Report: Magical Leap Sees Sluggish Sales Numbers Amidst Latest Funding Round

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Magic Leap is one of the most well-funded startups in history, boasting $2.6 Image courtesy AT&T, Magic Leap. Furthermore, The Information maintains both Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and former Qualcomm exec Paul Jacobs stepped down in 2018 from the board at Magic Leap.

BBC Earth Is Bringing A New AR Experience To Magic Leap


BBC’s next immersive experience won’t be appearing on the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive; it’s coming to Magic Leap One. Preloaded also worked with the BBC on the excellent Life in VR app for Google Daydream. Micro Kingdoms will be hitting Magic Leap later this year.

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First-person ‘Angry Birds’ AR Game is Coming to Magic Leap This Fall

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Angry Birds, the mobile breakout hit, is coming to Magic Leap in a brand new game called Angry Birds FPS: First Person Slingshot. The original game of the same name has more than 100 million installs on Android, according to the Google Play store.

Magic Leap’s AI ‘Mica’ Won’t Turn Off Your Lights, Play Your Music, or Give Directions

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Magic Leap today released a blogpost detailing more motivation behind building Mica, the company’s upcoming AI announced at Leap Con last year. SEE ALSO Magic Leap Shows off Upcoming Enterprise Apps Focused on Professional 3D Design.

Magic Leap Raises Another $502 Million, Now Totalling Nearly $2 Billion in Funding

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Rumors from back in September of Magic Leap raising a Series D investment were confirmed today as the company revealed an additional $502 million in venture funding, led by a Singaporean investment firm Temasek, with participation from strategic and financial investors.

Shower thoughts on the Magic Leap One

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We are in the days of the Magic Leap hype : developers that have bought it are posting videos everywhere and every one of us is trying to understand if the device is valuable or not. So, here you are my editorial regarding Magic Leap. A girl wearing Magic Leap.

Magic Leap Explained: All We Know About The AR Headset


If you’ve had a passing interest in the technology landscape over the past four years, chances are you’ve heard mention of something called Magic Leap. What Is Magic Leap One? Magic Leap One Creator Edition comes with five experiences out of the box.

Report: Magic Leap Acquires Dacuda 3D Tech


A recent report from Tom’s Hardware indicates Magic Leap is acquiring the 3D scanning assets of Dacuda — a company known historically for creating pocket scanners and recently for its 3D SLAM technologies.

Magic Leap Versus HoloLens — Which Is Going To Win Over Developers?


In spite of the fact we’re joking around and playing Angry Birds on Magic Leap, the whole thing feels very grown up, in the sense that these guys are in this for the long haul, and so, they reckon, is the business of making Mixed Reality. AR HoloLens Magic Leap

GDC 2018 ‘Day 1’ Roundup – Vive Pro Pricing, Magic Leap SDK, Nvidia RTX, and More

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Vive Pro date and price, Magic Leap announcements, Nvidia’s real-time ray-tracing, and Budget Cuts resurfaces. The company is still heavily involved with VR development however, and are expected to present some new technology with Google at Display Week 2018 in May.

Magic Leap’s LEAP Con 2018 round-up: all the major announcements in only one place

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Magic Leap has just organized its first developers’ event, dubbed “L.E.A.P.Magic Leap availability. Finally Magic Leap will be available in almost all the United States. Magic Leap has unveiled the roadmap for the next months.

ThinkReality A6 Is Lenovo’s New HoloLens And Magic Leap Competitor


Since late 2017 the company has launched a Windows VR headset , standalone Google Daydream device , its own phone-powered AR gaming platform and, in a few weeks, will help Oculus bring the Rift S to market. From the looks of it, it’s the company’s answer to both HoloLens and Magic Leap. You interact with this content using a three degrees of freedom (3DOF) motion controller similar to Magic Leap One.

Magic Leap And Shaq Announce NBA AR App Partnership


The Florida-based Magic Leap has raised $1.9 billion from heavy hitters like Google Ventures and the Alibaba Research group. In a blog post, Jeff Ruediger, the Managing Director of Magic Leap Screens (how would you like to see that on your name tag at a high school reunion?)

Photo Reportedly Reveals Magic Leap AR Prototype


An unnamed source reportedly sent a photo of the secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap’s hardware to Business Insider. In a story posted Friday evening, BI showed the photo off to the world in what could be our first look at one of Magic Leap’s AR prototypes.

Magic Leap CEO Suggests Development Milestones Met, Patent Shows Sleeker Form Factor


In an industry populated with giants such as Google, Facebook and Microsoft it is astounding that one of the most important names in the game is a startup known as Magic Leap. Earlier this year, Magic Leap raised an enormous round of fundraising when it pulled in $793.5

Magic Leap Mobile Companion App Revealed, iOS & Android Supported

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Among a treasure trove of new developer information on the Lumin OS that Magic Leap recently published on its Creator Portal appears to be the official confirmation of the Magic Leap Mobile Companion App.

Google & Magic Leap Developer Create Augmented Reality Mobile Apps for Warping Real World into Art

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Two new mobile apps, one from Google and another from an indie developer with ties to Magic Leap, invert the creative conceit by taking the real world and morphing it via augmented reality.

Magic Leap One Now On Sale To Developers For $2295


Nearly four years after it was first teased to the world, the first Magic Leap augmented reality headset is now on sale to developers. Magic Leap One, as the device is called, can be purchased through the company’s website as a Creator Edition for $2,295. Developers have had access to Magic Leap’s software development kit (SDK) since it launched at GDC back in March. billion in funding since 2014 from the likes of Google and many more.

Magic Leap One’s Reported Field Of View Leaves A Lot To Be Desired


Now the Magic Leap One , the severely hyped upcoming AR headset that no one can talk about, only has a 40 degree horizontal field of view according to uncovered developer documentation. In a world where the upcoming Leap Motion North Star headset reportedly has a 100-degree FOV and Magic Leap’s received over $2 billion in funding by comparison, 40 degrees horizontally isn’t much of a “leap” forward at all.

Magic Leap Raises Another $500+ Million In Series D Funding


Magic Leap remains shrouded in mystery but continues to impress investors; the company’s just raised another $502 million in a Series D round of funding. They join several other high-profile investors including Google, which helped put the company on the map in the first place. While far from confirmation, this does add weight to the rumor that we’ll see the device — named Magic Leap One — by March 2018. Magic Leap VR Industry News

Magic Leap Gets Additional Funding From Axel Springer


Magic Leap is adding Axel Springer to its expansive list of investors. ” Magic Leap is currently working on a pair of AR glasses that project virtual images into real-world environments, which could have plenty of potential applications in journalism, though we’re yet to see much of anything from the content side of the company so far. Late last year the company unveiled its first headset, the Magic Leap One, which will be shipping to developers this year.

Magic Leap Head Of Public Relations Leaves To Join Stealth Startup (Update)


Update: We received the following statement from Magic Leap about the departure: “Andy Fouche will no longer serve as VP of Public Relations for Magic Leap, Inc. A LinkedIn profile for Fouché lists him formerly in the Magic Leap position.

Spatiate Brings Multi-User Augmented Reality Painting to Magic Leap One

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While painting in augmented reality is not a groundbreaking pursuit, the ability for Magic Leap One, iPhone and iPad, and Android users to collaborate remotely on virtual artwork would be.

Magic Leap Roars into the Auto World via Kia Stinger App from RelayCars

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Magic Leap One owners, start your virtual engines, as automotive virtual reality developer RelayCars has published an app to Magic Leap World that lets users customize and test drive a 2019 Kia Stinger.

(Update) Photo Shows Magic Leap ‘Test Rig’ NOT Prototype AR Headset


Update: Magic Leap’s CEO took to Twitter today to explain this photo more clearly. – (Original Story): An unnamed source reportedly sent a photo of the secretive augmented reality startup Magic Leap’s hardware to Business Insider.

The Future of Mixed Reality Is Much Bigger Than Magic Leap


Over the past three years Magic Leap have been one of the darlings of Augmented/Mixed reality. billion in funding from investors such as Google, Andreessen Horowitz and Alibaba. I was visiting Microsoft’s Vancouver office shortly after hearing those recent Magic Leap reports.

Magic Leap One Will Ship This Summer With Nvidia Tegra X2 Processor


Following four years of development, Magic Leap announced today that it will begin shipping the Magic Leap One Creator Edition to developers this summer — a window that began on June 21, 2018 and will end on September 22, 2018. Magic Leap’s use of the Tegra X2 means that the spatial computer’s total horsepower will be substantially ahead of the Nintendo Switch console, which uses a Tegra X1. Above: Graeme Devine of Magic Leap.

Magic Leap CEO Interview: For $2,295, Start Living 10 Years Ahead Of Everyone Else


Magic Leap is taking orders for its first product, the $2,295 Magic Leap One Creator Edition augmented reality glasses. CEO Rony Abovitz has been waiting for this day for a long time — since he started Magic Leap in his garage in Florida back in 2010. He saw an explosion of expectations and hype after Google invested more than $500 million in the company, raising expectations for AR and mixed reality. Above: Magic Leap One Creator Edition.

Magic Leap’s Total Funding Exceeds $2 Billion, With Saudi Arabia’s Help


While little is known about Magic Leap’s technology, the startup’s funding story is a little more public. Google helped transform the Florida startup into a giant of the nascent AR industry in Oct. The tech giant was part of a funding round contributing more than $500 million to Magic Leap’s plan to build all parts of a society-changing AR headset. A press release from Magic Leap notes this investment arm is “sovereign.”

Flow Immersive Comes to Magic Leap

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It has announced that its Flow Spaces runs on the Magic Leap One, which it believes wiill transform the way that enterprises can conduct in-person meetings. This is similar to “multi-player” functionality like Google’s Cloud Anchors.

Comic Books Are Coming To Magic Leap Via Madefire


Magic Leaps’ augmented reality technology still remains a mystery but, whatever it ends up being, you’ll be able to read comics on it. Madefire this weekend announced a partnership with Magic Leap to release its digital comic book app on the platform at launch. Magic Leap, meanwhile, still remains shrouded in mystery.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.16): Oculus Quest gets hand tracking, Magic Leap pivots towards enterprise and much more!

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Magic Leap pivots towards enterprise. After the disappointing sales of the Magic Leap One, finally, Magic Leap has understood that the company can’t survive targeting consumers and “creators”, and it is time to target the only sector that is bringing money: the enterprise.

Explore Mother Nature’s Micro Kingdoms With Magic Leap and BBC Earth Later This Year

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In 2018 BBC Studios and videogame developer PRELOADED teamed up with Google for a virtual reality (VR) experience called BBC Earth: Life in VR for Google Daydream. For 2019, the pair have now collaborated with Magic Leap on a mixed reality (MR) project called BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses. BBC Earth – Micro Kingdoms: Senses has been made possible thanks to funding by the Magic Leap Independent Creator Program.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.12.09): Qualcomm XR2 defines the future of XR, Magic Leap having tragic sales, and much more!

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Image by Magic Leap). Magic Leap may be in trouble, but its CEO remains confident. It seems that soon it will release a refresh of the Magic Leap One , but we have to see if this will be enough. Goood Monday everyone!

Spatial Computing: Bigger Than Magic Leap

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I blame this all on Magic Leap’s founder, Rony Abovitz. They, Magic Leap, even further defined the term. Yes, Magic Leap is the most advanced at the moment.

AR+VR Weekly: Santa Cruz Q1 2019, Magic Leap teardown and Magic Leap Dev conference

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In addition to keeping you up-to-date on the top AR+VR news, funding activity, and launch announcements, here are there three stories you need to know: Santa Cruz Q1 2019, Magic Leap teardown and Magic Leap Dev conference.

Apple CEO: VR Has “Lower Commercial Interest” than AR, New Hires from Magic Leap & Oculus

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Macrumors reported yesterday that the company have recruited two new team member, Zeyu Li from Magic Leap and Yury Petrov from Oculus. The post Apple CEO: VR Has “Lower Commercial Interest” than AR, New Hires from Magic Leap & Oculus appeared first on Road to VR.

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