How Modding Communities Are Paving The Way For User-Generated VR & AR Content


They identify with a shift towards spaces that can comprise of all the best foundations of social media, government, user-generated content, social engagement, and commerce. .

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The XR Week Peek (2020.08.24): Facebook login gets imposed on Quest and the community riots, and much more!

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Apple threatens future support in Unreal Engine. What is interesting for us is the last line “adoption and support of ARKit features and future VR features into Unreal Engine by their XR team”.

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2018 Highlights: Award-winning VR gloves, global customers, and a growing team


Dozens of leading companies around the world in the automotive, aerospace, industrial, and government sectors are already seeing incredible results with the HaptX Gloves Development Kit for design and training applications.”. The same principle guided the software team to the first customer-facing SDK release, sporting plugins for Unreal Engine and Unity that instantly, intuitively, and effectively enhance customer projects with haptics.”. “We’ve A new generation of HaptX Gloves.

Valve Ends SteamVR Support For macOS


The company even worked with Unity and Unreal Engine to make this available to all developers. Later in the conference, employees from ILM gave a live on-stage mixed reality demo of VR on macOS- a Star Wars scene powered by Unreal Engine.

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Why There Is Rising Future Of Virtual Reality Industry


Notwithstanding it, being a comparatively modern technology, the adoption of virtual reality across organizations, businesses, and even governments has been embraced as its potential becomes more apparent with every new improvement.

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.26): DecaGear is an intriguing VR headset, HTC is working on a new device, and more!

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Representatives of the JianXi province and also the vice prime minister Liu He have visited the venue, and the Chinese Government has confirmed its strong interest in VR, that is seen as a strategic technology.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.07.20): Oculus ready to manufacture the Quest S, Pico doubles-down on 3DOF, and more!

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Imagine a Chinese school (that are forced by the government to use VR) how much money can save by buying 300 3DOF headsets instead of 300 6DOF ones (the answer is: around $100K ).

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The XR Week Peek (2021.02.15): Facebook keeps working on its masterplan, WebXR arrives on iOS, and more!

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The most viral news of the week has for sure been the one about MetaHuman Creator, a new software for Unreal Engine. The number is a bit little, because every game arriving there, like everything in China, must be approved by the government before being published.

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Feelreal VR Scent Mask Hits Roadblock Amidst Crackdown on Flavored Vaping Products

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The creators also boast out-of-the-box support for games such as Beat Saber, Skyrim VR, and Arizona Sunshine, and has both Unreal and Unity SDKs so game developers can support the mask.

Pavlov VR Modding Community Welcomes Diversity Just In Time For 20th Update


In response to Pavlov’s latest update , which brings the title up to par with Unreal Engine 4.21 , its modding scene is capitalizing upon what it views as a perfect opportunity for some much-needed spring cleaning. We’re a part of this community—and our rights (to serve in government) matter.’”. News Dave Villz LBGTQ+ Pavlov VR Transexual Unreal Engine

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Crytek-Incubated ‘VR First’ Program to Double Number of Academic VR/AR Labs in 2017

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While the program was principally incubated by Crytek, students working in VR First labs tend use Unity (48%), followed by Unreal (20%) and then CRYENGINE (14%). Through its Lab Renovation Program, VR First is promoting the adoption of these new standards by lab partners, governments and science parks. With more than 65% of universities planning dedicated VR labs, plus science parks and governments interest to do the same, continued growth of our efforts is without question.

Lenqiy aims at fostering creativity in Chinese kids with virtual reality

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The typical development environment that they use is Unity, but if the customer requires Unreal because wants a better graphical quality, they can develop using UE4, too. This is interesting to discover because I thought that because of the huge investments of the Chinese government in VR, there were already a bazillion companies working on that. He repeated that in China now there’s a big push of virtual reality in education thanks to the government.

The IKEA of AR: Making Content Effortlessly, with EON Reality's Dan Lejerskar

XR for Business Podcast

In Dan Lejerskar's experience, everyone from universities to governments see the value of XR -- they just lack the content to make it a worthwhile, everyday tool. One is government. And we roll this out with more than 50 governments around the globe, national governments. So in the government sector we do something called interactive digital centers. Those are pretty big investment from governments, can go up to 6-7 million dollars per location.

Preview: ‘Budludzha VR’ Gives New Life to an Abandoned Soviet Megastructure

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But what if the Bulgarian government revived the building? Created in Unreal Engine 4, with object modeling and textures done in Autodesk Maya and Substance Designer, the VR experience is remarkably lifelike, and shows serious attention to detail. The imposing Budludzha Monument in central Bulgaria once invoked infallible power, a power that once rested with the nation’s Communist Party.

Building an XR Vocabulary for Businesses, with XR Bootcamp’s Ferhan Ozkan

XR for Business Podcast

Ferhan: It is quite interesting, because we talk with institutions not only in educational, but government institutions. And we understood that there is actually already an initiative happening on different parts of the world, on different industries based on each government's or each region's industry focus. Of course Unity, Unreal, and these engines is already important to make you enabled, which we strongly recommend if you already have a commitment for VR/AR.

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2018 In Review: The Year Standalones Took VR And AR Everywhere


Also ponder the following questions when considering the future of mixed reality: Is it possible to maintain a shared view of the real world that spans different government censorship regimes and propaganda campaigns when AR and VR filters are built and managed by faceless corporations? Meanwhile, the OpenXR standard achieved a milestone showing the same Unreal Engine content running on VR headsets with widely varying specifications.

?How VR is training the perfect soldier


You may not be able to smell the aftermath of the bomb, but, through the virtual reality headset, you can certainly see its awful effects The thought that none of this is real, that you're only in the jaggedy unreality of a video game never quite leaves you. Plextek, an electronics design consultancy in the UK has been making training simulations for the British government's Ministry of Defence since the late 1980s.

XR for Crossover Podcast - Julie and Alan Smithson Chat About Education & Immersive Learning

XR for Business Podcast

Governments need to support the change and understand that. And Tomorrowland just partnered with Epic Game’ Unreal Engine, and did the Tomorrowland concert. If you’re part of a school system, you’re part of the executive, and you want to introduce us, we’re happy to meet with school boards, governments. Alan: Governments have printed over $5-trillion for the last four months.

Time for Enterprise to Enter the Magicverse, with Magic Leap's Brian Kane

XR for Business Podcast

It was developed on the Unreal 4 engine and built by our studios team. And one of the things I got to try was this thing -- by, I guess, your sister company, that is Magic Leap for government -- and I got to shoot a gun. It was developed on the Unreal 4 engine and built by our studios team. And one of the things I got to try was this thing -- by, I guess, your sister company, that is Magic Leap for government -- and I got to shoot a gun.

100 Voices of AR and VR in Education


If you are a builder/creator keen on building your own VR/AR environment, there are tons of beginners tools like Co-Spaces, A-Frame or the professional tools like Unity3D, Unreal Engine. Just over a year and a half ago I set up this website with two specific goals - 1. To share ideas and examples of best practice in the use of AR and VR in education 2. To connect with like-minded educators and pioneers working with immersive technologies.

Lighting the Torch for In-App AR Development, with TORCH's Paul Reynolds

XR for Business Podcast

So, in our world, Unity -- and let's not just pick on Unity all the time, you know, there's Unreal. And ABC Australia is kind of like the BBC; they're a government-funded media company, and two or three years ago, they saw AR as an interesting way to present information and to engage. And they actually built an Unreal engine-based app to publish news content to go on with their news.

HR in XR, with BrainXchange's Emily Friedman

XR for Business Podcast

And while I don't think the use cases are really there for consumers yet, and the devices aren't quite there-- although I was really impressed with Unreal's mixed reality glasses. And not everybody understands the plans, especially if it's a public building, and now you have to bring in people from local government. I'm not trying to get political, but our government really does need to enter the picture.