Apple Maps Update Introduces AR Navigation


Apple kicked off its annual World Wide Developer Conference (WWDC) earlier today with a two-hour keynote detailing several updates to its lineup of iOS products. Image Credit: Apple. Image Credit: Apple. Feature Image Credit: Apple.

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Spatial Beats: Google, Apple & Meta

AR Insider

This week, we look at Apple's latest AR rumors, Google Glass' second coming and Meta's legal challenge. Welcome back to Spatial Beats, AR Insider's weekly series that features observations and insights of author and futurist Charlie Fink.

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HoloLens Optics Chief Joins Google Amid Reported Push for Upcoming Google AR Headset

Road to VR

Bernard Kress, principal optical architect on Microsoft’s HoloLens team, has left the company to take on the role of Director of XR Engineering at the recently formed Google Labs. Now Kress is back at Mountain View working on Google’s next AR headset.

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Google Acquires MicroLED Startup Raxium to Bolster AR Ambitions

Road to VR

Google is adding to its portfolio of XR microdisplay designs and talent, as the company announced it’s acquired microLED (µLED) designer Raxium. The Information’s report held Raxium was sold to Google for $1 billion, however official details of the acquisition are still murky.

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Google Pixel 6a vs. Apple iPhone SE (2022)

Digital Trends

Let the battle of the high-end cheap smartphones begin: Google Pixel 6a vs. Apple iPhone SE (2022). Mobile Products Android Apple iPhone SE 2022 Google I/O 2022 Google Pixel 6a iOS smartphone comparisons

Google to Publicly Test AR Prototypes Starting in August

Road to VR

Google announced that the company will be conducting real world tests of its early AR prototypes starting next month. ” Some of the key areas Google is emphasizing are things like real-time translation and AR turn-by-turn navigation.

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Apple Delivers Competitor to Google Lens & Google Maps AR Features in iOS 15

Next Reality AR

Mobile augmented reality for iOS via ARKit, but Apple is borrowing a few pages from Google's playbook and bringing AR directly to iOS 15.

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Why Apple's Mixed-Reality Headset Won't Fail Like Google Glass


Years ago, Google debuted a pair of glasses with a built-in camera. The public didn't react to it well, but Apple's mixed-reality headset may avoid that fate. Technology

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‘Exploring fitness’ won’t get Google TV anywhere near Apple Fitness+

Digital Trends

Google has to do more than just "explore fitness" if it wants to get Google TV anywhere close to the exercise experience of Apple Fitness+. Android Apple Home Theater Apple Fitness Apple Fitness Plus Fitbit Google google fit Google Wear

Google Extends AR Search Lead Over Apple with Landmark Recognition for Google Lens

Next Reality AR

This week, Apple unveiled its own version of Google Lens in the form of Live Text.

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Apple does what’s best for Apple on Google hardware

Digital Trends

Apple removing the ability to purchase content through its app on other companies' hardware shouldn't surprise anyone. Home Theater News Android Apple apple tv Google TV iTunes

Google, Apple, Samsung, and OnePlus camera test exposes poor performers

Digital Trends

Features Mobile Apple iPhone SE 2022 camera test Google Pixel 6 oneplus nord 2t Samsung Galaxy A53Does having multiple cameras mean a phone takes better photos? Putting the Galaxy A53 against the Nord 2T, Pixel 6, and iPhone SE (2022) revealed the truth.

Google Pixel 6a vs. Apple iPhone 13 Mini

Digital Trends

Google's latest Pixel 6a takes on the iPhone 13 Mini as both phones offer flagship features for a relatively lower price. Guides Mobile Android 12 Apple iOS 15 Google camera Google Pixel 6 Google Pixel 6a iPhone 13 mini

How to get Apple TV Plus on your Chromecast with Google TV

Digital Trends

Do you want to catch up on some Apple TV+ content but you don't have an Apple device on your TV? Chromecast with Google TV is your solution! Guides Home Theater Movies & TV apple tv Apple TV+ on Chromecast Apple TV+ on Google TV chromecast How-To

Explore Tokyo Using AR Technology Powered By Apple Maps


It was back in 2021 that Apple first introduced AR (augmented reality) navigation to its Apple Maps app, allowing iOS users to navigate their real-world environment using virtual overlays. For more information on Apple Maps’ AR navigation visit here.

Google Exec Urges Apple to Adopt a Universal Messaging Standard

GizModo VR

Once again, people are talking about how Apple won’t play nice with Android devices.

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Apple TV app comes to Chromecast with Google TV

Digital Trends

Apple's TV curation app hits yet another streaming media device -- Chromecast with Google TV users can now download the Apple TV app from the Google Play Store.

Google blasts Apple over bullying, peer pressure tactics keeping users on iMessage

Digital Trends

Google has accused Apple of weaponizing social pressure to market iMessage to keep users locked into its ecosystem. Mobile Apple Google iMessage RCS rcs messaging

Google one-ups Apple with its own headphone audio-switching feature

Digital Trends

Google now has an audio-switching feature for wireless headphones and earbuds, just like Apple, but Google plans to expand its system beyond its own devices. Home Theater News audio switching Google wireless earbuds wireless headphones

Google Pixel 4a vs. Apple iPhone XR

Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 4a and Apple iPhone XR are two great smartphones that won't empty your bank account. Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Google phone Google Pixel 4a Google vs Apple iPhone iPhone Xr

Apple Just Nerfed Its Own App to Screw Over Google TV Users

GizModo VR

The Apple TV app on both Google TV and Android TV no longer has an option to purchase or rent movies or TV shows, fueling speculation that Apple has intentionally removed the function to avoid Google’s 30% commission fees.

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Google's Pixel Watch Shares a Component with the Apple Watch

GizModo VR

While it’s not slated to work with the iPhone or iOS devices, this next bit of Google Pixel Watch news is interesting if you’re hoping for a quality build akin to the Apple Watch.

Google Pixel 5a vs. Apple iPhone SE: Which should you buy?

Digital Trends

How does Google's new Pixel 5a hold up against the iPhone SE 2020? Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apple iPhone SE (2020) Buyers Guide Google Google Pixel 5aThe mid-range phone market just got even more competitive.

Apple now lets you easily move iCloud Photos content to Google Photos

Digital Trends

Apple has quietly launched a tool that lets you automatically transfer all of the photos and videos stored on your iCloud account to Google Photos. Android Apple Mobile Photography Apple Photos Google+ Photos icloud photos iPhone

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PayPal vs. Google Pay vs. Venmo vs. Cash App vs. Apple Pay Cash

Digital Trends

Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Web Apple Pay Cash fintech Google Pay Paypal Tier 4 Venmo versusWhich money-sending platform is best for your needs and purposes? We compared the most popular to find out.

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Google Briefly Nuked the Internet Last Night

GizModo VR

internet users last night briefly experienced the dark, frustrating realities of a world devoid of Google services. google safari apple gmail gizmodo computing operatingsystems alphabetinc technology2cinternet android digitaltechnologyLarge swaths of U.S.

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BMW shipping cars without advertised Apple and Google features

Digital Trends

Cars Computing News Android Auto Apple CarPlay BMW chip shortageThe global chip shortage continues to cause problems for automakers to the point where some are shipping vehicles without all of their advertised features.

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Google Pixel 4a vs. Apple iPhone SE (2020): Can Pixel take a bite of the Apple?

Digital Trends

The Google Pixel 4a and Apple iPhone SE (2020) are two of the best budget smartphones available right now. Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile 2020 iPhone SE Buyers Guide Google Google Pixel 4a

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UK says Google and Apple’s billion-dollar search engine deal stifles competition

Digital Trends

The country's watchdog claims Google paid Apple close to a billion dollars. Computing News Apple Google

Apple Should Be Very Worried About Google’s Pixel

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

These facts have me considering jumping ship from Apple seriously for the first time since 2007. While I’m deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, Pixel tempts me more than ever before to consider leaving Apple behind completely. Just how embedded am I with Apple? Google is releasing Pixel alongside the Daydream View reference VR headset that will offer experiences to compete with Samsung’s Gear VR. ” Not the same with Google Pixel.

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Google Pixel Buds A-Series vs. Apple AirPods 3

Digital Trends

Google's Pixel Buds A-Series and Apple's AirPods 3 are two great choices, but which is the best? Home Theater Music Wearables Apple AirPods 3 earbuds Google Pixel Buds Google Pixel Buds A-Series wireless earbudsThinking of buying a new set of earbuds?

Google Acquires North, the Startup Behind ‘Focals’ Smartglasses

Road to VR

Google today confirmed in a blog post that it’s acquired North, the Canada-based smartglasses maker behind Focals. “Over the last while, it became clear that aligning with Google would significantly advance our shared vision,” North said in a news brief.

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Google Has A Very Apple-like Plan For Google TV

GizModo VR

It’s no secret that Google’s been vying for a space in your living room for years. Google TV has undergone quite a few branding changes since it first launched in 2010, but it’s still managed to become one of the top streaming platforms.

Google shows ‘courage’ by ditching headphone jack in the Pixel 6a

Digital Trends

Google shows 'courage' in the Pixel 6a by ditching headphone jack. Features Mobile Apple Google Google IO 2022 Google Pixel 6a headphone jack Pixel 6a

Pixel 6 vs. iPhone 13: Is Google’s flagship an Apple eater?

Digital Trends

The new Pixel 6 finds Google really upping its smartphone game, but is it better than Apple's iPhone 13? Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apple iPhone Apple iPhone 13 Google Pixel 6 Pixel 6 smartphone comparisons

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U.K. to double Apple Pay and Google Pay contactless payment limit

Digital Trends

will soon double the amount you can spend using contactless payment systems such as Apple Pay and Google Pay, making the service even more useful. Mobile apple pay contactless payments Google PayThe U.K.

Google announces Google Wallet for Android

Mashable VR

Google would quite literally like to replace your physical wallet. At Google I/O 2022 on Wednesday, the company's annual developer's conference, Google announced a brand new feature for Android devices: Google Wallet. The new Google Wallet interface.