Ultrahaptics Buys Finger Tracking Company Leap Motion


Ultrahaptics announced a “strategic deal” with hand tracking company Leap Motion to combine their startups and technologies. Ultrahaptics “projects ultrasound-drive tactile sensations onto users’ hands” while Leap Motion tracks the movements of the fingers.

Leap Motion Grabs $50M Investment for Class-leading Hand-tracking Tech

Road to VR

Leap Motion, a veteran player in the virtual reality sector (having been founded two years ahead of Oculus), has announced the closure of a Series C investment round totaling $50 million.

Leap Motion tracking v4 sample apps show how Virtual Reality UX should be made

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This is because Leap Motion has announced its v4 version of the tracking runtime and with it three demos to showcase the new tracking functionalities: Cat Explorer, Particles, and Paint. This is a nice educational experience. A great job by Leap Motion engineers!

Leap Motion Raises $50 Million For Its Finger Tracking Technology


Leap Motion is one possible solution, with its hand and finger tracking technology offering one route for VR and AR headsets to let people make selections and interact with virtual worlds. This potential likely figured into the $50 million Series C funding raised by Leap Motion. Morgan Asset Management’s Private Equity Group, Lawrence Unrein, is joining Leap’s board of directors.

Universities Drive VR/AR Research with Leap Motion


59% of universities have Leap Motion Controllers. Gaming and education dominate. The post Universities Drive VR/AR Research with Leap Motion appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. Augmented & Virtual Reality Education Leap Motion Team vr first

Leap Motion secures $50M to continue its work in VR/AR hand-tracking tech

Cats and VR

Leap Motion, Inc., the leading creator of motion tracking technology for natural input in virtual and augmented reality, today announced $50 million in Series C funding led by clients advised by J.P.

5 Experiments from Leap Motion’s Internal Hackathon (Including the Augmented Reality Workspace)


Recently, Leap Motion kicked off one of our internal hackathons, where small teams pitch and develop quick demos over the course of two days. The simply titled Swipey Joe McDesktop took the top prize for utility – winning the Throne of Leaps (seen below alongside the Leap Motion Crown).

Reach into the Digital World: Getting Started with Leap Motion @ HackingEDU


At Leap Motion, we believe that the next wave of technological interfaces will rely on the original human operating system: your hands. In the past, our community has built some incredible educational projects that bring a new level of interaction (and fun) to classroom activities.

Exclusive: Summoning & Superpowers – Designing VR Interactions at a Distance

Road to VR

As part of its interactive design sprints, Leap Motion , creators of the hand-tracking peripheral of the same name, prototyped three ways of effectively interacting with distant objects in VR. Barrett is the Lead VR Interactive Engineer for Leap Motion.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


San Francisco-based Leap Motion has raised a $50M Series C for their hand- and finger-tracking technology. The round was led by JP Morgan Asset management, and this fresh influx of cash brings Leap Motion’s total funding to almost $95M.

David Holz: A Quick Peek at the Future of Wearable Displays and Inputs


Last week at SFHTML5, Leap Motion CTO David Holz shared his educated guess on what we’ll see with upcoming generations of virtual reality headsets and sensors. Along the way, he talks about what Leap Motion needs to achieve for truly seamless VR hand controls.

Designing Cat Explorer


But it also serves as a proof of concept for intuitive interaction in training, education, visualisation and entertainment. Fun and slightly twisted, Cat Explorer is also a proof of concept for intuitive interaction in training, education, visualization and entertainment. The importance of this should be obvious to those working in training, education and industry, where countless hours are lost to learning complicated software and byzantine interfaces.

3 Robots About to Break Into Your Everyday Reality


At Leap Motion, we’ve seen our fair share of impressive motion-controlled robots that will one day bring about the robocalypse. (We’re The Leap Motion Controller was a natural input choice for its popularity among makers and developers. Happy Halloween!

Reality is Your Instrument: Composing in Soundscape VR


Designed for the Oculus Rift, it’s available free for Mac and Windows on the Leap Motion App Store. Nowadays, I jam around with Reason, Figure, and also Collider for Leap Motion. Integrating the Leap Motion controller with the Oculus Rift in Unity3D was pretty easy.

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11 New #3DJam Demos: Droids and Discovery


Check out educational 3D Jam demos that take you to the center of the earth, or into the human body. Education Projects. Designed by a team of students at Game-U ( @gameu_nj ), Nerves is an intense visit to the operating room for a motion-control surgeon.

Multiplayer VR and Cinematic Wizardry


Using the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus Rift, you’ll be able to throw spells with varying force and speed to battle the unknown evils ahead. A full bodied experience – Loop uses a Leap Motion Controller, Oculus Rift, and a treadmill. The goal of Loop is to educate the user on programming languages via direct interaction with the code used to construct the world you’re walking through.

The Evolution of Arm HUD


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. As an interaction engineer here at Leap Motion, I built the Arm HUD for the Planetarium. The post The Evolution of Arm HUD appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

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Why VR Will Transform How We Learn About the World and Ourselves


Outside of academic circles, the father of modern education doesn’t get much name recognition. Even though many people don’t know who John Amos Comenius was, he probably had quite a large impact on their lives – as he was one of the very first innovators of education.

Introducing Planetarium: The Design and Science Behind Our VR Widgets Showcase


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. The same effect, in fact, we use to detect depth with the Leap Motion Controller.)

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A Brief History of Time Dial


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. The post A Brief History of Time Dial appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

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VR Design Guide


In the context of motion controls, good affordance is critical, since it is necessary that users interact with objects in the expected manner. With 2D Leap Motion applications, this means adapting traditional UX design principles that condensed around the mouse and keyboard.

Summoning and Superpowers: Designing VR Interactions at a Distance


One of the core design philosophies at Leap Motion is that the most intuitive and natural interactions are direct and physical. This single motion action to select and summon was more efficient than two discrete motions, though they offered more control.

Exploring the Structure of UI Widgets


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. The post Exploring the Structure of UI Widgets appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

Scaffolding in VR: Interaction Design for Stacking and Assembly


Arranging or assembling virtual objects is a common scenario across a range of experiences, particularly in education, enterprise, and industrial training – not to mention tabletop and real-time strategy gaming. Photo credits: Leap Motion, CanStock, Medium, Google, Sunghoon Jung, Epic Games.

Take a Meditative VR Journey + 16 More VR Demos


At expos like VRLA, I got to see what a powerful pairing the Leap Motion Controller and Oculus are and believe there is still so much left to explore!”. Leap Fighter. Strap on your Oculus and beat down a virtual Mexican wrestler with Leap Fighter. “It

Designing the Widgets Event and Data-Binding Model


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. The post Designing the Widgets Event and Data-Binding Model appeared first on Leap Motion Blog.

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VR Bungee Jumping, Samurai Swords, and 16 More New Demos


Take the leap! We’ve worked with Leap Motion before, but we were surprised by how easy it was to integrate Leap Motion and Oculus and get started with development. There’s no shortage of creative developers with awesome ideas for using the Leap Motion.

Soccer Balls and Galaxies: David Holz on the Future of VR, Inputs, and Sensors


Last week at Vision Summit , Leap Motion CTO David Holz talked about the rapidly emerging future of VR technologies and what it means for human experience. He just happened to be in the process of selling his second company and we decided to join forces and make Leap Motion.

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Traveling Around the Globe (and Under the Sky) in Planetarium


At Leap Motion, we’re making VR/AR development easier with Widgets: fundamental UI building blocks for Unity. One of the major features of Planetarium is the ability to travel around the globe using motion controls.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2019

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Magic Leap. Me, wearing a Magic Leap One. The most important news has been for sure the launch of the Magic Leap One. Rear view of the Magic Leap One. Leap Motion. You may ask why I’m adding Leap Motion here. Magic Leap.

5 Experiments on the Bleeding Edge of VR Locomotion


Generally, the best VR applications that use Leap Motion for navigation aren’t centered around users “walking” around in a non-physical way, but transitioning between different states. Users also run the risk of extending their hands beyond optimal tracking range, or causing false positive motions. This is a compelling exploration mechanic that works well for an educational demo.

The DeanBeat: The Building Blocks Of Better AR/VR At Augmented World Expo


A lot of companies are pivoting right now, leaving the consumer AR and VR markets and moving into enterprise, location-based entertainment, and the health, education, and industrial markets. Above: Ultrahaptics and Leap Motion combined their technologies at AWE 2019.

My Taiwanese XR Chronicles part 1: Cave, zSpace, Brogent hands-on

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3D objects had washed out colors , a bit like when you see AR objects through HoloLens 1 and Magic Leap One … they appeared a bit semi-transparent. I think it has a great potential in the educational sector.

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‘Where Thoughts Go’ is an Anonymous, Immersive Social Network for Reflecting on the Human Experience

Road to VR

Simple interactivity with the orbs is possible with motion control; the experience will support all major VR hardware, but is likely to feel most engaging when used with the Leap Motion hand tracking system.

Build AR & VR Apps With the Open-Source Virtuoso SDK

Peter Graham

VSDK is a Unity-based solution for developers looking to create naturalistic user interactions whilst supporting a wide variety of headsets (HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Oculus Quest) and peripherals (bHaptics TactSuit, Leap Motion, and ManusVR gloves.). The Virtuoso toolkit has been in development for several years, initially aimed towards military medical training and education by advancing medical simulation systems.

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