that can help WebXR developers: some WebXR exporters for Unity projects and also Amazon Sumerian.

‘Decentraland’ – Using Ethereum Blockchain ICO to Sell Virtual Real Estate

Road to VR

They have a Unity plug-in, but are also planning on using A-Frame and other WebVR technologies to create their virtual city. They’ll be using using other blockchain technologies like district0x for secondary markets for reselling land, Aragon for distributed governance, uPort for self-sovereign identity, Ethereum Name Service for human readable names. Decentraland is a virtual world that is using the Ethereum Blockchain to sell plots of virtual reality real estate.

Kelly Peng reveals Kura 150° FOV AR glasses expected price and release date

The Ghost Howls

High-precision 6DOF tracking, eye tracking, gesture inputs, with dedicated input controllers The SDK will support Unity , with Unreal coming Soon. Today I am very happy to host on my blog Kura Technologies , one of the most interesting augmented reality startups out there.

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How Modding Communities Are Paving The Way For User-Generated VR & AR Content


They identify with a shift towards spaces that can comprise of all the best foundations of social media, government, user-generated content, social engagement, and commerce. .

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Spatial Beats: 2020’s Top Ten

AR Insider

Russian government hackers piggybacked on cybersecurity software (!!!!) to penetrate deep into hundreds of government and corporate systems. Unity’s IPO. W elcome back to Spatial Beats. This week, we dive into the top-ten tech stories of 2020.

How to subtly use Augmented Reality to survive your Zoom meetings?


Since the moment governments worldwide have imposed lockdowns, we’ve been spending our days videoconferencing with our collegues in endless Zoom meetings. Build your first HoloLens 2 Application with Unity and MRTK 2.3.0 Source How to use subtle AR filters to survive your Zoom meetings?

Creating remote MR productions


Build your first HoloLens 2 Application with Unity and MRTK 2.3.0 Depending on government guidelines, the system can adapt to the needs of the studio and the crew?—?though

Sinespace launches VR beta

Hypergrid Business

Previously, the Unity-based social virtual world was only available for desktop clients. Despite that, Sincespace reports that dozens of major organizations, including many of the world’s leading universities, government agencies and international brands, are already using the platform’s enterprise tools to deploy immersive education, entertainment, and marketing projects. Instead, creators need to use the Unity 3D interface, which has a steeper learning curve.

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Feelreal VR Scent Mask Hits Roadblock Amidst Crackdown on Flavored Vaping Products

Road to VR

The creators also boast out-of-the-box support for games such as Beat Saber, Skyrim VR, and Arizona Sunshine, and has both Unreal and Unity SDKs so game developers can support the mask.

Coronavirus: Stay Safe and Expect Delays

VR Tech News

The following days saw Kojima Productions , Unity , Microsoft , Epic Games , Amazon , and Activision / Blizzard all back out of attending the event as well. Hey there, welcome back to VRTN ! This week’s article is going to be a little different.

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Visualizing An Invisible Cyber War with ‘Zero Days VR’

Road to VR

The VR experience tells the story as if the main character is code, and they created different immersive environments that reflected testimony from a range of computer experts as well as a number of official government denials. Zero Days VR was released on June 8th on Oculus Home for both the Oculus Rift and Gear VR, and it also won an award for Narrative Achievement at Unity’s Vision VR/AR Awards.

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SIGGRAPH 2017: Neurable Lets You Control A Virtual World With Your Mind


Awakening is a futuristic story reminiscent of Stranger Things : you are a child held prisoner in a government science laboratory. ” The company offers an SDK so Unity developers can integrate the system into a game. I’ve used my eyes to interact with a virtual world before, but startup Neurable just enhanced that experience by reading my thoughts too.

Lenqiy aims at fostering creativity in Chinese kids with virtual reality

The Ghost Howls

The typical development environment that they use is Unity, but if the customer requires Unreal because wants a better graphical quality, they can develop using UE4, too. This is interesting to discover because I thought that because of the huge investments of the Chinese government in VR, there were already a bazillion companies working on that. He repeated that in China now there’s a big push of virtual reality in education thanks to the government.

Judao is a well established company offering VR education in China

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And this is especially true in a period where the Chinese government is pushing hard VR in schools. Judao’s experiences are developed with Unity and work with SteamVR headsets like HTC Vive. Regarding Unity, he made me understand the power of the Chinese IT market telling me that more or less the 50% of the worldwide developers using Unity is from China. During my trip to China, I’m visiting various VR startups in Shanghai and Beijing.

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Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

Road to VR

While the program was principally incubated by Crytek, students working in VR First labs tend use Unity (48%), followed by Unreal (20%) and then CRYENGINE (14%). Through its Lab Renovation Program, VR First is promoting the adoption of these new standards by lab partners, governments and science parks. With more than 65% of universities planning dedicated VR labs, plus science parks and governments interest to do the same, continued growth of our efforts is without question.

Become the Virus in Zero Days VR: A Revolutionary Immersive Documentary


Zero Days VR is a documentary about cyberwarfare, particularly a virus called Stuxnet, which was developed by the United States and Israeli governments to attack Iran’s nuclear facilities,” said Technical Director Elie Zananiri. Through the process of creating Zero Days , we refined our Unity plugin and created a lot of awesome effects—all that work that we did together will be rolled into the project and be released to the community of DepthKit users who are currently in beta.”.

The IKEA of AR: Making Content Effortlessly, with EON Reality's Dan Lejerskar

XR for Business Podcast

In Dan Lejerskar's experience, everyone from universities to governments see the value of XR -- they just lack the content to make it a worthwhile, everyday tool. One is government. And we roll this out with more than 50 governments around the globe, national governments. So in the government sector we do something called interactive digital centers. Those are pretty big investment from governments, can go up to 6-7 million dollars per location.

5th International VR Awards Finalists Announced


That includes businesses, schools, clubs, charities, and governments. Light&Shadows for “ Stipple ,” a point cloud editor plug-in for Unity.

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.04): VR usage rises, Mozilla creates an open metaverse, and more!

The Ghost Howls

More info (Preview facilities in Unity) More info (Dynamic FFR). While in Italy we get ready for the “Phase 2” of the lockdown, I write the best AR/VR news of the week just for you! Top news of the week. Image by Road To VR). VR adoption is increasing, but beware of the virus.

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The White House on the AI Revolution: Policy, Privacy, & GPUs

Road to VR

Chief Technology Officer Edward Felten about how these workshops came about, and the government’s plan for addressing the issue. See Also: Facebook-like ‘Code of Conduct’ Governs Voice Communication in Oculus Social Alpha. We have the right to ask companies and the government to send us a copy of the data that they have about us because we still own all of our data.

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How to develop for Microsoft HoloLens

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Development: Unity , Vuforia , Microsoft Visual Studio , Windows 10 SDK , HoloLens Emulator (if you do not have a device). When using Unity, it is extremely important to set the near clipping plane to no less than 0.85m. Unity helps developers to manipulate this HoloLens feature in many ways. Ivan Zubritskiy. Image courtesy Program-Ace.). One of the devices that generates the greatest interest among the tech community at the moment is Microsoft HoloLens.

An Overview of the VRARA’s VR/AR Global Summit on XR Technology


Governments are realizing where the holes in the network actually are,” Shannon said in her talk The Year the Earth Stood Still. “We’re The VR/AR Association held its second virtual VR/AR Global Summit last week, concluding Friday afternoon.