Google Partners With CyArk to 3D Scan the World’s Historical Sites, Provide Open Access to Data

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Google has partnered with CyArk , the non-profit studio behind VR app MasterWorks: Journey Through History (2018), to expand CyArk’s mission to 3D laser-scan the world’s historical sites and provide open access to the data.

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Interview to Eduardo Siman: virtual reality makes data visualization fun, we should all work together to make AR and VR to succeed

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It started with big data , and I started blogging about that at the end of 2015 basically because I couldn’t find anyone to talk about it with (laughs). From that moment, I forgot about big data and started focusing on AR and VR. ” It was fun and it was just data!

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Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset


Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. Here’s a detailed spec breakdown of the Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2 headset: SoC — Qualcomm Quad Core, 1.7GHz, 10nm.

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Google Says Global VR Search Volume Grew 400% in 12 Months

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Google, who has now has several major VR initiatives underway, notes major gains in interest in virtual reality and 360 degree video capture and sharing. See Also: Google’s (Day)dream: ‘Hundreds of Millions of Users in a Couple of Years’.

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#DATA is the new Drug in India

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I quickly fired up my Airtel (Telco in India) app to check data consumed – This wouldn’t do! – Use VR video: Google is now pushing its new VR180 format. More data streamed = more revenue earned. Think Tank Datadrug India Data

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New Data Reveals Christmas VR Porn Boom


This Christmas, more people watched virtual reality porn than ever before, according to data provided to VRScout by and “It seems clear from the data that lots of people got new VR headsets for Christmas, and now they are looking for content.”

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Google Appears to Be Ramping Up R&D Efforts for “New and novel” AR/VR Lenses

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Though there wasn’t much groundbreaking in the Daydream news shared at Google I/O this year, the company is growing its AR/VR team at an accelerated rate, suggesting Google has a number of things up its sleeve yet. Data collected by Road to VR.

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Google’s AR/VR Team Just Keeps Growing

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Google first started its venture into virtual reality with Google Cardboard back in 2014. A look at the company’s job listings so far this year reveals Google’s expanding commitment and investment in VR and AR.

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Super Data Report: 6.3 Million Virtual Reality Headsets Shipped in 2016


A new report from Super Data offers new estimates for the market size of virtual reality in 2016, suggesting 6.3 This leaves Oculus, Google and HTC to split about a million units. mobile gamers from July 2016, data collected from partners in the VR Data Network.”

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Watch Google’s ‘Visual Positioning Service’ AR Tracking in Action

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In addition, he announced an AR mode for an upcoming educational tool called Google Expeditions. Google Tango is a smartphone-based AR platform that has the ability to map the world around you in real-time using a number of on-board sensors and the phone’s camera.

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Google Demonstrates Promising Low-cost, Mobile Inside-out Controller Tracking

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But we could see that change in the near future, thanks to research from Google which details a system for low-cost, mobile inside out VR controller tracking. IMU data from the controller is fused with the algorithm’s positional determination to improve accuracy.

Google to Feature High-resolution VR OLED Display for Wide FOV Headsets at SID 2018

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As first reported by OLED-info , an advanced copy of the event’s schedule maintains that a talk featuring Google hardware engineer Carlin Vieri will be taking place May 22nd. Yes, Google is researching foveated rendering too.

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Data Suggests Oculus Rift S IPD Range ‘Best’ For Around Half Of Adults


We downloaded the data and used it to show the “best” IPD fit of the Oculus headsets based on the percentage of the people in the dataset they cover. Also, because the dataset contains more men than women we separated it by gender: The data shows Quest’s mechanical IPD adjustment makes it “best” for 99% of men and 93% of women, but the fixed lenses of Rift S are “best” for just 46% of men and 43% of women.

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Google Shares New Research into Foveated Rendering Techniques

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To that effect, Google Software Engineer Manager Behnam Bastani and Daydream Software Engineer Eric Turner recently posted a quick overview of a few techniques in the company’s nascent foveated rendering pipeline for AR/VR.

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Google Opens ‘Maps’ API So Devs Can Create ‘Pokémon Go’-style Games

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During the Google Developer Day presentation at GDC 2018, Product Manager Clementine Jacoby and Engineering Lead Patrick Donelan at Google Maps presented the team’s progress in bringing their technology and data to game developers. Image courtesy Google.

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Easeus Data Recovery Wizard to the Rescue


Today, more than ever – we’re generating immense number of different data sets, and consuming data at ever higher rate. In that case, you would need a good data recovery software to get all those pictures or documents.

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Google & LG Detail Next-gen 1,443 PPI OLED VR Display, ‘especially ideal for standalone AR/VR’

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Ahead of SID Display Week, researchers have published details on Google and LG’s 18 Mpixel 4.3-in 1,443-ppi 120Hz OLED display made for wide field of view VR headsets, which was teased back in March. Human Visual System vs. Google/LG’s Display.

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2017 VR Industry Report to Bring Data-driven Insights & Forecasts That Cut Through the Hype

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With history and data points, one can extend trend lines to gain a sense for where something is headed,” said Clifton Dawson, CEO of Greenlight Insights. “We This year’s report will feature historical data on headset shipments and global forecasts through 2026.

Google is Developing a VR Display With 10x More Pixels Than Today’s Headsets

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Earlier this year, Clay Bavor, VP of VR/AR at Google, revealed a “secret project” to develop a VR-optimised OLED panel capable of 20 megapixels per eye. The post Google is Developing a VR Display With 10x More Pixels Than Today’s Headsets appeared first on Road to VR.

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Google Releases ARCore for Android, The Company’s Answer to Apple ARKit

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In an answer to Apple’s recently released ARKit , a developer tool used for making augmented reality apps and games that run on newer iPad and iPhones, Google today released a preview of a new Android-compatible software development kit (SDK) called ARCore.

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Researcher Outlines How VR Data Collection Could Be Used Against You


The possible effects of VR data collection are covered in a new opinion piece in the American Medical Association’s pediatric journal, authored by Jeremy Bailenson of the Department of Communication at Stanford University. In the piece, titled ‘Protecting Nonverbal Data Tracked in Virtual Reality’, Bailenson calls upon findings from his own work such as his recently-published book and experiments from others. VR Industry News facebook google

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VR Quiz Game ‘Go Guess’ Uses Google 360 Captures to Make You Guess Where You Are

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Go Guess (2018) is a new interactive VR quiz game from developers Oblix that tosses you into Google 360 captures and makes you to guess where you are. The post VR Quiz Game ‘Go Guess’ Uses Google 360 Captures to Make You Guess Where You Are appeared first on Road to VR.

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Google’s ‘Seurat’ Surface Light-field Tech Could Be a Graphical Breakthrough For Mobile VR

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Google has revealed a new ‘surface light-field’ rendering technology that it’s calling ‘Seurat’ (after the famous Pointillism painter). If it all works as Google says though, this could be a breakthrough for graphics on mobile VR devices.

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Google Announces ‘WorldSense’ Inside-out Tracking for Standalone Daydream VR Headsets

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Google today announced that standalone VR headsets are coming to Daydream , the first of which will be made by HTC and Lenovo. Data from other sensors like accelerometers and gyroscopes are also fused into the equation to make tracking more precise.

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Google ‘Foveated Compression’ Patent Filing Published


Alphabet’s Google filed for a patent for a compression system specifically designed for frames produced by foveated rendering. The patent explains that in a standalone headset, the data lanes from the SoC (system-on-chip) to the display have limited bandwidth. This seems to follow an increasing trend of Facebook poaching top VR talent from Google and Microsoft. Google foveated rendering google

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Google Announces ‘VR180’ 3D Consumer Cameras Coming from Lenovo and Yi Technology

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Google today unveiled at CES a pair of point-and-shoot stereoscopic 180 cameras from Lenovo and Chinese camera manufacturer YI Technology. The cameras, respectively called the Lenovo Mirage and the Yi Horizon, are the first consumer cameras in Google’s growing VR180 camera platform.

Google’s New Pixel Phones Are “factory calibrated and optimized for AR”, Now With 60 FPS Tracking

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Google’s event today saw the unveiling of its newest smartphones, Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL. image courtesy Google. aperture lens, Google’s Pixel 2 nearly matches the same portion of the spec sheet as iPhone 8’s 12MP camera with f/1.8

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Google ARCore Brings Augmented Reality to Android


And as developers continued to experiment with the ARKit platform, creating some pretty killer apps , it left us scratching our heads wondering where Google fell into this mix now. It looks like Google had something up their sleeves the whole time. Image Credit: Google.

Google Is Exploring VR Shoes With Tiny Motorized Wheels


Alphabet’s Google has filed a patent application for a new approach to VR walking shoes. Very simple rollers transmit movement data back to the PC, but they are not motorized in any way. The disadvantage of the Cybershoes, and the main problem Google’s approach seems to be tackling is that it only works seated. But if the approach described in Google’s patent application truly works, it could be a revolution for VR locomotion.

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Asus ‘ZenFone AR’ Google Tango, Daydream VR Phone Launched, Specs Revealed

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Asus have officially unveiled their new Google Tango and Daydream VR certified phone at a press conference at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and the new device packs some impressive hardware inside it’s sleek exterior.

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Google Announces Next-gen ‘Jump’ VR Camera, 8K x 8K with Seamless Stitching

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Google today announced what the company is calling the “next-generation” of its ‘ Jump ‘ 3D 360 camera initiative. Original Article (4/24/17): Google announced the Jump initiative back in 2015.

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Google’s Daydream View VR Headset Has Arrived


Unveiled at a press event last month, Google’s Daydream View headset is now on sale from retailers like Best Buy, Verizon, and Google’s own store. Like the Google Cardboard and Gear VR, Daydream View is powered by your phone (in this case a Google Pixel or Pixel XL device).

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Google Helps Preserve Endangered Historical Sites in VR


Google assists CyArk in saving our heritage by preserving the wonders of the world in VR. Open Heritage is the first time Google will be adding 3D historical sites to Arts & Culture, as well as its first foray into VR content.

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Outings Looks Like Microsoft’s Answer To Google Earth VR For MR


A quick glance invites comparisons to Google Earth VR. We don’t know if its library of content is as expansive as Google Earth, though. This allows you to pull data gathered from Bing Maps straight into Unity apps. Tagged with: google earth vr , Outings Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Outings Looks Like Microsoft’s Answer To Google Earth VR For MR appeared first on UploadVR. Art & Science Experiences google earth vr Outings

Google I/O: Google Unveils VPS – Indoor Navigation Through AR


Clay Bavor, VP of VR for Google, took the stage to share intriguing new information for immersive technology. He made a blockbuster announcement for the new standalone VR headset Google is working on with HTC and also shared that the S8 will finally be getting Daydream support. ” Google has been working with the Google Maps team to get precise location data for indoors. Tagged with: Google I/O Facebook Twitter Reddit More. AR Google Google I/O

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Hands-on: Google’s Standalone Daydream Headset Prototype with WorldSense Tracking

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Over the last 12 months or so we’ve been keeping an eye on Google’s aggressive hiring for its AR/VR team which, among other things, suggested that the company was working on new “mass production” hardware that would go beyond the simple smartphone snap-in Daydream headsets.

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IDC’s Data Shows VR is Not Dying, Not Even Close


IDC started to collect market share data for VR and AR shipments since Q1 2016 and just reported their Q1 numbers for 2017. However, if you look at how IDC’s latest quarter tracked the data, 43% of VR and AR headset shipments were not represented by the top 5 players, Samsung, Sony, HTC, Facebook or TCL. None of these numbers really consider the expected uptake of standalone VR headsets which are expected to ship in volumes from companies like Google and HTC later this year.

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