Apple Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation


Apple kicked off its annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) earlier today with a two-hour keynote detailing several updates to its lineup of iOS products. Image Credit: Apple. Image Credit: Apple. Feature Image Credit: Apple.

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Apple Delivers Competitor to Google Lens & Google Maps AR Features in iOS 15

Next Reality AR

Mobile augmented reality for iOS via ARKit, but Apple is borrowing a few pages from Google's playbook and bringing AR directly to iOS 15.

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Google Extends AR Search Lead Over Apple with Landmark Recognition for Google Lens

Next Reality AR

This week, Apple unveiled its own version of Google Lens in the form of Live Text.

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Google Pixel 4a vs. Apple iPhone XR

Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 4a and Apple iPhone XR are two great smartphones that won't empty your bank account. Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Google phone Google Pixel 4a Google vs Apple iPhone iPhone Xr

Apple TV app comes to Chromecast with Google TV

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Apple's TV curation app hits yet another streaming media device -- Chromecast with Google TV users can now download the Apple TV app from the Google Play Store.

Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 13: Is Google’s flagship an Apple eater?

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The new Pixel 6 finds Google really upping its smartphone game, but is it better than Apple's iPhone 13? Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 13 Google Pixel 6 Pixel 6 smartphone comparisons

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Google Pixel 6 pricing looks set to match Apple’s iPhone 13

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Android Mobile News Apple iPhone 13 Google Pixel 6 Google Pixel 6 ProA new Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro leak purports to reveal European pricing, setting up a showdown with the iPhone 13 and 13 Pro.

Google Pixel 5a vs. Apple iPhone SE: Which should you buy?

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How does Google's new Pixel 5a hold up against the iPhone SE 2020? Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apple iPhone SE (2020) Buyers Guide Google Google Pixel 5aThe mid-range phone market just got even more competitive.

Apple and Google are going to need to open up their app stores in South Korea

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South Korea has just forced Apple and Google to open up their in-app purchases to third-party payment processors as antitrust movements intensify globally. Android Apple Mobile News antitrust regulations App Store Google Play

Using an Apple Watch shows how Google and Samsung have been left in the dust

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The app ecosystem on the Apple Watch is so far ahead of Google and Samsung, it's embarrassing. Mobile Apple Watch SE Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Wear OS 3

Google Pixel 4a vs. Apple iPhone SE (2020): Can Pixel take a bite of the Apple?

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The Google Pixel 4a and Apple iPhone SE (2020) are two of the best budget smartphones available right now. Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile 2020 iPhone SE Buyers Guide Google Google Pixel 4a

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Apple now lets you easily move iCloud Photos content to Google Photos

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Apple has quietly launched a tool that lets you automatically transfer all of the photos and videos stored on your iCloud account to Google Photos. Android Apple Mobile Photography Apple Photos Google+ Photos icloud photos iPhone

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All AR news and announcements from Apple Event 2021

The Ghost Howls

Apple Event has just finished, and in it, Apple has announced the new iPad mini, the iPhone 13 series, and the new Apple Watch Series 7. For the whole event, Apple talked about photos, videos, and how there is a new cinematic video mode that auto-focuses the cameras on faces.

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PayPal vs. Google Pay vs. Venmo vs. Cash App vs. Apple Pay Cash

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Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Web Apple Pay Cash fintech Google Pay Paypal Tier 4 Venmo versusWhich money-sending platform is best for your needs and purposes? We compared the most popular to find out.

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Together, Google and Samsung just may have a chance to beat the Apple Watch

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The newly announced Wear platform is a joint effort between Google and Samsung, and it just may have a chance to take on the Apple Watch. Android Apple Mobile Wearables Fitbit Google Google I/O 2021 Samsung Tizen Wear Wear OS

UK says Google and Apple’s billion-dollar search engine deal stifles competition

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The country's watchdog claims Google paid Apple close to a billion dollars. Computing News Apple Google

Chromecast vs. Apple AirPlay 2

Digital Trends

Both Google Chromecast and Apple's AirPlay 2 allow you to send media content from your phone to your TV: But which is right for you? Apple Home Theater Movies & TV Airplay 2 chromecast Chromecast vs. AirPlay 2 Google Cast

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Australia Says Apple and Google's Default Phone Apps Stifle Competition

GizModo VR

Google and Apple should give consumers more control over which apps they have on their phones right out of the box, according to a new interim report from Australia’s top consumer watchdog.

Apple and Google Go All In On Digital Car Keys

GizModo VR

Apple today announced expanded support for digital car keys in iOS 15 during its WWDC keynote. Combined with Google’s recent Android announcements at its own developers conference, it’s clear that the big transition to digital car keys will begin in earnest later this fall.

Apple's Big MacBook Event Is Oct. 18

GizModo VR

Hopefully, you’re not tired of gadget season yet, because Apple just announced another event: Save the date for Oct. macbook apple apple m1 magsafe apple t2 google macintosh apple silicon samsung technology internet apple inc intel macbook air computers stevenote computer architecture

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U.K. to double Apple Pay and Google Pay contactless payment limit

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will soon double the amount you can spend using contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, making the service even more useful. Mobile apple pay contactless payments Google PayThe U.K.

Google and Apple’s App Store Payment Dominance Is About to Be Challenged for the First Time

GizModo VR

A new South Korean law is set to challenge Apple and Google’s dominance over app store payments for the first time, putting the hefty 30 percent cut the companies collect through their systems in jeopardy.

Google might be developing an M1 competitor for Chromebooks

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Inspired by Apple's M1 Chipset, Google might be working on its own custom processor for next-generation Chromebooks, according to one report. Computing News Apple Apple M1 ARM Chromebook Google

New HomePod Mini colors expose how stale Apple’s smart home lineup has become

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Apple's HomeKit lags needs more than just new accessory colors if it hopes to compete with Amazon and Google in the smart home space. Opinion Smart Home ' Alexa Apple Google Assistant HomeKit smart home

Google Acquires North, the Startup Behind ‘Focals’ Smartglasses

Road to VR

Google today confirmed in a blog post that it’s acquired North, the Canada-based smartglasses maker behind Focals. “Over the last while, it became clear that aligning with Google would significantly advance our shared vision,” North said in a news brief.

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Virginia coronavirus contract-tracing app uses Apple and Google software

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News Apple contact tracing app Apple Google contact tracing app contact tracing app Coronavirus coronavirus app Google contact tracing appThe app is free to download on iPhone and Android devices.

Apple says cloud gaming apps like Google Stadia violate iOS app store rules

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Gaming News Apple Google google stadia Microsoft Project xCloud NvidiaThe company argues it needs to review each and every game before users play them.

Apple and Google reveal new emojis coming later this year

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Android Apple News Android 11 Beta breaking twitter emoji Google ios update Memjoi world emoji dayGet ready for ninjas, pinched fingers, and new memoji options, too.

Google Will Continue to Pay Apple Billions to Keep You From Using. Bing?

GizModo VR

Google seems to have no problem doling out cash to ensure it remains the search engine of choice. Documents have shown the company offers financial incentives to smartphone manufacturers to keep its app store front and center, and it pays developers to offer their games in Google Play.

Google will pay publishers in bid to compete with Apple News

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News Web apple news Google Google News news appThe company wants more high-quality, premium news content.

Google Wants to Beat Apple at Its Own Game

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On Thursday, Bloomberg reported that the Google was “exploring an alternative” to to the anti-ad-tracking features that Apple will soon begin rolling out in iOS 14. technology internet google computing alphabet inc technology companies android mobile app internet privacy apple inc

Apple Working on Depression Detection for iPhones: Report

GizModo VR

It’s been widely reported that Apple is working on developing a number of advanced health tools, ranging from blood glucose monitoring to body-temperature-based fertility.

Apple Should Be Very Worried About Google’s Pixel


These facts have me considering jumping ship from Apple seriously for the first time since 2007. While I’m deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, Pixel tempts me more than ever before to consider leaving Apple behind completely. Just how embedded am I with Apple? Google is releasing Pixel alongside the Daydream View reference VR headset that will offer experiences to compete with Samsung’s Gear VR. ” Not the same with Google Pixel.

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Google Is Slashing Fees for Play Store Apps, So, Please Stop Yelling

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Facing increased regulatory pressure , on Thursday, Google moved to further slash the fees it collects from downloads of its subscription-based Play Store offerings for Android.

Apple Music finds its way to Google Assistant speakers and displays

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Apple Music has long been solely available only on iOS and HomePod, but it is now available on Google Assistant-powered smart displays and speakers. News Smart Home Apple Music Google Assistant smart home

A New Bipartisan Bill Aims to Crack Apple and Google's 'Ironclad Grip' on App Stores

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In the latest chapter to the ongoing reckoning over Apple and Google’s tight-gripped app store practices, two senators introduced a bipartisan bill on Wednesday that seeks to loosen the stranglehold these companies have over the major app ecosystems.

Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google will testify before Congress in July

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News Social Media Amazon Apple breaking Facebook GoogleBig Tech's giants will be focus of an antitrust hearing.