Stanford Seminar: Explorations into Embodied Knowledge and AR/VR


Evelyn and I gave the Stanford Seminar on People, Computers, and Design a few weeks ago, and it’s now up on YouTube. It was the first seminar in the series this semester, and lots of students as well as community members were there. It was great because the audience had a depth of background in the history of computing that you wouldn’t see in, for example, the typical audience of a VR meetup. The questions and discussion were good.

Taste With Your Face: Japanese Food Industry Wants to Sell More With VR


Food and VR don’t seem like like two things that go together, but industry trade publication The Japan Food Journal is hosting a virtual reality-themed seminar on August 9th, in Tokyo’s Akihabara neighborhood.

How To Shoot And Edit VR180 Like A Pro


Over the course of these multiple seminars, we’ve amassed a sizable collection of VR180 educational resources and in the process developed a comprehensive outline for the production of professional-grade VR180 content.

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Veative at India Skills East Bhubaneswar 2018


The three-day event witnessed a camp by professional counselors, over 50 exhibitions by sector skill councils, Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras and other technology partners, along with conference and seminars with different stakeholders in the skills ecosystem.

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Upload LA Event: How to Tell Your VR Start-up’s Story


Eve Weston — journalist, content creator, and storyteller extraordinaire — will be providing an in-depth seminar on the best ways for virtual reality entrepreneurs to tell their stories. You’ll walk away from this seminar not only with a deep understanding of how to tell your company’s story to different stakeholders, but also with: The story of your company.

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Vive Group Edition Bundles 10 Headsets in China


For the former, it could be used for location-based arcade and multiplayer experiences, while the latter markets could use the setup for individual sessions like classes or business seminars. HTC is constantly exploring new ways to get its Vive VR headset out to as many people as possible, be it through traditional transactions, payment plans, or location-based VR. It’s latest initiative, though, ships the device in bulk.

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The VR Society’s ‘On The Lot’ is Back—and Fully Augmented


The new addition will include AR seminars for ARKit and ARCore developers and a slate of speakers who will share expertise in AR technology, creative, and investing. “We ‘On The Lot’ is back—and now featuring AR—October 13 and 14 at The Lot in West Hollywood.

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Demystifying Media

Tech Trends VR

How can we use technology to tell compelling and worthwhile stories, engage audiences, and make a living in the bargain? Those were some of the questions I got to explore during a recent visit to the University of Oregon. Fellow Brit Damian Radcliffe, who is the Carolyn S.

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HTC Announces Vive Ecosystem Conference


The second day of the event looks to be a more educational experience with seminars about the best practices for VR. HTC might not have a big western developers conference like Oculus does with Connect, but it’s planning a big show for China in just over a weeks’ time. The Vive Ecosystem Conference 2017 is set to take place from March 27th – 28th in Shenzhen, China.

Vancouver Emerging As Top Five VR and AR Hub


Visiting Metro Vancouver for the first time two months ago for the Women in Tech seminar, he’s now looking to make an investment in the region. “My Why Silicon Valley is looking north for new investment opportunities.

Samsung’s Creator Program and Launch of Gear 360 in U.S.


Samsung Creators, as its called, will include a series of seminars and classes, putting VR capabilities in the hands of filmmakers and influencers to further accelerating this new immersive medium.

Samsung announces Samsung Creators program to help VR / 360 content growth.

Cats and VR

At VidCon—and, beyond—Samsung Creators will provide seminars and classes, putting VR capabilities in the hands of filmmakers and influencers, further accelerating this new medium. Today Samsung Electronics America, Inc.

eleVR leaving YCR


On September 28th we’re showing the Venn Diagram Museum at the Exploratorium (and giving a talk), and we’re giving the Seminar on People, Computers, and Design at Stanford on the 29th. In May 2016 we joined Y Combinator Research (YCR). Today is our last day there, and possibly our last day at all. For the couple years previous, we were hosted by SAP.

Aquinas Training releases new VR “microsimulation” platform


The latter is intended to address the tendency for individuals to forget much of what they have learned shortly after attending training seminars. Connecticut-based continuous learning software company Aquinas Training has this week unveiled their new Microsimulation Engine. Recently demonstrated at the NYVR Expo, the software simulates the types of pressures individuals experience in high-stress business presentation environments, such as boardrooms or auditoriums.

Mixed Reality – AR , VR and Holograms for the Medical Industry

RealVision VR

An otherwise dreary topic of training seminars, suddenly held the attention of everyone in the room as they watched this mode-of-action video on the GearVR, with many of them wanting a copy for their cellphones and Google Cardboards. Mixed Reality – VR and AR visualization: Suddenly, Holograms is the new buzz word when a little more than 3 years ago Augmented Reality was a marketing mantra.

4 Tips for Ensuring Worker Safety on the Job


Another tip is that training and seminars should be given to employees to teach them to respond to emergency situations. Creating a safe working environment is one of the most important jobs for managers and business owners. When employees know that they are working in a safe environment, they can work more efficiently. This is because they do not need to worry about other concerns and completely focus on the task at hand.

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Vidcon: Introducing VR to the Next Generation of Creators


The program will include a series of seminars and classes, putting VR capabilities in the hands of filmmakers and influencers to further accelerating this new immersive medium.

Second Chances: How Virtual Reality Could Be used To Rehabilitate Convicted Criminals


The concept of rehabilitation is a fundamental part of the prison system, especially in the United States. Most criminals are, ideally, educated and rehabilitated before returning to society — assuming they don’t have a life sentence.

Developer Spaces Dedicated to AR And VR Are Becoming More Popular Than Ever


Moving forward, we will be hosting workshops and seminars on a variety of topics, as well as lectures and tutorials both for those aiming to enhance their development skills or inexperienced people looking to get started,” said Realities Centre’s Gere. We’ve seen a steady stream of physical spaces devoted to virtual reality and augmented reality popping up recently — hubs where VR and AR developers can share resources, experiment, and network.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Also announced is the Samsung Creator’s Program: Samsung Creators, as it’s called, will include a series of seminars and classes, empowering filmmakers and influencers to create in VR.

From Immersion to Deep Presence


In her workshops, seminars and talks, she explores the immersive experience of mindfulness, empathy, AR/VR virtual worlds, visualization, storytelling and design. Guest post by Caitlin Krause Modern approaches to learning have recently been dominated by the idea of presence?—?a

Thanks to VR, Teachers Could (Finally) become Millionares


Mark Steed, the director of Dubai private school Jess, said the format was already being used by some teachers to offer global internet-based seminars, earning millions of pounds in the process. Robot classroom assistants and virtual reality learning could see “celebrity teachers” make millions, experts claim.

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NVIDIA Deep Learning Institute Aims to Train 100,000 Developers this Year


Coursework is being delivered online using NVIDIA GPUs in the cloud through AWS and Google’s Qwiklabs and through instructor-led seminars, workshops and classes to reach developers across Asia, the Americas, and Europe. NVIDIA announced the company plans to train as many as 100,000 developers through the Deep Learning institute over the course of this year (2017).

15 marketing ideas for a grid

Hypergrid Business

Hold educational seminars, write about what you are doing, help others who are just starting out. (Image courtesy marketing expert Rose Freeland.). Today, I got another submission for a free ad that was basically just the grid’s name.

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Meet Global VR Creators at The Inaugural VeeR Creator Conference


In education, Caudullo created and taught 3D and 360 VR courses and seminars worldwide at Bangkok, Japan, Singapore China and Hollywood, California. The inaugural VeeR Creator Conference is going to take place on August 17th in Beijing.