Sony Unveils ‘Spatial Reality Display’ with Eye-tracking for Glasses-free 3D Viewing

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Sony recently unveiled Spatial Reality Display, a 15.6-inch 4K panel that includes both eye-tracking and embedded lenticular lens array so users can view 3D content with the naked eye. Sony says it’s designed for one viewer at a time.

The XR Week Peek (2022.06.06): Sony announces four games for PSVR 2, and Apple today…

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment). Furthermore, when the remastered version of Resident Evil 4 has been announced, Sony stated that some VR-related content will be released for it (but it is not clear what).

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.01): Sony confirms PSVR 2, Facebook teases Quest 2 Pro, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony). Sony officially states it is going to launch the PSVR 2. PlayStation VR has been the most successful headset until now (if we exclude the crappy mobile viewers), but now it is pretty dated and people were wondering what Sony was going to do. Header image by Sony).

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Unity Technologies Hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Building on the momentum set into motion by the inaugural event, Unity Technologies is hosting Vision VR/AR Summit Asia in Beijing. Unity revealed that representatives from Google, Samsung Gear VR, PTC Vuforia, Sony PlayStation VR, and Microsoft HoloLens will be on hand to discuss new developments in their individual technologies. Unity will also host a one-day workshop the day before the event where Unity field engineers will discuss VR development and optimization.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.03.22): Sony reveals PSVR2 controllers, FRL shows the wristband of the future, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment). Sony unveils the new controllers of the PSVR2. Sony promises amazing haptic sensations on the controllers, that should be able to provide “impactful, textured, and nuanced” sensations. Header image by Sony Interactive Entertainment).

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Unity CEO Wants ‘Equivalent of LittleBigPlanet’ Made In VR

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

User-generated content might be a common feature of many games these days, but you could argue that its inception was kick started by Sony’s LittleBigPlanet series. Unity is hoping that, one day, something will do the same for VR. Unity CEO John Riccitiello said as much to UploadVR in an interview at this week’s Vision Summit. Unity may be the company to make it happen. Tagged with: unity Facebook Twitter Reddit More.

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3D displays hands-on: Sony, Leia, and The Looking Glass!

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Of course not… Sony 3D Display. The first display I have been able to try has been at the Sony booth. This is the picture of Sony 3D display. This is another cool function offered by Leia Android device… automatic preview inside Unity.

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Sneak Peak:Ghostbusters:Dimension from The Void, Made with Unity.

Cats and VR

Get a glimpse into the gameplay in Ghostbusters: Dimension, created with Unity 3D. Unity, the largest global development platform for creating 2D, 3D, VR and AR games and experiences, today announced a new and truly unique virtual reality (VR) experience "Ghostbusters: Dimension" has been built using the Unity Technologies platform. Led by tech innovators THE VOID, the experience was created in partnership with Sony Pictures, Madame Tussauds New York, and Ghost Corps.

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Unity CEO Predicts VR/AR Takes Off In ’12 to 24 Months’

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Unity CEO John Riccitiello has been following both virtual and augmented realities for a long time and, like the rest of us, he’s waiting for it to go mainstream. Today at Unity’s Vision Summit, he outlined how and when he thinks it will get there. The Unity CEO noted that investors would “need the promise of at least 100 million devices in the market” to justify spedning large sums of money, which presents a real problem.

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Sony Showing More Believable VR Characters In PSVR GDC Tech Demo

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Creating more believable virtual characters will play an essential role in further immersing us in single-player VR experiences in the future, and Sony intends to demonstrate that on PlayStation VR (PSVR) this GDC. According to Sony they “imbue a sense of shared space”, reacting to both sound and motion created either within the area or by the player. There are scheduled Unreal Engine 4 and Unity Engine PSVR demonstrations too.

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The VR Job Hub: Inflight VR & Sony London Studio

Peter Graham

Senior VR/Unity Developer. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Features Pinned Article The VR Job Hub Inflight VR Sony London StudioLast week’s VR Job Hub was all about the US west coast and gaming giant Valve.

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The VR Job Hub: Sugar Creative, Sony London Studio & Ready at Dawn

Peter Graham

Unity 3D Developer. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Sony London Studio. Features Pinned Article The VR Job Hub Ready At Dawn Sony London Studio Sugar Creative StudioThere might only be a couple of weeks to Christmas so looking for a new job is probably the last thing on most people’s minds.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.06.15): PS5 revealed, SteamVR implements OpenVR and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony, from Road To VR). Sony announces PS5, it supports PSVR. With an online livestream of around 1 hour, Sony has finally unveiled the design of the PlayStation 5. Unity details its MARS solution. Header image by Sony).

Major XR Players Join New Metaverse Forum to Cooperate on Foundational Standards

Road to VR

” The so-called Metaverse Standards Forum was founded by platform holders, hardware companies, engine/tool creators, and users, with participants including companies such as Adobe, Autodesk, Epic Games, Unity, Meta, Microsoft, nVidia, OTOY, Qualcomm, and Sony.

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Epic Games Acquires Sketchfab, the Massive 3D Object Library Compatible with AR/VR Headsets

Road to VR

Sketchfab says it will continue to support other game engines, Unity included. The acquisition no doubt comes as a direct result of Epic securing a $1 billion financing round back in April, $200 million of which came from Sony Group Corporation.

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Epic Games buys UK facial mapping startup Cubic Motion

TechCrunch VR

Cubic Motion’s technology has been used in recent blockbuster gaming titles like Sony Interactive Entertainment’s God of War and Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man.

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The XR Week Peek (2022.07.04): Big tech companies perform budget cuts, Mojo tests its smart contact lens in-eye, and more!

The Ghost Howls

The same luck has not happened to employees at Niantic at Unity. Unity, instead, is firing 4% of its employees, and this may seem weird considering that in the last months it has proceeded to hundred-millions-dollars acquisitions. Image by Unity Technologies).

The XR Week Peek (2021.05.17): HTC announces Vive Pro 2 and Vive Focus 3, PSVR 2 to feature eye tracking, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment). I like everything that we know on the PSVR 2 device because it is visible that Sony Interactive Entertainment is putting a lot of effort into releasing a high-quality headset that is on par with what the competition is offering.

How Inworld AI Is Populating the Metaverse


Other members of the e-board have backgrounds including Magic Leap and Sony. Once the character is complete in both mind and body, they can be integrated into virtual environments created using Unreal Engine or Unity.

The XR Week Peek (2020.11.02): PSVR likely not to come in 2021, new info revealed on Decagear, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony). Sony believes in VR, and we definitely believe at some point in the future, VR will represent a meaningful component of interactive entertainment. More info (New features of OpenXR) More info (OpenXR in Unity) More info (OpenXR in Microsoft products).

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The XR Week Peek (2020.01.27): Samsung may be working on a new headset, Half-Life: Alyx will ship on time and much more!

The Ghost Howls

This week, a rumor spread among XR communities: next-gen PSVR will be announced at a press conference to be held by Sony on February, 5th. Unity changes how it handles XR Plugins. So sad for me, considering the 5 years I’ve spent using Vuforia in Unity… so many memories….

The XR Week Peek (2021.04.19): Quest 2 adds Air Link and Resident Evil 4, Pico and HTC are ready to launch, and more!

The Ghost Howls

NVIDIA DLSS (Deep Learning Super Sampling) will be natively supported for HDRP in Unity 2021.2. This new money, that has been given by Sony and other investors, has been explicitly gathered to build the blocks of the future Metaverse.

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How MeKiwi ported Cave Digger to 7 different VR platforms

The Ghost Howls

Some are easy like VivePort, which is basically a Steam build with the Steam stuff removed, but then on the other hand you have Sony’s eldritch submission process and things like Quest performance optimizations.

The Ghost Howls celebrates its 5th birthday!

The Ghost Howls

August, 15th is a special day in Italy: it is called “Ferragosto”, and people go out with their friends and families and grill some BBQ in the parks, have picnics, or just chill together. Almost no one works, and people are focused on enjoying good food and good company.

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My predictions for virtual reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

And in fact, some weeks ago Sony has made everyone understand that it has delayed the launch of the PSVR 2 because the market is not there yet. Sony believes in VR, and we definitely believe at some point in the future, VR will represent a meaningful component of interactive entertainment.

The XR Week Peek (2022.05.30): Niantic launches VPS, Pico launches Neo 3 Link, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

And Sony will give a “Sneak peek” of PSVR 2 games at its upcoming State Of Play event on June 2nd at 3 PM PT. It seems that Sony is hoping for a Q4 release in time for the holidays, but analyst Ming-Chi Kuo thinks that delays will bring the release to Q1 2023.

The XR Week Peek (2021.03.08): Microsoft launches Mesh, HTC and Pico tease new hardware, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Sony announces new games for PSVR. More info (All announcements by Sony) More info (Doom 3 VR) More info (After The Fall) More info (After The Fall on announced platforms) More info (Fracked). Sony seems to be patenting bananas as controllers for the next-gen PSVR!

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.26): DecaGear is an intriguing VR headset, HTC is working on a new device, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Sony will give PS4 camera adapters for PS5 for free. Sony has answered this question in the weekend. Simple WebXR” aims at bringing WebXR to Unity. On GitHub has appeared a new project called “Simple WebXR” aimed at letting you develop WebXR experiences inside Unity.

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The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


Tony Parisi , Global Head of VR/AR at Unity Technologies. A partial list of exhibitors includes: AMD Studios, Barco, Create VR, Dell, Google, HP | Nvidia, Intel, Koncept VR, Legend, LOOT Interactive, Lytro, Positron, Sony Music, Technicolor, Time Inc., LIFE VR, Unity, Unreal Engine, VRC and DTS (an Xperi company). ‘On The Lot’ is back—and now featuring AR—October 13 and 14 at The Lot in West Hollywood.

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Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

Road to VR

By the virtue of its Windows operating system, the basis of which nearly every PC VR headset uses to function, Microsoft joining the OpenXR initiative represents a win for the others involved, which include industry players like Google, Oculus, HTC, AMD, NVIDIA, Epic Games, Unity, Intel, Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung and Valve.

My experience at SXSW 2022: expect the unexpected

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I’ve personally met and had a chat with people from Unity and Epic Games, Roblox, The Sandbox, HTC Vive, Microsoft, Rec Room. I saw that there were people from Sony Interactive Entertainment.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.08.10): Valve Index gains market share, Hitman 3 is coming to PSVR and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Sony). It is not clear, and we hope that Sony will clarify his.(Theoretically Theoretically yes, but Sony always talked about the compatibility of old games with PS5 + old PSVR, not also about new games). It’s a sunny Summer day here, and many people are in vacation.

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Virtual Reality Takes Center Stage at Tokyo Game Show


It was no surprise that Sony came out in full force with their PlayStation VR, which launches in near weeks, with large crowds gathering to demo the latest VR games like Resident Evil 7 , Call of Duty Infinite Warfare , Farpoint and Batman Arkham. Having just taken first place at the Unity VR Expo Akiba awards , the developers brought their sword wielding game again, where a girl absolutely destroyed a boss all while twirling in a cape and school uniform.

GDC Summer Coming to San Francisco in Early August

Road to VR

Before the postponement, a litany of companies stepped back from GDC 2020 such as Epic, Microsoft, Unity, Sony, Electronic Arts, Facebook, and Kojima Productions.

What Are The Biggest Myths About AR Advertising?

AR Insider

I’ve been writing about it for over a year, and working on related products at Unity for much longer. We’ve seen some great examples of entertainment marketing, such as Sony Pictures’ Spider-Man : Into the Spider-Verse campaign done by Trigger using 8th Wall’s WebAR platform a few years back.

AR 139

The XR Week Peek (2021.06.14): Facebook buys BigBox VR and plans to sell 18-20M Quests in 2022, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

According to the report, analyzing the orders made to the lens manufacturer, the two new headsets by Sony and Facebook should be released in 2022. I’m very tired because yesterday I was ironing out bugs on HitMotion: Reloaded together with the game designer Max until 3.40

How the Stock Market is Showing Faith in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)


Google also offers ARCore , a developer tool for Android, iOS, Unreal, and Unity which help integrate AR elements into the real environment. One-year price performance for SNAP as of 2/3/20 Sony Corp.