Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards


Google, Sony, Oculus, Samsung, Acer and HTC have combined their efforts in order to create a healthy and equal industry for virtual reality hardware and software to develop and expand. The post Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards appeared first on VRScout.

Google Unboxes ARCore for Samsung Galaxy Note 9, Tab S4, & Latest Devices from Sony & Nokia

Next Reality AR

As Android device partners ship new products, Google has been diligent in its efforts to ensure that users can enjoy ARCore apps once they boot up their new toys.

PSVR Co-Creator Richard Marks Leaves Sony For Google


According to a report from VentureBeat , Richard Marks, a former senior researcher and head of PlayStation’s Magic Lab who helped create the PlayStation VR (PSVR) headset and PS Move controllers, has left Sony to join Google. As of now we’ve got no real idea what his role at Google will be or what this means for the future of Sony’s PSVR. While running Sony’s Magic Lab, Marks was in charge of R&D of future-focused concepts and ideas.

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Top Gartner Analyst: “No Doubt About It” Google’s Daydream is a Winner


Daydream Brian Blau Gartner google daydream PSVR sony Sony PSVR

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The Future Begins: October Will See Big VR Moments From Google, Facebook, and Sony


Daydream Google VR VR Industry News google oculus touch PlayStation VR

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Field in View: Valve, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Sony – Who Believes What’s Best For VR?


As wonderful a headset as PSVR is, Sony’s approach to VR is probably the most incidental, not that that’s necessarily a bad thing. Google. Google wants to essentially create the Android of VR by building on top of that exact operating system.

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Report: Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VRThose of.


Report: Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR Those of us who are old enough to have seen the rise of virtual reality in the ‘90s and then the fall and then another rise in mid 2000 and then another fall, know that the present hype about virtual reality may not be sustainable.

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Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Sony (PSVR) is clearly leading and is taking one third of the whole market. Sony is followed by Facebook (the Oculus platform) and Google (Day Dream, Card Board, Tilt Brush, etc.); neither company has a VR user base anywhere close to Sony’s, and their products are either at the low end or a bit too expensive. Tagged with: facebook , market share , oculus , sony htc. VR Industry News facebook market share oculus sony htcVR is hot! But is it permanent?

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Sony’s Richard Marks Expects Natural Voice Input to Play Major Role in VR’s Future

Road to VR

In a recent interview with Glixel , Dr. Richard Marks, head of Sony’s Magic Lab R&D team, talked about PSVR’s development history, social VR, and a possible holodeck-style future. Project Morpheus prototype | Photo courtesy Sony.

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Nokia and Sony Pictures Team Up For 360-Degree Content


It’s designed to be an end to end tool that simplifies the process and, via press release, Nokia has announced a content partnership with Sony Pictures. “VR The Privilege Plus application is currently available via Google Play.

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Sony’s Yoshida: PSVR Titles With ‘Deeper Gaming’ Will Increase Going Forward


In an interview with the Japanese PlayStation Blog for last week’s Tokyo Game Show (roughly translated via Google), Sony’s Head of Worldwide Studios explained that many PSVR games up to this point have been smaller experiences, but the appetite for larger games is growing. Still, we’re eager to see what else Sony has in store for PSVR, especially as it nears its third year as Yoshida referenced. Experiences Gaming PSVR Sony VR Industry News

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Sony’s Streaming Service Crackle Jumps Into VR


Announced last week by Crackle, Sony’s free streaming TV network, original drama series Snatch will be getting an exclusive VR bonus experience on PlayStation VR this summer. The post Sony’s Streaming Service Crackle Jumps Into VR appeared first on VRScout.

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Google Announces Next-gen ‘Jump’ VR Camera, 8K x 8K with Seamless Stitching

Road to VR

Google today announced what the company is calling the “next-generation” of its ‘ Jump ‘ 3D 360 camera initiative. Original Article (4/24/17): Google announced the Jump initiative back in 2015.

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Asus ‘ZenFone AR’ Google Tango, Daydream VR Phone Launched, Specs Revealed

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Asus have officially unveiled their new Google Tango and Daydream VR certified phone at a press conference at CES 2017 in Las Vegas and the new device packs some impressive hardware inside it’s sleek exterior. Primary Camera 23mp ‘Sony IMX318’ Image sensor.

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Google Announces ARCore 1.0 Update and New AR Experiences


Google’s ARCore is getting an update that brings improved environmental understanding and lets developers now publish AR apps to the Play Store. On top SDK updates, Google has also partnered with a few developers to showcase how they’re planning to use AR in their apps. ARCore 1.0

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Now on Rift, ‘Tilt Brush’ is the First Google App on Facebook’s VR Platform

Road to VR

After a long and somewhat awkward period of Google keeping all of their VR apps from Facebook’s VR platforms on desktop (with Rift) and mobile (with Gear VR), Tilt Brush is the first VR olive branch extended across the platform gap between these two major tech competitors.

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Until Dawn, Bravo Team Dev Working With Sony ‘On Several PS-Exclusives’


In an interview with Russian site 4PDA , as translated by Google, Supermassive Games executive director Pete Samuels apparently stated that the developer was “working on several unannounced PS-exclusives.”

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Editorial: Sony And Facebook Don’t Need To Finance Shooting Virtual Humans


In contrast, Facebook and Sony are farming out projects to trusted teams and insulating these creators from community feedback. Sony isn’t alone here. VR is a new medium and it is true that most of the projects getting funding from Facebook and Sony are not realistic shooters.

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Google Bringing WebVR 1.1 To Daydream in January


As reported by Road to VR , Google recently confirmed that the latest iteration of the framework, WebVR 1.1, ” AR was mentioned too, though Google isn’t “what this would entail yet.” WebVR chrome Daydream google webvr

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Sony’s PSVR Headset Design Licensed By Lenovo For The Mirage Solo


A three paragraph press release issued by Sony Interactive Entertainment and Lenovo suggests the companies quietly resolved a disagreement over the latter’s use of Sony’s PlayStation VR headset design. Lenovo’s Mirage Solo headset is an intriguing developer kit which is getting upgrades by way of a new Google add-on that will give the standalone headset a pair of 6DoF hand controllers. whether it bears any continued similarity to Sony’s design.

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VR Association Formed To Get ‘Ahead of Challenges With Developing and Deploying The Technology Responsibly’


The collective includes Google, HTC Vive, Acer Starbreeze, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Tagged with: acer , Collective , google , htc vive , industry , oculus , samsung , sony , virtual reality.

The 2017 Lumiere Awards: Google and Dear Angelica Win Big


Google Earth VR. presented Google Earth VR with the Century Award for VR in service of environmental enrichment. Google Earth VR turns much of the world into a digital playground that you can fly or teleport around in immersive 3D space.

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Sony’s PSVR Nearly Quadrupled Vive Sales in Q1 2017 According to Superdata


Google Daydream: 170,000. Google Daydream HTC Vive Oculus Rift PSVR Research Samsung Gear VR VR Industry NewsSome of the most common questions asked by people interested in the VR industry are: What headset is selling the most? What content gets downloaded? And is it worth it for me to buy now? Very rarely do we get a completely candid look into the exact sale and download numbers, typically having to collect scatterings of information to create an educated estimate.

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2018 Lumiere Awards Recognize Owlchemy, VRC, Sony And Others For VR/AR


Last year, projects like Dear Angelica and Google Earth VR took home awards. Spiderman: Homecoming VR Experience” from Sony Pictures Entertainment. The Advanced Imaging Society, a non-profit trade group with members including major Hollywood studios, held its annual Lumiere awards this week on the Warner Bros. studio lot. A number of VR and AR projects were recognized. Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-Ality was selected as VR game of the year.

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Former PlayStation VP, Google, And Activision Staffers Join CastAR


Peter Dille, Former Senior Vice President of Marketing and PlayStation Network at Sony Computer Entertainment (now Sony Interactive Entertainment); Mel M.

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Top Gartner Analyst: “No Doubt About It” Google’s Daydream.


Top Gartner Analyst: “No Doubt About It” Google’s Daydream is a Winner “There is no doubt about it,” says Brian Blau, Gartner’s Research Vice President, in the long run Google’s Daydream platform will have more impact on the landscape than the PSVR launch.

Former PlayStation VP, Google, And Activision Staffers Join.


Former PlayStation VP, Google, And Activision Staffers Join CastAR CastAR’s consumer release might seem a ways off, but the company today announced yet more key hires that will help it get there. google castar

Google Pixel Launched – Pixel XL is 30% Slower than iPhone 7


As widely expected Google announced the Pixel and Pixel XL, its first purely self-branded smartphones. While perhaps not remarkable by themselves, the phones are part of Google’s big push into consumer hardware today which also includes Google Home, Google Wi-Fi, Daydream View, and more.

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New to VR? A beginner’s guide


Google Cardboard. from Google. Google Daydream View. from Google. COMPATIBILITY: The Google Daydream View is only compatible with these devices: Pixel, Pixel 2, Galaxy S8, Galaxy S8+, Galaxy Note 8, LG V30, Moto Z, Moto Z 2 , ZenFone AR, Mate 9 Pro, Axon 7.

What VR Headset Makers (not analysts) Have Actually Said About Sales Expectations

Road to VR

Sony – PlayStation VR. Just days after PSVR’s October launch, Jim Ryan, President of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, spoke to the company’s confidence in early traction of the PSVR headset in an interview with CNBC. “We Google – Daydream.

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Google Daydream View VR Available to pre-order NOW arriving November 15


Pre-orders for Google's Daydream View VR headset are now live, and you can pick one up for $79. It's available through the Google Online Store , but if you're in the US, it's also going on sale through Verizon or Carphone Warehouse if you're in the UK.

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VR Sales Analysis: Rift and Vive to Sell Under 500,000 in 2016, PS VR to Top 2 Million


Since then the HTC Vive , PlayStation VR and Google Daydream View have all entered the arena. Tagged with: Daydream , google , htc , oculus , PlayStation VR , PS VR , rift , sales , sony , Vive.

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Why is Google Cardboard Still Dominating the VR HMD Sales


Google Daydream haven’t hit the markets yet and so the sales numbers aren’t exactly showing in where it’s going to be situated next year. . Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Global CEO, Andrew House said that the company has managed to sell 915,000 units in 4 months since official release. Right off the bat, Sony did actually have quite a bit of advantage that played in their favor. PlayStation VR impressed Sony with its sales results. Sony came prepared.

Megaton Rainfall Review: Google Earth Meets Man Of Steel


Developed by Pentadimensional Games, Megaton Rainfall is sort of like a superhero simulator inside Google Earth. Sure, Megaton Rainfall makes a few cuts to squeeze onto Sony’s headset, and it isn’t the most optimized of experiences.

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These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


billion from companies listed below like Google and Qualcomm. Google – NASDAQ: GOOG – Cardboard, Google VR, Daydream & Tango, VR cameras, Tilt Brush. Sony – NYSE: SNE – VR Console, VR Games & VR Headset.

VR Headset Makers Buddy Up to form VR Association


Samsung ( M obile Gear VR), HTC (HTC Vive), Oculus (Oculus Rift), Sony (PSVR), Google ( D aydream), and Acer Starbreeze ( S tarVR). There is a slight problem, however, if you search GVRA in Google, the first result is for the Georgia Vocational Rehabilitation Agency.

These Are The Apps You Can Now Download on Google Daydream


No, not the launch of Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro , we’re talking about the arrival of Google Daydream, the company’s new mobile VR ecosystem. Again, StreetView has had VR support for some time, but Daydream offers a superior way to use the app over Google Cardboard.

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