Every Announcement From The Oculus Gaming Showcase


Oculus teases new games and several long-awaited updates during its first-ever VR gaming showcase. Oculus held its first-ever VR gaming showcase earlier today, revealing new games and several major updates coming to Oculus Quest and Oculus Rift headsets this year.

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Oculus To Host First-Ever VR Gaming Showcase Next Week


Tune in to the official live stream on April 21st to catch a glimpse at new games and updates to fan-favorite titles. Image Credit: Oculus. The Oculus Gaming Showcase will be followed shortly by Vivecon 2021 , HTC’s own recently-announced VR-focused showcase taking place this May.

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VR Parkour Game ‘STRIDE’ Coming To Oculus Quest


Like the SteamVR release, STRIDE on Oculus Quest will feature three game modes at launch. STRIDE will be available on Oculus Quest headsets on August 5th for $15.99. Those with a SteamVR headset can play the game now for $19.99.

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Five Terrifying Oculus Quest 2 Games Perfect For Halloween


Set the mood this Halloween season with the following VR horror games on Oculus Quest 2. So what better time to break down our favorite VR horror games on Facebook’s killer standalone headset. Blair Witch: Oculus Quest Edition.

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Competitive VR NERF Game Coming To Oculus Quest In 2022


That following year NERF introduced the very first NERF dart gun called the Sharpshooter and the game of tag was forever changed. This epic-sized VR game will have you and other players going head-to-head in massive team-based arena-style NERF battles that promise tons of action.

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Commodore 64 Emulator Brings Retro Gaming To Oculus Quest


Available now on the Oculus Quest via SideQuest, Real Commodore 64 – Virtually brings the original Commodore 64 experience to VR, allowing Quest and Quest 2 players the chance to explore a massive catalog of retro PC games.

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Free VR Games For The Oculus Quest 2 – 2021 Edition!


We’re back with a fresh batch of killer VR games for the Oculus Quest 2 that are 100% free of charge. Yes you heard the correct, each of the five games on our list come at the low low price of zero dollars and zero sense. then Cards and Tankards is the game for you.

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Viking Rhythm Game Ragnarock Hits Oculus Quest Store Next Week

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Absurd Viking-themed music rhythm game, Ragnarock, is coming to the Oculus Quest store next week. Developer WanadevStudio confirmed that the game will be getting a full release on the official store page on October 21 via Twitter. Ragnarock Oculus Quest Store Release Confirmed.

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How To Play SteamVR Games On The Oculus Quest 2


Expand your offerings with a massive catalogue of PC VR games & apps. The Oculus Quest has developed quite an impressive library of standalone games and apps. Then again, why settle for just the Oculus Quest Store when you can have the entirety of the SteamVR library?

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‘Rocket League’ Meets Archery In New Oculus Quest 2 Game


Everyone’s favorite vehicular soccer game Rocket League can now be played in VR. In the latest version of the game, players can hold a max of three arrows at one time. Those interested in checking the game out for themselves can DM maxweisel on Reddit for free access.

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Netflix Hit Series ‘Squid Game’ Is Now A VR Game


Fight for your life in this fan-made VR game based on the popular South Korean survival drama. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few weeks, odds are you’ve heard about Netflix’s latest global sensation, Squid Game.

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Netflix Just Launched Its Own VR Game On Oculus Quest 2


This past July, Netflix announced a major partnership with prolific television showrunner Shonda Rhimes to develop VR and gaming content for the video streaming platform. Apparently, however, Netflix launched its own VR game months ago on Oculus Quest headsets.

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‘Catan VR’ On Oculus Quest Is Proof We Need More VR Board Games


VR breathes new life into the legendary 90’s board game. Catan VR , a modern adaptation of the original 1995 board game Settlers of Catan is finally available on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets.

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How To Play Classic Arcade Games On Oculus Quest


Turn your Quest or Quest 2 headset into an all-in-one retro arcade featuring classic games and consoles. Miss visiting your local arcade and blowing all your hard-earned quarters on classic lightgun games? Games like Mario Bros.

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Game Night Returns In VR With ‘Neverboard’ On Oculus Quest


Take your game night to the next level with Evernever Games’ free-to-play VR party game. One of the many things I’ve missed since going into lockdown is game night. Moving forward, developer Evernever Games plans on introducing additional games to the platform.

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Oculus Quest Mixed Reality Series Now Available On Oculus TV


Watch players, as well as pros, participate in a variety of unique VR challenges featuring popular Oculus Quest 2 titles. The technology allows audiences to gain a better understanding of what it’s like to interact with the in-game world, especially when compared to standard POV capture.

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Oculus Air Link Streams PCVR Games Wirelessly To Quest 2


Update v28 is an absolute game-changer with new features such as wireless Oculus Link functionality, updates to Infinite Office, and more. Announced yesterday in an official Oculus blog post , the Oculus Air Link expands on the existing Oculus Link software introduced back in 2019.

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How To Listen To Spotify In-Game On The Oculus Quest


Ever wish you could jam out to your favorite tunes while cracking skulls in GORN or dunking on fools in Echo Arena on the Oculus Quest/Quest 2? It’s quick, easy, and an absolute game-changer for certain games and apps.

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How to gift a game on the Oculus Store

The Ghost Howls

One of the best gifts that you can make to a virtual reality gamer is a VR game , and finally, after years that we have awaited for this feature , it is possible to gift a game to a friend of yours in the Oculus Store. How can you give a game as a gift for a Quest 2 user?

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Oculus Quest Pro Leak: Promo Videos Show Possible Headset Design

Upload VR

We may well have an Oculus Quest Pro leak that gives us our first look at the headset from possibly leaked promotional videos ahead of Facebook Connect this week. Oculus Quest Pro Leak?

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Netflix Releases Free VR Game, Eden Unearthed, On App Lab For Oculus Quest

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Netflix has released a VR game called Eden Unearthed on App Lab for Oculus Quest, available now for free. We jumped into the game and played for around 15 minutes. The game is set in the far future, in a world without humans, organized solely by robots.

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Konami Releases VR Band Game, Beat Arena, For Oculus Quest

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Beat Arena, a new VR band game from Konami, is now available for Oculus Quest. The game was previously only available in limited regions, but is now available globally on the Quest platform, with 10 new songs added to the tracklist.

Top 5 App Lab Games Available Now On Oculus Quest


Last week Oculus launched the App Lab , a brand new service for the Oculus Quest/Quest 2 that allows developers to share their works-in-progress with users without the need for official Oculus Store approval. These apps may still be in development, but they already pack a punch.

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‘Jentrix’ On Oculus Quest Combines ‘Jenga’ And ‘Tetris’


Mix and match a never-ending wave of colorful fruit in this nerve-wracking VR puzzle game. Similar to the classic board game Jenga , the fruit is stacked in pairs of three, forming an unstable fruit tower. Jentrix features two game modes: Arcade and Unlimited.

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How to Use Oculus Air Link to Play PC VR Games Wirelessly on Quest 2

Road to VR

Oculus Air Link is an integrated way to play PC VR games (on Oculus PC or SteamVR) wirelessly on Quest 2. Just like Oculus Link allows you to plug into a VR ready PC to play PC VR games, Oculus Air Link allows you to do so wirelessly.

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Popular Co-op Game Spaceteam Heading To Oculus Quest & PC VR This Month


Spaceteam , the super infectious mobile game in which players frantically perform a series of goofy tasks and shout out commands in order to keep their spaceship from blowing up, is coming to the Oculus Quest, PC VR, and PlayStationVR as a full VR experience called Spaceteam VR.

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Every Game That Supports 120Hz On Oculus Quest 2

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With the v28 software update , Oculus Quest 2 now has experimental support for a 120Hz refresh rate. Here’s every game that can run at 120Hz on Quest 2 (so far). Don’t get too excited though — not all existing Quest games will be able to support 120Hz.

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Oculus Quest 128GB Headset Supposedly In The Works


This past December, we talked about the pros and cons of the 64GB and 256GB Oculus Quest headsets and which one to buy depending on your wants and needs as a user. The fact that many online retailers are currently sold out of 64GB model Oculus Quest headsets only adds further fuel to the fire.

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Every Oculus Quest 2 Game Announced At Facebook Connect


There was no shortage of game announcements at today’s Facebook Connect developer conference. From Assassins Creed to Beat Saber , we have plenty of VR gaming to look forward to over the coming months. VR’s weirdest game is heading to Quest 2!

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Cooperative VR Cooking Game Cook-Out Launches On Oculus Headsets Later This Year


Resolution Games, developer behind VR titles such as Acron: Attack of the Squirrels and Angry Birds VR: Isle of Pigs, is having one hell of a busy year. Resolution Games is no stranger to cooperative VR. Image Credit: Resolution Games.

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Have Facebook’s Big Bets on Oculus Exclusive Games Been Successful? A Data-driven Look

Road to VR

A portion of that investment was bet on big budget exclusive games, like Asgard’s Wrath and Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond , which aimed to satisfy a craving for AA and AAA VR content among gamers. There’s one exception to this rule which is the Vader Immortal games.

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Become An Interstellar Engineer In ‘Arcsmith’ On Oculus Quest


Construct dozens of complex interstellar machines, from space drones to antimatter generators, in this freeform puzzle game. In the debut trailer released earlier today, we catch a glimpse of the sci-fi-themed freeform puzzle game in action. Image Credit: Bithell Games.

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‘Boneworks’ Meets ‘Fall Guys’ In ‘MarathRUN’ On Oculus Quest


Available now on Oculus Quest and Oculus Quest 2 headsets as a free demo, MarathRUN combines physics-driven VR interactions with classic platforming gameplay mechanics to deliver a unique multiplayer obstacle course experience that can best be described as Boneworks meets Fall Guys.

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Little Cities Brings City Creation To Oculus Quest In 2022

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The city simulator genre is making its way to VR, with Little Cities arriving on the Oculus Quest platform in spring 2022. Hopefully, this immersive, god-like nature of the game differentiates it from the genre’s flatscreen predecessors.

Quest 2 Drops Backwards Compatibility with Oculus Go Apps & Games

Road to VR

It was a little over a year ago when Facebook triumphantly announced that games and apps made for Oculus Go would live on in Oculus Quest. Quest (2019) and Go, Images courtesy Oculus.

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Oculus Quest Update Adds Multitasking, Mic Swap, And More!


Oculus software update v30 introduces long-awaited features to accessibility, party chat, and Infinite Office. If you’ve ever played with friends on the Oculus Quest, then you know how frustrating the party system can be at times. AIR LINK FOR THE ORIGINAL OCULUS QUEST.

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VR Puzzler Arcsmith From Bithell Games Available Now On Oculus Quest

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Arcsmith , the new VR puzzler from Thomas Was Alone developer Bithell Games, is now available on Oculus Quest. The game was announced a month ago, and will blend storytelling and puzzles together in a sci-fi setting. Arcsmith is available now for Oculus Quest for $24.99.