AT&T and Magic Leap Partnership is All About 5G, While Selling a $2,300 Headset Without It

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AT&T and Magic Leap formed a partnership last year which looked a lot like the one between Cingular (now merged with AT&T) and Apple which led to the launch of iPhone. AT&T and Magic Leap are pitching a similar marketing message involving Magic Leap One and 5G, and have begun exclusively selling the headset in select AT&T stores… but the whole thing falls flat upon the realization that the headset doesn’t actually have any 5G hardware.

Magic Leap One first impressions review: it’s not a leap, but a step

The Ghost Howls

I thought it would have taken me a lot before I would be able to try the Magic Leap One , but luckily this has not been the case. At a certain point, I asked him: “oh, you said me that you have tried Magic Leap… how is it?” ” and he answered with “ You are going to tell me in a while “ And then, as a magician, he took out a Magic Leap One and let me try it. The three component of the Magic Leap One.


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Magic Leap Versus HoloLens — Which Is Going To Win Over Developers?


In spite of the fact we’re joking around and playing Angry Birds on Magic Leap, the whole thing feels very grown up, in the sense that these guys are in this for the long haul, and so, they reckon, is the business of making Mixed Reality. Microsoft has this great patent portfolio and it would be great to take that amazing secret sauce of the HoloLens and license it out to their existing OEM partners like Dell or Samsung.”. AR HoloLens Magic Leap

Magic Leap Roars into the Auto World via Kia Stinger App from RelayCars

Next Reality AR

Magic Leap One owners, start your virtual engines, as automotive virtual reality developer RelayCars has published an app to Magic Leap World that lets users customize and test drive a 2019 Kia Stinger. The RelayCars app, which is available as a free download, enables Magic Leap One users to examine a 3D model of the car from various angles in their physical space, modify its color, and view the virtual vehicle driving around the room.

Samsung’s Leaked AR Concept Videos Reveal Its Augmented Ambitions

Road to VR

Leaked concept video featuring two Samsung AR devices has come to light. If Samsung AR Glasses did exist as we see them in the video above, it would signify a truly magic leap in mobile processing.

Magic Leap and Madefire delivering VR Comic


Secretive augmented-reality start-up Magic Leap is partnering with online comic book publisher Madefire to deliver mixed reality comics to Magic Leap’s devices when they launch. ” Madefire already has VR apps for the Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR, but Magic Leap advisor Andy Lanning has revealed a couple of key differences at the con. The post Magic Leap and Madefire delivering VR Comic appeared first on VR World.

Spatial’s Collaborative AR Platform Turns Any Room Into A 3D Workspace


Donning an augmented reality headset, such as the Microsoft Hololens or the Magic Leap One, users can dive into a limitless workspace composed of content from your digital devices, anytime, anywhere. News AR AR Holograms Augmented Reality Magic Leap One: Creator Edition Microsoft HoloLens SpatialCross-reality collaboration arrives as Spatial reveals holographic teleportation through augmented reality.

Samsung Files Patent Application For Foldable AR Glasses


According to a recently published patent application filed by Samsung, the company may be developing a foldable AR headset featuring a built-in display that automatically activates when the device is unfolded. Similar to other AR headsets, such as the Magic Leap One Creator Edition or Microsoft HoloLens, a tiny projector mounted near the temple would project a small image onto the lenses in front of the user’s eyes.

Graphene Batteries Enable Future; Magic Leap and other AR/VR Players


To bring the matters home to the readers of this website, graphene battery technology is one of key technologies we need for headsets such as Google Glass 2, which is currently being developed in conjunction with Luxottica , or a more recent development, Magic Leap prototype augmented reality glass. The post Graphene Batteries Enable Future; Magic Leap and other AR/VR Players appeared first on VR World.

Enterprise Wearable & Immersive Tech 2018: Magic Leap, Exosuits and VR Training, Training, Training


Magic Leap finally dropped to mixed reviews and BrainXchange published its Definitive Guide to Adopting Wearables, AR and VR in Enterprise. After years of secrecy and hype, Magic Leap finally released its first developer kit in August for $2,295. At its first developer conference in October, the company spoke of a few upcoming enterprise-facing apps; and in November, Magic Leap announced a creator fund to encourage designers to develop apps for the Magic Leap One.

Developing the Future of Mixed Reality

Tech Trends VR

In spite of the fact we’re joking around and playing Angry Birds on Magic Leap, the whole thing feels very grown up, in the sense that these guys are in this for the long haul, and so, they reckon, is the business of making Mixed Reality. Microsoft has this great patent portfolio and it would be great to take that amazing secret sauce of the HoloLens and license it out to their existing OEM partners like Dell or Samsung.”.

Blockchain Supported Social Universe Uhive Promises a Limitless new World

Peter Graham

Headsets already planned for include PlayStation VR, Oculus, HTC Vive, Gear VR and even Magic Leap. News HTC Vive Magic Leap Oculus Rift PlayStation VR Samsung Gear VR Social Media Uhive

Spatial raises $14M more for a holographic 3D workspace app, a VR/AR version of Zoom or Hangouts

TechCrunch VR

Other investors include Expa, Lerer Hippeau, Leaders Fund, Samsung NEXT and Andy Hertzfeld (of Macintosh fame).

Will Apple, Facebook or Microsoft be the future of augmented reality?

TechCrunch VR

Augmented Reality Column Hardware Venture Capital Apple Facebook Google head-mounted displays Magic Leap Microsoft mixed reality Samsung smartglasses smartphone smartphones Snap Snapchat Virtual realityTim Merel. Contributor. Tim Merel is managing director of Digi-Capital.

Google Gifts 5G Android Smartphones with 'the Mandalorian' AR App

Next Reality AR

Don't Miss: The Porgs from Star Wars Are Coming to Magic Leap One Available now in the Google Play Store, the app puts the titular character in your physical environment.

Nreal AR Glasses to Begin Shipping Next Week to Consumers in Korea

Road to VR

The sunglasses-style AR headset is optionally being bundled with the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Note 20 in that country. When bundled with the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 or LG Velvet and a 5G data plan, Nreal Light AR comes to a pretty reasonable ?349,500

The World of Mobile VR After Pokemon Go


With the introduction of Google Cardboard and the Daydream VR platform, Oculus and HTC discrete VR headsets and GearVR headsets for even smartphones like the Samsung’s Galaxy S7, the first tentative steps towards virtual reality gaming are being taken. Virtual Reality Gaming isn’t coming, it’s already here.

Huawei Plans To Release AR Glasses Within ‘The Next One To Two Years’


The company’s first headset, the Huawei VR , was a Google Daydream powered smartphone based system for the Huawei P9 and Mate 10 phones, similar to Samsung’s Gear VR. Current AR headsets from Microsoft (HoloLens) and Magic Leap (Magic Leap One) have high prices, a relatively small field of view, and are too big to be worn in public.

My predictions for augmented reality in 2021

The Ghost Howls

This trend will continue in 2021 : the new LiDAR sensor, which is rumored to be installed in all future iPhones, will for sure be copied also by Android phones (Samsung?) Magic Leap will meet its fate. Duck Face, Magic Leap One, and me. What about Magic Leap ?

Social AR/VR Workspace ‘Spatial’ Secures $14M Series A Financing

Road to VR

Existing Spatial investors also include the likes of Samsung NEXT, Baidu Ventures, and LG Ventures to name a few.

These Are The Stocks You Could Buy To Invest In The VR Industry


Also keep in mind that there are plenty of private companies worth investing in, and some public companies listed below have invested in them like Magic Leap who has investments to the tune of $1.39 Samsung – KRX: 005930 – GearVR (partnership with Oculus VR) and 360 Camera. The VR and AR markets are full of companies of various sizes with many roles in the VR industry, when you consider how many verticals there are it can get confusing.

Apple’s AR Glasses Will Probably Be Powered And Controlled By Your iPhone


The Magic Leap One and Nreal glasses optimize for aesthetics by using a separate “puck” computer (including battery), strapped to your waist. Magic Leap and Microsoft also can’t leverage the many established services built into Apple and Google’s platforms. A major focus from Magic Leap and Microsoft has been building an SDK and enticing developers.

Apple 217

Nreal AR Glasses To Get Controller-Free Hand Tracking Soon


That should include the Samsung Galaxy S10, Google Pixel 4, OnePlus 7, Galaxy Note 10, and more. It’s a feature present in both Microsoft’s HoloLens 2 and the Magic Leap One.

Cinematic Augmented Reality Movies are coming

RealVision VR

While everyone counted on Magic Leap to bring AR eye-wear to the masses, what Magic Leap did in-fact was lend a stigma to Augmented Reality with unfulfilled promises. Augmented Reality’s time has come. Augmented Reality is finally coming-of-age.

Microsoft Joins OpenXR, Becoming a Decisive Backer in the Open, Royalty-free VR/AR Standard

Road to VR

By the virtue of its Windows operating system, the basis of which nearly every PC VR headset uses to function, Microsoft joining the OpenXR initiative represents a win for the others involved, which include industry players like Google, Oculus, HTC, AMD, NVIDIA, Epic Games, Unity, Intel, Qualcomm, Sony, Samsung and Valve. There are however too reluctant holdouts left; Apple and Magic Leap, but it remains to be seen what either are bringing to the table.

AR contact lenses are far away, but a new research is paving their way

The Ghost Howls

I got immediately hyped about this: we are all dreaming about AR glasses like Magic Leap or HoloLens 2 , but what if the future was made of AR contact lenses? Me doing a duck face with a pair of Magic Leap on. I just know that Samsung has patented some contact lenses incorporating displays but nothing has been done to my knowledge.

France 329

First Ever OpenXR Demo Heading To Siggraph 2018 This Week


The group includes over 140 members, with major players like Google, Sony, Valve, HTC, Samsung, Magic Leap, Oculus, AMD and Nvidia involved. Khronos Group’s anticipated VR/AR standard API, OpenXR, is finally getting its first ever public demo at Siggraph 2018 this week.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.06.23): HTC teases the Vive Cosmos, Oculus announces AR at OC6 and much more!

The Ghost Howls

This could also be a move to counteract the probable future actions of Samsung, that is rumored to announce an amazing AR/VR hybrid standalone headset; The showcase of a new pro device based on the Half-Dome prototype , to fight the Valve Index… and that will become the Rift Pro; The announcement of a new Facebook Metaverse. Magic Leap is suing nReal. Magic Leap has sued Chi Xu, the founder of nReal. If the Paradise was in China, its name would be Qingdao.

Editorial: Smartphones Won’t Be Replaced By VR And AR Headsets, Yet


The best examples of this are the Magic Leap prototypes, Microsoft Hololens and Qualcomm’s VR reference design. Disclosure: My firm, Moor Insights & Strategy, like all research and analyst firms, provides or has provided research, analysis, advising, and/or consulting to many high-tech companies in the industry, including ARM, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Peraso, Qualcomm and Samsung Electronics cited or related to this article.

YouTube’s ‘MRTV’ Launches Kickstarter to Showcase Current VR Headsets to Paying Public

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Ang is promising to showcase a number of VR headsets in his library, including Oculus Quest, Oculus Rift S, Samsung Odyssey Plus, Vive Pro, HP Reverb, Valve Index, Pimax 5K Plus, Pimax 5K XR, HTC Vive Cosmos, and StarVR One, a headset intended for the enterprise sector.

Microsoft’s HoloLens Mall Demos Bring Early AR Glasses To The Masses


Open Snapchat, Apple’s Animoji, or Samsung’s AR Emoji and switch to the front-facing camera, then you’ll see a cartoony mask, animal, or face superimposed on top of yours. But now that Microsoft is facing a real competitor in Magic Leap , which says that it will soon demo its $2,295 One Creator Edition headset in select AT&T stores , the two-year-old HoloLens is suddenly coming out to play.

How, When, and Why to Watch the First Ever Polys WebXR Awards


Magic Leap, via the Hello browser. Samsung’s Internet Browser. There was a lot of hype over headsets in 2020 but there was also a growing number of increasingly immersive WebXR applications accessible through browsers on just about any connected device.

The NBA and TNT Partner With Intel For Biggest VR Push Yet


Just this week, Magic Leap announced the company’s first sports partnership with the NBA and Turner, to bring in what they are calling, “the next generation of sports viewing and interactivity.”. It’s currently available for Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, Oculus , and Google Play. TNT’s NBA VR livestreams begin February 16th.

UploadVR’s Best Of 2018 VR Award Nominees


Magic Leap One. Samsung Odyssey+. We’ve finally reached the very end of 2018 and it’s been quite the eventful year for the VR industry. Not only did new headsets like the HTC Vive Pro and Oculus Go release, but Facebook announced the upcoming Oculus Quest as well for next year. Sony has even sold through three million headsets, which was before Black Friday, so it’s probably even more now.

The Best VR Meditation Apps to Try


It takes the user through a series of magical landscapes, from deep seas to tropical forests. Devices: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go. Devices: Samsung Gear VR, Oculus Go.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Now iOS users can also use the new Samsung Gear 360 camera, HTC is releasing a standalone VR headset only to Japan, airlines are testing using AR to read your emotions, ride TopShop’s virtual waterslide without getting wet, the investment & funding wrapup, and more… You can enjoy the full audio recording below: REJOICE, iOS USERS: YOU CAN USE THE NEW SAMSUNG 360 CAMERA, TOO.

VR Veterans Found Artie Augmented Reality Avatar Company


It reminds me of Magic Leap’s Mica digital human demo, but so far Artie isn’t showing anything quite as fancy as that yet. Ryan and his team at Felix & Paul forged numerous partnerships with Fortune 500 companies and media conglomerates including Facebook, Google, Magic Leap, Samsung, Xiaomi, Fox and Comcast, and worked on projects with top brands and A-list talent such as NASA and Cirque du Soleil.