Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards


Google, Sony, Oculus, Samsung, Acer and HTC have combined their efforts in order to create a healthy and equal industry for virtual reality hardware and software to develop and expand. The post Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards appeared first on VRScout.

Microsoft Joins Google, HTC Vive, Facebook, Samsung, and Sony as an XR Association Member

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Formerly called the Global Virtual Reality Association (GVRA), today the XR Association (XRA) has announced that Microsoft has joined as a member company alongside founding members HTC Vive, Sony, Google, Facebook, and Samsung.

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Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

Road to VR

Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. Up until now, it wasn’t clear which way Microsoft was headed.

For Once, Microsoft Got The Jump On Google and Apple with HoloLens — Will It Last?


In terms of the enterprise market, that pie will be smaller, but will lean even more heavily toward AR and MR. Currently, at the forefront of the MR revolution is the Microsoft HoloLens. Microsoft has uncharacteristically been early to market in this sector, with the HoloLens dominating almost all coverage of actual deployments of the technology. Tagged with: microsoft Facebook Twitter Reddit More. AR microsoft

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.10.21): Daydream is dead, Varjo VR-2 is out, Sony makes AR glasses and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Google). Google’s next flagship phone, the Pixel 4, won’t be compatible with Daydream View headset and Google has also stopped selling the Daydream View. Sony creates an AR headset for LBVR. Header image by Google).

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Khronos Group Would Welcome Input From Microsoft On OpenXR Standard


” Will Microsoft Join The Effort? The current collection of partners is dominated by those more involved in VR, including names like Sony, Oculus, Google, and more. When asked if there were any specific entities missing that Khronos Group would welcome, Trevett immediately mentioned one of the biggest faces of AR: Microsoft. ” Tagged with: API , khronos , microsoft. AR Research VR API khronos microsoft

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Field in View: Valve, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Sony – Who Believes What’s Best For VR?


As wonderful a headset as PSVR is, Sony’s approach to VR is probably the most incidental, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Google. Google wants to essentially create the Android of VR by building on top of that exact operating system. Microsoft.

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Community Download: Are Oculus and HTC The Apple and Microsoft of VR?


For every Nintendo there is a Sega and for every Apple there is a Microsoft. There are a handful of major players already cutting their teeth in VR including Google, Sony and Samsung; but the two titans sitting at the top of the heap are Oculus and HTC. HTC/Microsoft .

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Editorial: Sony And Facebook Don’t Need To Finance Shooting Virtual Humans


In contrast, Facebook and Sony are farming out projects to trusted teams and insulating these creators from community feedback. Sony isn’t alone here. VR is a new medium and it is true that most of the projects getting funding from Facebook and Sony are not realistic shooters.

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Microsoft HoloLens: Everything you need to know about the $3,000 AR headset


Microsoft HoloLens, the company's holographic, augmented reality headset took us all by surprise when it was unveiled at a Windows 10 event at the beginning of 2015. When we first saw images of the HoloLens, we described it as "part Google Glass, part Oculus Rift, part helmet from RoboCop".

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.25): Lots of new VR content previewed, Sony acquires Insomniac, Matrix 4 in the works and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Sony has acquired Insomniac Games. Sony has acquired Insomniac Games , one of the most talented game studios among the ones focused on Virtual Reality. The studio will so become part of the Sony Worldwide Studios. Google releases an opensource library for hand tracking.

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These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


billion from companies listed below like Google and Qualcomm. Google – NASDAQ: GOOG – Cardboard, Google VR, Daydream & Tango, VR cameras, Tilt Brush. Sony – NYSE: SNE – VR Console, VR Games & VR Headset.

PS5’s DualSense Controller Might Hint At PSVR2 Using Inside-Out Tracking


Sony revealed the controller for the PlayStation 5, called DualSense, and a change to the positioning of the light bar suggests PSVR2 may use inside-out tracking. VR headsets from Facebook, Microsoft, and HTC all now use inside-out tracking, as did Google’s headset developed with Lenovo.

Microsoft has just what VR needsIn a move we should have seen.


Microsoft has just what VR needs In a move we should have seen coming from a mile away, Microsoft announced that it will be opening up the Windows Holographic platform , which powers HoloLens, to other companies. vr virtual reality microsoft ar hololens augmented reality

Xbox VP: VR Games ‘Not Even Close To Making Tech Worthwhile’


Mike Ybarra, Vice President of Xbox at Microsoft, doesn’t sound very impressed with VR software. Google Earth is cool but not even close to what is needed to make the tech worthwhile. Sony has PSVR for its competing PS4 console and Microsoft itself has a line of headsets for PC. Last year, reports suggested Microsoft had put plans for a headset on ice. Hopefully that means Microsoft is working on a VR killer app to call its own for the next Xbox.

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Five Big Questions Facing The VR Industry In 2019


What Are HTC, Google and Microsoft’s Next Moves? Google is much the same story; Daydream remains VR’s most obscure platform but its own 6DOF controllers for the Mirage Solo could bring it to the forefront. But it’s Microsoft we’re most interested in. Reports suggest Microsoft canned plans for VR on Xbox One, but the tease of next-generation Xbox consoles from last E3 has reignited hopes that it may come to the next device.

New to VR? A beginner’s guide


Google Cardboard. from Google. Google Daydream View. from Google. COMPATIBILITY: The Google Daydream View is only compatible with these devices: Pixel, Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, Moto Z, Moto Z 2 , ZenFone AR, Mate 9 Pro, Axon 7.

VR Game Delays Possible As QA Testing Process Shifts To Work From Home


While the switch to new working conditions and schedules might affect productivity in the ongoing development of VR projects, we’ve also heard from sources that the quality assurance testing processes for companies like Sony and Facebook may be affected as well. We reached out to Sony and Facebook about potential delays to VR software projects releasing this year on PlayStation and Oculus Quest, respectively.

VR in Today’s Market: What’s A Console Anyway?

VR Tech News

Sony has reported that the PlayStation VR headset has reached 4.2 Do Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft have anything planned? Sony Is Leading The Pack. When Sony’s PSVR launched, there were a few questions on the enthusiast level. Image: Sony.

Lenovo’s Windows Holographic VR Headset Debuts At CES


Microsoft’s Windows Holographic VR headsets are going to run the gamut of specs like input, field of view, and resolution. Lenovo’s headset looks very similar to the white device here seen at Microsoft’s announcement last year.

2018 In Review: The Year Standalones Took VR And AR Everywhere


Also in 2018, the United States Army awarded Microsoft a contract worth nearly half a billion dollars to augment U.S. Microsoft’s HoloLens as seen on the International Space Station. Magic Leap reportedly lost out on the contract won by Microsoft. The leak came as both HTC and Google started showing the Vive Focus and Mirage Solo standalone VR headsets featuring a pair of “6DoF” point-and-reach hand controllers.

Editorial: Xbox Doesn’t Need A VR Headset Just Yet, But It Soon Will


Every time Microsoft’s Xbox guru opens his mouth to explain his stance on the technology, only the negative points seem to make the headlines, even when he’s trying to clarify any misunderstanding around previous pessimism. Poor Phil Spencer; no one wants him to like VR.

Report Predicts AR and VR Headsets Shipments to Approach 100 Million by 2021

Road to VR

Despite Sony being pleasantly surprised by its official PSVR sales figures – with the nearly 1 million units sold since its October 2016 launch – it’s difficult to get a handle on market penetration for VR hardware to date.

Quest Dominated Black Friday Search Volume in the US, Tied PlayStation VR Worldwide

Road to VR

According to Google Trends, Quest dominated search interest in the US over Black Friday weekend which marks the start of the holiday shopping season. US search volume, Black Friday weekend 2019 | Data courtesy Google. Data courtesy Sony, chart by Road to VR.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.04.13): iPhone 12 adds depth camera, StarVR One is back to the market and much more!

The Ghost Howls

On the other side, this is massive for Apple, that mixing the data of Apple Maps together with all these point clouds detected by the rear cameras when in use, will be able to create an AR Cloud ecosystem probably even before Facebook, Microsoft, and Google. Google releases Chrome 81.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.05.11): new Quest is in the works, Magic Leap may pivot to healthcare, and more!

The Ghost Howls

The company switched to an enterprise model , but apart from a rebranding and an assistance service it is not clear what it actually means, especially if compared with the enormous enterprise offering that Microsoft is giving with HoloLens (Azure services, integration with Teams, etc…).

The XR Week Peek (2020.02.10): Lynx launches MR standalone headset, Facebook acquires Scape and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Let’s see how Apple and Google will answer. Sony closes its game studio in Manchester. According to, Sony is closing its Manchester-based game studio, that it opened in 2015 to produce ‘AAA’ PSVR exclusives. Google Glass 2 is now available for direct purchase.

Report: Global VR Gaming Market to Jump 84% in 4 Years


” The report predicts America will be the major source of revenue for the VR gaming market, citing increased awareness and growth brought on by companies such as Google, Samsung and Sony. Some analysts are now predicting the worldwide virtual reality gaming market will grow by 84.4

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.25): new rumors on Apple Glasses, Oculus Quest anniversary, HP Reverb G2 and more!

The Ghost Howls

OMG, it’s almost 3 years that I write these roundups… the first week peek was exclusive for my blog subscribers and it featured as best news the release of Google Blocks and in the other news something about Samsung Gear VR… how much time has passed since then! Image by Microsoft).

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Facebook’s Customer Base Spells Success For The Oculus Quest


Oculus’ whirlwind Kickstarter success led many to believe that established entertainment companies such as Sony, Microsoft, or even tech giant Google might look to buy the company, but Facebook’s decisive choice wasn’t something anyone could have predicted.

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Explore Street Fashion in VR with Refinery29


You can explore the VR series now through the Inception app, available for download on the Oculus Rift , HTC Vive , Microsoft , Gear VR , Google Daydream , Sony Playstation , iOS and Android.

Your VR Guide To Black Friday Deals


Microsoft ‘Mixed Reality’ Headset Discounts. Microsoft’s Windows “Mixed Reality” headsets are now on sale for up to $100, bringing the cheapest among them to just $300. Sony announced a $100 discount on all PlayStation VR bundles as well as the PlayStation 4 1TB consoles.

The XR Week Peek (2020.02.17): Half-Life Alyx will launch on March, 23rd, MWC has been canceled and much more!

The Ghost Howls

More info (Use Google Translate). Google Chrome now supports WebAR. The news of the week regarding WebAR is that finally, Chrome 81 will implement the WebXR standard for what concerns augmented reality, making easier to enjoy WebAR experiences through Google’s browser.

Smart Glasses? It’s all about perspective.


While there were various attempts to realize such device over the past decades, Google definitely has the prerogative of raising the awareness of the general public for this technology. Its Google Glass finally unlocked the market of smart eyewear in 2013.

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Jaunt to Liquidate Tons of VR Stuff in Online Auction Soon

Road to VR

Google Daydream Systems/ Headsets. Assorted Microsoft Systems/ Accessories/ Controllers. Sony PS4 Systems/ Accessories/ Controllers.

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Over 20 Use Cases of Smart Glasses, VR Headsets, and Smartwatches at Airports


Ideas on the ground and on board: The airport industry first began toying with wearable technology with the release of the original Google Glass in 2013. In fact, airports and airlines gave us some of the earliest – and incredibly imaginative – use cases of Google Glass Explorer Edition, arguably the device that set enterprise wearables in motion. That year, SITA worked with Helsinki Airport to explore visualizing airport operations with the Microsoft HoloLens.

AR+VR Weekly: Mobile AR top platform, HoloLens wins the Army and the massive opportunity of enterprise AR

AWE Blog

Source: Microsoft HoloLens. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s HoloLens beat out the likes of Magic Leap’s latest device for a whopping $480 million Army Battlefield contract which will see as many as 100,000 HoloLens devices purchased as a result.