Deadmau5 Shares Mysterious VR Project Being Developed With Unreal Engine


In a video posted to Instagram earlier this week, Grammy-nominated DJ/producer Deadmau5 teased a new VR project being developed alongside game art studio Upsurge Studios and game technology studio Geodesic Games using Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Codename #OBERHASLI.

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Unreal Engine’s New Virtual Production Tool Is Reshaping Cinematography


Unreal Engine is changing how filmmakers and advertisers are making movies and commercials with a new virtual production tool that allows them to add special effects in real-time. When you move the camera around the scene, the Unreal Engine camera moves with it, creating a parallax effect that makes it appear as though you’re staring into a 3D world. In one example provided by Unreal Engine, a rock in a scene needs to be moved to help with the camera shot.

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The Unreal Garden AR Environment Was A Much Needed Escape From The Chaos Of E3


The Unreal Garden, a large-scale multiplayer AR experience from The Entertainment Software Association and Onedome, offered E3 2019 attendess an escape from the chaos, turning 6,000 sq. Originating from a San-Franscico-based pop-up developed in 2018, The Unreal Garden is a combination of art and technology, fusing entertainment with augmented reality, projections, and soundscape technology. video game trade association that owns and manages E3, in an officia release.

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Adding Mixed Reality Capture Support to Unreal Games


In a way, it’s a window into VR, allowing the user to be live composited with the output from a game to create this combined virtual video scene. It’s a mind-blowing format that we’ve been pioneering at VRScout’s studio over the years to film everything from original art series , Super Bowl commercials , to even full-blown music videos. Now Unreal Engine developers can finally open up their projects to mixed reality capture with a new plugin created by HTC Vive developer Foo Hoang.

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Super Fan Remaking Original Witcher Game In VR Using Unreal Engine


Originally a series of novels and short stories, the dark fantasy series starring a mutated monster hunter has since been adapted into an award-winning video game trilogy and—most recently—an episodic Netflix show that’s managed to draw in both fans of the series as well as total newcomers. . The post Super Fan Remaking Original Witcher Game In VR Using Unreal Engine appeared first on VRScout. “Bear! Run you stupid piece of s*#^!” – Geralt of Rivia.

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Unreal Engine Gets Official Mixed Reality Video Support With Version 4.20


Developers working with the Unity toolset to build VR experiences have enjoyed solid support for mixed reality video capture for around two years now. A mixed reality video seamlessly merges two realities in real-time, so this means that many Unity-based VR games, starting with Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption, include features that let enthusiastic players use a webcam and green screen to show what it is like to play that game. VR Industry News epic Unreal engine

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Unreal Engine 4.20 Ships With Native Mixed Reality Compositing for VR, New AR/VR SDKs

Road to VR

Unreal Engine 4.20 In the VR realm, the new version brings native mixed reality video compositing for VR applications, and an update to a much newer Oculus SDK. Mixed reality video compositing for VR allows applications to pull in video from the real world and mix it with the virtual world, which can lead to a really cool footage, like the work done for the Fantastic Contraption (2016) trailer ; it’s also the preferred way for streamers to show themselves in VR.

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Unreal Engine 4 Now Available for Microsoft HoloLens 2

Next Reality AR

Native support for Unreal Engine 4 has arrived for the HoloLens 2 via early access on GitHub (login required). Don't Miss: Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney first announced the coming development on stage at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, but it was at last month's Build conference where the world truly got a good look at some of the possibilities.

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Unreal P.T. review: anxiety and frustration in VR (+ how to download it)

The Ghost Howls

stands exactly for those two words) for the game “Silent Hills” that should have been the sequel of the popular horror game “Silent Hill” This little demo was directed by the two geniuses Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro and was designed to be an original psychological horror game that could make people more excited about the upcoming game than just sharing photos and trailer videos. With that said, I’ll be officially taking down Unreal PT next week.

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Unreal Engine 4.17 Adds VR Spectator Screen, ARKit Support


Epic Games’ Unreal Engine 4.17 Check it out in action in this video for Ghost Paint. Unreal Engine was powering the Wingnut AR demo we saw during ARKit’s reveal earlier this year, but now all Unreal developers can get to grips with it. AR Unreal Engine VR Industry Newsupdate is here , and it’s got some great new features for VR and AR lovers.

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Unreal Video of Perseverance Landing on Mars Will Take Your Breath Away

GizModo VR

NASA has released stunning footage of the Perseverance rover landing on Mars, in what is a seminal achievement for the space agency. Read more. mars perseverance mastcam z rover discovery and exploration of the solar system mars landing technology internet mars rovers spaceflight spacecraft jet propulsion laboratory united states mars exploration program

GDC 2017: Epic’s Tim Sweeney on What Unreal Engine VR Means for Non-gaming Industries


VR video games are some of the most immersive, visceral experiences to date. Of course, all of the various applications, programs and tools will require a base engine for creation, and that’s where Epic Games – and specifically its Unreal Engine – comes in. We had a chance to meet with Epic’s CEO and Founder Tim Sweeney to get his take on where he thinks VR and AR are heading and what Unreal Engine VR means for the plethora of non-gaming industries. “VR

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Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video

Next Reality AR

On Monday, the Microsoft Build conference kicked off, showcasing a series of demos that went off without a hitch — except for one big one. At the start of the show, the company was meant to show off the capabilities of the HoloLens 2 by highlighting a look at the historic Apollo 11 mission as an augmented reality story. Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned.

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5 Ways Solaris: Offworld Combat Is Like Unreal, Quake & Doom

Upload VR

VR Videos

Intriguing New VR Projects Unearthed In Final Unreal Dev Grant Round


Epic Games this week revealed its final round of Unreal Dev Grants. The program, which has been running for the past four years, offers funding to companies using Unreal Engine. Facebook Twitter Reddit More The post Intriguing New VR Projects Unearthed In Final Unreal Dev Grant Round appeared first on UploadVR. 360 Video Art & Science Entertainment Experiences Gaming

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Solaris Hands-On Preview: 5 Ways It’s Like Unreal Or Quake In VR

Upload VR

From the very first moments of gameplay, it’s obvious that Solaris takes heavy inspiration from the likes of Quake, Unreal, and other classic arena shooters. And remarkably, it actually runs and looks strikingly similar on both Quest and Rift — as you can see in the video below.

How to make a video game

Digital Trends

Computing Gaming How-To GameMaker Tier 4 unity unreal engine 4If you want to build a game, you'll need the right tool. Here are seven of the best game-making tools around.

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Epic Announce Android Daydream VR Support in Unreal Engine, Available Today

Road to VR

Epic Games’ Kim Libreri today took to the stage at Google’s I/O conference to announce Unreal Engine support for the newly announced Daydream Android VR platform, what’s more is that it’s available right now. Epic Games have been a constant in VR technology adoption since the Oculus Rift Kickstarter, with the company’s Unreal Engine 4 consistently one of the first to deliver integration for a myriad virtual reality technologies.

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The Essential VR Music Videos of 2016


2016 has been a landmark year for VR and 360° video. In addition to the ever-increasing landscape of 360° camera options available for the consumer and professional alike, major social media outlets such as Facebook, YouTube, and WordPress have introduced 360° video hosting. Littlstar even developed solutions for 360° video playback on 2D TVs. This is one of the downright prettiest 360° videos ever made (those colors!),

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Preview: ‘Space Junkies’ Feels Like VR’s Spiritual Successor to ‘Unreal Tournament’

Road to VR

Unreal Tournament (1999) was one of the staple arena shooters of my youth. In the meantime, check out this video of a full match to whet your appetite. The post Preview: ‘Space Junkies’ Feels Like VR’s Spiritual Successor to ‘Unreal Tournament’ appeared first on Road to VR. It’s simple; find the best gun you can, stock up on as much health and armor as possible, always keep moving until you die, respawn, rinse and repeat.

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Final Cut Pro X Arrives With 360 VR Video Editing


View your 360° video projects in realtime on a HTC Vive. In a trio of announcements, Apple revealed that Valve would be bringing SteamVR and HTC Vive to the new iMac, Unity and Unreal Engine were coming to Mac, and Final Cut Pro X would finally support VR video editing. One of those tools is none other than Final Cut Pro X, Apple’s professional-level video editing software. Now you can easily add 2D and 3D titles to your spherical video.

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How Epic Games’ Lawsuit Against Apple Could Impact The Future Of VR/AR


Apple threatens to withhold support for ARKit and upcoming VR technology on Unreal Engine. This decision could prove devastating for Epic’s Unreal Engine and the hundreds of existing Mac and iOS apps powered by Unreal.

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Meet Epic Games’ Metahumans In VR With Amazing Free Demo

Upload VR

Last week Epic Games introduced its Metahumans Creator for Unreal Engine. ETR also documents the work they put into the demo in this video here. Hopefully we see Unreal developers use this new tool to deliver more convincing VR characters that we can interact with.

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The acclaimed NeoFur 2.0 Unreal Plugin really brings it in the cuteness and adorable CATegories.

Cats and VR

for Unreal Engine 4 enables developers to better tackle the creation of challenging fuzzy and fibrous characters, objects and surfaces such as furred creatures, carpets, blankets, mosses and other natural landscapes. NeoFur for Unreal Engine 4 has been met with acclaim from developers and Epic Games themselves, as the company was awarded Epic Games Unreal Dev Grant Award for their work on NeoFur in May 2016.

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John Legend Performs Live In VR To Raise Awareness Towards Mass Incarceration


Looking at the video posted on John Legend’s YouTube page that shows both real-world and VR footage, it looks like he’s wearing Xsens’ MVN Link suit. The data can then be exported into all typical formats used to create visual effects such as FBX and BVH, and can be streamed directly into Unity, Unreal, and Autodesk, where you can then add custom visual details. The GRAMMY award-winning artist just set a new standard for live VR performances.

Madonna Performs Alongside AR Clones During Billboard Music Awards


Brought to life using a combination of Unreal Engine and volumetric capture, these augmented holograms would appear sporadically throughout the performance, disappearing into puffs of smoke around the original Madonna seemingly at random. The team at Sequin then used a tool called Brainstorm to ensure all the live video feeds being fed into Unreal Engine timed up perfectly with the various digital broadcast objects being layered on top.

Lytro Picks up Limitless Team to Build Tools to Work With Light-fields in Game Engines

Road to VR

With integrations in the works for both Unity and Unreal Engine, Lytro’s goal is to make it easy for their customers to leverage the advantages of light-fields without giving up the advantages that come with real-time rendered content—namely, interactivity. Light-fields are capable of capturing high-quality real-time volumetric video, or high-quality pre-rendered CGI visuals that go far beyond what can be rendered in real-time.

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Tilt Five Kickstarter Crests 300% Funding For Tabletop AR Platform


Similarly, the video game industry has over the last 10+ years been moving away from the disc and cartridge model in favor of centralized online platforms and larger on-board storage. We took what people love about board games and video games, and brought them together,” Tilt Five’s CEO Jerri Ellsworth told me during an interview. For one thing, Jeri proudly told me that “Everyone at the company plays both video games and board games.” and Unreal Engine 4. .

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Free UE4 Template Makes Creating More Realistic VR Hands a Snap

Road to VR

The open-source demo offers a framework for use in any Unreal Engine project, as well as a ‘Playground’ scene containing an underground bunker and shooting range to showcase hand interactivity. While Unreal does very good job at making development accessible, building hands that properly animate, are properly positioned, with grabs and throws that feel natural and so on, is still not a trivial task,” he writes.

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Henry for Oculus Go review: a step forward for VR videos playback

The Ghost Howls

Henry for Oculus Rift is a little masterpiece of graphical optimizations : this short movie has an amazing quality and is all rendered in real time by Unreal Engine. In fact, the version that Oculus has released for the Go is just a video that the app plays automatically. So, they have rendered the Oculus experience to a video and they are showcasing it for the Oculus Go. The author of the video encoding is, in fact, a god in person, that is John Carmack.

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Oculus’ New 360 Capture SDK Lets You Create and Share In-Game 360 Videos and Photos

Road to VR

Facebook’s VR headset subsidiary Oculus is finally integrating a native tool that will let you capture and share your Rift experiences through 360 photos and videos—one that developers can integrate into Unity and Unreal Engines, and across NVIDIA and AMD GPUs— and it’s available today on GitHub. Oculus is touting video resolution at 1080p for News Feed viewing, and 4K for in-headset VR viewing.

Design your own video game with this guide for absolute beginners

Mashable VR

TL;DR: The Absolute Beginner's Guide to Learning Unreal Engine for Game Design and Animation is on sale for £30.57 Way back in 1998, a game engine called the Unreal Engine was developed and showcased in the first-person shooter game Unreal.

GDC 2017: Epic Games Teams With Chevrolet On New AR Car Project


Ever since Epic Games opened its Unreal Engine 4 technology to the world, new use cases have been coming in fast and furious. The latest example of just how far real-time video game engine technology has come will be on display at GDC 2017 this week. Epic Games partnered with visual effects and creative content studio The Mill to shoot a new Chevrolet video that utilizes UE4 technology and an augmented reality Blackbird motion tracking vehicle.

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Featured Platform: Getnamo’s Community Plugin for Unreal Engine 4


Today on the blog, we’re spotlighting getnamo’s community Leap Motion plugin for Unreal Engine 4, which offers some unique capabilities alongside the official plugin. Featuring passthrough capability , new collision assets , and out-of-the-box Oculus Rift VR/AR support, getnamo’s plugin exposes the entire Leap Motion API to Unreal’s Blueprint system. This feature is fully documented with a guide on the Unreal forums. This is the video where it gets really cool.

Apple Sets Stage For VR; Shows Off Star Wars Vive Demo


” SteamVR will also be joined on Mac systems by the Unreal and Unity video game engines, all tying directly into today’s newly announced Metal 2 video-processing API. News Apple HTC Vive Metal 2 Star Wars Unity Unreal WWDCApple’s new iMacs are now powerful enough to support VR. Apple unveiled macOS High Sierra during WWDC. The successor to macOS Sierra promises a slew of new features and most notably among them—support for virtual reality.

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Epic Games buys UK facial mapping startup Cubic Motion

TechCrunch VR

The game studio behind Fortnite and the Unreal Engine has already done plenty of work with the UK-based startup, creating a number of tech demos over the past several years that have centered on translating an actor’s facial movements to a digital character in real-time. The startup will continue serving existing customers while also accelerating integrations between the company’s tech and Unreal Engine, the companies said in a press release.

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These Five 360-Degree Nature Videos Showcase Planet Earth


Here’s a selection of videos that helps inspire awe and appreciation for nature and hopefully inspire us to drop the headset, put on our puffy coats, and explore. This is not a conservation video per se, but it is a wonderful fusion of natural landscapes and science education. 2Bit Circus has a wonderful sense of “play” in the medium and this video is no exception.

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