HTC Vive Cosmos Comfort Video


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HTC’s 6DoF Lite Video Mode Now Available On All Vive Headsets


Volumetric depth adds a whole new level of immersion to standard 360 and 180-degree videos. Revealed during HTC’s recent Vive Ecosystem Conference this past March in Shenzhen, China, the companies groundbreaking 6DoF Lite technology is now available for use on the Viveport Video platform. Quick Intro video for the NEW #6DoFLite video mode in @Viveport Video Player which turns ANY #existing 360 or 180-degree video into a #6DoF video you can move 1-2 meters in any direction.

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New HTC Vive Cosmos Video Focuses On Comfort


HTC’s Vive Cosmos finally remerged late last month and then swiftly disappeared again. But now it’s back again again with a new video. The video also mentions some interesting stats. HTC says this makes it the lightest Vive headset to date. The headset now features six cameras for inside-out tracking and will run on HTC’s new Vive Reality platform. Crucially, Cosmos will be a modular headset that HTC says will have scalability.

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HTC’s ‘6DOF Lite’ Mode Adds Volumetric Depth To 360 Video


HTC brings flat 360-degree video to life with 6DOF functionality. As captivating as conventional 360-degree video can be, it pales in comparison to the level of immersion offered by volumetric content featuring 3D depth and 6DOF capabilities. During this years HTC Vive Ecosystem Conference, HTC unveiled a new service that injects 6DOF functionality into a conventional monoscopic 360-degree video, allowing users to move their heads in any direction up to one meter.

HTC Highlights Vive Cosmos Controllers In New Video


We still have much to learn about the HTC Vive Cosmos. But this new video gives us another look at its promising controllers. HTC VIVE (@htcvive) February 20, 2019. The Vive Cosmos controllers are also HTC’s first to use analog sticks instead of trackpads. It can run on a PC, but HTC is also hinting that it will plug into a phone to offer VR on the go. It’ll be HTC’s first device to run on the Vive Reality System platform.

Bigscreen VR Announces Built-In Video Player


Share you personal videos without the need of a VR-ready PC. However, there was one thing missing from the platform that users have been begging for: a dedicated built-in video player. . Well it’s time to give your vocal chords a break, because the bigwigs at Bigscreen have heard your demands and they are officially launching a new feature that will let you play your videos in a private room, and you can invite your friends to watch it with you.

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‘Tarzan VR’ Just Released The Coolest Mixed Reality Video Game Trailer Ever


Players will have the chance to record their own mixed reality adventures when Tarzan VR launches later this year on HTC Vive/Vive Pro, Oculus Rift/Rift S, Valve Index, Windows Mixed Reality, and PlayStation VR. Grab your virtual loincloth and get ready for some mixed reality action.

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HTC Teases Cloud-Based VR With New 5G Hub


With the 2019 Mobile World Congress currently underway in Barcelona, Spain, HTC has been busying themselves with a slew of exciting announcements and demonstrations ranging from a smartphone aimed at cryptocurrency fanatics, to their HTC Vive Focus Plus VR headset. Yesterday, the company used MWC’s stage to reveal yet another new product, the HTC 5G Hub – a combination smart hub/mobile hotspot that brings 5G streaming to up to 20 connected devices. with HTC Sense.

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Check Out Netflix’s VR Video Store for HTC Vive


The post Check Out Netflix’s VR Video Store for HTC Vive appeared first on UploadVR. Experiences Daredevil htc vive netflix Netflix Zone vr videoRecent reports would have you believe Netflix has no interest in VR, but the company’s latest Hack Day suggests otherwise. Every few months the content streaming giant will host one of these special events in which it lets its staff use its resources to pursue their own ideas, no matter how bizarre or impossible.

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HTC Vive Mobile Phone Spotted in Promotional Video

Road to VR

An HTC Vive phone has been spotted in a promotional video leaked ahead of a scheduled press conference on January 12th. In another in a series of leaks from Internet tipster Evan Blass over the CES period, two promotional videos which have allegedly leaked ahead of an HTC press conference scheduled for next week, seems to feature a Vive branded model of mobile phone. HTC 2017? Will HTC announce a mobile VR headset at its January 12th press conference?

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HTC Vive Cosmos Supports Optical Finger Tracking


The HTC Vive Cosmos will support the same finger tracking SDK as Vive and Vive Pro, as shown in a video posted to Twitter by HTC Vive’s China President. HTC released finger tracking for Vive and Vive Pro back in March. Developers can integrate it into their app and it will work on any HTC VR headset. Since the tracking is using the regular cameras on the headsets and not a depth sensor, HTC recommends against having “complicated backgrounds”.

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HTC Introduces Wireless VR Streaming To Its Viveport Platform


The 2019 ChinaJoy Digital Entertainment Expo and Conference kicked-off with a bang this morning with HTC’s announcement of VIVEPORT Streaming, a new feature heading to the VR game platform that will allow Vive headsets users to wirelessly stream high-quality VR games directly from a VR-ready gaming PC over Wi-Fi. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC. Featured Image Credit: HTC.

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Amazon Launches ‘Prime Video VR’, Commits to Building up VR Video Library

Road to VR

Amazon today announced the launch of Prime Video VR on Oculus Quest, Go, and Gear VR. In addition to bringing the entire Prime Video catalog onto the headsets, Amazon is also for the first time adding VR content to its Prime Video library. The company today announced the launch of the Prime Video VR app which allows Prime members in the US and UK to stream the entire Prime Video content library, and also allows non-members to stream their library of purchased content.

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HTC Vive Launches Today with Cool Launch Video


Today, the HTC Vice launches. Steam shows off how cool VR can be with their video with people experiencing VR in front of a green screen. HTC HTC Vive Virtual Reality Virtual Reality News ViveBut how do you explain or show people VR who have never tried it before? Doing this in front of a green screen helps to explain to others what the user is seeing and experiencing.

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Bigscreen TV Launches With 50+ Channels Of Video Content


While there are several existing video streaming solutions already available, Bigscreen TV aims to simplify the process by offering users the easiest and most convenient way to stream content with friends in real-time. We built a new VR video browser technology that can load video streaming and live streaming sites,” Bigscreen says. The post Bigscreen TV Launches With 50+ Channels Of Video Content appeared first on VRScout. Cable just got a modern makeover.

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HTC Vive Headsets Lineup Explained: Should You Wait For Cosmos?


HTC’s line-up of VR headsets is steadily growing. HTC Vive. At $499 it’s the most affordable headset in HTC’s lineup. Originally released in 2016 for $799, the OG Vive remains today as HTC’s entry level PC VR option. HTC Vive Pro. HTC Vive Pro Eye. At CES 2019 HTC announced Vive Pro Eye – a 2019 refresh of the Vive Pro adding eye tracking. HTC Vive Focus. HTC Vive Cosmos.

HTC 202

Surge Music Video in VR


Remember when MTV showed music videos? Surge is one of the first real-time VR music videos created specifically for VR. The goal of Surge is to provide insight in the possibilities of VR as a medium for music videos. The video is short, however, very much worth the download. 360-Degree Movies 360-Degree Video 3D VR Sound Demo HTC HTC Vive Oculus Oculus Rift Video Virtual Reality Virtual Reality News Vive VR VR Movies

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HTC Unveils New Vive Cosmos Headsets And Faceplate Upgrades


A handful of new headsets and swappable faceplates breathes new life into HTC’s lineup of modular VR hardware. When HTC released its Vive Cosmos back in October last year, it came with some much-needed improvements to the original HTC Vive design; a flip-up visor, all-new RGB LCD panels, a wide tracking FOV, and a revolutionary design that allows you to augment the device with new abilities via interchangeable faceplates. Image Credit: HTC.

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WATCH: HTC Vive Cosmos Hands-On Impressions Analysis


Earlier this week I visited HTC’s office in San Francisco, CA and finally tried out their upcoming new HTC Vive Cosmos ( official website ) VR headset that launches on October 3, 2019, for $699. Watch our impressions video above or read the full hands-on article for more details. The post WATCH: HTC Vive Cosmos Hands-On Impressions Analysis appeared first on UploadVR. [link].

HTC to Offer VR Event Spaces to Companies Looking to Go Virtual

Road to VR

In the time of social distancing and the new work-at-home culture, video conferencing has undoubtedly become king. Companies looking to get a little more out of meetings though, namely the ability to virtually chat face-to-face with colleagues, might be surprised to learn that HTC will soon be offering its own social VR platform soon. Instead, HTC held the event virtually in education-focused social VR platform Engage , which featured keynotes and a developer meet up in mid-March.

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VLC Media Player Now Supports 360° Video


The popular open source media player that practically plays any video format on any platform has now added support for 360° videos. The company behind VLC, VideoLan , teamed up with 360° camera company Giroptic to develop the new features, which lets you display photos, panoramas and videos. The company also announced that they will support VR headsets like the Oculus Rift, Google’s Daydream , and the HTC Vive in 2017. News 360 Video Giroptic VLC

Final Cut Pro X Arrives With 360 VR Video Editing


View your 360° video projects in realtime on a HTC Vive. In a trio of announcements, Apple revealed that Valve would be bringing SteamVR and HTC Vive to the new iMac, Unity and Unreal Engine were coming to Mac, and Final Cut Pro X would finally support VR video editing. One of those tools is none other than Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s professional-level video editing software. Now you can easily add 2D and 3D titles to your spherical video.

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Oculus, HTC Hit SXSW With Latest In VR Filmmaking


Both Oculus and HTC are at this year’s show with new projects. Oculus will be highlighting the latest from its VR for Good initiative whereas HTC has two co-produced projects nominated at the SXSW Film Festival. On the Oculus front, the company will showcase three new 360 degree videos. Over on the HTC side, Vive’s first piece is The Making Of. 360 Video Art & Science Experiences htc oculus SXSW

HTC 195

Song Made By AI Gets Stunning 360° Music Video


AI, music, and VR creation tools collide in this beautiful 360° video. Part of YouTube’s VR Creator Lab , the video project can be viewed in 360° on desktop, mobile devices, and VR headsets. I did have to do all of the character and solid object animation in Maya, but in the end I’d estimate that I completed about 70% of the video with a headset on. As part of the grant program, I would make several immersive 360 videos for the album.

Video 240

HTC Vive Reflects On One Year Of VR With New Video


As of yesterday the HTC Vive is one year old, and PC-based VR in general is only a week older. That’s what this latest video from HTC asks. Tagged with: htc vive Facebook Twitter Reddit More. HTC Vive htc viveWe’ve had 12 months of new VR games, apps, and experiences that are unlike anything else in any other medium. But what have been some of the developer’s favorite projects?

HTC 159

CEO Shows Life In China Under Coronavirus Quarantine With 360 VR Video


Watching Mitchell’s video in webVR is an impactful experience, one that gives you a great idea of how the coronavirus has disrupted life in China. Watching the video, it felt as though I was wandering a post-apocalyptic world where I was part of a small handful of survivors left on Earth. Mitchell also takes you to the FXG headquarters which is completely unoccupied; a disconcerting feeling considering the 360VR video was filmed during a normal workday.

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HTC Vive Cosmos Pre-orders to Start September 12th

Road to VR

HTC Vive Cosmos, the company’s upcoming PC VR headset, is officially going into pre-order starting September 12th. HTC announced the news via Twitter, saying that more information, including specs, price, and special offers will be made public at the time when pre-orders go live. — HTC VIVE (@htcvive) September 10, 2019. As far as headset releases go, this is an entirely new strategy for HTC. Image courtesy HTC.

HTC 183

HTC Vive Cosmos controllers briefly detailed in new video


Last month at CES, HTC announced the VIVE Cosmos, a new headset for its virtual reality line up. Slowly but surely, HTC is beginning to pull back the veil and release some details, starting today with new information … Continue reading. Archive HTC HTC VIVE virtual reality VRThough we had the chance to see the headset up close, there’s still a lot we don’t know about the VIVE Cosmos.

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HTC Unveils New Cosmos Design, 6 Inside-out Cameras & Removable Faceplate

Road to VR

HTC today unveiled a new design for Cosmos, the company’s upcoming inside-out tracked PC VR headset slated for release in Q3 2019. HTC posted the unveiling in a video on the Vive Facebook page, mentioning the headset’s codename ‘D120165′ HTC further says they’ll be releasing specs on Cosmos next week. Image courtesy HTC. Hopefully we’ll learn all of this when HTC makes their spec reveal next week.

HTC 219

‘Vive Video’ Gets 2.0 Update, Partners with Vimeo to Offer Curated Video Selection

Road to VR

HTC Creative Labs’s free native VR video player has received an upgrade with a new browser interface. The team has also partnered with Vimeo, offering a curated selection of streamable VR video content. Explained in a post on the official Vive blog , which also covers the major CES announcements of the Vive Pro and Wireless Adaptor, Vive Video ’s 2.0 Vive Video launched a year ago with support for 2D, 3D, 180? The post ‘Vive Video’ Gets 2.0

Video 135

360 Video Picks for Halloween


Featured 360 Videos from the VRScout Haunted Mansion. This is part two in our Halloween VR series, which started with our horror picks for the HTC Vive. This time we’re featuring some of the spooky 360 videos we’ll be showcasing at the VRScout Haunted Mansion tomorrow. The post 360 Video Picks for Halloween appeared first on VRScout.

The XR Week Peek (2020.10.26): DecaGear is an intriguing VR headset, HTC is working on a new device, and more!

The Ghost Howls

A new FCC listing appears for an HTC Vive headset. And in fact, a new request to FCC for a new device has arrived from HTC. Since HTC has always made announcements during the CES, I think it will be announced in January. HTC launches Vive XR Suite.

HTC 246

Original HTC Vive ‘Coming Out Of The Market’ With Cosmos Launch


Almost three and a half years after beating Facebook’s Oculus Rift to market with more features, HTC is retiring its original room-scale VR headset — the HTC Vive. The remarkable PC-powered system first shipped in April 2016 for $800 as the result of a partnership between Valve and HTC. In 2019, roughly 1/3 of VR headsets using Valve’s Steam are HTC Vives.

HTC 220

Google 6DOF videos review: move inside VR videos!

The Ghost Howls

Around 40 days ago, I reported to you the news of Google presenting at SIGGRAPH 2020 a new algorithm for recording, encoding, and decoding 6DOF VR videos , that is movies inside which you can physically move. 6DOF Videos. RED Manifold camera can record 6DOF videos.

Video 353

HTC Launches Dedicated VR App Store Viveport


HTC’s VR app store is now live, giving you more options to discover and experience non-gaming content. Back in August at VRLA , HTC announced they would be opening a dedicated virtual reality app store called Viveport, which would be home to a host of largely non-gaming immersive content. HTC’s hope is that when you first purchase your Vive (yep, no Rift for now), Viveport will be the beginning of your journey when exploring virtual reality experiences.

HTC 272

HTC Unveils Three New Vive Cosmos Headsets: Elite, Play, and XR

Road to VR

HTC today introduced three new variants of its Vive Cosmos VR headset. After a bumpy launch for Vive Cosmos back in October 2019, and a new CEO taking the reins at HTC, the company is effectively relaunching Cosmos by introducing a series of Cosmos headsets which seek to appeal to a wide range of VR users from the novice to the high-end enthusiast and everywhere in-between. Image courtesy HTC. Image courtesy HTC. Image courtesy HTC. Image courtesy HTC.

HTC 201

HTC Brings VR Storefront to Mobile


Less than a month after launching the Viveport VR app store , HTC is introducing even more ways to discover and experience VR content. At the Alibaba Cloud developer forum conference Monday, HTC announced the release of a closed beta for Viveport M. Up until know, VR at HTC has been lacking any sort of mobile features. Also announced at the conference, HTC revealed Viveport Arcade, a new VR content management and sales platform customized for offline experience centers.

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