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The XR Week Peek (2021.12.06): Upload VR Showcase, Apple headset rumors, and more!

The Ghost Howls

It is the home country of Sony, so PlayStation VR and Meta itself have clearly expressed its interest in penetrating the market. More info (Razer Qualcomm G3X) More info (Project Ironman) More info (iQiYi Adventure Dream) More info (Qualcomm Snapdragon 8). Google details Project Starline. reducing our field of view).

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The New Razer Kishi V2 Is a Better Way to Turn Your Android Smartphone Into a Handheld Console

GizModo VR

From day one, smartphones had the potential to be excellent handheld gaming devices, were it not for the limitations of touchscreens. Joysticks and buttons are still the best way to play, and while wireless controllers now easily connect to mobile devices, clamp-on gamepads are a better solution, and one of the best… Read more.

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VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Razer – OSVR. Sony – Playstation VR. Google – Daydream View. Google – Tilt Brush. GoogleGoogle Earth VR. Google – Tabel. Something to note, all nominees had to be centered on a virtual reality experience, and not an augmented reality experience. HTC – Vive.

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The best deals to shop at Walmart this week

Mashable VR

We've rounded up the best Walmart deals for you this week, including on things like 4K TVs , kitchen appliances, robot vacuums , 2-in-1 laptops , and a whole slew of other name-brand gadgets and gizmos. SEE ALSO: How to sign up for Walmart+ — and why you should.

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The 10 Coolest Concept Gadgets That Never Made It to Stores

GizModo VR

The annals of tech history are littered with gadgets that arrived DOA at retail, but some of the most promising devices were actually concepts that never even made it out the door. So as a tribute to all the innovative teasers and promising tech demos that just didn’t quite have what it takes to make it to store… Read more.

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Sunday's Best Deals: Ninja Hot + Cold Brew Coffee Maker, Solar-Powered Flickering Torches, Ergo Standing Desk Converter, Heidi & Oak Drawer Organizers, and More

GizModo VR

A Ninja Hot and Cold Brew coffee system and a six-pack of Heidi & Oak drawer organizers lead Sunday’s best deals. Read more.

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This Device Proves Apple Could Crush Nintendo (If It Wanted To)

GizModo VR

My phone time is usually spent sanding down the edges of my mind on TikTok and Twitter, with a “healthy” dose of emailing, calendar massaging, and capital-S Slacking to get things done. But recently, a new category of app has crept up my iPhone Screen Time leaderboard: gaming, especially through platforms like Steam… Read more.

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