Google Launches TensorFlow 3D Using LiDAR & Depth Sensors for Advanced AR Experiences

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Samsung revived the time-of-flight sensor with its Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S10 5G, though it has ditched the sensor in its current generation models. Radar made a brief cameo via Project Soli in Google Pixel 4.

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Apple Should Be Very Worried About Google’s Pixel


These facts have me considering jumping ship from Apple seriously for the first time since 2007. I’ve been an iPhone owner since the first generation, but over the last few years I’ve purchased Samsung phones for VR too. While I’m deeply embedded in the Apple ecosystem, Pixel tempts me more than ever before to consider leaving Apple behind completely. Just how embedded am I with Apple? ” Not the same with Google Pixel.

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Google Releases ARCore for Android, The Company’s Answer to Apple ARKit

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In an answer to Apple’s recently released ARKit , a developer tool used for making augmented reality apps and games that run on newer iPad and iPhones, Google today released a preview of a new Android-compatible software development kit (SDK) called ARCore. Google prides itself on its stewardship of Android, the largest mobile platform in the world with over 80 percent of the mobile market share in 2016, according to research and advisory firm Gartner.

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Google wakes up from its VR daydream

TechCrunch VR

Daydream, Google’s mobile-focused virtual reality platform, is losing official support from Google, Android Police reports. Google’s hardware business is already peanuts compared to their search and ads business, so it probably wasn’t clear what the point was.

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Google Unboxes ARCore for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Tab S4, & Latest Devices from Sony & Nokia

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As Android device partners ship new products, Google has been diligent in its efforts to ensure that users can enjoy ARCore apps once they boot up their new toys. On Monday, Google updated its ARCore Supported Devices page to include the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy Tab S4, the Sony Xperia ZX2 line of handsets, and the Nokia 6.1

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ARCore Is Google’s Answer To Apple’s ARKit, Now Available For Pixel And Galaxy S8


Today, Google is announcing the debut of ARCore , an initiative to bring mobile-powered AR experiences to the masses like never before. Previously Google’s Tango was the best way to see powerful AR projects in action, but that required extra cameras and sensors on high-end smartphones to work. ” Starting right now, Google is making the ARCore SDK available to owners of the Google Pixel (running Oreo) and Samsung’s Galaxy S8 (running at least 7.0

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Google Brings ARCore 1.0 to Multiple Flagship Smartphones, Google Lens Preview Soon

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Ahead of Mobile World Congress (MWC) next week, Google announced it’s bringing ARCore , it’s augmented reality SDK, out of preview and to a number of flagship smartphones in its 1.0 Google Lens , the company’s tool to help users identify real-world objects, is also making its way from Pixel to more flagship devices soon – albeit still in preview. Samsung Galaxy S8, S8+, Note8, S7 and S7 edge. image courtesy Google.

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Report: Samsung To Manufacture Custom Tracking Chip For Facebook AR Glasses


Samsung Electronics will manufacture custom chips for Facebook’s AR glasses, according to a report from Korean outlet The Electronic Times. The report was written in Korean, but the English version claims that the Samsung manufactured chip will “collect and process various information that comes into Facebook’s AR glasses” The wording is unclear, but it does seem to be describing a chip made for tracking. Facebook AR glasses facebook oculus samsung top stories

My phone’s power button always worked one way, and now it’s a confusing mess

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Android Mobile Opinion Apple Google oneplus power button power menu Samsung side keyOnce, the power button on a smartphone turned the phone on and off, but an annoying trend is seeing the button repurposed for different duties.

Apple’s AR Glasses Will Probably Be Powered And Controlled By Your iPhone


An extensive patent application filed by Apple could provide insight into their plans for AR glasses. Notorious Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo also reported today that the glasses would be an iPhone accessory. Apple’s biggest advantage in AR could be the ubiquity of its iPhone. The phone, which Apple fully controls the hardware and software for, has roughly 45% market share in the US. Apple Engineering.

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Apple is Bringing AR to “Hundreds of Millions” of iPhones and iPads Starting September 19th

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Apple’s iOS 11 is coming to compatible devices starting September 19th, which means that if you own a recent Apple iPhone or iPad, you may have an augmented reality-capable device in your hands before the new iPhone line even launches. Apple’s big iPhone 8/8 Plus/X unveiling this year promised a bevy of information surrounding augmented reality, thanks to the release earlier this summer of ARKit. ” image courtesy Apple.

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Is Apple Working On A VR headset?


Apple has been in the news recently and I do not mean because their iPhone sales are slowing. Apple Rumored to be hiring for VR since 2014 Apple has confirmed their recent acquisition of a company called Flyby Media, a start-up that allows phones to can "see" the world around them. Flyby collaborated with Google to develop software for Project Tango 3D-mapping. Apple Granted VR Headset Patent Prototypes VR Headsets Being Tested?

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5 Google ARCore Experiments That Inject Magic into Everyday Life

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Google released a preview version of ARCore for Android yesterday, the company’s answer to Apple’s ARKit. Developers looking to use ARCore to create augmented reality apps can start building right now on both the Pixel line and Samsung S8 line. Built by George Michael Brower with friends at Google Creative Lab. Built by Jane Friedhoff with friends at Google Creative Lab using Unity and ARCore.

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The VR Download: Alyx Reception, Gear VR Neutered, Facebook vs Apple, Is PC VR Growing Fast Enough?


As always you can listen to this episode on Apple, Google, Spotify, TuneIn/Alexa, Stitcher, and more. The post The VR Download: Alyx Reception, Gear VR Neutered, Facebook vs Apple, Is PC VR Growing Fast Enough? The VR Download apple cosmos elite facebook gear vr Half-Life: Alyx pc vr Podcast samsung SteamVR top stories uploadvr virtual reality virtual studio Vive Cosmos Elite VR vr download

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Apple Steps Further Into AR’s Future

AR Insider

Continued steps in that evolutionary path were taken yesterday at Apple’s iPhone 12 event. Network rollouts still have a ways to go, but Apple is getting ahead of that. Triangulating Clues in Apple’s AR Roadmap. Image Credit: Apple. Image Credit: Apple.

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How to find downloaded files on your iPhone or Android smartphone

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Here's a guide on how to find downloads on your Apple, Samsung, or Android phone. Android Apple How-To Mobile Apple iOS Apple iPhones Google Pixel samsung galaxyWe download files to our phones all the time, but finding them can be tricky.

Report: Facebook Agrees To Buy Every AR Display From Key Supplier Apple Looked At Acquiring


Facebook signed a deal to buy several years of the entire output of a key AR microLED display supplier Apple looked at acquiring, The Information reports. Microsoft is focusing first on the enterprise market and Google appears to be taking things slow after early efforts in “smart” eyewear failed to take off. Why has Facebook signed this deal, and why was Apple interested in acquisition?

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Lenovo Starts Shipping Augmented Reality Enabled Google Tango Phone


So far in 2016 we’ve seen Samsung’s Note 7 go from everyone’s favorite cell phone to everyone’s favorite explosive device , the release of Google’s brand new Pixel line with DayDream support and Apple start riots over the removal of the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. Well the fun isn’t over quite yet, as Chinese tech giant Lenovo has officially unveiled their new Phab 2 Pro, the first phone to support the state-of-the-art Google Tango technology.

Watch Apple’s Live iPhone 8 Event @10am PT, Suspected Augmented Reality Announcements

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Today at 10am PDT, Apple is releasing news about upcoming products like the new iPhone 8 and Watch, taking place at the company’s newly debuted Steve Jobs Theater. Among the announcements, many of which have supposedly already been leaked , is sure to be news surrounding the public release of apps built using Apple’s ARKit. Live s tream: Apple’s live stream is only available on through Apple TV, Safari on Mac or iOS, or the Windows Edge browser on PC.

Samsung’s VR Strategy with Tom Harding, Director of Immersive Products

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Without explicitly announcing a new specific product, Samsung quietly implied that they may be developing a new standalone mobile VR HMD during a session during their developer conference last month. ” Kim then showed a slide saying the next steps for Samsung’s mobile VR include inside-out tracking and 6 degree-of-freedom controllers, and he said, “We are partnering with global partners like Intel to bring inside-out technology to our next mobile product portfolio.”

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.17): Apple Glasses are sleek, UE5 rises hype, NVIDIA releases CloudXR SDK, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Apple glasses are coming in 2021–2022 and they are incredibly sleek. Apple glasses are coming. We’re hearing this since many years, but now the sensation is that we’re coming close to the moment when the prophecy will come true: the rumors are intensifying and the software (ARKit) and the hardware (depth cameras, 5G) designed by Apple are all converging to the glasses solution. He says that Apple AR glasses will come in 2021 and that he has seen them.

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Apple’s Latest Patents Mark More Territory in AR Headset Hardware and Software

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While Apple has certainly changed in the years since Job’s passing, the company has undoubtedly continued to aggressively pursue patents, sometimes racking up hundreds of filings in a single month with inventions spanning everything from touch-sensitive smartwatch bands to 3D environmental mapping. Both patents, spotted by Apple Insider , were first filed by Metaio GmbH in 2014, a German AR firm later acquired by Apple just a year later. Apple v.

Best smartphone deals for June 2020: iPhone, Samsung, and Google Pixel

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Android Apple Deals Mobile PhonesIt's never a bad time to score a new smartphone, and here are some great deals that can save you hundreds.

6 surprising reasons you should buy an iPhone instead of Android

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Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apple iPhone Google iPhone Motorola Moto G Samsung samsung galaxy SmartphoneThink you know it all in the Android versus iPhone debate? These six points might just change your mind.

Google I/O - VR Headset Imminent?


Google's I/O event starts tomorrow, Wednesday @ 10 am PST. Google's I/O event is similar to Apple's WWDC and Facebook's F8 conferences, except perhaps bigger! Google has been gradually adding VR content via YouTube 360 videos paired with their Google cardboard devices and clones for a while now. Google's new headset is rumored to be less powerful than the Vive and Rift, although both of these devices need powerful PCs to run.

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Editorial: Why Apple’s Immersive Evolution Starts With Poop


People who watch technology closely — especially those optimistic about VR and AR — are scratching their heads this week trying to understand how Apple “ undersold ” those features so significantly. At the Apple September Keynote, there was no mention of VR at all despite the iPhone X being the first device from Apple to use an OLED screen that would likely be ideal for completely immersive virtual worlds. Apple demonstrated it by animating poop and other emoji.

The Coolest Gadgets of 2020

GizModo VR

For companies like Apple and Microsoft, this could have been a landmark year were it not for everything else going on. apple zen surechip samsung google amd sony jbl onyx peloton fitbit commerce

The best phone case brands

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Android Apple Buying Guides Mobile Apple iPhone Best cases best smartphone cases Google Pixel Samsung Galaxy S smartphone casesThere's nothing like a good smartphone case to keep your device safe and looking sharp.

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Apple’s AR Plans May Come To Life After Acquiring iKinema Motion Tech


Apple’s ARKit already has many of the fundamentals in place to help developers create augmented reality experiences — this year’s release of ARKit 3 added RealityKit and Reality Composer tools focused on easing the process of adding virtual objects and environments to real world spaces. Now it appears that Apple’s next step could be virtual people. Samsung took the same basic idea to a different level at its Galaxy Unpacked event in August.

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Will Apple, Facebook or Microsoft be the future of augmented reality?

TechCrunch VR

Apple is seen by some as critical to the future of augmented reality, despite limited traction for ARKit so far and its absence from smartglasses (again, so far). Apple ARKit, Google ARCore ). Augmented Reality Column Hardware Venture Capital Apple Facebook Google head-mounted displays Magic Leap Microsoft mixed reality Samsung smartglasses smartphone smartphones Snap Snapchat Virtual realityTim Merel. Contributor.

Cool AR apps to try with Apple’s new phones

Hypergrid Business

Apple has lagged behind in the virtual and augmented reality race so far. Their phones can be used for some low-end VR, via the Cardboard platform from Google, but they haven’t had anything of their own to match the higher-end Samsung Gear VR and Google Daydream View headsets. ” Apple software and services could gain $9 billion in revenue by 2020 as a result of operations related to augmented reality because there will be about 3.6

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Save £100 on the Google Pixel 4a and finally experience 5G

Mashable VR

SAVE £100: The Google Pixel 4a (128GB) is on sale for £399 on Amazon, saving you 20% on list price. Are you desperate to experience 5G without splashing the cash on one of the most expensive Samsung or Apple handsets?

Apple Developers Join WebVR Community Group Shaping the Future of VR on the Web

Road to VR

With Apple’s newly public interest in VR , developers from the company have join the W3C WebVR Community Group to have a say in the development of the WebVR standard. SEE ALSO Apple Adds VR Rendering Essentials to MacOS via Metal 2. Among those groups is the WebVR Community Group , chaired by Mozilla’s Chris Van Wiemeersch and Google’s Brandon Jones, both of which have played pioneering roles in the development of WebVR.

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Google Launching WebVR Support for Android Chrome in January, Desktop to Follow

Road to VR

There, Google said that the company soon plans to ship a public version of Chrome on Android with support for WebVR 1.1. Just a few weeks ago, major forces collaborating on the WebVR Spec gathered in San Jose, CA for the W3C Workshop on Web & Virtual Reality , a two-day conference where the likes of Mozilla, Google, Samsung, Microsoft, Oculus, The Khronos Group, and many more hashed out the latest developments and directions for the WebVR ecosystem.

Google 198

Google Promoting Pixel and Daydream VR Through Livestreamed Music Festivals


Google is entering the music festival realm this year with news that it’s sponsoring and livestreaming a series of five shows spread across five cities, in support of five different good causes. While the overarching causes are, of course, noteworthy, the series of events is also notable from a technological standpoint, as Google is using them to promote its duo of new smartphones — the Pixel and Pixel XL. Tagged with: concert , festival , goodfest , google.

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Apple Mum on AR/VR for iPhone 7, but Here’s How We Know They’re Still Working on It

Road to VR

Yesterday Apple held a keynote presentation to update the world on their latest products. It’s too early for Apple to jump into the AR/VR game. That much was made clear on stage at the company’s latest keynote where they revealed the iPhone 7 and the Apple Watch Series 2. But that doesn’t mean Apple isn’t actively engaged in AR/VR research and development. See Also: 3 Moves Oculus is Borrowing from Apple’s Marketing Playbook.

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Samsung Disables Google Daydream VR on Galaxy Phones


While Samsung always had a clear plan that Google and its Android are just some of operating systems the company ships their products with, the company never disabled features that come with Android… until now. When Samsung Galaxy S8 arrives on the market on April 21st, it will probably take the crown of the world’s most powerful Android smartphone on the market… facing a different situation.