Patent Sale For Osterhout Design Group (ODG) Planned For January


Osterhout Design Group (ODG) may be dead before mass shipping its R-9 augmented reality glasses, with an asset sale planned for January focused on the AR company’s patent portfolio. ” The Hilco representative I spoke with said they didn’t know what information could be made public regarding the state of the company. AR ODG Osterhout Design Group

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Riot Games Debuts Virtual K-Pop Group With Live MR Performance


The Tencent subsidiary has produced various high-quality CGI cinematics, produced original music via an in-house music production studio, and collaborated with numerous high-profile acts; most recently The Glitch Mob, Mako, and Bobby of K-pop group iKON. .

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Report: Magic Leap Ships First Wave of Headsets to Small Group of Partners

Road to VR

Citing “people familiar with the matter,” Bloomberg reports a small group of unnamed software developers recently received test units. This is emblematic of the sort of information publicly available on Magic Leap One, as the company is staying mum on definitive hardware specs.

VR Health Group Is Rating How Many Calories Games Burn


All of that information is then condensed into one easy to read label that developers can use to promote their games or users can search through on the group’s website. The group has already given ratings to some of VR’s most popular experiences.

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Khronos Group President Neil Trevett on glTF: The ‘JPEG for 3D Objects’

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The Khronos Group announced that the open standard of glTF was gaining momentum by some of the key players within the graphics industry before SIGGRAPH this year. The post Khronos Group President Neil Trevett on glTF: The ‘JPEG for 3D Objects’ appeared first on Road to VR.

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Report: Magic Leap Could Reach $6B Valuation, First Device Shipping in 6 Months to “small group of users”

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Although not citing official sources, Bloomberg reports Magic Leap’s headset will cost between $1,500 and $2,000, and is set to ship its first device “to a small group of users within six months.”

Getty Images has launched the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group

Cats and VR

Getty Images, has launched the Getty Images Virtual Reality Group, a new business dedicated to the creation and global distribution of virtual reality content. For more information, visit [link] Cats And VR.

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Call for VR Open Standard Backed by Valve, Oculus, Google, & OSVR

Road to VR

The Khronos Group announced on Tuesday that they have a critical mass of major VR players who are collaborating on a VR open standard. I had a chance to catch up with Khronos Group President Neil Trevett to talk about this call for participation on this VR open standard.

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Hands On: ESI’s Incredibly Accurate VR CAD Simulation Lets You Take Cars Apart

Road to VR

Dominic Brennan gets his hands on ESI Group’s latest iteration of IC.IDO , their automotive visualisation tool that uses CAD-accurate data to generate extremely realistic VR simulations which let you take apart (or fix) your own virtual car.

Oculus Is Bringing Free-To-Use VR To 90 California State Libraries


As part of a pilot program between Oculus , Cali Group, VRLibraries and the California State library system, 100 Oculus Rift headsets and VR-ready PC’s will be donated to 90 different California libraries spread across half of the state’s 184 library jurisdictions.

Volkswagen Launches Custom VR Exhibit At Historic Brand Tower


Volkswagen Group is back again with yet another VR project that continues to prove just how much faith the German automaker truly has in the immersive medium. News Automotive HTC Vive Leap Motion T-Roc Virtual Reality Experience Volkswagen Volkswagen Group

Reality Clash Developer Diary – September 2019

Peter Graham

This particular issue has made us look over the current error messages and start work on improving this information for the player. To deal with this, we’ll be adding new error messaging in, with more specific information about the issue. Developer Diaries Features Pinned Article Augmented Reality Reality Clash Reality Gaming Group

Cyberattacks: The Ever-Present Threat to Transportation Management Software

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Even more unsettling is the fact most ships rely on GPS for navigation, and failure causes captains to lose critical course information, communications ability and computer links. Cyberattacks a Transportation Management Software Suite Might Face.

Across The Line: How VR Has the Power To Make You Care


Journalist and Filmmaker Nonny de la Peña – Co-Founder of the Emblematic Group and affectionately known as the “Godmother of VR” – has long explored the power of Virtual Reality experiences to break through viewer apathy. Tagged with: across the line , emblematic group , nonny de la pena. Experiences across the line emblematic group nonny de la pena

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Intel Dismisses IoT for Augmented and Virtual Reality


The IoT community recently looked in disbelief as Intel started to dismantle its IoT efforts – the amount of emails we received is quite surprising, as we’re not exactly a logical place to go for IoT information. There’s a clear reason why, and it can be found in recent ‘resurrection’ of Google Glass in ‘Enterprise Edition’, as well as wanting to react to popular products from Vuzix and ODG (Osterhaut Design Group).

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Khronos Announces an Open VR Standard Initiative


The Khronos Group, an open consortium of leading hardware and software companies, have just announced a call for participation in a new initiative to define a cross-vendor, royalty-free, open standard for access to modern virtual reality (VR) devices.

Big Business Moves into Blockchain: Acord, EY, Microsoft, Maersk


ACORD Solutions Group , accounting giant EY, technology giant Microsoft and the Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company have combined to launch the world’s first marine insurance blockchain platform. EY said that the distributed ledger will be used to capture information about shipments, risk and liability, and to help firms comply with insurance regulations.

You’re Taking Me for ARide

Tech Trends VR

Having real-time, hands-free digital information and applications overlaid onto our surroundings is the next step from looking up information on mobile phones and interacting with AI voice assistants Click To Tweet.

Who Should Own VR Creation at Your Company?


Regardless if it’s being used by sales, marketing, HR or training, a group still needs to take “ownership” of VR creation and distribution. So definitely think about your desired outcomes and which project ownership group can get you closest to reaching them.

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Building Better XR Training

Tech Trends VR

To optimize the UI/UX we must incorporate what is known about the brain and how it processes information, then apply the scientific method to test hypotheses and to identify the optimal solution.

Vader Immortal Will Bring ‘Lightsaber Battle’ To The Oculus Quest


Alongside these major announcements, ILMxLAB and Oculus will also be present, providing new information about their upcoming interactive VR series for the Oculus Quest, Vader Immortal: A Star Wars VR Series. ILMxLAB teases lightsaber game mechanics in their upcoming Star Wars VR series.

Report: Apple Developing AR/VR Headset with 8K Resolution Per-eye Slated for 2020

Road to VR

The device, purportedly codenamed T288, is said to be targeting 8K resolution per-eye, and be powered by a dedicated host device with a custom Apple chip, and would transmit information wirelessly to the headset over a 60GHz connection.

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Hands-on: Acer Windows Mixed Reality Dev Kit & Datascape

Next Reality VR

Brandon Bray, Principal Group Program Manager at Microsoft, had teased us a few weeks earlier at the Vision Summit event in Los Angeles, California, and said there would be a lot more information at Build.

InstaVR Launches Single-Click Publishing to Oculus Quest and Rift S, Including World-Class Touch Interactivity


Clients include Toyota , TUI Group , PwC, US Navy , and GOV.UK. For more information and to access the InstaVR platform, visit InstaVR Launches Single-Click Publishing t o. Oculus Quest and Rift S, Including. World-Class Touch Interactivity.

NASA Partners With US Navy To Develop AR Displays For Spacesuits


The device provides wearers with a top-down sonar view of the oceans seabed, as well as critical information, such as messages from operators above water, photographs, and AR video. NASA believes the Diver Augmented Vision Device could be the perfect fit for their EVA spacesuit.

InstaVR provides SAP connectivities as SAP.iO Foundry Startup


For more information, visit Please see [link] for additional trademark information and notices. ###. Clients include Toyota , TUI Group , PwC, US Navy , and GOV.UK. For more information and to access the InstaVR platform, visit

China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

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These guidelines are contained in a document entitled “Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Accelerating the Development of Virtual Reality Industry” and has been released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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Creator AVR Training – Series 1

EON Reality

In an effort to help educators and trainers of all types become comfortable with using Creator AVR, EON Reality is happy to announce the creation of our new informational video series detailing the application’s many important aspects.

When to Use Virtual Reality (VR) Instead of Augmented Reality (AR)?


TRANSPORT YOU TO A NEW LOCATION AR is great for adding information or graphics over the real world. Take for instance our client TUI Group. VR, AR, MR, XR — those are just a few of the acronyms used to talk about exciting new immersive technologies.

Expert View: 3 ways VR is transforming Learning & Development

Tech Trends VR

We remember 10% of the material we read, 20% of the information we hear, but a staggering 90% of what we do. 90% of the students who learned with VR passed their test vs. 40% of students from the other group.

Creator AVR Training – Series 2

EON Reality

Continuing our effort to help educators and trainers of all types become comfortable with using Creator AVR, EON Reality is happy to announce the next set of our new informational video series detailing the application’s many important aspects.

Dallas Cowboys AR Photo Booth Lets You Strike A Pose With Your Favorite Players


Fans can then enter their information to share their newly-captured group photo with friends and family on social media. AT&T debuts immersive kiosk as part of its new 5G-enabled stadium.

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VR Diversity Initiative Uses VR To Create Accessible Backpacks For People With Scoliosis


During one of the workshops at the VR Diversity Initiative , a summit dedicated to empowering under-represented groups in developing XR skills, participants used VR to create accessible backpacks for individuals suffering from various physical disabilities. “VR

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Creating Personalized Virtual Experiences

Tech Trends VR

How a group of high school students used VR to bring their coursework to life. That’s the information that has really stuck with me and I feel that Virtual Reality offers the same engagement.

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I flew the Millennium Falcon and it was good

TechCrunch VR

The ride offers a thrilling group experience that will foster shouting and interaction in the cockpit just as we’ve seen in the movies. The work that Disney did on the engine went back to Epic Games and will help to inform how their engine ends up handling multiple GPUs in the future.

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