Kite & Lightning’s ‘Bebylon Battle Royale’ Nabs Unreal Dev Grant

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Kite & Lightning, the studio behind some of VR’s earliest experiences, is one of 13 developers receiving a portion of over $200,000 in ‘Unreal Dev Grants’, a program set up by Epic Games to showcase and provide financial support to projects using Unreal Engine 4.

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Watch: ILMxLab’s Star Wars Real-Time Ray-Tracing Demo on Unreal Engine is Stunning

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At the Unreal Engine presentation at GDC 2018 today, Epic Games CTO Kim Libreri introduced several projects highlighting the scalability and performance of Unreal technology, including a partnership with ILMxLAB and Nvidia.

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Unreal and Unity Both Commit to Google Daydream


Middleware makers Epic Games and Unity Technologies have been working on every major VR HMD revealed to date, so it’s no surprise to hear that both are involved with Google’s new Daydream platform. The post Unreal and Unity Both Commit to Google Daydream appeared first on UploadVR.

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Unreal Engine Gets Official Mixed Reality Video Support With Version 4.20


With the latest update to Unreal Engine exiting a preview period and releasing fully in version 4.20, VR developers updating their projects to the newest version of Unreal should be able to access similar capabilities. Epic’s Unreal Engine is what some of the world’s biggest game developers use to make their games and it is the same tool bringing Fortnite to devices ranging from iPhone to PS4. VR Industry News epic Unreal engine

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ESI Design Uses Unreal Engine To Create An AR-Inspired Lobby Experience


A two year renovation has transformed The Crossroads lobby into an interactive digital experience powered by Unreal Engine. The post ESI Design Uses Unreal Engine To Create An AR-Inspired Lobby Experience appeared first on VRScout.

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59% of VR Developers Use Unity, But Devs Make More Money With Unreal


Unity Technologies and Epic Games are in a grudge match for the hearts and minds of game developers. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 started out in the high end, and it has moved lower through pricing tactics and revisions that enable it to be the foundation of mobile games. Sweeney said that Unreal Engine had its best year of all time in revenues, and then 2016 revenues doubled the 2015 numbers. He said developers have made more than $10 billion to date with Unreal games. “We

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WorldViz Laughs Off Room-Scale VR, Introduces ‘Warehouse-Scale’ for Unreal & Unity


That’s what WorldViz is asking today as it introduces Unity and Unreal Engine support for its self-labelled ‘Warehouse-Scale’ VR technology. unreal engine 4 WorldVizRoom-Scale tracking is currently the pinnacle of immersive VR, but why stop at your living room?

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Epic Announce Android Daydream VR Support in Unreal Engine, Available Today

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Epic Games’ Kim Libreri today took to the stage at Google’s I/O conference to announce Unreal Engine support for the newly announced Daydream Android VR platform, what’s more is that it’s available right now.

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Unreal Engine and Unity to get NVIDIA’s New VR Rendering Tech

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NVIDIA recently took the wraps off of Simultaneous Multi-projection, a new rendering technology built into the company’s latest series of ‘Pascal’ GPUs which is designed to enhance VR rendering performance. Nvidia says the tech is soon to come to Unreal Engine and Unity.

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The acclaimed NeoFur 2.0 Unreal Plugin really brings it in the cuteness and adorable CATegories.

Cats and VR

Neoglyphic Entertainment, a storytelling company built for the digital age, has released a comprehensive feature updates to its award-winning, cross-platform, real-time fur and fiber technology, NeoFur.

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Epic Games Technical Director: We Want ‘Robo Recall’ To Be The ‘Ultimate Tech Demo’ For Unreal Engine


We learned a lot about pushing the rendering technology with it, but because of the constraints there was just a lot that we wanted to get done that we couldn’t get done. Robo Recall was easily one of the most exciting games we got our hands on at Oculus Connect 3 earlier this month.

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GDC 2017: Epic Games Teams With Chevrolet On New AR Car Project


Ever since Epic Games opened its Unreal Engine 4 technology to the world, new use cases have been coming in fast and furious. The latest example of just how far real-time video game engine technology has come will be on display at GDC 2017 this week.

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On the Hunt for VR’s Killer App with Epic Games’ Technical Director of VR & AR, Nick Whiting

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Whiting oversees the development of the award-winning Unreal Engine 4’s virtual reality efforts. Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 is one of the leading tools for VR game development. As tracking technology improves, this could truly be something that is revolutionary.

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‘Assetto Corsa Competizione’ Announced With VR Support, Coming This Summer

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Announced as “The Official Blancpain GT Series Game” , the sim brings many technology upgrades over Assetto Corsa (2014) , thanks in part to the move to Unreal Engine 4. Unreal Engine’s comprehensive VR support could benefit the new sim in these areas.

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Google Releases ‘Resonance Audio’, a New Multi-Platform Spatial Audio SDK

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Google today released a new spatial audio software development kit called ‘Resonance Audio’, a cross-platform tool based on technology from their existing VR Audio SDK.

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AR Functionality Comes To Vive Pro With New Front-Facing Camera Tools


The SDK also supports native development with plugins for both Unity as well as Unreal Engine 4. Combining stereo camera technology with the spatial tracking capabilities of the Vive Pro allows developers to create immersive experiences in VR, AR or even both.

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GDC 2018 ‘Day 3’ Roundup – Oculus Go Details, Vive Focus Global Launch, New Qualcomm VRDK, and More

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Qualcomm’s latest reference headset supports Vive Wave, HTC Vive Focus international launch, Oculus talks about their 2018 ecosystem, announces ‘Positional Timewarp’, reveals new Oculus Go details, and Unreal Engine’s real-time ray-tracing demo.

BBC Takes You To Space In VR


The experience was built in 1:1 scale within Unreal Engine. You can check out a short behind the scenes below: Trying the experience for himself, astronaut Tim Peake reflects: “Exploring space is something that motivates a lot of young people to enter careers in science and technology.

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‘Kingdom City Drowning’ Looks Like VR’s Very Own ‘Sin City’


This is a new cinematic VR series built in Unreal Engine 4 from phoenixmirror. I’m interested to see how light field technology will alter this in the future!” entertainment Experiences cinematic VR episodic Kingdom City Drowning Unreal 4

NVIDIA Announces Bigger, Better Toolkit for VR Developers


GPU Technology Conference 2017 is premier, NVIDIA just announced first set of VR news coming from the conference. The software release consists of a set of C-APIs for integration into any engine or application, and an integration for Epic’s Unreal Engine 4 that is available now on GitHub.

Cool AR apps to try with Apple’s new phones

Hypergrid Business

“The release of ARKit validates the belief that augmented reality will be a technology that we all use and engage with in one form or another,” David Nedohin, president of the AR startup Scope AR, told Hypergrid Business.

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BBC Moves into VR With Spacewalk Experience


REWIND used Unreal Engine 4 to its full extend, and you will need a high-end computer in order to enjoy BBC Space in its fly glory. BBC is moving into the Virtual Reality in a big way.

HTC Vive FAQ: What You Need to Know About Leap Motion + SteamVR


Along with last week’s Unreal 4.11 Here’s a quick guide to everything from Lighthouse tracking to Unreal development. How can I build with Unreal Engine? To get started with Unreal Engine and Vive, visit

Improbable Promises Long-term Support For Unity


And now Improbable is promising to move forward with Unity Technologies and developers that use the Unity game-dev tools. Epic, which runs the competing Unreal Engine, even stepped in to offer money to move Unity developers to something “more open.”. It works with game engines including Unity, Unreal, CryEngine, and more. Improbable also notes that this ensures uniform openness among Unity, Unreal, and CryEngine.

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Can Virtually Live Replace Pay Per View Television?


Our technology is all about achieving virtual presence in real world events as they take place. Our technology enables you to become not one, but all of the drivers. TH: Front end engine; we worked with both Unity and Unreal Engine on different experiences.

Fortnite Developer Epic Games Announces $1.25 Billion Investment


Fornite developer and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games today announced that it raised $1.25 In a press release, Epic noted that the move also created partnerships with “investment firms and individuals at the forefront of technology, entertainment, professional sports, esports, and live events.” ” Alongside Fortnite, Epic Games has been heavily involved with the VR and AR industries over the past few years, making Unreal Engine compatible with both.

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Infinity Film Festival Will Feature VR, AR


The Infinity Film Festival in Beverly Hills, presented by Epic Games’ Unreal Engine, is set to take place this November 1 – 4, 2018. Epic will also host the IFF Tech Lab with Unreal Engine training for film and virtual production. VR Technology in Storytelling and more.

From Orion to Mobile VR: Leap Motion in 2016


Technology is like a flash in the darkness – long nights building towards an instant when suddenly everything is different. Five releases later, we continue to improve our hand tracking technology for the next generation of headsets.

Twist the Gears of a Massive VR Music Engine with Carillon


On the one hand, it’s a live performance ensemble that uses technology to explore new ways to create and perform music. Rob: Computer interfaces for creating and performing music have come a long way from early technologies like Max Mathews’ GROOVE system.

Reaching into 3D Data, Exploring CAD Designs, Virtual Meetings, and More


Leap Opticals lets you swipe through a number of different eyewear options, along with facial mapping technology so you can preview your new look. From Unreal community plugin creator getnamo , NexusVR is a space between worlds, where you can move between different VR experiences.

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Weather Channel Demonstrates Dangers Of Hurricane Florence Using Mixed Reality


MR & AR technology showcase the potential destruction of the cat 2 storm currently hitting the Carolina states. Developed in partnership with mixed reality company Future Universe , the channel unveiled the technology during a demonstration of a 135mph tornado.

Disney Invests in VR Arcade The VOID, Epic Games in 2017 Accelerator

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Among the 11 picked for the company’s 2017 Accelerator is location-based VR arcade The Void and Unreal Engine creator Epic Games.

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Here’s the Star Wars VR Demo Apple Showed During Their Keynote

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SEE ALSO Watch Epic Games' Nick Donaldson Build a Scene in Unreal's VR Editor.

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Welcome to the 2015 3D Jam!


On the Unreal side, we’re collaborating with the enormously talented getnamo to bring new assets to his community plugin. Right now, the plugin includes full support for Unreal 4.9.1 We can’t wait to see how you push the frontiers of technology with Leap Motion interaction.

NVIDIA talks about RTX 2080 graphics cards and virtual reality

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The presentation at Gamescom talked about your partnership with Unreal Engine for offering real-time RTX. In the previous link, there is, in fact, a reference saying that both Unreal Engine and Unity will implement DXR APIs.

Reach into the Digital World: Getting Started with Leap Motion @ HackingEDU


At Leap Motion, we believe that the next wave of technological interfaces will rely on the original human operating system: your hands. Our Unity , Unreal , and JavaScript integrations already include model hands that you can quickly drop into any project.

Magic Leap Job Listing Points to Future Platform Support for Mobile AR

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Experience in game engines like Unity and Unreal Engine is also a must.

Oculus PC SDK Adds NVIDIA Lens Matched Shading to Boost Performance

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Oculus’ PC SDK version 1.19 now supports NVIDIA’s VRWorks Lens Matched Shading (LMS) technique, offering “a performance boost and a slight quality improvement” on supported GPUs.

12 Games to Unleash Your Magic Powers


Designed with Leap Motion’s tool tracking technology, Toothunt lets you fight creepy fairies using a magically charged wand that fires bursts of energy. “We Ever wanted to create islands with the sheer force of will, summon lightning with a gesture, or fight monsters?

Varjo Secures $6.7M Investment, First Batch of “Human Eye-Resolution” VR Prototypes Shipping to Partners Soon

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At Slush 2017, Helsinki-based Varjo Technologies today announced an additional investment of $6.7 Urho Konttori, CEO and founder of Varjo Technologies says the company plans on launching “a profoundly revolutionary VR/XR headset by the end of 2018.”.

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The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


Last year, the inaugural VR On The Lot brought together major players from Hollywood, Silicon Valley, Europe, and China for a two-day exploration of the intersection between entertainment and technology. Tony Parisi , Global Head of VR/AR at Unity Technologies.

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Plexus Unveils VR/AR Gloves Compatible With Major VR Controllers


Using a combination of flexible, high-quality silicon and proprietary sensor technology, the company promises a comfortable experience with tracking capable of 0.01 There are also murmurs of force feedback technology supposedly being implemented into a future model.

Tim Sweeney On Apple AR: ‘There is Going to be an Incredible Rush of Developers’


Sweeney, whose company makes the Unreal Engine toolset used in creating some of the biggest budget 3D projects, outlined in a blog post this week why he saw this as a huge moment for immersive computing: Apple’s debut of VR support for Mac and AR support for iOS are true game-changers.

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