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NVIDIA announces Unity connector for Omniverse at GTC 2022

The Ghost Howls

A few weeks ago, while reading the news about SIGGRAPH, I saw NVIDIA teasing the release of the Omniverse connector for Unity , and as a Unity developer, I found it intriguing. Unity connector for Omniverse. At launch, Omniverse has been made compatible with Unreal Engine, and support for Unity was lacking.

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Big XR News from Meta, Google, Unity, T-Mobile, KPMG

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Meanwhile, major technology firms Google and T-Mobile contributed further to the XR landscape with some significant project partnerships. Google Releases AR Geospatial Creator for Unity Google has launched Geospatial Creator for Unity, a new platform that allows developers to preview 3D assets in the Unity Editor.

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Google Brings Native ‘Tango’ AR Support to Unity

Road to VR

Google has announced that its augmented reality platform Tango will be getting native integrated support for Unity later this year. Google’s Nathan Martz, Photo Courtesy Unity. of Unity. .” SEE ALSO Asus 'ZenFone AR' Google Tango, Daydream VR Phone Launched, Specs Revealed.

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Google Releases AR Geospatial Creator for Unity

XR Today - Augmented Reality tag

Google has unveiled its Geospatial Creator for Unity platform, allowing developers to preview 3D assets via the Unity Editor. Viewing spatially-linked assets on a hyperrealistic 3D planet map, the toolkit powers ARCore and Photorealistic 3D Tiles via the Google Maps Platform, it said on its website.

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The 5 most important XR-related pieces of news from Google I/O 2023

The Ghost Howls

Last week, Google delivered its most important event of the year, the Google I/O. Of course, AI has been the star of the show , with the public release of Google Bard and the announcement of a new language model, but there have been also interesting pieces of news about XR.

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How to ask Android Permissions for the Oculus Quest in Unity

The Ghost Howls

Some months ago I published a guide for all Unity developers on how to request Android permissions for the Vive Focus Plus, because it took me a while to sort out how to do it to access the camera stream to do augmented reality on that headset. Typical Android permission request popup (Image by Google). What are Android permissions?

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The XR Week Peek (2022.05.16): Meta teases Cambria, Google shows new AR features, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Google). Google performs interesting AR news at I/O conference. At Google I/O, no executive of the company has talked about the M-word, but they have anyway showed interesting AR updates, which will be relevant for our future M-world. Another cool announcement has been the one of Immersive View for Google Maps.

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