Sony Acquires Insomniac Games


Insomniac Games — the developers behind Sony’s PS4 megahit Spider-Man — are going to become part of Sony Worldwide Studios. We’re curious what this means for the future of PC-powered games from Insomniac.

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Don’t Worry, Sony Just Reconfirmed PSVR ‘Is Compatible With PS5’


Sony Interactive Entertainment’s president and CEO Jim Ryan reconfirmed in an interview published today on CNET that the PSVR “is compatible with PS5” thankfully.

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Sony Just Invested $250 Million in Epic Games, Here’s What it Could Mean for VR and Beyond

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Sony Corporation announced today that it will invest $250 million in Epic Games, the company well known for its hit game Fortnite and the Unreal Engine game engine that powers it. Going Beyond Gaming. EA’s Game Engine Case Study.

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Sony Reveals PS5, Including New HD Camera And Discless Digital Edition


Sony revealed its next generation PlayStation 5 console today, which features a new white design, a white DualSense controller, media remote and a new HD camera. The post Sony Reveals PS5, Including New HD Camera And Discless Digital Edition appeared first on UploadVR.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.07.13): Sony invests in Epic, Rockstar is working on an AAA VR game, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Epic Games). Sony invests $250M in Epic Games. Sony has announced that it has made a big investment of $250M in Epic Games through one of its subsidiaries. The investment gives Sony a minority stake in Epic that now is evaluated at more than $17B.

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Community Download: What Do You Expect From Sony?s PS5 Event?


For today’s Community Download, we want to know what you’re expecting to see and learn about at Sony’s PS5 event? But we’re back this week with a new topic for everyone to weigh in on: Sony’s PlayStation 5 reveal event.

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Sony Paid $229 Million To Purchase Insomniac Games In 2019


Last year Sony Interactive Entertainment acquired Insomniac Games, the developers of critically-acclaimed and commercially successful games for both VR and non-VR formats. As a result of this acquisition, Insomniac Games has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony.”

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Sony Takes Minority Stake In Epic Games With $250M Investment

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Today Sony announced a strategic investment of $250 million in Epic Games to take a minority stake in the company. Epic Games is responsible for the Unreal Engine, Fortnite, Epic Games Store, and more.

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Sony Says It’s Focusing On The ‘Value Equation’ For PS5


We don’t yet know the price of Sony’s next-generation console, the PS5, but PlayStation chief executive Jim Ryan says the company is focusing on getting the “value equation” right. Obviously, whatever price Sony goes with will have a knock-on effect for PSVR users.

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Blood & Truth Dev Sony London Hiring For Next PSVR Game


Sony London, the studio behind Blood & Truth , is staffing up for its next VR game. We’re looking to hire gameplay & AI programmers @LondonStudioHQ , come and make first party games for @PlayStation and work with the talented crew who made #BloodAndTruth.

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Sony Postpones PlayStation 5 Reveal Event Previously Set For June 4th


Today in a tweet Sony announced the decision to postpone the PlayStation 5 reveal event that was previously scheduled for June 4th. Sony cites the need for “more important voices to be heard” at this time.

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Sony Announces ‘Smurfs’ Mixed Reality HoloLens Game


The latest Smurfs film gets it’s own mixed reality children’s game for Microsoft’s HoloLens. Of course it’s difficult to say how many children will actually get to experience this neat little game. Games News AR Augmented Reality HoloLens Microsoft Mixed Reality Smurfs Sony Unit 9

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5 PS5 Games We Hope Get PSVR Support


This was to be expected, of course; Sony wants to market its console for launch and talking about additional hardware at this stage complicates that. But it’s the games, mostly sequels to titles with original PSVR support, that have us most intrigued.

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Sony’s Mysterious PSVR Studio Is Closing Before It Even Revealed Its ‘AAA’ Game


Sony’s mysterious first-party development team, focused exclusively on making ‘AAA’ PSVR games, is closing down before it even revealed its first game. According to the report, the move was made “to close it as part of our efforts to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness” Sony opened the new studio in 2015, a year ahead of the launch of PSVR, with the aim of making games exclusively for the headset.

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Sony VR Patent Reveals Work On Face Tracking


A US patent granted to Sony reveals research on VR face tracking, a vital technology for the future of multiplayer and social VR. This tracked data would be represented on a virtual avatar, shown to other users online in multiplayer games.

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Sony to Unveil PS5 Game Trailers This Thursday in Livestream Event

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Sony probably won’t be announcing a next-gen PSVR headset anytime soon, however the company is taking a big step this Thursday, June 11th, as it drops all-new game trailers for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. News playstation 5 ps5 psvr 2 sony

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The Best VR Games Of 2020 (So Far)


Looking for the best VR games in 2020? We’re six months into 2020 and there’s already been a lot of great VR games. To recognize as many games as possible we’re splitting our current list of best VR games in 2020 into two parts.

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Sony To Talk PS5 System Architecture Tomorrow


After months of silence regarding its next console, Sony will talk about PS5’s system architecture in an update tomorrow. Tomorrow at 4pm GMT / 5pm CET, PS5 lead system architect Mark Cerny provides a deep dive into PS5’s system architecture and how it will shape the future of games.

Sony Patents Valve Index-Like VR Controller With Finger Tracking


A recently-published patent from Sony Interactive Entertainment suggests that the company is working on a new VR motion controller, similar to those for the Valve Index. In fact, we’ve seen other patents from Sony for a similar product sporting an entirely different design.

Sony Reveals AR Headset Prototype in New Ghostbusters Location-based Attraction

Road to VR

Ginza Sony Park, the Japanese tech giant’s Tokyo-based hub for Sony brand promotion, is now playing host to a new Ghostbusters -themed multiplayer experience using a newly revealed Sony AR headset prototype.

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Shawn Layden Says Sony-Made Games May Come To Other Platforms


Could we one day see Sony-made PSVR exclusives on other platforms? Sony’s Shawn Layden just made that seem like a possibility. Bloomberg notes that this was in particular reference to multiplayer games perhaps coming to PCs. “We

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Sony Tests New AR Ghostbusters Experience In Japan


Sony announced a new AR experience based on the Ghostbusters franchise. It will be available at the Sony building at Ginza Park in Japan from this month. Nonetheless, this is the first time we’ve heard of Sony using a device like this for a location-based AR experience.

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Sony Releases List Of Non-Gaming PSVR Launch Titles


PlayStation VR debuts featuring 10 non-gaming experiences. Virtual reality isn’t just for gaming, and Sony wants to make that perfectly clear to potential owners of their brand new VR headset. Below is a list of the 10 titles including the official descriptions from Sony.

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Sony Files Patent For Wireless PSVR Device


Sony looks to cut the cord on console VR. . According to a new patent filed by Sony, the company is looking into wireless functionality for the next iteration of their PSVR headset. Image Credit: Sony. Image Credit: Sony. Image Credit: Sony.

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Sony to Close First-party Manchester Studio Making ‘AAA’ PSVR Games

Road to VR

Sony is closing its Manchester, UK-based studio, the very same that was opened in 2015 to produce ‘AAA’ PSVR exclusives. While no games came from Manchester Studio throughout its five-year existence, it’s clear the team was working on VR up until very recently.

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Sony Confirms PSVR Support For The ‘PlayStation 5’


PSVR will be compatible with Sony’s next PlayStation console. Last month, it was discovered that Sony had filed a patent with the United States Patent and Trademark Office which hinted at some form of wireless functionality for PlayStation’s console VR platform.

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Sony to Nearly Double the Total Number of PSVR Games by End of 2018

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According to a report by Silicon Era , Sony expects to increase the number of PSVR games from 150 to 280 over the course of 2018. PSVR has a little under a tenth of the number of non-VR games currently listed on PSN. However Sony says they’ve sold more than 12.2

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PlayStation 5 Will Support PSVR, Sony Affirms

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It was more than a year ago—before PlayStation 5 was formally announced—that Sony confirmed its ‘next-gen console’ would continue to support PlayStation VR. ” PS5 Backwards Compatibility with PSVR & PS4 Games. Image courtesy Sony. PS5 Game Disc.

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Report: Sony Still Planning To Release PSVR 2 After PS5 Launch


A recent report from Bloomberg may reaffirm Sony’s previous hints that a possible PSVR 2 headset would launch after the release of PS5 this holiday season. This isn’t too surprising given previous comments from Sony staff.

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Sony Plans To Reveal ‘Compelling Lineup’ Of PS5 Titles Soon


In a recent Corporate Strategy Meeting (covered by popular Twitter news accounts Daniel Ahmad and Nibel ), Sony said it plans “to introduce a compelling lineup of titles” for PS5 “soon.” It sounds like we might finally get our first official glimpse of PS5 titles soon.

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Sony Sold 4.2 Million PSVR Headsets


Sony officially cleared a new sales milestone of 4.2 Sony is the only wired VR headset manufacturer to release actual sales figures. We last heard Sony cleared 3 million headsets sold in August 2018. Astro Bot , Beat Saber and other games have clearly driven sales for the system into 2019. A Sony livestream today announced a series of new VR games coming to the system in the next few months, including No Man’s Sky and Five Nights At Freddy’s.

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Sony Cancelling Iron Man VR Pre-Orders Following Indefinite Delay


Following last week’s news of an indefinite delay , Sony is cancelling pre-orders for upcoming PSVR exclusive, Iron Man VR. Pre-orders for the game had been live on the PlayStation Store for the past few months, including several editions.

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Sony Announces 5 Brand New Games Heading to PSVR

Road to VR

At Sony’s E3 2017 presentation the company announced a slew of brand new titles heading to PSVR. The range of games is diverse, from shooter to puzzle, to horror, and more. The new game appears to be a platformer like Lucky’s Tale but has a vastly different setting.

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Sony Acquires Insomniac Games, Delivering a Strategic Blow to Oculus Studios in the Process

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Sony Interactive Entertainment announced Monday that the company is acquiring Insomniac Games, a storied game studio and one of the most experienced in VR development anywhere in the world. Image courtesy Insomniac Games. Image courtesy Insomniac Games.

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Sony Files Patent For In-VR Esports Tournament Spectator System


Sony recently filed a patent application titled “Spectator View Into An Interactive Gaming World Showcased In A Live Event Held In A Real-World Venue” The patent describes using an array of cameras to make the VR user feel as if they’re attending the tournament. The patent also describes letting the VR user see inside the game being played. Imagine toggling between being in the audience and being in the game. Own a PSVR?

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Could Sony’s Next Headset Finally Crack the VR Gaming Market?

Tech Trends VR

If anybody can do it, it’s probably Sony. Ever since the Playstation was first launched – if, like myself, you’re old enough to remember it, you may pause a moment here to consider your own age and mortality – Sony has been in the business of reinventing gaming.

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PlayStation CEO: Sony Remains Committed To VR Following Leadership Shakeup


It’s been an uneven month or so for Sony, following a massive leadership shakeup in the wake of the PS5’s launch. More recently, however, chairman of Worldwide Studios and Sony veteran Shawn Layden left the company for undisclosed reasons. Sony Shakeup.

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