Enterprise AR Trends for 2020 and Beyond


Thus, the latest enterprise AR trends represent a topic of interest for management teams across various industries. What Is the Impact of Enterprise AR on the Business World? These are just a few core industries where professionals from junior to senior levels are working with AR tools.

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The best AR and VR news from CES 2022

The Ghost Howls

I was afraid that at this CES wouldn’t have been many pieces of news about AR and VR, but actually, we had quite a few interesting ones. PlayStation VR 2 Logo (Image by Sony Interactive Entertainment). TCL Leiniao AR teaser trailer. Thunderbird) AR. AR windshields.

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Will Web AR Vie for AR Advertising Market Share?

AR Insider

This post is adapted from ARtillery Intelligence’s report, AR Advertising Deep Dive, Part I: The Landscape. Prominent sectors include industrial AR , social , gaming , and shopping. But existing alongside all of them is AR advertising. Can AR break that cycle?

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What Are The Biggest Myths About AR Advertising?

AR Insider

Four Myths About AR Advertising. Back then, it was largely aspirational: early returns on engagement, customer sentiment and revenues around mobile AR brand experiences were promising, but we hadn’t yet seen signs of a tipping point. Mike Boland, AR Insider. Myth #1: AR is a Fad.

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Official: Sony Sold Nearly 1 Million PlayStation VR Headsets in 4.5 Months, Despite Limited Stock

Road to VR

Sony is the first of the big three tethered VR headset makers to drop official PSVR sales figures: 915,000 PlayStation VR headsets sold as of February 19. Speaking with the New York Times recently , Andrew House, President of Sony Computer Entertainment, confirmed the PSVR sales data. As the first company to offer such information, it means that Sony is not only happy with the figure, but likely confident that they’re well ahead of the competing Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

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Can Snap Mainstream AR Marketing?


Immersive ad formats like AR continue to hold promise, though they’re mostly still in early adopter phases among brand marketers. But the king of consumer AR is Snap. In fact, Snap explicitly attributes AR lenses as its growth engine during the past few years of ad revenue acceleration.

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The XR Week Peek (2020.01.16): CES is coming, Abrash predicts AR to substitute smartphones in 2040 and more!

The Ghost Howls

Some surprises may arrive from Sony (I hope so, but I don’t believe so), but for the rest, I’ve mostly heard about news from secondary operators. According to Abrash, AR glasses may substitute smartphones in 2030–2040.

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Waveguide Maker DigiLens Secures Additional Investment by Samsung Ventures

Road to VR

DigiLens most recently closed its Series C financing back in May 2019 to the tune of $50 million, which saw Samsung Ventures join alongside UDC Ventures, Niantic, Continental AG, Sony Innovation Fund, and Diamond Edge Ventures, the VC arm of Mitsubishi Chemical Holdings Corporation as investors.

What to Expect From Top AR/VR Companies at GDC 2018

Road to VR

GDC is here once again, all next week we’ll have boots on the ground bringing you the latest VR/AR news. Held annually in San Francisco, Game Developers Conference has undeniably been a focal point for VR the industry, and as augmented reality continues to heat up, we expect it to be increasingly important for AR as well. Here’s a look at what we’re expecting to find next week from the top VR/AR companies.

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Nintendo is Currently ‘Interested in’ and ‘Researching’ AR Possibilities

Peter Graham

Plenty of companies are interested in the possible use cases of augmented reality (AR), from entertainment to education and retail. The company recently confirmed an interest in AR and that research was underway. “As for AR, it is definitely one of the many aspects we are interested in. When it comes to Nintendo and AR first thoughts instantly go to Pokemon GO, the 2016 title created by Niantic Labs.

Save $50 off Lenovo Mirage AR and MARVEL Dimension of Heroes for Black Friday

Peter Graham

A couple of months back Lenovo looked to relaunch its beleaguered augmented reality (AR) headset system from 2017, the Lenovo Mirage AR with new content in the form of MARVEL Dimension of Heroes. Mate 10, Mate 10 Pro, Nova 2S, Xiaomi MIX2, Sony Xperia XZ1.

How the Stock Market is Showing Faith in Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)


One-year price performance for MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL, SNE, and NVDA According to the latest report from Statista , the global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) markets are rapidly growing and are forecast to reach a total of $72.8 the year of AR glasses?

A Look at OmniVirt’s Analysis of AR and VR Technology in Advertising


OmniVirt, an AR and VR advertising platform, recently conducted an analysis of XR use cases. See Also: 6 Brands That Use AR and VR Advertising Successfully. The analysis, conducted by OmniVirt , looked at thirty companies that used either VR or AR in advertising in 2018 and 2019. Companies examined included production and entertainment companies, clothing companies, food and beverage producers, motor companies, retail outlets, and the US Army.

The XR Week Peek (2020.01.27): Samsung may be working on a new headset, Half-Life: Alyx will ship on time and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Plus, if you are in Karlsruhe, I’ll be attending the LEARNTEC event and I’ll be there on Thursday morning… if you’re there, we can meet! That said, let’s have a look at this interesting week in AR and VR. So don’t expect it to revolutionize AR or VR soon.

Leading adopters of Virtual Reality: Top 3 Industries


Several entities such as healthcare companies, retail outlets, entertainment and market networks, and more are reaping the benefits of virtual and augmented reality. Retail Another industry where VR has gained wide usage is the retail sector.

Breaking free


Breaking free: Mapless relocalization is the future of AR AR and VR technologies have been around for quite some, and are both going through an impressive maturing and development process in the past few years. Sorry, I’m afraid you can’t do that using old-school AR technology.

Continental Increases Stake in Waveguide Display Company DigiLens, Raising $25M Series C

Road to VR

Continental first invested in DigiLens in 2016 alongside Sony, Panasonic, Nautilus Venture Partners, Foxconn, Dolby, Bold Capital Partners, and Alsop Louie Partners – an investment of $22 million in its Series B. DigiLens creates waveguide optics for OEMs, providing both eyeglass-thin displays for AR headsets and larger displays for automobiles, avionics, retail and architecture.

The XR Week Peek (2020.05.25): new rumors on Apple Glasses, Oculus Quest anniversary, HP Reverb G2 and more!

The Ghost Howls

More info (Jon Prosser’s video) More info (Apple’s proprietary QR Codes) More info (Steve Jobs AR glasses). In this demo, you can see a person using a prototype headset that features high-resolution colored passthrough AR to let you have a virtual workspace at your desk.

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CES 2021 Goes Virtual


The Gear There were some exciting announcements this year in the AR/VR industry, and here they are (in no particular order): (Image courtesy Vuzix) Trending AR VR Articles: 1. 9 Must Have Skills To Become An AR/VR Developer (With Course Recommendations) 2. New Show, Who Dis?

The XR Week Peek (2022.05.30): Niantic launches VPS, Pico launches Neo 3 Link, and much more!

The Ghost Howls

Niantic has finally launched its VPS (Visual Positioning System), a solution that will allow developers to create AR applications that are persistent and shared in various locations in the world with centimeter accuracy. Hello everyone from San Jose, California!

Who Will Own the Metaverse?

AR Insider

This article is the latest in AR Insider’s editorial contributor program. It’s been called the AR Cloud by many, the Magicverse by Magic Leap, the Mirrorworld by Wired, the Cyberverse by Huawei, Planet-scale AR by Niantic and Spatial Computing by academics. Now, nearly 30 years on from the earliest of these writings, companies are building the AR Cloud for real. But first, what will the AR Cloud actually be used for? appeared first on AR Insider.

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EM3-STELLAR Consumer MR Glasses Conquer Kickstarter


There is a growing number of AR and MR glasses on the market today but virtually all of them have virtually no appeal or support for consumers. VR headsets have been huge for gamers, but AR and MR (with a few notable exceptions) have been harder nuts to crack.

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HTC Partners With InterContinental Hotels To Bring Vive To Chinese Hotel Rooms

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

Companies like Oculus and Sony are busy doing that through retailers and events, as is HTC, but providing guests with their own units could give them a much more personal and immersive experience than standing in line for a few hours to see a five minute demo. It’s not the only new initiative HTC is launching this week; the company also revealed its Vivepaper concept, which mixes VR and AR to bring magazines into virtual spaces and make them much more immersive.

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The Best XR Gifts for the Tech Fan in Your Life


This gift guide includes AR/VR gift ideas for the whole family and in all price ranges. This time two or three years ago, it would have seemed crazy to suggest VR headsets or AR glasses as a gift. In general, smartphones are also a good choice for experiencing most AR applications.

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Open Haptics Ecosystem: unlock a tremendous value for the haptics market


Apple and Sony have brilliant scientists talking and working with open-minded product and designer teams. Trending AR VR Articles: 1. How Augmented Reality (AR) is Reshaping the Food Service Industry 3. Enterprise AR: 7 real-world use cases for 2021 3.

The VRScout Report – The Week in VR Review


Sony’s PlayStation VR finally hit shelves on the 13th of October and the reviews are in… and they’re (mostly) good. Despite its faults, some retailers are attempting to charge for demos. Looking for a job in VR/AR? IT’S ABOUT THE MONEY, HONEY: INVESTMENTS IN VR/AR. Despite the fact that, according to Digi-Capital, a mere 6% of Americans will own a VR headset in 2016, future-looking venture capital firms have invested $500M in the VR/AR industry in Q3 of 2016.

Will the Oculus Quest 2 sell well this Christmas? – Analysis

Virtual Perceptions

While the hospitality and retail industries took heavy losses, the video games market thrived under lockdown. Photo credit: Sony. Tom Ffiske Editor, Virtual Perceptions Tom Ffiske specialises in writing about VR, AR, and MR across the immersive reality industry.

Best VR deals on Amazon Prime Day

Hypergrid Business

If you have a computer capable of supporting VR or a Sony PlayStation 4, this is a good time to get a headset to go with it. The headset itself normally retails for $400, so this is like getting the camera for free. This headset normally retails for $80. It normally retails for $60, and is also compatible with the Gear VR, Oculus VR, and the HTC Vive. News VR & AR Amazon Prime Gear VR HTC Vive Oculus Rift PlayStation VR

Report: Global VR Hardware Revenue To Hit $3.6 Billion in 2017


Although retail demos were the most popular way American consumers became interested in VR before buying, poorly managed demos and associates with little knowledge of how the technology works created friction for consumers, decreasing adoption and interest. However, the report did lump together Pokémon GO, which earned 96% of all AR software revenue in 2016, and MR devices like the Microsoft HoloLens proving not yet ready for consumers.

The Best VR Deals for Black Friday 2019

Peter Graham

It’s the annual sales extravaganza again, Black Friday, where retailers hope customers spend big while everyone is hunting for a decent bargain. Lenovo Mirage AR with Marvel Dimension of Heroes – $110.99 – use code DOHCOUPONCODE at Lenovo.com.

Interview with VRgineers: we want to push XR forward, but we’re not manufacturing a consumer XTAL

The Ghost Howls

HTC, Oculus, Sony are not offering headsets with big FOV and resolution… while you, Varjo, Pimax, are. The big brands are focused on the retail market, so they have to sell literally minimum hundreds of thousands of units or better millions of units and of course, that means completely different processes in everything: development, design, and so on… and startups like us see the opportunity in niches, in special segments. What about AR and MR?

The 2019 VR Awards Winners Recognized for Outstanding VR Tech


AIXR – “The Academy of International Extended Reality” – is an independent non-profit dedicated to promoting MR, AR, and VR tech. Their site also posts educational and informative articles relating to the world of MR, AR, and VR technology. The Sony game was nominated for four DICE Awards this year, but failed to take home any of them. See Also: The Rise of Virtual Reality in Automotive Retail.

Why we should care about ergonomics in virtual reality

The Ghost Howls

However, following the release of consumer equipment like the HTC Vive , Oculus Rift , Sony PSVR and the various mobile VR headsets , we now have a different situation with a much larger group of people (the general population) using virtual reality on a regular basis, for longer periods of time. Attention to comfort has been one innovation that Magic Leap has taken to the AR ecosystem (Image by Magic Leap). I always say that most of my readers know VR far better than me.

Over 20 Use Cases of Smart Glasses, VR Headsets, and Smartwatches at Airports


Additionally, the growing popularity of AR and VR in architecture, engineering and construction has implications for the future of airport renovations and new airport design. As consumers become increasingly receptive to sharing wearable-generated biometric data and are exposed to augmented reality via smartphones; ideas like replacing traditional travel documents with personal wearables and implementing AR wayfinding in airports seem less and less far-fetched.

4 Things That Make The China VR Market Unique

UploadVR Between Realities podcast

In comparison, US consumers have been more willing to spend big money on headsets like Sony’s PSVR (~$400), which is America’s best-selling VR device. Fung Business Intelligence says some Chinese fashion brands have partnered with online retailers to provide a virtual fitting room service, for example. Michael Park is the founder of LipSync , a VR and AR development studio based in San Francisco and Hong Kong. For the Chinese pioneers of virtual reality, business is booming.

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Women In VR spotlight: Lee and Jordan Brighton talk about Run Dorothy Run.

Cats and VR

I really do think there’s so much potential with VR, AR and MR for viable businesses to develop over the next 10 years. Whether its advances in medicine, manufacturing, retail, or education, so many industries stand to benefit from these new technologies. VR, AR and mixed reality are domains ripe for equal representation of women and other diversity groups. Lee and Jordan Brighton are the female founding duo behind Virtro Entertainment.

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The hype, haplessness and hope of haptics in the COVID-19 era

TechCrunch VR

From dating to banking, education to retail, the virus has pushed everyone to rethink how touch and proximity factor into daily interactions. demand began rising sharply in March, driven first by hospitals and essential retailers like grocery stores. Devon Powers. Contributor.