Unity’s Incredible Mixed Reality Demo is Coming to Quest in 2022

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Earlier this year the Unity Labs team shared an incredible proof-of-concept mixed reality demo that shows the power of blending the real and virtual worlds together. ” This week Provencher affirmed that Unity Slices: Table will be released as a demo on Oculus Quest for anyone to try.

Unity 277

How to build and run OpenXR applications in Unity

The Ghost Howls

After a long time with my lovely Unity 2019.4 LTS, I have decided it was time to switch to something new, not to miss the new features that Unity has implemented these years. I have so started using Unity 2021.3 Let’s see how to build a Unity 2021 application with OpenXR.

Unity 370

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How to make SteamVR input work with Unity XR Interaction Toolkit in Unity

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It is a short guide to implement some sort of compatibility between the SteamVR Unity plugin and the Unity XR Interaction Toolkit , that under the new XR Plugin Management in Unity are not working very well together. I personally used Unity 2019.4 Hello everyone!

Unity 393

How to implement Oculus Mixed Reality Capture in Unity

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Oculus Mixed Reality Capture is a plugin that lets content creators make amazing mixed reality videos of a VR game for the Oculus Quest. Since I had to make some tests with Oculus MRC for our game HitMotion: Reloaded (download it now on SideQuest !)

Unity 354

All you need to know on Application SpaceWarp on Unity: how-to and review

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These days I have finally managed to try it, so I can tell you everything that I have learned about it: What is it How does it work How to implement it in your Unity application Pros and cons. If you are a Unity beginner, I would advise you to watch the video. AppSW Unity prerequisite.

Unity 386

AWE 2022: Unity CEO talks about his vision of the metaverse

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With the show floor still closed, the highlight of the day has been the speech by Unity CEO John Riccitiello that spoke about the metaverse , telling us what he thinks it is and how he thinks it can evolve. The Unity CEO talks about the metaverse.

Unity 402

Mozilla Updates the Unity WebXR Exporter to Run VR Apps in the Browser

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While the tools for building WebXR apps are designed to be familiar to web developers, many VR developers use game engine tools like Unity to build their apps. Take Moon Rider , for instance, a web-based VR rhythm game. LTS) and all versions of Unity 2019.

Unity 224

Unity Is Expanding To Deliver VR And AR Beyond Gaming

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Unity Engine VR Industry News unity

Unity 159

How to easily make a cross-platform VR application in Unity for Oculus, Wave, and SteamVR

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” Given my recent experience with Unity developing, I could give myself only a clear answer: “NO” With nowadays Unity tools, it is much easier to make cross-platform content, and with OpenXR this will be even better. Create a Unity project.

Unity 281

Microsoft Partners With Unity On HoloLens 2 Development Edition


The developer-focused release includes $500 in free Azure credits, 3-month free trials of Unity Pro. Following the announcement of the Microsoft HoloLens 2, Unity has revealed a new partnership with the US-based multinational technology company to release a developer-focused version of the upcoming mixed reality headset. The addition of Unity Pro and the PiXYZ Plugin makes it easy to import 3D design data in minutes rather than hours.”. Unity Unity Pro

Unity 217

How To MAKE A VR Game: Newbie's guide to Digital Fact & Unity XR Plugin


A beginner’s guidebook to Unity’s XR Plugin and how to start off that VR … supply. Videos augmented reality tutorial game dev gamedev how to make a virtual reality game how to make a vr game how to make a vr game in unity Justin P Barnett unity 2020.1

Unity 52

How to get started with WebXR in Unity

The Ghost Howls

WebXR is a technology with enormous potential, but at the moment it offers far worse tools to develop for it than standalone VR , where we all use Unity and Unreal Engine. As a Unity developer, I think that it is a very important enabling solution. I downloaded Unity 2019.3.11

Unity 381

How to remove unwanted Unity audio permissions to submit to App Lab

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For sure you remember that together with my tutorial on how to develop and submit an application for App Lab , I have actually submitted to App Lab my majestic “The Unity Cube App” , an application with just a cube and some avatar hands (Yes, I’m a troll).

Unity 252

How to build your passthrough AR app for Oculus Quest in Unity

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and we of New Technology Walkers have launched our game HitMotion: Reloaded in passthrough MR on SideQuest ( try it here )! So let me show you how you can develop an AR app for Oculus Quest 2 using Oculus Passthrough APIs in Unity. Open Unity (I’m still on Unity 2019.4

Unity 385

How to get started with nReal glasses development in Unity

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In this article, you may find the answers to all the above questions : I will guide you in developing a little Unity experience for the nReal glasses (the typical grey cube!), How to get started with nReal development (and emulator) in Unity (Video tutorial). It’s a lot of topics: all you need to know to get started with nReal development in Unity … and you can find them in only one video, that you can watch here below! Unity. Finishing configuring Unity.

Unity 247

Unity Technologies Raises $181 Million

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Unity Engine creation game engine san francisco tools Unity Technologies

Unity 118

Unity launches Unity Gaming Services to simplify development of cross-platform, multiplayer games

TechCrunch VR

The updated version promises to make it easier for developers to launch cross-platform, multiplayer games — a growing segment of the market that includes hit titles like Roblox, Genshin Impact and Fortnite, among others. . Unity has more than 3.4

Unity 94

Unity’s In-VR Game Editor Launches Tomorrow, This Is What It’s Like

Road to VR

Tomorrow Unity plans to launch the first experimental build of EditorVR, a component of the Unity game engine which will let developers build games within virtual reality. Timoni West, Principal Designer at Unity Labs, has announced that EditorVR will launch tomorrow, December 15th. EditorVR (which the company calls EVR for short) provides a robust virtual reality interface for Unity that’s said to support both the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift.

Unity 189

Unity just made a blockbuster purchase with massive metaverse implications

Digital Trends

Unity will acquire Weta Digital, the VFX company behind Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and more in a $1.625 billion deal. Gaming News Facebook Meta Metaverse Peter Jackson unity

Unity 101

ArcGIS Maps for Unity: Unlocking New Capabilities for Immersive Experiences in Various Industries


This is what the collaboration between Esri and Unity brings to the world. The launch of ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity version 1.0 ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity enables developers to integrate ArcGIS directly into the Unity platform. With ArcGIS Maps SDK for Unity version 1.0,

Unity 111

Your Definitive Guide To Oculus & Unity’s All-In-One VR Development Course


Learn the ins-and-outs of Unity development and have your project reviewed by Oculus experts. What about a compelling immersive game or experience for VR headsets? From the initial prototyping stages to testing and final submissions, students will be guided through every stage of VR development for Oculus Rift/Rift S and Oculus Quest headsets on the Unity platform. Image Credit: Oculus, Unity. Game Development: Best Practices & Marketing.

Unity 245

Starting Tomorrow You Can Make Unity Games From Within VR

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Unity was reluctant to put a final date on the launch of Editor VR when it was last shown at Unite 2016 in November, but we now know it will be with us very, very soon. This was following another on-stage demonstration of the kit, which lets you develop games from inside the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, at the 2016 Vision Summit Asia in Beijing, China. Unity sees VR development going down this path in the future. Tagged with: Editor VR , unity , VR Development.

Unity 219

Unity ‘Accelerating efforts’ on OpenXR Support, Preview Expected by End of Year

Road to VR

Unity has long been a public supporter of OpenXR—an industry standard designed to streamline VR development by making it easier for apps to support a wide range of headsets—but the company has yet to deploy support for the standard. Technical Product Manager of AR/VR at Unity.

Unity 220

Oculus Makes Improvements to Iteration Time for Unity Quest Developers

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Oculus has introduced three changes to significantly speed up the iteration process for developers building Quest applications with Unity. SEE ALSO Dev Shares Crash Course on VR Game Optimization for Oculus Quest & Mobile Hardware.

Unity 173

Unity and Volvo Open Source Digital Models of Car Designs


Unity has long been in the frontline of companies leading the democratization of 3D assets and tools, including for XR applications. However, when Volvo wanted to make their 3D models and emulators more accessible, they reached out to Unity to help them do it. Why Unity?

Unity 138

Unity To Boost Advert ROI with IronSource Debut

XR Today - Virtual Reality

Popular real-time 3D (RT3D) engine Unity doubled down on its famed ease of use this week in a bid to enhance its toolkit with new key features to streamline the creation of immersive augmented, virtual, and mixed reality (AR/VR/MR) assets. Enhancing Unity Ads.

Unity 79

Unity Reveals New VR Tools and Google Daydream Support


During the first-day of the Unite 2016 conference in Los Angeles Tuesday, Unity Technologies unveiled a number of new updates and features to help support VR and AR creators around the world developing interactive 3D, VR and AR experiences. Aside from new tools and features to provide enhanced graphics and performance, Unity stepped in to preview a completely new video player that will make it easier to import and play 4k video and seamlessly-rendered 360 VR videos.

Unity 238

How to get started with Oculus Quest development in Unity

The Ghost Howls

But then, as a developer, I felt the urge to understand how to develop my applications in Unity for the Oculus Quest. That’s why I decided to create this little tutorial: to help all the Unity developers that want to get started in developing for the latest Oculus standalone device in understanding what are the first steps to follow. Video Tutorial: How to get started with Oculus Quest development in Unity. Install and run Unity.

Unity 284

Unity 5.5 Update Brings Microsoft Hololens Integration And More

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The Unity game engine is a versatile tool that developers, from beginners to those well-versed, utilize to fully realize their video game concepts. This year alone it provided a slew of games like Firewatch , Oxenfree , I Am Setsuna , Pokemon Go , ReCore , and the upcoming Cuphead. Such a move eases the process for developers, increasing efficiency by allowing them to do a larger amount of their augmented and mixed reality work within the Unity Editor.

Unity 218

Oculus & Unity Release Free VR Development Course with 20 Hours of Content

Road to VR

Already have some basic game dev experience and looking to get into VR? Then you may be interested in Oculus and Unity’s new intermediate level VR game development course, which is not only free, but can get you some valuable feedback from Oculus on your creation. Although targeting VR game development, the skills learned in the course can also be applied to either consumer of business-focused experiences. News VR Development oculus unity vr development

Unity 211

UltimateXR Launches Free Open-Source Unity Tool

XR Today - Virtual Reality

This Thursday, Enrique Tromp, the Co-Founder and CTO of VRMADA , took to his LinkedIn account to announce UltimateXR (extended reality), a free and open-source framework for creating enterprise-grade immersive training scenarios, collaboration environments, and interactive gaming experiences.

Unity 77

Google Brings Native ‘Tango’ AR Support to Unity

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Google has announced that its augmented reality platform Tango will be getting native integrated support for Unity later this year. During Unity’s Vision AR/VR Summit opening keynote, Google’s PM for Developer Platforms Nathan Martz took to the stage to announce that, the company’s AR focused platform Tango will join its VR counterpart Daydream in receiving official, native integration in the Unity game engine. of Unity.

Unity 176

Creating a Sci-Fi VR Recreation for the METAVERSE | Unity to Godot


I started off acquiring this game in Unity a extended time … resource. These earlier several weeks I have been creating a Sci-Fi VR match for the metaverse.

Unity 52

XR Technology for Industry According to Unity’s Andre Gauthier


We didn’t have to shake the tree very hard to find someone that we were excited to talk to but we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to talk with the good folks at Unity. What Is Unity? The name “ Unity ” probably sounds familiar to you. Unity at XR Immersive Enterprise.

Unity 121

How to use Oculus Spatial Anchors in Unity to add persistent virtual objects to your physical world

The Ghost Howls

Oculus Spatial Anchors in Unity: video tutorial. I have made a huge video tutorial on Oculus Spatial Anchors, where you can see me create from scratch an application implementing them in Unity. Let’s start by creating a Unity project.

Unity 292

Unity is Making its High Definition Render Pipeline VR Compatible Allowing Photorealistic Visuals

Peter Graham

When it comes to developing virtual reality (VR) videogames there are two primary engines studios use, either Epic Games’ Unreal Engine or Unity by Unity Technologies. of the HDRP now verified, Unity has confirmed that all HDRP features are compatible with VR.

Unity 107

‘Tilt Brush’ Toolkit Turns Artists Into Animators With Unity Integration

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

A Unity SDK has been added to the Github that will allow you to take your sketches into projects being developed with the engine. There are also examples of what’s possible with the SDK, including a simple racing game and even a full first-person exploration piece with teleportation. This could be a gateway to getting more people into the development of 3D content, be it games, movies or otherwise. Tagged with: Editor VR , tilt brush , Tilt Brush Toolkit , unity.

Unity 208