Unity’s Latest Trends Report Declares 2020 Will Be A Breakthrough Year For VR And AR


Timoni West, Director of XR Research Unity Labs says UX designers will have to adjust in order to meet the demand for these new kinds of experiences. Image Credit: WCCFTech, Unity, VR Visions Inc.

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2021 Immersive Tech Trends

Tech Trends VR

Unity asked more than a dozen industry experts – including yours truly – to share their thoughts on how immersive technologies would be embraced for a report entitled Top 2020 Trends: Enterprise AR & VR. Alice Bonasio is a VR Consultant and Tech Trends’ Editor in Chief.

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Unity and Volvo Open Source Digital Models of Car Designs


Unity has long been in the frontline of companies leading the democratization of 3D assets and tools, including for XR applications. However, when Volvo wanted to make their 3D models and emulators more accessible, they reached out to Unity to help them do it. Why Unity?

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How to make a 3D Photo for Facebook from your Unity project

The Ghost Howls

Facebook 3D Photos are one of the hot trends of the moment , especially now that is possible to upload them from Facebook website. They could be a great innovative tool to market your AR and VR applications (and even for the non-XR ones) … so let’s see how you can create them for you game directly from your Unity project! But are we sure that there isn’t a better way for Unity projects? The better way for Unity projects.

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Unity: Building Your Finished Quest Project


This runs like any other unity build, and will connect to the headset plugged in automatically when you open up Oculus link on your quest. You will probably notice when playing the build that the framerate is a lot better than when you were testing it in Unity! You did it!

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VR Rising: 5 Trends to Watch As The Industry Grows In 2017


Featured image from left to right: Rob Goodman (OpenVerse), Han Jin (Lucid VR), Amitt Mahajan (Presence Capital), Timoni West and Tony Parisi (Unity). And the reason, according to Tony Parisi , head of VR and AR strategy at Unity, is simple. Timoni West , principal designer for Unity Labs, says her team is thinking about self-expression and creation in VR in entirely new ways. “If Events VR Industry News Amitt Mahajan Han Jin industry panel Timoni West tony parisi trends VR

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Enterprise XR is Coming of Age

Tech Trends VR

Unity’s Latest Trends Report Declares 2020 will be a Breakthrough Year for XR. Timoni West, Director of XR Research Unity Labs says UX designers will have to adjust in order to meet the demand for these new kinds of experiences. Unity (@unity3d) February 12, 2020.

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Top 5 XR Communities To Stay Updated With The Latest XR Trends in 2021


Top 5 XR Communities To Join & Stay Updated With The Latest XR Trends in 2021 Overview Staying updated with the latest trends and updates in the XR industry can be challenging. Trending AR VR Articles: 1.

The State of VR with Unity’s Pete Moss on Voices of VR’s 400th Episode

Road to VR

Pete Moss is known as the “VR Dude” within Unity , and has long seen the potential of virtual reality. I had a chance to sit down with Pete at the Intel Buzz Workshop a few weeks back to let him reflect on the consumer launch of virtual reality, and some of the emerging trends that he sees. The post The State of VR with Unity’s Pete Moss on Voices of VR’s 400th Episode appeared first on Road to VR.

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How to build ARCore Cloud Anchor Sample for Unity


Story is written in the middle of May 2020, I’ll try to update it as the new versions of Unity/ARCore/ARFoundation come out. Official documentation is also out of date and ignores newer versions of Unity. Prerequisites Latest Unity 2019.4.x

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Unity Raises $181 Million Series C in Anticipation of VR/AR Growth

Road to VR

Unity Technologies has announced a $181 million Series C investment led by DFJ Growth, a venture capital firm with the likes of Twitter and Tesla in their portfolio, in order to continue their dominance of the game engine market. Unity claims to have 45% of the “full feature game engine market” and even more in the mobile 3D gaming space (yes, Pokémon Go is running on Unity). See Also: Unreal Engine and Unity to get NVIDIA’s New VR Rendering Tech.

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Unity Vision VR/AR Summit 2017: Courtside for the Convergence of Realities


When it comes to changing the game for XR, Unity Technologies just can’t stop. Vision Summit 2017— Unity’s VR/AR-centric industry conference held this Monday and Tuesday at the Loews Hotel in Hollywood—doubled down on this push in a dramatic way. “We We hold dear the thought that the world is a better place with more creators in it,” said Unity CMO Clive Downie. ““So Google Tango with Unity. ” Parisi brought Unity Sr.

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5 Key Trends in Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality Careers in 2020?


Trending AR VR Articles: 1. Build your first HoloLens 2 Application with Unity and MRTK 2.3.0 Top 5 Virtual and Augmented Reality Trends Organizations have already started incorporating augmented reality and virtual reality into their businesses.

How Watson, IBM’s Artificial Intelligence, Is Powering Audio-Interactive VR/AR Environments


IBM predicts that AI will unlock the next generation of interactivity for XR experiences, describing in the 2021 Unity Technology Trends Report that the maturity of AI will play a key role beyond hand tracking, and into the world of voice. The open-sourced Watson Unity SDK can be found on GitHub. News Artificial Intelligence Audio-Interactivity IBM Research IGM Star Trek: Bridge Crew Unity VRChat Watson

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Check The Latest VR/AR Trends At VRLA Expo 2017 Next Week


1:00 pm – 3:30 pm | Creating Experiences for the Hololens with Unity hosted by Kat Harris and Adam Tuliper of Microsoft. Next we’ll explore the complete workflow on how to develop applications for the HoloLens with Unity, as this allows us to integrate easily into the Windows Holographic API. 10:00 am – 12:30 pm | Girls Make VR hosted by Sarah Stumbo and Mark Schoennagel of Unity.

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Real-time collaboration in EditorVR for Unity now available through Scene Fusion.

Cats and VR

VR game development on the Unity platform just received a massive productivity boost. The announcement was in response to Unity Technologies’ latest update to the platform, released on March 11 th, 2017. Scene Fusion is a Unity plug-in that adds real-time collaboration for level design to the Unity engine, which reduces the amount of time it takes to build and ship a game by up to 33%.

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Spatial Beats: Facebook, Snap & Epic Games

AR Insider

Sketchfab is integrated into Epic’s popular Unreal Engine game and special effects paltform, and notably, all of its competitors, starting with Unity, Snap’s Lens Studio, Facebook’s Spark AR, and even Tilt Brush. Contributors Trend Analysis Spatial BeatsW elcome back to Spatial Beats.

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The epic journey of The Unity Cube

The Ghost Howls

Some weeks ago, I’ve launched on App Lab “The Unity Cube” , a VR experience for Quest, with just… a cube and nothing more. The genesis of The Unity Cube. This is the typical reaction of the VR user when he/she discovers The Unity Cube.

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Case Study: Medtronic Lessens Training Costs with AR

AR Insider

These use cases are where Medical device manufacturer Medtronic, with the help of Re’Flekt and Unity, has implemented AR. ARtillery Intelligence Trend AnalysisT hough we spend ample time examining consumer-based AR endpoints, greater near-term impact is seen today in the enterprise.

Becoming a Butterfly?—?Part 2: Flight


In this post, I’ll be discussing the development of our avatar’s flight capabilities, using the Nvidia PhysX engine in Unity. We now have a butterfly avatar in Unity with integrated VR controls, and we know the basics of how butterflies fly in standard forward flight.

Basics of Hand Interactions in VR


Trending AR VR Articles: 1. gamedev unity vr unreal-engineWhen working with VR , the most common way of interacting with the world is through the players hands.

Can Advertising Scale in VR? (Yes and No)

AR Insider

These include video, social media, mobile apps, and games (just ask Unity). This trend also follows audience dynamics: Early adopters are more likely to pay for content and experiences. Features Trend Analysis trendline

How Will LiDAR Unlock AR’s Promise?

AR Insider

Some are even integrating it with software like Unity’s physics engine for realistic AR that follows the laws of physics. ARtillery Intelligence Trend AnalysisO ne striking realization about spatial computing is that we’re almost seven years into the sector’s current stage.

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Spatial Beats: Apple, Epic & Tom Brady

AR Insider

The Unity Cube is an experiment from developer Tony “SkarredGhost” Vitillo to test the limits of what Oculus will allow into the App Lab program. Contributors Trend Analysis Spatial BeatsW elcome back to Spatial Beats.

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How Much is Spent on AR Experience Creation?

AR Insider

This includes tools like Unity, and several other platforms in the expanding AR creation value chain. ARtillery Intelligence Data Trend Analysis behind the numbers

Spatial Beats: Apple, HTC & Niantic

AR Insider

These seven companies include founding charter member Verizon as well as ZEISS, RED Digital Cinema, Unity, Intel, NVIDIA, and Canon. Contributors Trend Analysis Spatial BeatsW elcome back to Spatial Beats.

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Case Study: Miller Lite Boosts Engagement with AR

AR Insider

The multi-dimensional campaign included a Unity-built AR portal that let users enter an immersive Irish-themed (and beer-themed) world, and an AR coin-toss drinking game. ARtillery Intelligence Trend AnalysisA R continues to evolve and take shape as an industry.

Spatial Beats: 8th Wall, Sam and Max, & Burning Man

AR Insider

Behind the Scenes with Jean-Micahel Jarre’s VR Concert From the Unity blog , the story of how AR/VR consultant Antony Vitillo journaled the entire experience of putting on Jean-Michel Jarre’s Welcome to the Other Side (WTTOS), in a VR replica of the Notre-Dame Cathedral to celebrate New Year’s Eve.

Case Study: Toyota Streamlines Production with AR

AR Insider

Unpacking that a bit, Toyota’s virtual pipeline starts by importing vehicle data into Unity using Pixyz. This report excerpt features guest authorship from Unity’s Nick Davis. . ARtillery Intelligence Trend Analysis

Spatial Beats: PSVR 2, Snapchat & AR Glasses Galore

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The product allows users to create 3D content on top of CAD models without a game engine like Unity. Contributors Trend Analysis Spatial BeatsW elcome back to Spatial Beats.

Enterprise VR Revenue Projected to Reach $4.26 Billion by 2023

AR Insider

This category is best exemplified by its market-sare leader, Unity. ARtillery Intelligence Data Trend Analysis behind the numbers“Behind the Numbers” is AR Insider’s series that examines strategic takeaways from ARtillery Intelligence data. Each post drills down on one topic or chart.

Flying with Virtual Wings

Tech Trends VR

And she’s done this in a place where there is no precedent for VR – she found the technology solution that would enable her to solve for the need she has identified in her community and now she is investing in teaching herself the technology and building the skills she needs to make it a reality by studying on the Pluralsight platform (which offers courses in tools such as Unity) in her own time. The post Flying with Virtual Wings appeared first on Tech Trends.

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Spatial Beats: 2020’s Top Ten

AR Insider

Unity’s IPO. Contributors Trend Analysis Spatial BeatsW elcome back to Spatial Beats. This week, we dive into the top-ten tech stories of 2020. The first five are general tech & culture while the last five are XR-specific.

Moving Virtual Objects Like a Jedi

Tech Trends VR

The virtual environment was developed in the Unity game engine, and the native physics engine of Unity was used to drive the physics-based simulation of the Force Push interface. Alice Bonasio is a VR Consultant and Tech Trends’ Editor in Chief. The post Moving Virtual Objects Like a Jedi appeared first on Tech Trends. Tech Trends VR Tech AR Augmented Reality Haptics Jedi Mixed Reality MR Star Wars Tech Technology The Force Virginia Tech Virtual Reality VR XR

ARtillery Briefs, Episode 41: Mobile AR Revenue Outlook

AR Insider

This includes platforms like Unity that enable companies to build AR for internal purposes or for their customers. AR Briefs Trend AnalysisARtillery Briefs is a video series that offers insights in under 5 minutes.

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XR Technology at AWE and the Auggies: Exclusive Content From Ori Inbar


Unity – a cross-platform AR tool that probably needs no more introduction. News Augmented Reality Events Virtual Reality auggie awards augmented reality AWE events extended reality featured trending virtual realityThe Augmented World Expo is nearly upon us.

Can Advertising Scale in VR?

AR Insider

These include video, social media, mobile apps and games (just ask Unity). This trend would also follow audience dynamics: Early adopters are more willing to pay for content and experiences. Though mobile apps trended towards ad support over time, there’s still room for premium apps that people pay for — just like we see in console gaming and entertainment today. transfer Trend Analysis hide trendline