Sony, Facebook, Google, and Samsung Dominate VR, With Over 50% Market Share


Sony (PSVR) is clearly leading and is taking one third of the whole market. Sony is followed by Facebook (the Oculus platform) and Google (Day Dream, Card Board, Tilt Brush, etc.); neither company has a VR user base anywhere close to Sony’s, and their products are either at the low end or a bit too expensive. Samsung follows with another mobile headset (Gear VR). Tagged with: facebook , market share , oculus , sony htc. VR is hot! But is it permanent?

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Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards


Google, Sony, Oculus, Samsung, Acer and HTC have combined their efforts in order to create a healthy and equal industry for virtual reality hardware and software to develop and expand. The post Google, Sony And Oculus Unite To Establish VR Industry Standards appeared first on VRScout.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.01.27): Samsung may be working on a new headset, Half-Life: Alyx will ship on time and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Image by Samsung, taken from Upload VR). Samsung may launch a next-gen Samsung Odyssey. A recent filing at the Chinese IP offices makes us speculate on a new PC VR headset in the works by Samsung. Hello everyone!

On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products & VR, Nick DiCarlo

Road to VR

From healthcare, education, social, training, cinema, gaming, and more, VR has a lot of Killer Use-cases. Samsung’s Nick DiCarlo weighs in on how we might come to find it. Today we hear from Nick DiCarlo, VP of Immersive Products & VR at Samsung.

VR Association Formed To Get ‘Ahead of Challenges With Developing and Deploying The Technology Responsibly’


The collective includes Google, HTC Vive, Acer Starbreeze, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Tagged with: acer , Collective , google , htc vive , industry , oculus , samsung , sony , virtual reality.

Sony’s PSVR Nearly Quadrupled Vive Sales in Q1 2017 According to Superdata


Very rarely do we get a completely candid look into the exact sale and download numbers, typically having to collect scatterings of information to create an educated estimate. Understanding that, the data they accumulate can paint an interesting picture and Superdata Research ‘s newly released information paints a telling picture: the PlayStation VR (PSVR) and Samsung Gear outsold the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive by a large margin in Q1 of 2017.

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HTC’s Alvin Graylin on What’s Happening in China & VR

Road to VR

On average, the VR hardware from China tends to be no where near the quality of the major VR players of the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, Sony PSVR, or Samsung GearVR, but there were some standout Chinese companies who are leading innovation in specific area.

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UploadVR’s Best Of 2018 VR Award Winners


Samsung Odyssey+. ‘Immersive VR Education’ continues to prove itself as the leading company in, well, VR education with this amazing exploration of the legendary vessel. This is a remarkable experience that is part educational, taking you through the explosive life of a black hole, but also part pure wonder as the colors and sounds engulf you. We’ve finally reached the very end of 2018 and it’s been quite the eventful year for the VR industry.

VR headsets price cuts lead to quarterly sales of more than 1 million units


Dominating the market is Sony’s own take on virtual reality: PSVR sales exceeded 490,000, good for almost 50% of the entire market. The headsets compatible with these new “ experiences ” promoted by the Redmond giant include Samsung’s $499 HMD Odyssey, Acer’s $399 headset, and Dell’s $449 Visor. “ VR in business can be applied to many industries, such as manufacturing, healthcare and education ,” Canalys Analyst Jason Low said.

My predictions for virtual reality in 2020

The Ghost Howls

I forecast a big growth in the enterprise usage of VR headsets, both 3DOF (mostly for marketing and education) and 6DOF ones (for prototyping, training, etc…). Sony has already clarified that it won’t sell the PSVR 2 together with the launch of the PS5.

On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Vive’s China President, Alvin Wang Graylin

Road to VR

From healthcare, education, social, training, cinema, gaming, and more, VR has a lot of Killer Use-cases. The real killer application of VR I’m more excited about is core curriculum VR Education. Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products & VR, Nick DiCarlo.

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VR Bound Announces Nominees For Inaugural 2017 VR Awards


Along with categories that you would expect, such as gaming and entertainment, I was excited to see a category for VR education and training. Sony – Playstation VR. Samsung – Gear VR. Nominees for Best use of VR in Education and Training.

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The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


That was at Samsung’s last MWC in Barcelona last year). But Samsung isn’t stopping there… THE NEXT GENERATION OF GEAR VR MAY COME WITH CONTROLLER. PSVR’S SALES NUMBERS REVEALED AS A PLEASANT SURPRISE TO SONY.

Virtual Reality Shopping Guide: 2017 Edition


At the end of 2017 there are virtual reality headsets available powered by technology from some of the world’s largest tech companies, including Microsoft, Facebook, Sony, and Google. The simplest example is a phone, like a Google Pixel 2 or Samsung Galaxy 8/Note 8, that is placed into a holder that straps to your head. The arrival of VR headsets running Microsoft’s “Windows Mixed Reality” platform include Samsung, Acer, HP, Dell, ASUS, HP, and Lenovo.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Sony’s PlayStation VR finally hit shelves on the 13th of October and the reviews are in… and they’re (mostly) good. At this point, you can access via the NextVR app which is only available for the Samsung Gear VR headset – although other platforms should be given access soon.

VR In 2020: Small Development Teams Are Building Runways To The Future


Sony’s PlayStation VR headset is one of the only ones offering firm numbers. In March 2019, Sony provided an update to say that 4.2 A huge consolidation is occurring right now in gaming in general, with Sony & Microsoft buying up studios.

Community Download: Are Oculus and HTC The Apple and Microsoft of VR?


There are a handful of major players already cutting their teeth in VR including Google, Sony and Samsung; but the two titans sitting at the top of the heap are Oculus and HTC. The technology world is always a game of rivals. For every Facebook there is a Twitter.

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As UploadVR Turns 2 We Reflect On The First Full Year of Consumer VR


In April, we opened the doors to the first Upload Collective in San Francisco, a hub for VR and AR startups, development, co-working, education, meetups and even live broadcasting. Samsung unveils the Note 7 smartphone alongside the latest Gear VR.

On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Epic Games’ Technical Director of VR & AR, Nick Whiting

Road to VR

From healthcare, education, social, training, cinema, gaming, and more, VR has a lot of Killer Use-cases. More from the ‘On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App’ Series: Sony’s Head of PlayStation Magic Lab, Richard Marks. Samsung’s VP of Immersive Products & VR, Nick DiCarlo.

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The 2016 Virtual Reality Headset Shopping Guide


The Gear VR was the first high quality mobile virtual reality viewer, with Daydream following the lead of Samsung and Oculus. Any Samsung phone released in the last two years works with the $100 Gear VR, and Facebook has spent a ton of money getting games and apps made for the mobile system. Recommendation: If you own a recent Samsung phone then Gear VR is a no brainer — you should definitely get it.

Looking Back at Virtual Reality Over the Last 5 Years


Thankfully, I’m constantly reminded of how much so many of us are in this not just for the quick buck, but to build something that will live on and change us, the world, communication, education, society — you name it! Google, Valve, Facebook, Sony, Samsung and an enormous amount of other companies are trying to do their part in bringing the tech forward, and the sense of enthusiast development that sparked this new revolution is still here, in all of us.

Women In VR spotlight: Lee and Jordan Brighton talk about Run Dorothy Run.

Cats and VR

Whether its advances in medicine, manufacturing, retail, or education, so many industries stand to benefit from these new technologies. Zombie Donuts will first be released as a mobile VR experience on Samsung gear; you get to use that marshmallow shooter to blow away the zombified Donuts.

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VR for HR: Learning How to Tell Stories in XR, with BODYSWAPS' Christophe Mallet

XR for Business Podcast

He's worked with a variety of global clients, including Adidas, Samsung, Ernst and Young, Save the Children, Sony, IKEA, KPMG, Nokia, and the list goes on. Christophe: So the very first one we built was actually not in corporate LND, it was in a higher education and we were contacted by a company called Sage. And they're wondering whether VR is the next format for higher education. And we do a lot of consulting, marketing, eCom, education, training.

A Brief History of VR


Currently, VR technology has been welcomed by a few gamers, educators and others; most people are still waiting for further development before widespread adoption occurs. 2014 was also the year that Samsung announced the Samsung VR gear that would eventually be released in 2016. .

Building the Foundation of XR with 5G, with Nokia's Sandro Tavares

XR for Business Podcast

We were showing together with Sony and Intel a VR game using the content of the new Spider-Man movie that just went out a few months ago, where then we would have people playing -- using a VR headset -- against another person that would be in another booth -- in this case, in the Intel booth -- and they would compete being different Spider-Men in the city there, who would actually complete the tasks faster? And a Samsung.

Best VR Headsets in 2018


Dominic Brennan from Road to VR estimates that Santa Cruz is using the same 1,440 × 1,600 displays that are also found in the Samsung Odyssey and Vive Pro headsets. Samsung Gear VR ($129.99). Sony PlayStation VR ($399.99).

How Nokia Broke Into Virtual Reality With Its Ozo Camera


Since it’s professional equipment, a lot of rental houses are carrying it now, too, just like high-end cameras from Sony or Panasonic. But something like the Samsung Gear VR, we don’t know how much it gets used, but at least you have the capability. VB: The Sony Pictures deal is hopefully going to create more fresh content. And Sony Pictures also includes Sony Music.