Google & Red Bull Launch AR-Enhanced On-Demand Video Experience


Those watching on a Chromecast with Google TV or an Android TV OS device can immerse themselves even further in the thought-provoking documentary with a captivating AR experience powered via your smartphone. Computer vision and AR technology bring Mount Kilimanjaro to life in your living room.

Google 350

Google Poly Is Shutting Down


Google has instructed users to download their personal libraries before June 30, 2021. VR content creators woke up today with a shocking email from Google stating that the company would be shutting down their 3D model sharing platform Google Poly. Google Poly is shutting down!!

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Google Adds 50 New AR Animals To Google App & Chrome


Google has expanded its lineup of 3D animals available via Google Search with 50 new creatures. In a video released on Twitter, the company showcases just a handful of the augmented reality animals now accessible via the Google app and compatible Chrome browsers.

Google 288

Google Takes a Step Closer to Making Volumetric VR Video Streaming a Thing

Road to VR

Google unveiled a method of capturing and streaming volumetric video, something Google researchers say can be compressed down to a lightweight format capable of even being rendered on standalone VR/AR headsets. Even seated, you’d be surprised at how often you move in your chair, or make micro-adjustments with your neck, something that when coupled with a standard 360 video makes you feel like you’re ‘pulling’ the world along with your head.

Video 153

‘Realworld’ Aims to Bring a Multiplayer ‘Google Earth VR’ Alternative to Quest & More

Road to VR

Google Earth VR , which is available today on PC VR, is a breathtaking way to explore our fascinating planet. With Google unfortunately abandoning many of its VR initiatives, it’s unlikely that we’ll see a version of Google Earth VR with multiplayer, let alone Quest support.

Google 281

Google to Shutter Jump VR Video Service in June

Road to VR

Google seems to be taking somewhat of a step back from VR, as Variety reports the company will be shutting down its Jump program for good next month. Google posted an updated Jump FAQ recently regarding the shutdown of the VR video service, outlining that Jump will officially go offline on June 28th, 2019. The ability to upload video will be suspended on June 26th; the 27th is the cutoff date to back up whatever files you may have uploaded via the service.

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Google Is Testing a "Short Video" Carousel That Would Surface Instagram and TikTok Videos

GizModo VR

Google is reportedly testing a new mobile search feature that would surface TikTok and Instagram videos in their own dedicated carousel — the search giant’s apparent answer to a growing appetite for short-form video content.

Video 100

Google 6DOF videos review: move inside VR videos!

The Ghost Howls

Around 40 days ago, I reported to you the news of Google presenting at SIGGRAPH 2020 a new algorithm for recording, encoding, and decoding 6DOF VR videos , that is movies inside which you can physically move. 6DOF Videos. RED Manifold camera can record 6DOF videos.

Video 353

Back To The Moon Is The First Google Doodle Available In All Realities


Step into the world of French illusionist and film director Georges Mélíès in AR, VR, or standard video. Back to the Moon was first released in 2018 as a first-of-its-kind collaboration between Nexus Studios , Google Spotlight Stories , Google Arts & Culture , Cinématèque Française , and Google Doodles. Download Back to the Moon in AR through the free Google Spotlights Stories app on Android or iOS. Image Credit: Google.

Google 326

Google Poly Editor Gives Brands More Control Over Their Immersive Ads


Google introduces customizable backgrounds, new animation settings, and realistic reflections. Originally announced earlier this summer alongside the reveal of Swirl, Google’s new mobile web-based immersive display format, the company this week confirmed the launch of its new 3D editor for the Google Poly 3D platform that offers brands a host of new options and abilities for customizing their web-based immersive advertisements. Google Poly editor in-action.

Google Teases New AR Features Coming To Google Maps & Lens


Google VR becomes Google AR & VR as the company uses its annual I/O event to tease a new wave of augmented technology. Google wasted no time at this years Google I/O Developer Conference , diving head first into some truly jaw dropping projects that are making their way to our devices. So much so that that the company has officially changed its title of Google VR to Google AR & VR. Image Credit: VRScout / Google AR & VR.

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Google’s ‘Bohemian Rhapsody Experience’ Proves That VR Music Videos Are the Future

Road to VR

In collaboration with Queen, Google Play’s Bohemian Rhapsody Experience for Cardboard is an impressive example of where VR music videos are heading. See Also: ‘Apex’ is the Next Real-time VR Music Video from the Creator of the Acclaimed ‘Surge’. In an age where people rarely buy physical albums anymore, music videos are today’s cover art; they connect memorable imagery to sound, and function as vehicles to spread songs beyond where they would go on their own.

Google 184

Hands on With Google’s Daydream View Headset (Video)

Road to VR

Here’s a video tour of Google’s eagerly awaited Daydream VR headset ‘View’, revealed today for the first time. Google’s latest announcements, made today at a special hardware-focussed event, add the final missing pieces to its forthcoming assault on the mobile VR space. SEE ALSO Google Announces Daydream 'View' VR Headset for $79. SEE ALSO Google Daydream Apps to include J.K.

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Google Reveals Glass Enterprise Edition 2 AR Headset


Earlier today, Google announced the latest addition to its Google Glass hardware line-up with Google Glass Enterprise Edition 2. This has resulted in considerable improvements to power and performance—including an improved camera for higher quality video streaming and collaborative features—and opens up the possibility of computer vision and advanced machine-learning. Image Credit: Google.

Google 320

How to Direct 360° Video


Google’s YouTube Creator Academy shows us the finer points in 360° video production. Last year Google’s YouTube Creator Academy gave us the low-down on some of the biggest mistakes made while shooting in 360° with the video How Not To Shoot 360° Video. Here’s a basic summarization of the tips Small provides, though I highly recommend watching the full 360° video on a headset to truly understand what he’s saying: 1. for the rest of the video.

Google Figured Out How To Stream 6DoF Video Over The Internet

Upload VR

Researchers from Google developed the first end-to-end 6DoF video system which can even stream over (high bandwidth) internet connections. Current 360 videos can take you to exotic places and events, and you can look around, but you can’t actually move your head forward or backward positionally. Google’s new system encapsulates the entire video stack; capture, reconstruction compression, and rendering- delivering a milestone result.

Video 88

Google Offers Insights Into 360-Degree Videos On YouTube


Any 360-degree video on YouTube with more than 1,000 views will now have heatmaps for creators showing the most popular portions of the scene. A similar feature has been a part of other 360-degree video hosting platforms in the past, but its inclusion on YouTube should offer a very helpful new tool to creators and distributors making panoramic videos. In addition, Google-owned YouTube released a few insights into the behavior of people watching these videos.

Google 166

Google Is Shutting Down Its Jump VR Program


Sorry Google Jump users, but Google has made the decision to shut down their cloud-based video stitching service on June 28 th citing a decline in Jump Assembler users. If you happen to be a current Jump user, you have until June 26 th to upload your footage and squeeze out every last drop of Google’s stitching services before they suspend services at 11:59 PM Pacific Time. Image Credit: Google AR & VR. Google thinks so too.

Google 274

Google Meet vs. Zoom

Digital Trends

When it comes to free videoconferencing, Google Meet and Zoom are two of the most popular options. Computing Mobile Web Android Chrome google meet video chat ZoomLearn more about how they differ and which is best for you.

Amazon Launches ‘Prime Video VR’, Commits to Building up VR Video Library

Road to VR

Amazon today announced the launch of Prime Video VR on Oculus Quest, Go, and Gear VR. In addition to bringing the entire Prime Video catalog onto the headsets, Amazon is also for the first time adding VR content to its Prime Video library. The company today announced the launch of the Prime Video VR app which allows Prime members in the US and UK to stream the entire Prime Video content library, and also allows non-members to stream their library of purchased content.

Video 177

YouTube Bringing 360 Videos To Your TV


Now you can watch immersive video from the biggest screen in your house. Google’s annual Google I/O developer is in full swing, with a few new VR related announcements. Sarah Ali, head of living room products, took the stage to announce that 360 video is making its way to your YouTube app in home devices. When it comes to watching 360° videos, you can either watch on your laptop or mobile device. News 360 Video Google Google I/O YouTube

Former Samsung Vice President Joins Google Daydream Team


360 360 Video Daydream Experiences Google VR content google google spotlight google vr matt apfel milk vr samsung video

Google Spotlight’s Heart-Warming ‘Pearl’ is One of the Best YouTube 360 Videos Yet


YouTube’s 360 videos usually bring us to exotic locations and get up close with sports stars and wildlife. The post Google Spotlight’s Heart-Warming ‘Pearl’ is One of the Best YouTube 360 Videos Yet appeared first on UploadVR. 360 Video Experiences google cardboard Google Spotlight Series Patrick Osborne PearlPearl is something completely different.

Report: Google’s VR180 Camera Partners Pull Back Support


The future of Google’s VR180 video format is now uncertain, according to a new report by Variety. The VR180 initiative was announced by Google back in 2017 , aiming to provide a way to easily film high-quality, stereoscopic 180 degree videos, without needing to stitch multiple videos together. Google had previously announced partnerships with YI Technology and Lenovo to produce VR180-capable cameras.

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Join Zoom Meetings And Video Calls From VR With New PC VR App


A new PC VR app called Spaces Awesome Zoom (SPAZ) allows users to join Zoom meetings and other video calls from within VR. SPAZ allows a user to join a video conference from within VR and use an adjustable virtual camera and whiteboard. When the call begins, the other people in the video call join as normal. ” Then you set your video chat app full screen and you’re “good to go.”

Video 215

Introducing Google’s Next-Generation VR Camera


Google has officially unveiled their next generation Jump camera — the Yi Halo. Announced at the NAB conference in Las Vegas Monday, the Xiaomi-backed Yi has partnered with Google to bring a new professional camera to the market with some much needed improvements. The Yi Halo is a $16,999 17-camera rig capable of shooting stereoscopic video in 8K resolution at 30 frames per second, or 5.8K The post Introducing Google’s Next-Generation VR Camera appeared first on VRScout.

Google 248

Google Joins Snapchat & Facebook by Adding Augmented Reality Video Effects to Duo App for Valentine's Day

Next Reality AR

Google has added an augmented reality video effect to Duo, its latest video communications app for iOS and Android. Now, when recording a video message, Duo users can touch the "Valentine's Day effect" button to add floating, translucent heart bubbles to their rear or front-facing camera feed. The effect appears to employ a background segmentation technique, similar to the technology Google developed last year, with hearts spawning from behind the user.

Google Releases Real-time Mobile Hand Tracking to R&D Community

Road to VR

Google has released to researchers and developers its own mobile device-based hand tracking method using machine learning, something Google R esearch engineers Valentin Bazarevsky and Fan Zhang call a “new approach to hand perception.” Google Research hopes its hand-tracking methods will spark in the community “creative use cases, stimulating new applications and new research avenues.”

How to use Loom for screen and video recording

Digital Trends

Loom is a great tool for recording you and your screen, whether you're working from home, game streaming, or just want to store a video message for posterity. Computing How-To best video conference apps Google Chrome Loom telecommuting video conferencing

Developer Brings Google Lens’ AR Features To VR


This past May during the 2019 I/O Developer Conference, Google unveiled several new features heading to their Google Search and Lens applications. These additions included 3D animated models accessible directly through Google Search, the ability to scan restaurant menus for additional information on recommended dishes, as well as automatic tip calculations. So I got google lens working in VR — Phasedragon (@Phasedragoon) August 22, 2019.

Google 232

You Can Now Meet Terrifying Dinosaurs in VR With Google Cardboard


Google Cardboard has brought us in VR the closest thing to Jurassic Park yet. The newest feature of Google’s Arts & Culture app has added a giant swimming rhomaleosaurus to a 360º virtual tour of the Natural History Museum of London. Google is already working with 50 natural history museums to bring 150 more enormous dinosaurs to life. Google says the animations were “painstakingly created” and checked by scientists to ensure biological accuracy.

Google 322

Google’s Experiment With Light Fields Show Potential of VR


Google is working on ways to create the most realistic sense of presence while in VR. To help with that, Google has been experimenting with light fields to show how VR can come as close as possible to what you’d actually see if you were there. When you’re actually in a place, the world reacts to you as you move your head around: light bounces off surfaces in different ways and you see things from different perspectives,” said Paul Debevec , Senior Researcher at Google VR.

Google 255

Google Stadia Shuts Down Internal Studios, Changing Business Focus

GizModo VR

technology_internet computing technology video gaming in video gaming subscription services google stadia cloud gaming xbox cloud gaming phil harrison stadia jade raymond google

Google Meet video conferencing now looks a lot more like Zoom

Mashable VR

Now Google Meet is catching up. On Friday, the Zoom competitor from Google announced background images would start to be available in its video conferencing service, Google Meet. Up until now, Google Meet has only let you show your IRL background.

Video 83

Putt-Putt Google Earth VR Looks Amazing


The new video also teases “puppet skinning” for Tilt Brush. When YouTube channel Nat and Friends toured Google VR, we were honestly expecting to see experiments from Google’s Daydream Labs that we’ve already seen. Projects we’ve reported on like Google’s headset removal or last year’s social VR experiments have been some of our favorites. We’ve actually done more than a hundred prototypes,” comments Google software engineer Rob Jagnow in the video.

Google 255

Google Offers High Quality ‘Jump’ 360 Video Stitching with Improved 3D

Road to VR

Google this week introduced a new “High Quality” option for their Jump Assembler, an automated 3D 360 video stitching service for creators shooting with Jump cameras. In a blog post this week, Google software engineer David Gallup detailed the new High Quality stitching option for creators using the Jump Assembler. SEE ALSO Google's 'Welcome to Light Fields' VR App Reveals the Power of Volumetric Capture.

10 Google Maps hacks everyone should know

Mashable VR

Google Maps can do so much more than get you from Point A to Point B. More about Mashable Video , Google Maps , Accessibility , Time Travel , and Navigation. Mashable Video Google Maps Accessibility Time Travel Navigation