Leap Motion Teases Prototype ‘Collapsible’ User Interface for AR Headsets

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Leap Motion, the company behind the hand-tracking depth sensor, recently tweeted out another through-the-headset view of a prototype UI, this time centered on how some simple elements might work in the “augmented office” of the near future. Using the company’s prototype dev kit, dubbed Project North Star , Leap Motion serves up another host of interesting design concepts. ” Image courtesy Leap Motion.

Leap Motion Looks To Combine AR & VR With ‘Mirrorworlds’


Leap Motion dreams big with an ambitious new project that could open ‘alternative dimensions of reality, layered over the physical world.’. AMerican computer hardware manufacturer Leap Motion has released a series of concept videos teasing a technological future where augmented and virtual reality have collided to form a ‘parallel reality’ of sorts. The post Leap Motion Looks To Combine AR & VR With ‘Mirrorworlds’ appeared first on VRScout.


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Leap Motion Teases ‘Augmented Office’ With Project North Star AR Dev Kit


With Leap Motion’s Project North Star set to hit the streets in the coming months, the American-based hand-tracking depth sensor manufacturer has officially begun teasing the various ambitious design concepts made possible by the open source AR development kit. In a series of posts made to the official Leap Motion Twitter account , the company gave a behind-the-scenes sneak peek at a user interface referred to as the “augmented office.”

Leap Motion Reveals First Extended Demo Shot Through North Star Headset

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Back in April Leap Motion first revealed North Star , a prototype AR headset that’s designed to replicate the features of a future high-end AR headset, as a platform for experimentation. Leap Motion is best known for its markerless hand-tracking technology , but in the last few quarters the company has been increasingly showing of its design chops in both software and now hardware. Image courtesy Leap Motion.

Leap Motion ‘Virtual Wearable’ AR Prototype is a Potent Glimpse at the Future of Your Smartphone

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Leap Motion , a maker of hand-tracking software and hardware, has been experimenting with exactly that, and is teasing some very interesting results. Leap Motion has shown lots of cool stuff that can be done with their hand-tracking technology, but most of it is seen through the lens of VR. Now as Leap Motion’s VP of Design, he’s turning his ideas into (augmented) reality. AR Design Leap Motion News ar design ar interface leap motion

Leap Motion Showcases Mobile Hand-Tracking In New Video


A few weeks back I went hands-on with Leap Motion’s mobile VR hand-tracking solution, and now you can see it in action for yourself. The video below shows a build of Leap’s Blocks demo designed for mobile VR headsets like the Qualcomm reference design it’s already been integrated into. It didn’t run quite as smoothly as this when I tried it at the 2017 Mobile World Congress, but I was able to do everything shown in the video.

Leap Motion Jumps Into AR With Project North Star Headset/Platform


Over the past five or so years Leap Motion has been pushing hand-tracking VR forward with its controller-free sensor. Many see hand-tracking as the ideal way to interact with content, and basic finger and gesture recognition can already be seen in AR kits like Microsoft’s HoloLens (though the upcoming Magic Leap One will use a remote-like controller). You could theoretically use the system for navigating menus, controlling video playback or more.

Leap Motion’s North Star is the DK1 of AR: hands-on preview and how to buy it!

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You probably have heard about Leap Motion’s Project North Star , that should be able to offer people affordable augmented reality. Notice a Leap Motion sensor installed on top of it. Project North Star is an opensource augmented reality headset that Leap Motion has designed and gifted to the community. HoloLens or Magic Leap One ), but to create a headset that is: Affordable; Completely open, both from a software and hardware standpoint.

AR From an Architect’s Perspective, Spatial Computing, & Leap Motion’s North Star AR HMD

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Keiichi Matsuda went from being a dystopian filmmaker to becoming the Vice President of Design at hand-tracking company Leap Motion. One of the co-founders of Leap Motion reached out to Matsuda to invite him to help creating & influence the future of spatial computing since he has been creating functional and pragmatic spatial computing interfaces in his films since 2010. Music video blending projection mapping with 2D & 3D compositing.

Leap Motion Shares Amazing Demo of Augmented Reality Table Tennis with AI Opponent

Next Reality AR

Hand tracking technology company Leap Motion has built a stunningly fluid augmented reality ping-pong game that not only showcases the capabilities of its open source Project North Star augmented reality headset, but also demonstrates how artificial intelligence can elevate immersive experiences. As seen in demo videos shared by Leap Motion, the physics in the game are highly realistic as the virtual ball bounces off the.

Leap Motion VP: ‘AR And VR Will Have To Make Do With Sound And Vision For The Foreseeable Future’


We’ve seen some incredible things emerging from Leap Motion since the company hired visionary filmmaker Keiichi Matsuda last year as a vice president leading a new London research studio. Most recently, a video emerged from the company showing how a desk can become interactive when paired with the company’s finger and hand tracking technology, as well as an AR headset design called North Star the company is open-sourcing. AR leap motion

UltraLeap Gemini review: use both hands in VR!

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One of the first accessories for AR/VR I had the opportunity to work on is the Leap Motion hands tracking controller : I made some cool experiments and prototypes with it and the Oculus Rift DK2. Leap Motion has also been the first important company I have interviewed in this blog.

Leap Motion Reveals Project North Star, an Open-source Wide FOV AR Headset Dev Kit

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Over the last few weeks, Leap Motion has been teasing some very compelling AR interface prototypes, demonstrated on an unknown headset. Leap Motion plans to open-source the design of the device, which they’re calling Project North Star. Founded in 2010, Leap Motion develops leading hand-tracking hardware and software. ” Image courtesy Leap Motion. Image courtesy Leap Motion. ” Image courtesy Leap Motion.

Hand Tracking Wristband Brings More Detailed Hand Movements To VR & AR


Because FingerTrak uses thermal images to track your hand movements, the system is capable of more precise hand tracking when compared to options such as the Leap Motion Controller or the Oculus Quests.

North Star from Leap Motion is the next level of AR interface


Years ago, Leap Motion made headlines when they released footage of their intuitive Leap Motion device. For those not familiar with their namesake, this peripheral allowed users to control everything on their PCs with intuitive motion controls and gestures, as seen in the video below. In the years since that video’s release, Leap has successfully released that product and used it to supplement VR controls and development.

Leap Motion 3D Jam 2.0 Launches on Sept. 28th!


We’ve come a long way since we first launched the Leap Motion Controller two years ago. Since we released our technology to the world, we’ve been constantly working to bring new tools and assets to developers building with the Leap Motion platform. Resources like video passthrough, Image Hands , and UI Widgets are all small but fundamental steps in building the future of VR. The Leap Motion team. The post Leap Motion 3D Jam 2.0

5 Medical and Assistive Technologies Being Transformed with Leap Motion


From the operating room to virtual reality, here are 5 ways that people are using Leap Motion tech for medical and assistive applications. Solution: One of TIME Magazine’s Top 25 Inventions of 2014, MotionSavvy’s UNI is a two-way communication tool for the deaf using Leap Motion and speech technologies. Solution: Developers and researchers have been experimenting with using Leap Motion technology to measure hand tremors, including a team at UCSF.

Leap Motion Announces Keiichi Matsuda as VP of Design and Global Creative Director to Lead New London Design Research Studio


Leap Motion’s efforts will seek to set a new standard for interaction design with the digital world, and define the core user experience for the next generation of mobile and all-in-one headsets. Click To Tweet “Virtual and augmented reality are at a critical point in their evolution,” said Michael Buckwald, Leap Motion CEO. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Leap Motion Team UX Design

VR Prototyping for Less Than $100 with Leap Motion + VRidge


63 for the Leap Motion Controller and VR Developer Mount , now on sale in our web store. If you’re sensitive to motion sickness, the added latency may cause you to feel uncomfortable. Setup your Google Cardboard with Leap Motion Controller. Once the Leap Motion Controller is properly mounted, use the USB extender to plug the controller into your computer. See the full guide here or watch this video: 3.

Leap Motion tracking v4 sample apps show how Virtual Reality UX should be made

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If you are a VR enthusiast, for sure in the last days you’ve found your social media feed full of videos and animations of people playing around with a cute cat in virtual reality using only their bare hands. This is because Leap Motion has announced its v4 version of the tracking runtime and with it three demos to showcase the new tracking functionalities: Cat Explorer, Particles, and Paint. Here you are a video where I showcase all you can do with this application.

Watch: Half-Life: Alyx Gets Up And Running In Project North Star AR Headset

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Getting up and running inside Leap Motion’s Project North Star open-source AR headset. In the video a camera moves from the real world before peering behind the lens to see the world of City 17 stretching out in front of them. Half-Life: Alyx’s latest impressive feat?

Holovis Uses Giant Robot Arms for Intense VR Motion Simulated Experiences

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The technology claims to offer the rider genuine interactivity and ‘complete agency’ over the experience, including real-time control of the motion profile. The debut system in the video above uses a two-seat, six-axis robot arm from KUKA, one of the leading suppliers of industrial robots. The real-time VR world needs to synchronise perfectly with the motion and gesture interactivity, so we’ve developed specialist software to achieve this.

Reliving Memories With The Looking Glass Pro 3D Holographic Workstation


Once connected, users can upload a variety of 3D content—from models and animations to volumetric video—at 60FPS without the need of a VR headset. Unlike the original models, however, users can download 3D models, animations, and volumetric video directly onto the device and access the content at any time without the need of a dedicated PC. News 3D 3D DIsplay 3D Holographic Display Holograms Leap Motion Looking Glass Looking Glass Factory Looking Glass Pro SIGGRAPH 201

Under the Hood: The Leap Motion Hackathon’s Augmented Reality Workspace


Early last month, Leap Motion kicked off our internal hackathon with a round of pitch sessions. Our team’s video got shared on /r/oculus and led to a feature on Wired. At Leap Motion, we spend a lot of time experimenting with new ways of interacting with technology, and we often run into the same problem. Leap Motion. The project used the public Leap Motion SDK with standard tracking to receive hand tracking and video passthrough data.

Punch into Hyperspace with VR Cockpit: Leap Motion’s Latest Experimental Project


The demo puts you in control using a combination of Leap Motion interaction and a fully integrated Hands On Throttle and Stick (HOTAS) control system. Want to see more videos like this one? The VR Cockpit is an ongoing research project that we created to investigate design patterns for hybrid interfaces – combining physical hardware with motion controlled interactions. visual and audio feedback mechanisms for motion control interfaces. Powerful physical motions.

5 Experiments from Leap Motion’s Internal Hackathon (Including the Augmented Reality Workspace)


Recently, Leap Motion kicked off one of our internal hackathons, where small teams pitch and develop quick demos over the course of two days. After one of our engineers posted a video of AR Screen – a project using the Dragonfly module prototype to create an augmented reality work environment – the video soon went viral and was later featured on Wired. During the video, you can see a blue glow effect, which is part of our Image Hands asset.

Reach into the Digital World: Getting Started with Leap Motion @ HackingEDU


At Leap Motion, we believe that the next wave of technological interfaces will rely on the original human operating system: your hands. With HackingEDU just around the corner, Leap Motion is sponsoring the world’s largest education hackathon with over 100 Leap Motion Controllers for attendees to use. LA Hack Finalists Armateur: Robotic Arm + Leap Motion + Bluetooth. Getting Started with Leap Motion.

CR Deck Mk.1 Is An Open Source AR Headset Based On Project North Star With Ultraleap Hand-Tracking


Details are scarce so far, but Combine Reality unveiled images and short video clips of the new AR headset on Twitter. finger tracking finger tracking oculus quest finger tracking quest hand track quest hand tracking hand tracking oculus hand tracking oculus quest hand tracking quest hand tracking virtual reality hand tracking vr hands oculus quest leap motion Mobile ar no controllers oculus quest no controllers vr north star oculus quest hand Project North Star top stories ultraleap

ResearchVR Episode 29: Did Somebody Say Hand Interaction? Round-table With Alex Colgan


This week on ResearchVR we dig deep into Leap Motion with Alex Colgan , lead writer at the startup. Then we move on to our guest, the person with the overview of what Leap Motion is cooking up, their experience, and best practices to date. Considering that Leap Motion is based purely on video input, they also have a lot of experience with the embodiment of hands based only on visual feedback.

Ultraleap Stereo IR 170 review: use your hands naturally in VR!

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I have appreciated it a lot, so I thought it could have been a cool idea to make a post for you to describe how it is and compare it with the previous Leap Motion controller. UltraLeap Stereo IR 170 video review. UltraLeap 2 vs Leap Motion Controller: what doesn’t change.

Varjo Expands Enterprise Headset Lineup With VR-2 & VR-2 Pro

Peter Graham

Additionally, the Varjo VR-2 Pro also comes with integrated Ultraleap (formerly Leap Motion) hand tracking technology. Video output. News Pinned Article Enterprise Leap Motion SteamVR Ultraleap Varjo Varjo Technologies Varjo VR-2 Varjo VR-2 ProThere are several virtual reality (VR) headsets competing in the higher end enterprise sector such as the HTC Vive Pro Eye, VRgineers’ XTAL and Varjo’s VR-1.

Unveiling Project North Star


Leap Motion is a company that has always been focused on human-computer interfaces. In preparation for the coming flood, we at Leap Motion have built a ship, and we call it Project North Star. Over the past month we’ve hinted at some of the characteristics of this platform, with videos on Twitter that have hit the front page of Reddit and collected millions of views from people around the world.

Meet the Winners of 3D Jam 2.0


Based on community ratings and scores from the Leap Motion team, we’re excited to present the winners of the second annual 3D Jam. Virtual Real Meeting is a collaborative virtual environment that makes it easy to connect and present slideshows, videos, drawings, task lists, and charts. Motion control is an incredibly powerful tool for 3D animation. appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. The votes are in!

Unity 44

How a Self-Taught Teen Built His Own North Star Headset


Graham records his North Star videos through a hacked Logitech webcam. (As The post How a Self-Taught Teen Built His Own North Star Headset appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. Augmented & Virtual Reality Free and Open Source Hardware Leap Motion Team Orion north starOver the past few months we’ve hit several major milestones in the development of Project North Star.

Our Journey to the North Star


All of the videos you’ve seen were recorded with a combination of these glasses and the headset above. The post Our Journey to the North Star appeared first on Leap Motion Blog. Augmented & Virtual Reality Leap Motion Team UX Design north starWhen we embarked on this journey , there were many things we didn’t know. What does hand tracking need to be like for an augmented reality headset?

Japan Joins Project North Star


Masahiro Yamaguchi (CEO, Psychic VR Lab), God Scorpion (Media artist, Psychic VR Lab), Keiichi Matsuda (VP Design, Leap Motion), Oda Yuda (Designer), Akihiro Fujii (CTO, Psychic VR Lab). Alex Colgan (Leap Motion): What inspired you to build a North Star headset? I’ve been using the Leap Motion hand tracker for six years and know its precision. Kaneko: Although it’s not close to the teaser video you guys released, we tried to emulate it.

Japan 45

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


San Francisco-based Leap Motion has raised a $50M Series C for their hand- and finger-tracking technology. The round was led by JP Morgan Asset management, and this fresh influx of cash brings Leap Motion’s total funding to almost $95M. WaveOptics is developing AR glasses, and released a demo video showing a cycling use case—which might be a competitive AR field, as other companies are focusing there as well.