Unity Vision VR/AR Summit 2017: Courtside for the Convergence of Realities


When it comes to changing the game for XR, Unity Technologies just can’t stop. Vision Summit 2017— Unity’s VR/AR-centric industry conference held this Monday and Tuesday at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood—doubled down on this push in a dramatic way. “We Google Tango with Unity.

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Isabelle Riva: How The Unity Game Engine Will Democratize Film


Unity Technologies has been known among developers as the maker of a “game engine” since the tool debuted in 2005. That’s because experiences created with Unity are more often than not films, interactive movies, advertisements, or augmented reality and virtual reality content.

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VR Veteran Tony Parisi is Leading Unity’s AR & VR Strategy Beyond Gaming

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The keynote from Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit yesterday showcased just how far Unity is reaching into non-gaming content when it comes to augmented and virtual reality. New Unity Tools Bring Interactivity and Real-time CGI to 360 Video, Now in Beta.

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Start Working In VR and AR With These Unity and Udacity Degree Programs


Various industries, from entertainment to healthcare, have begun investing a significant amount of their resources in virtual and augmented reality. Learn 360 pre-production and post-production techniques and build an interactive 360 video experience in Unity.

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Remedy Entertainment Alums Form New VR Company, 3rd Eye Studios


It’s made up of several industry veterans with experience ranging from working at companies like Unity, Pixar, Google, and more. Quantum Break, by Remedy Entertainment. Starting a new game studio specifically dedicated to VR content is all the rage these days.

Sneak Peak:Ghostbusters:Dimension from The Void, Made with Unity.

Cats and VR

Get a glimpse into the gameplay in Ghostbusters: Dimension, created with Unity 3D. From fighting intergalactic wars on alien planets, to casting spells in the darkest of dungeons, THE VOID presents the future of entertainment.

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Unity Technologies raises $181 Million, company now valued over 1 Billion dollars.

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In addition, DFJ’s Barry Schuler will take a seat on Unity’s board of directors. Based in San Francisco, Unity Technologies has been helping developers bring their visions to life for over 10 years and currently has almost 1,000 employees globally. Unity Technologies serves over 5.5

Unity Gets $400 Million Investment From Silver Lake


Unity Technologies’ Unity Engine is playing an increasingly important role in the VR industry, and new funds announced today should help it grow further still. Unity Technologies is getting $400 million from private equity firm Silver Lake. “The second act that I think attracts a lot of investors and investor interest is the fact that we have about 70 percent of AR and VR content built on Unity,” Riccitiello said.

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Unity Is Creating VR Ads For A New Film In The Saw Horror Franchise


Today, we’ve learned that Lionsgate is embracing that concept by partnering with Unity to promote a new entry in the Saw horror franchise. The Jigsaw VR ad experience, releasing before the film, will be in the form of a “Virtual Room” which is a new tool Unity wants to use to showcase VR’s growing potential for advertising. Advertising Experiences Unity Engine Lionsgate Studios saw

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Microsoft Shows Windows in VR, Gives Acer VR Headset to Vision Summit Audience

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Brandon Bray, Principal Program Manager at Microsoft, took the stage at Unity’s Vision VR/AR Summit 2017 to show a little more of what Microsoft has planned for the VR side of things when the first Windows Holographic headsets come later this year. image courtesy Unity Technologies.

Japanese Students Construct VR Roller Coaster Attraction Inside Classroom


unity????????????? The self-critical creator original wanted to build the experience in the Unity game engine and include touch sensor technology for better synchronization. News Minecraft Takanawa Junior High School Unity VR Roller CoasterSomeone’s getting an A+ in woodshop….

What Will Advertisements Look Like in VR?


As VR entertainment and experiences continue to grow each year, the growth of VR advertisements seems inevitable—but will they be immersive or interruptive? News Jigsaw Jigsaw VR Unity VR Advertising

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Presence Episode 8 | An Interview With WorldViz’s Peter Schlueer About Warehouse-Scale VR


WorldViz Founder and President Peter Schlueer joins us to talk about bringing warehouse-level motion tracking to Unreal Engine 4 and Unity 5 – the two most widely used game engines currently around for VR – and what that means for the future of big, BIG virtual reality simulations.

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VadR is making advertising in VR more immersive than ever before


From Defence to Medical to entertainment, everyone is dabbling with this technology. However, the greatest VR adoption will still be from people who want to consume it for some sort of entertainment, be it for gaming or live concerts or sports or any other content.

Xenoma Mixes AI with AR / VR, Launches e-Skin Clothing for Gesture Tracking


” According to the company, Xenoma’s Software Development kit (SDK) enables development of apps using Java SDK, Visual C# and Unity Engine. Xenoma’s e-skin and software developer’s kit (SDK) supports application development using Java SDK, Visual C# and Unity.

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Can Virtually Live Replace Pay Per View Television?


TH: Front end engine; we worked with both Unity and Unreal Engine on different experiences. For now, the experiences will continue to use either Unreal Engine or Unity… we’re both engine and platform agnostic, putting the experience on all the VR platforms as well.

Indie Project ‘Tinker Pilot’ Aims for Deep Immersion with Highly Customizable VR Cockpits

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They’re also building a Unity software tool dubbed ‘TinkerCore VR System’ that they say can be used to turn “any Unity experience into an immersive 1:1 VR experience.”

Designing Cat Explorer


But it also serves as a proof of concept for intuitive interaction in training, education, visualisation and entertainment. Fun and slightly twisted, Cat Explorer is also a proof of concept for intuitive interaction in training, education, visualization and entertainment. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Team Orion Unity UX DesignVR, AR and hand tracking are often considered to be futuristic technologies, but they also have the potential to be the easiest to use.

‘Vivepaper’ Is HTC’s Immersive Reading Experience That Mixes AR With VR


It includes both a Unity plug-in and a dedicated editor that the company says doesn’t require any programming experience. entertainment Experiences htc Condé Nast htc vive Vivepaper

Terrence Malick’s Second VR Film Debuts This Week


The event also includes talks from members of Unity, Beat Games and more. Entertainment Experiences Evolver Terrence MalickKnight of Cups and Badlands director Terrence Malick is soon set to debut his second VR film. The piece, named Evolver, will premiere as one of 10 projects at VR Days Europe in Amsterdam today, Screen Daily reports. Produced with the help of House of Secrets, the experience studies the lives of humans all the way from birth to death.

The Closest You’ll Get To Flying An Actual Dragon


The rest of the time was spent in modeling the virtual dragon and the entire virtual world, coding the experience in Unity and fine tuning it so the movements and manipulations of the physical dragon synced up perfectly with those happening in the headset.

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Watch ‘Escape Code,’ A Neon-Soaked 360-Film About Our Cyberpunk Future


The entire short film, embedded below, was created in Unity and is driven by a synthwave soundtrack scored by Emmy award winning composer RAD LAZER (aka Rafter Roberts). UploadVR: Why did you choose to make this entirely in Unity? Unity changed that.

This Prototype App Lets Gear VR Users Mirror Their Screens to Other Devices


“The live viewer was setup through the network of Unity,” explained Robustelli. entertainment VR Headsets app gear vr live viewer mirror PC tablet tv

WebXR API Could Be A Huge Opportunity For Mixed Reality


Mozilla has also just recently made it even easier for those more heavily vested in the fully-featured game engines to benefit from the immersive web with their recent release of a neat WebVR exporter for Unity that takes advantage of Unity’s WebGL exporter. So native developers can now readily publish straight from Unity to the open web so that their users can get access and play without having to deal with app stores or long update cycles.

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Capturing humans to make a synthetic world: converting 2D videos of humans to 3D with RADiCAL

Robert Scoble

Entertainment is one of them, and this video shows the disruption is well underway. Bringing that model into a 3D tool like Unity. It used to be that motion capture was so expensive that only big movie studios could afford to do it. No more, we learned in New York.

LooxidVR is a virtual reality headset that can analyze your emotions

The Ghost Howls

Our VR system enables researchers to directly build VR environments through our Unity SDK and track, as well as detect, physiological signals. .

Tribeca 2017: Lytro Wants To Capture The World With Volumetric Cameras In Latest Within Video, Hallelujah


You can either get immersive stuff by building on top of Unity or Unreal, but you’re stuck in a videogame world. But the tracking volume is still limited compared to other VR experiences made using graphic engines like Unity or Unreal.

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GDC 2018 VR And AR News Roundup: Everything You Might Have Missed


Unity Adds Oculus Go, Mirage Solo Support. Entertainment Events Experiences Featured Gaming GDCNow that GDC 2018 is winding down we thought it’d be helpful to combine all of the VR/AR news from this year’s conference into a single post, like we did from CES 2018 earlier in the year. During this past week Ian Hamilton and Tal Blevins joined me on the show floor as we waded through thousands of people to try out all of the latest VR and AR tech and software.

Moving Virtual Objects Like a Jedi

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The researchers wanted to come up with an interface that was not only more playful, entertaining, and fun, but also did a good job of being functional, tweaking the push and pull physics and speed variations until they felt “realistic”.

Build The Model Kits Of Your Dreams With ‘Monzo VR’


Everything is so perfectly designed with the best possible graphics for the Unity engine. entertainment Experiences madfinger models monzo relaxation zenMost nerdy kids go through a model building phase at some point.

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I Attended One of the World’s First AR Raves And Yeah, It Was Super Trippy


In the sense that you can literally have giant robots coming out of the speakers or bursting through the walls—basically whatever you can design in something like Unity can be a brought into the live environment.”. AR entertainment Experiences ar rave dance dtla event los angeles party VR

The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


Last year, the inaugural VR On The Lot brought together major players from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Europe, and China for a two-day exploration of the intersection between entertainment and technology. Roy Taylor , Corporate Vice President of Media & Entertainment at AMD Studios.

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Nurulize Launches Creation Engine for Hollywood VR Experiences


While Nurulize isn’t a household name like Crytek, Epic Games, Unity. Atom View and Nu Design aren’t as recognizable as Cryengine, Unity or Unreal Engine.

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12 Explosive Sci-Fi Games


With modern tools, you can make a moderately polished piece of entertainment in an extremely short time,” says Dustin Adair ( @scaryrobotgames ). Outer space might be the final frontier – but there are many more frontiers lurking in our imagination.

Take an Infrared #Selfie, Sculpt Pottery in VR, and 15 More Art/Music Experiences


We learned how to use Unity, code in C#, design in Autodesk Maya, and use a Leap Motion sensor. Take an infrared selfie and post it @LeapMotion #3DJam. Create your dream house in VR. Weave light and sound with your bare hands. Or just paint some happy little trees!

Building Graffiti 3D: A Journey through Space and Design


It looked good on paper, but once I started working with it, I quickly realized that most of my time would be spent just trying to get the device to properly communicate with Unity and pair with the OS rather than having fun making stuff.

Exiii Raises $750K for Haptic VR Gloves with Force Feedback

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Both gloves use a Unity SDK for integration into VR experiences. Japan-based startuped Exiii , which is developing a pair of haptic gloves with force feedback, has raised $750K for continued R&D, expansion of sales channels, and growing the company’s team.

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