Report: AR Startup Magic Leap is Looking for a Buyer

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Magic Leap, the multi-billion dollar AR startup, could be exploring the possibility of a sale, a Bloomberg report maintains, citing people familiar with the matter. billion since its initial Series A financing in 2014, garnering cash from the likes of Google, Alibaba, Qualcomm, and Andreessen Horowitz over the years. The company’s deep pockets funded the release of Magic Leap 1, an AR headset targeted at developers, enterprise, and anyone with $2,300 to spare.

Microsoft Exec Peggy Johnson to Take Over as CEO of Magic Leap

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Peggy Johnson, Microsoft’s Executive VP of Business Development, is slated to take the reins as the new CEO of Magic Leap, effective August 1st. This comes nearly a month after co-founder Rony Abovitz announced he would be stepping down as CEO , citing the company’s need for leadership to further commercialize Magic Leap tech for enterprise. Image courtesy Microsoft. AR News Magic Leap News magic leap peggy johnson


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Apple is Snapping up Many of Magic Leap’s Former Employees

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It seems now that many of Magic Leap’s recently laid-off employees are helping Apple with its own AR headset ambitions. Magic Leap was in hot water earlier this year, as reports surfaced that the well-funded startup was searching for a buyer. The flow from Magic Leap to Apple has been a constant one too, Protocol has found. The post Apple is Snapping up Many of Magic Leap’s Former Employees appeared first on Road to VR.

Report: Magical Leap Sees Sluggish Sales Numbers Amidst Latest Funding Round

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Magic Leap is one of the most well-funded startups in history, boasting $2.6 A new report from The Information however alleges that the company has seen sluggish sales of its Magic Leap One AR headset, something that reportedly only sold 6,000 units in the first six months following its August 2018 launch. Image courtesy AT&T, Magic Leap. Some of this talk of sales numbers undoubtedly comes down to how Magic Leap positions their technology.

Magic Leap Explained: All We Know About The AR Headset


If you’ve had a passing interest in the technology landscape over the past four years, chances are you’ve heard mention of something called Magic Leap. With over $2 billion raised in investment and names like Google attached to it, there’s been a lot of hype about the mysterious reality-altering hardware. But there’s one question that we’ve constantly had on our minds over the past few years: what actually is Magic Leap?

The XR Week Peek (2020.06.13): Magic Leap exploring a sale, events are going virtual and more!

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Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap is on sale. A report on Bloomberg informed us all that Magic Leap is exploring a sale of the company. And while this is anyway a good result for a startup (developing an AR headsets means spending billions in R&D), targeting the consumer market has been a suicide move , that let Microsoft get full control of the profitable enterprise market. If Magic Leap is suffering, its competitor nReal is instead thriving.

Magic Leap Versus HoloLens — Which Is Going To Win Over Developers?


For another, its founders Raven Zachary and Michael Hoffman (who left Microsoft to start the company) operate a very profitable business (employing about a dozen people between full timers and contractors) with no investment capital. In spite of the fact we’re joking around and playing Angry Birds on Magic Leap, the whole thing feels very grown up, in the sense that these guys are in this for the long haul, and so, they reckon, is the business of making Mixed Reality.

Magic Leap One’s Reported Field Of View Leaves A Lot To Be Desired


The Microsoft HoloLens Developer Kit originally released back in March of 2016. Now the Magic Leap One , the severely hyped upcoming AR headset that no one can talk about, only has a 40 degree horizontal field of view according to uncovered developer documentation. Similar to the HoloLens, using the Magic Leap One will likely instill a “window” effect in your view. Magic Leap One will start shipping developer kits this summer.

Magic Leap Raises Another $500+ Million In Series D Funding


Magic Leap remains shrouded in mystery but continues to impress investors; the company’s just raised another $502 million in a Series D round of funding. They join several other high-profile investors including Google, which helped put the company on the map in the first place. While far from confirmation, this does add weight to the rumor that we’ll see the device — named Magic Leap One — by March 2018. Magic Leap VR Industry News

Magic Leap CEO Suggests Development Milestones Met, Patent Shows Sleeker Form Factor


In an industry populated with giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft it is astounding that one of the most important names in the game is a startup known as Magic Leap. Earlier this year, Magic Leap raised an enormous round of fundraising when it pulled in $793.5 million dollars from the likes of Google, Qualcomm and China’s Alibaba group. billion valuation, Magic Leap could be one of the most valuable startups on the planet.

Magic Leap’s LEAP Con 2018 round-up: all the major announcements in only one place

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Magic Leap has just organized its first developers’ event, dubbed “L.E.A.P.” It is the first event of this kind organized by Magic Leap: we can say that LEAP Con is like the Oculus Connect of Magic Leap and will probably become always more important, year after year, exactly as it has happened to Oculus. Magic Leap availability. Finally Magic Leap will be available in almost all the United States.

Magic Leap Head Of Public Relations Leaves To Join Stealth Startup (Update)


Update: We received the following statement from Magic Leap about the departure: “Andy Fouche will no longer serve as VP of Public Relations for Magic Leap, Inc. As we sprint full steam ahead toward the launch of Magic Leap One, we are excited to have Brenda Freeman on board as our Chief Marketing Officer. A LinkedIn profile for Fouché lists him formerly in the Magic Leap position. Mixed Reality andy fouche departure Magic Leap PR

Magic Leap CEO Interview: For $2,295, Start Living 10 Years Ahead Of Everyone Else


Magic Leap is taking orders for its first product, the $2,295 Magic Leap One Creator Edition augmented reality glasses. CEO Rony Abovitz has been waiting for this day for a long time — since he started Magic Leap in his garage in Florida back in 2010. He saw an explosion of expectations and hype after Google invested more than $500 million in the company, raising expectations for AR and mixed reality. Above: Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

The Future of Mixed Reality Is Much Bigger Than Magic Leap


Over the past three years Magic Leap have been one of the darlings of Augmented/Mixed reality. billion in funding from investors such as Google, Andreessen Horowitz and Alibaba. More recent videos from Magic Leap do clarify that you’re looking at the actual tech, but those videos show holograms that are – perhaps unsurprisingly – fuzzier and less impressive than the earlier one. My Canadian hosts politely declined to comment on the Magic Leap news.

Comic Books Are Coming To Magic Leap Via Madefire


Magic Leaps’ augmented reality technology still remains a mystery but, whatever it ends up being, you’ll be able to read comics on it. Madefire this weekend announced a partnership with Magic Leap to release its digital comic book app on the platform at launch. Magic Leap, meanwhile, still remains shrouded in mystery.

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.11): new Quest is in the works, Magic Leap may pivot to healthcare, and more!

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Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap looks for a $100-million deal to save itself. Some reports by Business Insider and The Information talk about the current situation of Magic Leap, that seems always more complicated. According to these reports, the company planned to release in 2021 the Magic Leap 2 , a device that should feature incremental improvement over the Magic Leap One , like a bigger FOV, a lighter design, and better battery management.

How Magic Leap compares to Microsoft HoloLens


I first tried out Microsoft HoloLens a few years ago , a few months before its launch as a developer tool, and came away with similar impressions that many tech journalists had at the time: the tech was intriguing and impressive in some ways, but its limited field of view diminished the experience considerably. SEE ALSO: Apple takes a step towards its own version of Google Glass. Magic Leap , which launched its developer hardware in August , provoked similar reactions.

Magic Leap abandons consumers, lays off 1,000 employees, misses opportunity go to big during pandemic

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(Image courtesy Magic Leap.). Extended reality company Magic Leap announced this week that it is abandoning the consumer market and laying off employees. The headset that finally hit the market was expensive and little different from Microsoft’s Hololens, which is also enterprise-focused. I’d love to bring Zoom or Skype or Google Meet into an OpenSim environment — does anyone have this working?

Pokemon Go or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying About The Definition And Love Augmented Reality


AR Editorials featured ar augmented reality google Magic Leap Meta microsoft hololens niantic pokemon go

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.16): Oculus Quest gets hand tracking, Magic Leap pivots towards enterprise and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Magic Leap pivots towards enterprise. After the disappointing sales of the Magic Leap One, finally, Magic Leap has understood that the company can’t survive targeting consumers and “creators”, and it is time to target the only sector that is bringing money: the enterprise. At the same time, Magic Leap has also shipped a new runtime for its hardware , with the addition of new nice features like vocal commands.

Spatial Computing: Bigger Than Magic Leap

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I blame this all on Magic Leap’s founder, Rony Abovitz. They, Magic Leap, even further defined the term. Yes, Magic Leap is the most advanced at the moment. Magic Leap is building a pair of glasses that put computing on not only every surface around you, but in the air, too. It isn’t alone, I have talked to people building the same at Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other places.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.09): Qualcomm XR2 defines the future of XR, Magic Leap having tragic sales, and much more!

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Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap may be in trouble, but its CEO remains confident. Some weeks ago, I’ve reported of rumors about Magic Leap being in big trouble and having assigned all its patents as collateral to bank JP Morgan, probably because it is looking for a loan or to raise a round E. It seems that soon it will release a refresh of the Magic Leap One , but we have to see if this will be enough. Goood Monday everyone!

Shower thoughts on the Magic Leap One

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We are in the days of the Magic Leap hype : developers that have bought it are posting videos everywhere and every one of us is trying to understand if the device is valuable or not. So, here you are my editorial regarding Magic Leap. A girl wearing Magic Leap. The picture is very beautiful and this shows the attention of the company towards beauty (Image by Magic Leap). A little hologram inside Microsoft HoloLens.

Demystifying Magic Leap: What Is it and How Does it Work?Magic.


Demystifying Magic Leap: What Is it and How Does it Work? Magic Leap has not been forthcoming with details about how their technology works. You can’t blame Magic Leap for wanting to keep it a secret. It feels like it is what Microsoft was striving for with HoloLens but haven’t quite got there yet. It takes inspiration from Google Glass but is clearly gone generations beyond it. magic leap vr virtual reality augmented reality

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. You may hate or love Magic Leap, but the fact that it has released a product is for sure a great news for all the ecosystem : if after all those investments, that startup failed, it would have had a ripple effect on all the ecosystem, making investors lose trust in augmented reality. Rear view of the Magic Leap One.

Leaping Into the AR Magicverse?

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Magic Leap finally materializes into a product some of us can actually buy, yet the real test will be whether developers take the bait. There are plenty of players like Microsoft HoloLens and DAQRI which consistently deliver not only cool demos, but real use-cases for holographic Mixed Reality Click To Tweet. There’s only so much “we know something you don’t know” you can take before it starts to become annoying, but Magic Leap simply would not take a hint.

Magic Leap’s Recent Demo Talks About The Importance Of MR


Recently, the US-based augmented reality startup Magic Leap has come up with a video, which talks about your morning routines provided the fact that you are living in its mixed reality future. According to reports, Magic Leap’s video shows the users studying Everest’s topographical maps and ethereal jellyfish in the morning, which is really exciting. God Knows, how exactly is Magic Leap impressing these investors.

Our First Look At Microsoft HoloLens 2


Microsoft debuts their latest mixed reality device at Mobile World Conference 2019. Over these past three and a half years, Microsoft has been listening to their customers, claims HoloLens inventor and Microsoft Technical Fellow Alex Kipman as he took his turn on stage. With the HoloLens 2, Microsoft has made what appears to be a more consumer-friendly device than its original predecessor – although the company themselves dare not utter the “c-word” just yet.

Graphene Batteries Enable Future; Magic Leap and other AR/VR Players


To bring the matters home to the readers of this website, graphene battery technology is one of key technologies we need for headsets such as Google Glass 2, which is currently being developed in conjunction with Luxottica , or a more recent development, Magic Leap prototype augmented reality glass. The post Graphene Batteries Enable Future; Magic Leap and other AR/VR Players appeared first on VR World.

Developing the Future of Mixed Reality

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We talk to the first developers to join Microsoft’s HoloLens partner program about what the future of Mixed Reality looks like. It was really interesting to see Microsoft pivot towards enterprise with the HoloLens and I think it was absolutely the right move for them to make Click To Tweet. By pivoting towards the enterprise market early on, Microsoft managed to create strong and sustained demand for Mixed Reality tools among companies looking to solve real business needs.

Magic Leap Could be a Great Strategic Acquisition


Since Magic Leap’s inception in 2011, there has been great innovation in the technology sector focused in the virtual reality (VR)/augmented reality (AR)/mixed reality (MR) space with Magic Leap trying to create a new hardware interface designs. However over the last 6 years, Magic Leap has continually run into issues with its product pipeline causing critics to swarm on the perceived failure of the company. Enter Magic Leap.

Can Mystical Magic Leap Lure Singapore’s Temasek into its Net?


Magic Leap Inc. , As stated, they are thinking of taking part in a new financing round of more than $500 million, bringing Magic Leap valuation close to $6 billion. Magic Leap is a US startup that is working on a head-mounted virtual retinal display which superimposes computer-generated imagery over real world objects. ’s Google, which invested directly in the firm and put Chief Executive Officer Sundar Pichai on the board.

Will Apple, Facebook or Microsoft be the future of augmented reality?

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Yet Facebook , Microsoft and others are arguably more important to where the market is today. Apple ARKit, Google ARCore ). Augmented Reality Column Hardware Venture Capital Apple Facebook Google head-mounted displays Magic Leap Microsoft mixed reality Samsung smartglasses smartphone smartphones Snap Snapchat Virtual realityTim Merel. Contributor. Tim Merel is managing director of Digi-Capital. More posts by this contributor.

Google Chrome Update Allows For More Powerful WebVR Experiences


Last week Google launched the beta for Chrome 79, the latest update for its Chrome web browser. According to Google, this new-and-improved WebVR support will eventually make its way to Chromium-based browsers, including Oculus Browser, Microsoft Edge, Magic Leap’s Helio, and Firefox Reality. The post Google Chrome Update Allows For More Powerful WebVR Experiences appeared first on VRScout. With the Chrome 79 beta, WebXR Device API now runs by default.

Google 246

Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

Road to VR

Khronos Group , the consortium behind the OpenXR project which aims to standardize the way applications communicate with AR and VR headsets, just added Microsoft to its ranks. Among its count of members, the OpenXR working group consisted of nearly every major player in the industry except Microsoft until now. Up until now, it wasn’t clear which way Microsoft was headed. Microsoft Microsoft VR News Bits OpenXR khronos microsoft microsoft vr microsoft xr openar openvr

Spatial raises $14M more for a holographic 3D workspace app, a VR/AR version of Zoom or Hangouts

TechCrunch VR

Spatial’s funding comes at a time when VR and AR startups have certainly seen their share of funding ( Magic Leap alone has raised over $3 billion), high valuations , some extremely notable exits , and definitely the release of a number of head sets and apps — but at the end of the day, it’s estimated that there were only 6 million VR headsets sold last year, speaking to how the space has remained niche at best.

Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 Now Available for Direct Developer Purchase

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Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2, the company’s most recent smartglasses (or rather smart glass ), was only available to partner companies when it launched in May 2019. Now Google is allowing its third-party hardware vendors to sell the headset direct to developers. Now it seems the most recent version of Glass has fared well enough in the enterprise market that Google is now opening up sales to anyone with around $1,000. Image courtesy Google.

Google 149