VR For The Information Worker

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Flow makes text and data dimensional, and that makes a huge difference

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Here’s What Information Facebook Stores About Oculus Web Browsing Activity


If you have any questions or additional information — please share in the comments or email tips@uploadvr.com. The Oculus Browser does not share information with the Facebook family of apps unless you choose to log into Facebook via FB login (this would be the same information that Facebook would receive if you logged in to Facebook while using another browser). That said, as with using any browser, web sites themselves may collect information about you.

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VR For The Information Worker

Charlie Fink

As valuable as these simulations are, the industry still leaves out a majority of Information Workers. Spatial text and information will change that, according to Jason Marsh, founder and CEO of Flow Immersive. He envisioned the world’s information flows,” Marsh told me. “He

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Apple Files Augmented Reality Patent for a ‘Wearable Information System’


The patent is for a “wearable information system having at least one camera.” The information system is configured such that the high-power mode is activated by a detection of at least one object in at least one field of view of the at least one camera.”

Datavized Uses WebVR To Map Information Across All Devices


Datavized is a VR startup with a data visualization platform designed to display across all devices using WebVR. Right now Datavized needs geographically-coded data to represent on a globe that it displays across all devices, with a drag and drop tool to turn spreadsheets into interactive 3D maps. The software can still accept spreadsheets without geo data but it isn’t shown the same way across all devices right now.

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Rubin On Oculus Privacy Concerns: ‘Nobody Wants User Camera Information’


In an interview with Gamespot , Rubin, who serves of VP of Content at the company, said that Oculus wasn’t building Dash to collect people’s private information. “The answer is, we’re all doing what we’re doing because it works,” Rubin stated, pointing out that all other VR companies use camera-based systems similar to Oculus, which could, in theory, be used to gather information on users. “Nobody wants user camera information for anything.”

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Information Superhighway Robbery


So, apparently this is a business model: you trawl YouTube for videos with a decent number of views (not too many, mind you), uploaded by someone that is not a bona fide YouTube star or well-known personality, or part of some content or ad exchange network, and file copyright claims on those videos.

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RUMOR: Assassins Creed And Splinter Cell VR In Development


The response to Oculus Quest and Rift S gaming has been incredible,” an Oculus spokesperson told The Information. “We News Assassin's Creed Assassins Creed VR Assassins Creed: Temple of Anubis Escape the Lost Pyramid Splinter Cell Splinter Cell VR The Information Ubisoft

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FORRward: A Weekly Read For Tech And Marketing Execs

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age of the customer augmented reality B2B marketing B2C marketing business technology (BT) chief information officer (CIO) cloud computing digital platforms emerging technology Information Technology marketing & strategy technology virtual reality

China grants first 5G licenses amid Huawei global setback

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The announcement from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the country’s telecoms authority, came as Huawei, the Chinese company that captured nearly 30% of the world’s telecom gear revenues in 2018, faces mounting scrutiny in the west over potential security concerns.

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InFormation: An immersive documentary about the emerging power of Virtual Reality to inspire empathy in its audience.

Cats and VR

InFormation is a two part (25 min) immersive documentary investigating the medium of Virtual Reality and creative use of the technology to build empathy and new forms of storytelling. Directed by Debra Anderson and produced by Hugh McGrory, InFormation is a Datavized production.

Oculus Issues Detailed Response to Senator Al Franken’s Privacy Concerns


oculus VR Industry News al franken data facebook information monitoring privacy rift security senatorLast month, UploadVR published a story about The post Oculus Issues Detailed Response to Senator Al Franken’s Privacy Concerns appeared first on UploadVR.

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Employees open companies to security risks by working remotely


With our Information Security Staff Awareness E-Learning Course , your employees can learn about the most important elements of information security, including phishing, creating backups, portable media devices and business continuity.

Nissan Augmented Reality Concept Assists Drivers in Detecting Unseen Obstacles

Next Reality AR

The concept system would merge on-board sensor data with information aggregated from Nissan's AR cloud in order to map.

Augmented Reality App Maker Houzz Reveals Major Data Breach

Next Reality AR

In the realm of internet security, it's becoming clear that augmented reality is not immune to the increasing wave data breaches plaguing users. On Friday, furniture retailer Houzz, an early adopter of ARKit, revealed details of a data breach that occurred in December 2018.

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Medical Software Maker Medivis Closes $2.3 Million in Funding to Bring HoloLens to Surgical Platform

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On Tuesday, along with closing its seed funding round, the company unveiled its SurgicalAR software for HoloLens at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference in Orlando, Florida.

Report: VR as an Empathy Builder

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Everything else is just information”. The cognitive system is the information system. Critically, these are limited resources and form a bottleneck that slows learning with more information coming in and available to the learner (the green arrows) than can be processed (the red arrow).

Wacom Video Shows Off More of Magic Leap's Upcoming Design & Drawing Software Spacebridge

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And now we have a little more information in the way of a visual demonstration shown off by Nobutaka Ide, Wacom's CEO. The collaboration between Magic Leap and Wacom, which was first announced during last year's L.E.A.P. conference is progressing rapidly.

Magic Leap One's Battery Life, Memory Specs Revealed

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But details about the hardware wasn't included in the array of new information. Now, thanks to a developer with a keen eye for source code, we have more information regarding how the Magic Leap One will actually operate while in use.

First App for Meta 2 Headset Lets You View 3D CAD Models in Augmented Reality

Next Reality AR

Meta Viewer enables Meta 2 users to view 3D CAD models in augmented reality while maintaining the integrity of design information that can be lost when converting files to AR formats.

Here's What You Need to Run ARKit 3 on Your iPhone or iPad

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After relegating the reveal of ARKit 3 to the back half of the WWDC keynote on Monday, Apple left some key information about compatibility out of the general presentation.

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Leaked Steam Page for Valve Index Headset Points to June 15th Release Date

Road to VR

Last week’s teaser reveal of the Valve Index headset came with very little information save for a single picture of the bottom of the headset with a tagline “Upgrade your experience.

China shows its masterplan to lead Virtual Reality in 2025

The Ghost Howls

These guidelines are contained in a document entitled “Guiding Opinions of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology on Accelerating the Development of Virtual Reality Industry” and has been released by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.

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SIF: LG not interested in VR hardware anymore, Veer entering LBE and much more!

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In the little screen close to my eye, I could see the images framed by the camera, plus some additional information when the system detected his face. At Sandbox Immersive Festival , I have been able to try some interesting hardware solutions.

Immersive Training for Retention

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How Virtual Reality training can help healthcare professionals retain crucial information. Although the retention rates depend upon the nature of initial training and the type of information studied, the shape remains the same. Everything else is just information”.

New Feature Spotlight: User Input Screen (aka “Add User ID”)


Combined with our App Usage Analytics (aka Reports) , you’ll now have *specific* information on who used your app, when they used it, what device they used, what scenes/hotspots they engaged with, and more. How do I view the inputted information and actions taken by the user?

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Report: VR Enabling Better Health

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The nephrologist suggests that the patient read the materials and explore the Internet for additional information. Suffice it to say, however, that all such theories of decision-making rely critically on the quality of the information available.

Augmented Reality Puts the Magic in 'Magic: The Gathering' Cards

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Available now in the App Store and Play Store, MTG Manager helps players manage their card inventory through scanning cards and returning information such as prices and game statistics.

You’re Taking Me for ARide

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Having real-time, hands-free digital information and applications overlaid onto our surroundings is the next step from looking up information on mobile phones and interacting with AI voice assistants Click To Tweet.

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Oculus Rift's Terms of Service - Questions to Oculus


Oculus has stated that it automatically collects users' location information. Are there any other purposes for which Oculus collects this information? Are there any other purposes for which Oculus collects this information?

Smart Glasses? It’s all about perspective.


Wikipedia defines smart glasses as a wearable computer that adds information to what the wearer sees. One could debate whether our first category is a true segment of the smart eyewear market as it adds no information to what the wearer sees.

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Holocaust Museum Preserves Memory of Victims & Survivors via Augmented Reality

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The museum is testing a mobile app that will enable visitors to see more information about the victims and survivors of the Holocaust in the camera view of their smartphone.

AR Glasses You Can Be Seen In

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It enables first responders, for example, to quickly identify causalities or patients and obtain vital information such as medical histories of allergies and blood type, reducing wait times when arriving in hospital. Are we finally getting closer to affordable, good-looking AR wearables?

Upskill Releases HoloLens Version of Skylight AR Productivity Platform

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Presenting this information in augmented reality allows them to keep their hands-free for the task at hand and reducing "swivel chair" between the task and a laptop.

Here’s What Facebook Says About Camera Privacy on Quest & Rift S

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There’s never a bad time to be skeptical about how your private information is being used by products and companies which gather information about you, but an especially good time is when using products that rely on always-on cameras during use.

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