Tim Sweeney Warns VR Could Make Tech Companies ‘More Powerful Than Any Government’


” During his address on stage, Sweeney urged the audience to consider that, “if we ever allow one company to own the meta-verse, then that company would have more power than any government that has ever existed.” Even Oculus Home, which is considered by many to be PC VR’s most isolated platform, gets a pass from Sweeney because of its ability to run outside programs and Steam titles. “Oculus [Home] is even ok to me.

How Government Agencies Use Virtual Reality


Government agencies have seen a large uptick in use of virtual reality over the last 3+ years. Once used more out of curiosity or for testing purposes, government divisions are utilizing VR for practical everyday purposes. So what are these government divisions using virtual reality specifically for? Below, we’ll go through a few of these examples and explain specifically why these government agencies chose virtual reality.


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Governments Allege Facebook Practices ‘Illegal Monopolization’, Take Legal Action

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Facebook is facing legal action from the governments of the United States and Germany, with allegations of “unlawful conduct” and an inquiry into the practice of linking Facebook accounts to the use of an Oculus headset. Facebook will retire legacy Oculus accounts entirely in 2023.

‘Resident Evil 4 VR’ Heading To Oculus Quest 2, Details Here


Additional details regarding the official VR port will arrive April 21st during the Oculus Gaming Showcase. Today, GameSpot revealed the game’s most dramatic port to date, the Oculus Quest 2.

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Oculus Go + Open Questions Around Facebook, Privacy, Free Speech, & Virtual Governance

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The Oculus Go was released on Tuesday, May 1st at the Facebook F8 developer conference, and it is a self-contained, 3-DoF mobile VR headset priced at $200 that is optimized for media consumption and social VR interactions. Facebook showed off four first-party applications including Oculus TV, Oculus Gallery, Oculus Rooms , and Oculus Venues. SEE ALSO Oculus Go Review: Standalone VR Priced for the Masses. What is their plan for virtual governance?

Oculus Quest 2 Facebook account demand sparks an antitrust investigation


The fact that the Oculus Quest 2 requires a Facebook account to use has been a point of contention for a lot of VR fans out there, and now it seems that governments are beginning to take notice. Archive facebook government oculus virtual reality VR

Facebook Accounts Using Fake Names, Among Other Violations, Risk Losing Access to Oculus Content

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With Facebook recently moving to require the use of a Facebook account with Oculus headsets we wanted to understand how violations of the company’s Facebook Community Standards would intersect with its headsets.

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Editorial: Oculus Quest 2 Developer Success Marks New Era For VR

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Governments could break up Facebook and stop the sale of its VR hardware. Virtual reality would still survive far beyond the research labs and hacker communities in which it existed prior to Oculus’ founding in 2012. VR is here to stay.

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New Oculus TV Series Shines A Light On The Transgender Community


Oculus releases ‘Authentically Us’ in celebration of International Transgender Day of Visibility. Just three months into 2020 and Oculus TV is already crushing it with its selection of captivating 360 and VR180 content. Feature Image Credit: Oculus , Facebook.

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Carmack: Oculus Facebook Login ‘Isn’t Going Away’, Company Takes Privacy ‘Extremely Serious’

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Former Oculus CTO John Carmack defended Facebook’s privacy policies in a recent tweet , noting that Facebook login to Oculus devices “isn’t going away.” ” Back in October 2020 Facebook changed logins for Oculus devices.

Editorial: Is Facebook Going Meta?

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Since acquiring Oculus in 2014 Mark Zuckerberg’s company erased nearly every reason not to buy a VR headset, with one big exception. Community Governance. Could the names Horizon , Connect , and Oculus be possible follow-ups as well?

Learn How A Virus Spreads With VR Algebra Game ‘Pandemic’ On Quest


As vaccines continue to roll out across the United States as well as the rest of the globe, we’re beginning to see a slow return to normalcy after what feels like an eternity of government-mandated lockdowns and social distancing restrictions. via Oculus App Lab , SideQuest , and Steam.

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Months After Its Expected Launch, the ‘Oculus for Business’ Program is Still “Available Soon”

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While the company expected the program to launch in the Fall of 2019, the Oculus for Business program is still not open for business. If you’re an enterprise looking to use VR to enhance your business, you may have come across the Oculus for Business program.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.07.20): Oculus ready to manufacture the Quest S, Pico doubles-down on 3DOF, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Oculus). Oculus could be starting the production of a new Quest at the end of July. Multiple reports seem to confirm that Oculus is actually starting the production of a new Oculus Quest headset, with an expected release date in 2021.

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Oculus Launches Referral Program, Free Store Credit When a Friend Buys Rift or Go

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Oculus is taking it to heart this holiday season in the US with its new referral program that could net you, and up to three friends significant savings on hardware and content. If a friend or family follows your referral link, they’ll automatically get a 10% discount off Oculus Rift or Oculus Go. Thirty days after shipment of your buddy’s Oculus device, you’ll get $30 in Store credit if they purchased a Rift, and $20 in credit is they purchased a Go.

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Oculus Quest vs Vive Focus: let the battle begin

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The Vive Focus was most probably the best VR standalone on the market when Oculus last week announced what will be the first consumer 6DOF VR standalone headset. And so here we are again: Oculus vs HTC, America vs China, Hugo Barra vs Alvin Wang Graylin. And now the battle is on standalone headsets: Oculus Quest vs Vive Focus. I’m a huge fan of the Vive Focus and I’m hyped about the Oculus Quest. The magic of the Oculus Quest (Image by Oculus).

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Will the Oculus Quest 2 sell well this Christmas? – Analysis

Virtual Perceptions

Before we hit the madness of Christmas, Facebook unveiled the Oculus Quest 2 (after a series of leaks). Oculus Quest 2 and the worldwide economic recession. Buoyed by government finances, some markets are in stasis as they weather the pandemic and social distancing. Oculus Go.

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.25): new rumors on Apple Glasses, Oculus Quest anniversary, HP Reverb G2 and more!

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Image by Oculus). Oculus Quest becomes 1 year old, and Facebook makes many announcements. The Oculus Quest is now one year old. But the greatest feature is that finally Oculus is accepting hands-tracked applications in the Oculus Store from the 28th of this month!

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Space Force Using Oculus Quest For VR Satellite Repair Training


As reported by The Washington Post , operators-in-training can interact with virtual duplicates of multimillion-dollar military satellites using an Oculus Quest headset, removing the need for conventional training simulators which can cost millions to build and deploy.

Vertical Shift Is Spider-Man VR With Multiplayer On Quest Now

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Vertical Shift is a new release on SideQuest for Oculus Quest, and pits players against each other in athletic multiplayer competitions. Vertical Shift also offers a single-player campaign in which players explore Orion, a sci-fi city controlled by an evil government you must take down.

Spatial Beats: Apple, Magic Leap & Oculus

AR Insider

This week, we look at Apple’s moves across the spatial spectrum, Magic Leap 2, And Oculus Quest game sales among other items. It is coming soon to the Oculus store. Over 60 titles on the Oculus platform surpass $1M in revenue. W elcome back to Spatial Beats.

Oculus Acquires Eye-Tracking Company The Eye Tribe

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The Eye Tribe , a Denmark-based eye-tracking startup, today confirmed they’ll be joining the ranks of Facebook’s Oculus VR. Both Oculus and The Eye Tribe today confirmed the acquisition with TechCrunch ‘s Josh Constine. Is The Eye Tribe staying exclusively within Oculus? million government-supported project to bring eye control to the mass market together with LEGO, Serious Games, IT University of Copenhagen, and Technical University of Denmark.

Facebook Account Required For New Oculus VR Headsets

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From October 2020, Facebook will require anyone using an Oculus device for the first time to log in via a Facebook account. It will no longer be possible to sign-up with a separate Oculus ID. That will include the heavily-rumored new Oculus Quest.

Oculus Connect: Where Facebook’s Chief Researcher Michael Abrash Predicts The Future Of VR


For the last half-decade at each Oculus Connect, Facebook’s top VR researcher presented an annual look at the future of the technology. The research-focused talk by Michael Abrash is a highlight of the annual conference hosted by Facebook and we’ll hope to see a similar update during Oculus Connect 6. Hired from Valve, Abrash built up Facebook’s long-term VR research efforts first at Oculus Research and then under its new name Facebook Reality Labs.

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U.S. Olympic And Paralympic Committee’s Launch VR Concussion Education Series ‘CrashCourse’


It’s exciting to see leadership across our USOPC national governing bodies working together to embrace evidence-based education to make our sports safer,” says ?Dr. CrashCourse Brain Fly-Through and CrashCourse Football are available free on the Oculus Rift/Rift S , Oculus Go , and YouTube.

Oculus to Send 6 VR Projects to Tribeca Film Festival 2018

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Coming to the festival’s Immersive program, which showcases works by artists who are pushing boundaries and using cutting-edge technology, are six Oculus-funded projects. Oculus most recently sent 5 VR experiences to the Sundance this year, one of which, SPHERES , was sold in a 7-figure deal while there. Here’s all of the Oculus-funded projects heading to Tribeca next month: Meeting a Monster. image courtesy Oculus. image courtesy Oculus.

Color Space Is The Relaxing VR Coloring Book We Need Right Now


Bring some color to 13 monochromatic worlds in this Zen-like Oculus VR experience. Color Space, the VR Coloring Book, is now live for Oculus. via Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift/Rift S. Oculus Oculus Quest Oculus Rift Oculus Rift S Oculus VR Reddit VR Coloring Book

Parents Who Gift Quest 2 to Kids Under 13 Years Old are in for an Unfortunate Surprise

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That’s because of the recent requirement that Quest 2 and other Oculus headsets be connected to a valid Facebook account and the company doesn’t allow Facebook accounts to be made by children under 13 years old.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.09.22): Oculus working on AR glasses with Luxottica, Apple glasses FOV discovered and much more!

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Considering that Facebook is very smart also in leaking misleading info (as it has happened with the “Monterey” headset ), this can also be a move from Menlo Park to create hype for the upcoming Oculus Connect 6 and the AR glasses that will be teased there. The Oculus Connect 6 is coming! Next week, on Wednesday and Thursday, Oculus will hold his yearly gathering, where it will showcase all its newest innovations. Games on Oculus Quest are selling really well.

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John Carmack & Andrew Bosworth Twitter Spaces Transcription And Recording

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Consulting Oculus CTO John Carmack and Vice President of Facebook Reality Labs Andrew Bosworth held a discussion via Twitter on April 16th. But for those who need the stronger connection, you can either buy an Oculus Link cable from us, or, any number of USB-C 3.1

Creating Real Family Memories Under Lockdown With The Alcove VR App


The global outbreak of COVID-19 has led to the government-mandated lockdowns around the world, separating countless families, friends, and loved ones in the process. The Alcove beta is available free via the Oculus Go , Facebook’s 3DoF standalone headset.

The XR Week Peek (2021.10.25): Quest 2 Pro leaked, Facebook to change its name, and more!

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Image leaked from Oculus runtime). The design of Oculus Quest 2 Pro and controllers has been leaked. The negative reputation could stick with the social network, but not influence products like Oculus headsets, for instance. Facebook releases the Oculus Go unlocked runtime.

VR Adventure Game - The Assembly - Launches July 19 for Oculus Rift and Vive


The Assembly will launch on the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive on July 19, 2016, with PlayStationVR arriving later in the year. The Assembly, a mysterious organisation hidden from the world, has been experimenting outside the constraints of government scrutiny and society’s morals. HTC Vive Oculus Rift Playstation VR SteamVR Video Virtual Reality Virtual Reality News VR VR GamesWith most people who want a VR headset, now in possession of one.

Top Enterprise Use Cases for Oculus Quest VR Headset


As mentioned in last week’s blog , the Oculus Ques t has blown away sales expectations since launching three months ago. The Oculus Quest, in particular, is a great vehicle for delivering VR experiences. The price point — though 2x Oculus Go’s — is worth it for businesses that are serious about having an internal VR team that creates and distributes VR apps. So what use cases do Enterprise clients have for InstaVR + Oculus Quest?

Filmmakers, Gamers, And Dreamers Come Together For Venice Expanded


You could be anyone you wanted to be; free to go anywhere, transcending borders, gender, and governments. News Oculus Quest Oculus Quest 2 Venice Expanded Venice Film Festival

Jesse Schell’s ‘Wild’ Guess: 1 Million Oculus Quests Sold In 2019


Schell’s guess regarding the adoption of Facebook’s Oculus Quest in 2019 is notable not for the number itself — 1 million-plus — but because he’s aware of just how much of a “wild” guess it is. Though Schell’s studio has been playing with Valve’s Knuckles controllers for years, his thesis for optimism regarding the VR market in 2019 surrounds the $400 all-in price for Oculus Quest. I talked recently with Jesse Schell , the game design professor, author and VR developer.

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You can now take a virtual reality tour of the White House


Assuming you’ve got an Oculus Rift or Gear VR headset, you can now take a tour of the White House with none other than President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama as … Continue reading. Archive gear vr government oculus oculus rift President Obama virtual reality vrIf you’ve always wanted to tour the White House but never managed to make it out to Washington DC, then we’ve got some good news for you.