WiGig Chip Company Peraso Technologies Closes $42M Financing Round

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Peraso Technologies, a fabless semiconductor company creating mmWave technology and Wireless Gigabit (WiGig) chipsets, announced that it has raised an additional $42 million in its Series D financing round. Image courtesy Peraso Technologies.

Comparing Oculus Touch & HTC Vive Technology and Ecosystems

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I wanted to take a moment to dig into some of the more subtle technical nuances when comparing the Oculus Rift & Touch with the HTC Vive, but also some of the larger VR ecosystem considerations to take into account.

Technology Transfer


I found out today that HTC now ships a tool to measure users’ inter-pupillary distances with new Vive VR headsets. I was a little less proud when I looked at my own article again just now, and realized that my diagrams were absolutely hideous compared to those in HTC’s booklet.

Microsoft Research Demonstrates VR Controller Prototypes With Unique Haptic Technology

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Linear actuators tend to offer more haptic ‘detail’ and responsiveness, as can be found in Apple’s ‘Taptic Engine’, the HTC Vive controllers, an the Oculus Touch controllers.

Haptic 280

HTC Teases Cloud-Based VR With New 5G Hub


With the 2019 Mobile World Congress currently underway in Barcelona, Spain, HTC has been busying themselves with a slew of exciting announcements and demonstrations ranging from a smartphone aimed at cryptocurrency fanatics, to their HTC Vive Focus Plus VR headset. with HTC Sense.

HTC 209

GDC 2019: HTC Announces Lip-Tracking Dev Kit For Vive Pro


This week HTC Vive America’s Vice President of Product and Operations–Vinay Narayan–revealed plans for a developer kit that adds lip-tracking capabilities to the HTC Vive Pro & Vive Pro Eye. Image Credit: HTC.

HTC 217

VR Association Formed To Get ‘Ahead of Challenges With Developing and Deploying The Technology Responsibly’


The collective includes Google, HTC Vive, Acer Starbreeze, Oculus, Samsung, and Sony Interactive Entertainment. Strangely, though, there’s a glaring omission from the team: Valve Corporation, which partnered with HTC to power the Vive headset.

Tobii Expands Eye-Tracking Technology to Virtual.


Tobii Expands Eye-Tracking Technology to Virtual Reality There’s a saying, “the eyes are the windows to the soul.” To date, Tobii’s technology has been used in certain games, such as Deux Ex: Machina Divided, to allow you to control the camera position with your eyes and set up your aim.

Elders React to the HTC Vive with Joy, Fear, and Disbelief at How Far Technology Has Come

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Fine Brothers Entertainment took a group of older folks through three popular HTC Vive games and filmed the reactions to their first time in the VR system. The post Elders React to the HTC Vive with Joy, Fear, and Disbelief at How Far Technology Has Come appeared first on Road to VR.

SteamVR Tracking Could Be 2017’s Most Important VR Technology


Not many realize, however, just how dramatically Valve’s SteamVR Tracking technology could impact the industry over the next few months. Demos shown by HTC at CES include tracking a wrist and glove combo for hand tracking, as well as a fire hose and gun.

They Came From Space Set to Deliver On Controversial Technology


The hype around the technology has a checkered past, but the debut trailer for They Came From Space impresses all the same. ’ The rumored showcase for this tech was to be Crackdown 3, driven by Cloudgine’s physics technology. Gaming HTC Vive Oculus Rift VR Industry News

HTC Reveals Vive Focus Plus, Coming Q2 2019


Continuing their push towards enterprise VR technology, HTC has unveiled a new version of their HTC Vive Focus headset designed specifically for use by businesses and corporations. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC. Image Credit: HTC.

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HTC’s Vive Wireless Adaptor to Support Both Vive and Vive Pro at Launch

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During HTC’s pre-CES event where the new flagship Vive Pro headset was revealed, the company also announced an official Wireless Adaptor for Vive. As mentioned during our liveblog , the Vive Wireless Adaptor uses Intel’s WiGig technology and is “optimised for low latency.”

HTC 252

HTC Says New ‘5G Hub’ Will Stream VR ‘Directly to Vive Headsets’, One Day… Probably

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HTC today introduced its ‘5G Hub’ product, a 5G mobile hotspot mashed up with a media streaming device and a digital assistant. Image courtesy HTC. Image courtesy HTC. 5G VR HTC MWC 2019 News VR Streaming htc 5g hub htc 5g hub vr cloud streaming

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HTC Plans to Bring Hand & Finger Tracking to Vive Pro

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Today at the the World Conference on VR Industry in China, HTC announced plans to bring hand & finger tracking to Vive Pro via the headset’s front-facing cameras. HTC also indicates that the capability can track individual finger movements too. Image courtesy HTC.

HTC 273

HTC Confirms Vive Cosmos Will Support OpenVR/SteamVR

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HTC might have given a first look at their new Vive Cosmos headset today, but they weren’t ready to offer many details. While the Vive originated from a deep partnership between Valve and HTC, in recent years HTC has made moves to be less reliant on Valve’s SteamVR ecosystem.

HTC 241

HTC Vive Brings NASA-Inspired VR Artwork To Art Basel Hong Kong


HTC Vive is the virtual reality partner of the fair, and the general public can experience the immersive artwork to find out more about technology’s role in contemporary art practices today. News Art Basel Hong Kong HTC Vive NASA To the Moon VR Art

MWC 2019: HTC CEO Cher Wang To Talk ‘Realizing Vive Reality’ At Keynote


HTC will take the stage at this month’s Mobile World Congress event, putting its Vive Reality initiative in focus. HTC told us that the overall theme of her talk will concern “realizing Vive Reality” That’s a loaded topic for HTC.

HTC 237

HTC Vive Focus Plus Is A New Standalone Headset With 6DOF Controls And Improved Comfort


It’s time to meet yet another new member of the HTC Vive family. Announced today ahead of next week’s Mobile World Congress, Vive Focus Plus is the next entry in HTC’s enterprise-level standalone headset series. This pair of new controllers, first announced last year , let you reach into virtual worlds just like on the original HTC Vive. Unlike the first Vive, though, Focus Plus uses ultrasonic technology for tracking.

Valve Head Affirms Work on First-party VR Games and Interest in Future Technology

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During a Q&A on Reddit, Valve head Gabe Newell affirmed that the company is continuing development its own first-party VR content, as well as exploring interests in new technologies which could play a part in Valve’s future.

HTC Donates Over 100 Vive Headsets to California & Nevada Libraries

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HTC is donating over 110 HTC Vive systems to California and Nevada libraries through its new Vive Libraries Program, an effort to seed local communities with premium VR. ” In California alone, HTC has donated 100 Vive headsets to public libraries.

Nevada 244

HTC Files Trademark For ‘Vive Cosmos’


According to reports by Dutch website Mobielkopen , Taiwanese consumer electronics company HTC has officially filed protection for the phrase “Vive Cosmos” at the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), as well as several other agencies in both Switzerland and New Zealand.

HTC announces Vive Pro Eye and Vive Cosmos at CES 2019

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The CES is going to start tomorrow, but today HTC has already made its great announcements, showing to the world the upcoming new hardware Vive Pro Eye, Vive Cosmos and software solutions Viveport Infinity and Vive Reality system. The Vive Pro Eye, in all its splendor (Image by HTC).

HTC 266

Tracking Your Hands Using Flex Sensor Technology with Manus VR

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At GDC, Manus VR strapped an HTC Vive controller to the back of my wrist, and it gave a lot more consistent tracking of the location of my hands as a result; I didn’t have to worry about keeping my hands within my field of view like I do with optically tracked solutions like Leap Motion.

Is Varjo’s Human Eye Technology a Breakthrough VR Technology?


While I am an enthusiast for VR and all associated technologies, one major issue that’s really breaking my immersion into different VR environments is – resolution. This is further combined with video-see-through (VST) technology for unparalleled AR/MR capabilities.

HTC Vive Teases New VR Hardware In Blurred Photo


Looks like HTC will be revealing several new products at the CES 2019 tech conference. The 2019 Consumer Electronics Expo is set to kick-off this Sunday and it looks as though HTC Vive will be using the infamous Las Vegas trade show to reveal new products in its VR hardware lineup.

HTC Unveils Vive Focus Plus with 6DOF Controllers, Built for Enterprise

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HTC today announced its planning to release a new version of Vive Focus targeted at enterprise users, this time including integrated hardware support for two ultrasonically-tracked 6DOF controllers. Image courtesy HTC. Image courtesy HTC.

HTC Joins VirtualLink to Support Connection Standard for Future VR Headsets

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HTC was seemingly the odd one out back at the initial announcement, but this week the company joined the group in support of the standard. This week at the XRDC conference in San Francisco, HTC announced that it had opted to join the group in support of the VirtualLink connection standard.

HTC 200

Report: HTC to Merge VR and Smartphone Divisions as President of Smartphones Resigns

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Update (12:25 ET) : We’ve reached out to HTC and are waiting on further confirmation. HTC told Engadget that Chang stepped down from his 6-year stint at the company to pursue his “personal career plan,” exactly what that entails, we’re not sure at this time.

HTC 270

HTC & Shenzhen Government Team Up for $160 Million Investment Fund

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Between HTC’s Vive X accelerator and the VRVCA investor consortium that it heads, the company is already very active in the VR investment space. SEE ALSO After Management Shuffle, HTC Says VR/AR More Important Than Ever to Its Future.

HTC Launches Dedicated Mobile Platform Viveport M


In mid-October this year, HTC made a few announcements signaling a major push forward with VR content. HTC Vive has finally launched the dedicated mobile content platform Viveport M. HTC is also capitalizing on the shopping craze as Alibaba’s Double 11 event nears.

HTC 260

Spherica’s Stabilization Technology Used in HBO’s ‘Westworld’ VR Experience

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HBO premiered a VR experience for their new Westworld series at TechCrunch Disrupt, and they used Spherica’s camera stabilization technology in order to pull off an extended live-action tracking shot in VR.

Unity Technologies raises $181 Million, company now valued over 1 Billion dollars.

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Based in San Francisco, Unity Technologies has been helping developers bring their visions to life for over 10 years and currently has almost 1,000 employees globally. Unity Technologies serves over 5.5

HTC to Offer Wireless Vive Upgrade Kit, Pre-orders Start Friday

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HTC plans to offer a wireless upgrade accessory for the Vive created by TPCAST. Launching in early 2017 with pre-orders starting Friday, HTC claims the device will eliminate the direct connection to the PC without any noticeable difference in latency or gameplay.

HTC 285

HTC and Intel Partner on New WiGig Wireless VR Solution

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HTC have announced that, in addition to its TPCAST wireless add-on, it’s also working with Intel on a WiGig powered wireless VR solution and it’s keen to find more partners to work with on further solutions too.

HTC 276

HTC to Sell Shanghai Phone Factory for $91 Million, Invest Proceeds in VR Business

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Despite its major role in the growing VR space, HTC’s overall business continues to struggle financially, posting significant losses over the last two years. According to HTC, the sale of the nearly 1.3

HTC 282

CES 2019: HTC Reveals Vive Cosmos Headset & Vive Reality


The 2019 Consumer Electronic Expo is off to an exciting start as HTC Vive debuted not only a new VR headset capable of inside-out tracking, but a new social platform, new subscription service, and new updates to their existing Viveport platform. Image Credit: HTC Vive.

HTC 229

HTC Announces Pricing, Pre-order Date & Specs for Vive Focus Standalone Headset

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HTC today announced more specifics around Vive Focus, the company’s standalone mobile VR headset for China-based customers. As reported by YiVian , HTC is putting out two versions: Electric Blue for ¥4,299 (~$650) and Almond White for ¥3,999 ($600).

HTC 269

HTC Vive, McLaren Tease F1 VR Racing Experience


It looks like HTC and McLaren’s VR F1 collaboration will be arriving in the west pretty soon. At the ChinaJoy event earlier this year HTC debuted a partnership with the motor company, putting visitors in the virtual driver seat of a McLaren F1 car. Attendees were able to compete for the fastest lap time in order to earn a spot in the finals of a competition taking place at the McLaren Technology Centre in the UK next January. Experiences Gaming htc vive McLaren

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HTC Invests in 26 More AR/VR Startups in Vive X Accelerator

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HTC today announced its third batch of AR/VR startups backed by the company’s Vive X accelerator program. Its 3D scanning technology allows consumers to easily take body measurements with smartphone photos and AR technology, then receive their orders with perfect fit.

HTC 283

Virtual Umbrella Launches VR Safari To Educate Companies On Immersive Technology


UK VR agency Virtual Umbrella is looking at new ways to educate businesses on the growing immersive technology market. Covering everything from the HTC Vive and Gear VR to the HoloLens and more, the company plans to offer courses that can be built in partnership with clients to get the most relevant talks, topped off with demos for a wide range of devices.

Technology Tricks Bring VR to 500 Dollar PC Level


Bulky, expensive hardware, technical glitches and questionable content are certainly the key barrier to mass adoption of AR and VR technology. Mass adoption is needed in order for any technology to became pervasive.

HTC Vive Gets $200 Price Drop


On the heels of Oculus dropping the price of their Rift and Touch bundle from $599 to $399 this Summer, HTC Vive is also jumping in with a price reduction of their own. The HTC Vive is getting a $200 price drop, bringing the VR system down from $799 to $599. Image Credit: HTC Vive.

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