Apple Unveils ARKit For Augmented Reality


A new generation of iOS augmented reality apps are coming. Apple is jumping firmly into the world of augmented reality. The more sophisticated demo, made in Unreal Engine, shows a complex world war taking place with spaceships and explosions. In many ways, Apple is trying to keep up with competitors like Google, who already have their Tango augmented and mixed reality platform. News Apple ARKit Augmented Reality WWDC

Google ARCore Brings Augmented Reality to Android


Apple’s massive leap into augmented reality with no additional sensors or hardware, only the phone in your pocket, seemingly opened up the largest AR platform in the world overnight. Google has been investing heavily on the hardware side with Tango, requiring specialized devices to augment our reality. ARCore: Augmented reality at Android scale. The post Google ARCore Brings Augmented Reality to Android appeared first on VRScout.


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Super Bowl LV Was a Win for Augmented Reality


Augmented Reality Scored Big in Super Bowl LIV. According to Snapchat , augmented reality lenses and filters from NFL partners reached 45 million Snapchatters during Super Bowl weekend and garnered a total of 101 million impressions.

Unreal Garden Returns With Updated Hardware and New Narrative Elements


Unreal Garden introduced many people to location-based augmented reality. In case you missed your chance the first time , what is Unreal Garden? “We Enklu is a mixed reality company that focuses primarily on 3D asset processing and visual editing.

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Eido Inoue tells us everything we need to know about HADO and location based augmented reality

The Ghost Howls

When I interviewed Kevin Williams , an expert in the LBVR market, he said that there are also some experiments with location-based augmented reality and he mentioned a Japanese arcade AR game called HADO. Go on reading, I bet you will enjoy this journey into the present and the future of location-based augmented reality entertainment. They get immersed in the augmented reality even though they aren’t using a phone or headset.

4 Ways to use Augmented Reality for Marketing in 2021


Augmented Reality is no longer limited to Gaming or Social media filters. via GIPHY Augmented Reality has turned out to be a game-changer for marketers, they can market and enhance the brand value of their business globally with just a single click?! That’s unreal, right?

Open-Source VIRTUOSO SDK for Unreal Engine – a Standard Framework for XR Development


And it is made possible by VIRTUOSO , an open-source SDK created by Charles Rivers Analytics, which is now available for Epic Games’ Unreal Engine. Developers of immersive games and apps, rejoice! From now on, you will only need to write one code for all the devices that users may have.

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Apple’s ARKit is Bringing Augmented Reality to “hundreds of millions of iPhones and iPads”

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While the company is finally going ‘VR-native’ for desktop, Apple is also zeroing in on augmented reality for iOS 11 with the entrance of their newly revealed app developer kit ‘ARKit’ Possibly taking a swipe at Facebook’s latest AR demo at F8 in April, Senior VP of software engineering Craig Federighi said: “We’ve all seen a lot of carefully edited vision videos on this topic recently, but in the case, I’d like to show you something for real.”

These Apollo 11 Augmented Reality Experiences from Google, USA Today, Time, & Smithsonian Will Fly You to the Moon

Next Reality AR

Luckily for us, augmented reality presents the opportunity to experience the Apollo 11 launch and landing, as well as the moonwalk, within our own, Earth-bound terrestrial boundaries. Don't Miss: Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video The John.

Augmented Reality Big At On The Lot Conference This October


The VR Society has announced details for this year’s On The Lot conference, which will now include an all-new augmented reality track to discuss the latest on Apple’s ARKit and Google’s ARCore. “We Participants in this year’s conference include AMD Studios, Dell, Google, HP, Intel, Legend, NVIDIA, Sony Music, Technicolor, Unity and Unreal Engine, among others.

This iPhone & Android App Lets You Celebrate 50th Anniv. Of Moon Landing by Taking the Trip in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Kennedy Library Foundation has launched an app that allows users to recreate the historic flight and landing via augmented reality. Don't Miss: Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video The app, which is made for iPhones (iOS) and Android devices gives the user the ability to.

HTC Opens Up Augmented Reality Development for HTC Vive

Next Reality VR

HTC is entering the augmented reality market through the back door by giving developers access to the stereo front-facing cameras on the Vive and Vive Pro VR headsets. Video: In addition, the Vive software team has launched the Vive SRWorks SDK, which will support native development via plugins for Unity and Unreal.

Augmented Reality Software: ARKit vs ARCore vs Vuforia vs AR Foundation in 2021


billion for the augmented reality market by 2025. Why are augmented reality apps gaining in popularity? No wonder so many businesses launch new products using an augmented reality app. Now let’s have a look at Augmented Reality software.

Unreal Engine 4.18 Update Brings Native Support for ARKit and ARCore, SteamVR Support for Mac

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Epic Game’s Unreal Engine is making it easier to create for augmented reality in the newest 4.18 Epic has however provided experimental support in their game engine for ARKit since Unreal Engine 4.17, but the new 4.18 ” Unreal Engine 4.18 Using Epic’s Unreal Engine VR Editor, they showed how developers could build VR content inside of VR itself, using Star Wars assets. The post Unreal Engine 4.18

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Google’s ARCore Gets Unity And Unreal Support


World-building engines Unreal and Unity are both on board with support of Google’s new ARCore augmented reality toolkit. We’ve had months of interesting projects rolling out on the Internet showing the capabilities of ARKit, but with Unity and Unreal support now in place for Google’s ARCore we’re likely to start seeing an increase in cool Android-based AR examples. AR Unity Engine Unreal Engine ARCore

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Real-Time Motion Capture Brings David Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Back To Life


Brought to life via a combination of motion capture technology and Unreal Engine, guests at both the party and the weekend event were able to view the digital model on a massive 8K Samsung monitor and interact with the character in real-time. And long may that continue,” says John MacInnes, co-founder of MacInnes Scott, the company behind David Bowie Is Unreal. The iconic 70’s character makes an appearance at this year’s Infinity Festival in Hollywood.

5 Ways to Break into Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality at Home


Source [link] Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality (VR and AR) have had a noticeable presence in the news lately. Augmented reality (AR) is the future of Restaurant Menu? virtual-reality technology augmented-reality vr tips

GDC 2017: Epic’s Tim Sweeney on What Unreal Engine VR Means for Non-gaming Industries


Enhanced reality devices – especially AR — will be ubiquitous in another decade or so, and used in nearly every aspect of our lives and in nearly every industry, from automotive to medical care, education to neuroscience, engineering to shopping. Of course, all of the various applications, programs and tools will require a base engine for creation, and that’s where Epic Games – and specifically its Unreal Engine – comes in.

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Unreal Garden AR Experience Opens to Visitors with Epson Laser Projectors


One of the big events at this year’s E3 was the Unreal Garden and, if you weren’t at E3, you may still be able to see it. What Is the Unreal Garden? The Unreal Garden is an AR experience developed by onedome. It’s been around for a while and has a couple of experiences other than the Unreal Garden. However, the Unreal Garden is its most ambitious project and showing it at E3 has gained it a lot of attention.

Open Source Augmented Reality?


Illustration from Meta SpaceGlasses Can the OSVR project be used not just for virtual reality but also for augmented reality? Here why: OSVR includes two independent parts: an open-source HMD (the "Hacker Development Kit") and the OSVR framework, a free and open-source software platform that provides an easy and standard way to discover, configure and operate a wide range of virtual reality and augmented peripherals.

The XR Week Peek (2021.05.31): UE5 released in Early Access, Lumus shows an impressive AR prototype, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Unreal Engine 5 gets released in Early Access. After a lot of teasing of its upcoming fantastic features, Unreal Engine 5 is finally available for download. I have watched in particular the reviews of Mike Virtual Reality Oasis and Sebastian Ang (MRTV). A mixed reality concert!

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Enklu Launches San Francisco’s First AR Maker Space


The interactive space, dubbed E.den, is a large-scale social immersive playground that gives players and creators, both professional and amateur, access to community-developed mixed reality experiences as well as the tools and resources to develop and share their own. E.den members are given access to a Microsoft HoloLens headset running Enklu’s AR platform that they can use to create open-floor mixed reality experiences.

Madonna Performs Alongside AR Clones During Billboard Music Awards


Brought to life using a combination of Unreal Engine and volumetric capture, these augmented holograms would appear sporadically throughout the performance, disappearing into puffs of smoke around the original Madonna seemingly at random. “The interesting thing about real-time visual effects in broadcast augmented reality [is that] a big portion of the work is happening in pre-production.

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Microsoft's Live HoloLens 2 Apollo 11 Demo Didn't Take Flight, but You Can See It Thanks to Unreal Engine's Video

Next Reality AR

At the start of the show, the company was meant to show off the capabilities of the HoloLens 2 by highlighting a look at the historic Apollo 11 mission as an augmented reality story. Don't Miss: Hands-On with the HoloLens 2, the New Best Augmented Reality Experience You Can Get Space historian Andy Chaikan and ILM's John Knoll took to the stage to narrate the immersive demonstration, but it just didn't work.

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Monthly Round-Up: The Biggest VR And AR News From May 2020


Unreal Engine 5 Supports VR, Promises Generational Leap For Graphics. Can you believe we’re already through May 2020?

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Tilt Five Kickstarter Crests 300% Funding For Tabletop AR Platform


This time, Jeri is armed with hard-won lessons and is determined to see her vision become a reality. and Unreal Engine 4. . News AR Board Games Augmented Reality CastAR Immersive Board Games Kickstarter Tilt Five Unreal Engine 4 Wartile WeaveAt over $1.5M, the Kickstarter is on track to set a record for the most-funded AR platform. Long before cell phones and MMO’s, it was the standard tabletop that defined the gaming landscape.

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Best AR/VR Certifications to Kickstart Your Career in 2021


For those who want to focus on augmented reality, Certified AR Expert is one of the best AR/VR certifications currently available. See Also: How to Become a Virtual Reality Developer. Professional Certificate in Unreal Engine Foundations.

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AR Functionality Comes To Vive Pro With New Front-Facing Camera Tools


Announced last week via an official update to the Vive developer blog , Vive Pro developers now have full control of the headset’s front-facing stereo cameras to develop their own mixed reality experiences. The SDK also supports native development with plugins for both Unity as well as Unreal Engine 4. Some of the most interesting examples of the SDK have so far revolved around linking augmented with virtual, allowing users to step in and out of reality at their whim.

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Microsoft Transitions To OpenXR Standard For Windows Mixed Reality & HoloLens

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A post by Alex Turner at Microsoft explains that “starting in Unity 2021 , OpenXR will then graduate to be the only supported Unity backend for targeting HoloLens 2 and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.” ” OpenXR is also supported in Epic’s Unreal Engine and Microsoft formally recommends others using their own custom engines in VR and AR switch to using the OpenXR API going forward.

Adobe’s Project Aero Aims to Help Creators Build AR Content

Road to VR

Adobe recently unveiled a new project that aims to take the company further into the realm of augmented reality. Essentially, Adobe is taking one step further into a world still largely dominated by 3D game engines such as Unreal and Unity, which could foretell and interesting forward march from 2D creation to a decidedly more 3D-focused business.

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NASA Integrates Microsoft HoloLens into Regular Maintenance Operations on International Space Station

Next Reality AR

As NASA nears the launch of another mission to the Moon in 2024, and a subsequent mission to Mars in the 2030s, augmented reality is increasingly being woven into the normal space operations to test various capabilities.

OpenBCI: games using brain-interfaces are coming in 3 years

The Ghost Howls

Brain-computer interfacing (BCI) is making science fiction a reality. As it turns out, making science fiction a reality takes time. Will it be compatible with Unity and Unreal Engine for development? Yes, it will be compatible with both Unity and Unreal via the BrainFlow SDK.

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The XR Week Peek (2021.07.26): Facebook aims at the Metaverse, Quest 2 goes MR, and more!

The Ghost Howls

Let’s see how things will turn out to be in the future… I’m sure that the reality will be different from how Mark is imagining it…. The idea is that if you are the passenger in a car, you can entertain yourself with virtual reality. augmented reality virtual reality week peek

XR Swim Platform Wants To Become The Steam Of WebXR Content


The mission is to build a better marketplace for developers, in collaboration with leading interactive tools builders like Mozilla, 8th Wall, Unity, Unreal and more,” said Staber. News Apple App Store Augmented Reality Chicken Waffle Oculus SideQuest WebAR WebXR XR Swim

Top XR Events in 2021 That Should Be on Your Must-Attend List


A large adoption rate for augmented and virtual reality in 2020 has broadened the audience and age groups interested in the latest technologies. See Also: Social VR: Virtual Reality Headsets Eliminating the Distance Between Us.

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Triton Project is an affordable DIY AR headset

The Ghost Howls

Is this the only supported programming language or devs can also use Unity and Unreal Engine? developers compared to the amount of Unity/Unreal devs is far less. I have no plans to provide Unity/Unreal support but if developers want to they could easily make a Unity rig for the Triton.

AR 393

Varjo’s XR-3 And VR-3 Headsets Blend The Line Between VR & AR


Cheaper, sleeker, deeper mixed reality. Earlier this morning, VR hardware manufacturer Varjo revealed the latest additions to its lineup of human-eye resolution mixed reality headsets, the Varjo XR-3 and Varjo VR-3.

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