What the Iraq War Can Teach the Climate Movement

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Bush administration began stoking the flames of war with Iraq in 2003. I was in middle school when the George W.

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Nimbus Data’s New ExaDrive NL: 64 TB of Enterprise Grade QLC in 3.5-inch

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Today Nimbus Data, one of the first companies to venture into enterprise flash storage in 2003, is announcing its latest generation ExaDrive product.

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How To Play Gamecube & Wii Games Natively On Oculus Quest


Originally released in 2003 on Windows, this brilliant piece of software allows players to run Nintendo Gamecube and Wii console games on their Windows, macOS, and Android devices. Players will need a bluetooth controller and their own ROM files. Those familiar with the world of video game emulation are no doubt familiar with the open-source console emulator Dolphin.

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‘Return To Castle Wolfenstein’ VR Port Heading To Oculus Quest


Return to Castle Wolfenstein is powered by the iD Tech 3 game engine, marking a step up from these past releases and opening the doors for potential VR ports of other iD Tech 3-powered games, such as Quake III Arena, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Medal of Honor: Allied Assault, Soldier of Fortune II: Double Helix , and the original 2003 Call of Duty just to name a few. 6DoF grenade throwing and motion triggered knife stabbing included.

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Experience the Sydney Opera House in 360º Immersion


It’s principal architecht, Jørn Utzon received the Pritzker Architecture Prize , architecture’s highest honour, in 2003. Their doors might be closed for now, but our brand new lesson will let you through and explore the iconic Sydney Opera House in 360º immersion.

The early internet kept showing us the future, and we rolled our eyes every time

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The future is here, it's just unevenly distributed," William Gibson famously wrote in 2003. In Tales of the Early Internet , Mashable explores online life through 2007 — back before social media and the smartphone changed everything.


'Freaky' is the cuddly body-swap slasher worth a trip to the drive-in

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Debuting a body-swap movie titled Freaky on a Friday and never once name-checking the 2003 Lindsay Lohan and Jamie Lee Curtis-starring seminal classic is a betrayal I can never forgive.

California looks like a nightmare from space right now

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Here's one: The 10 biggest fires in California history have all burned in the last 17 years , since 2003. The second and third largest fires in California history are now burning at the same time. Along with over 500 other fires.

Aerospace AVR Lesson about Concorde

EON Reality

Aerospace AVR Lesson about the Concorde developed by Bologna based student demonstrating the feature and functionalities of the British–French turbojet-powered supersonic passenger airliner that was operated until 2003. It had a maximum speed over twice the speed of sound, at Mach 2.04 (1,354 mph or 2,180 km/h at cruise altitude), with seating for 92 to 128 passengers. First flown in 1969, Concorde entered service in 1976 and continued flying for the next 27 years.


Preserving Historical Landmarks In VR Should Be A Priority


Following the destruction of the Bamiyan statues in Afghanistan back in 2001, Ben Kacyra began digitally capturing historical landmarks for preservation using laser-scanning technology, going on to launch the non-profit company CyArk in 2003. Ensuring history survives using modern day technology. Yesterday, the historic Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France suffered a devastating fire that caused significant, lasting damage to the 12 Century building.

Librestream Secures $24M Series D Funding to Expand Its AR-powered Worker Platform

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” Founded in 2003, the company’s Series D brings its overall financing to over $55 million, with its penultimate round arriving in mid-2016. Librestream , an enterprise-focused AR company, today announced it’s raised a $24 million Series D financing round. The Winnipeg, Canada-based company says the funds will be used to expand its ‘Augmented Worker’ services into Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.

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Waveguide Maker DigiLens Secures Additional Investment by Samsung Ventures

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Outside of today’s investment, DigiLens has secured $110 million since it was founded in 2003. DigiLens , the Silicon Valley-based waveguide maker, today announced that Samsung’s venture capital group Samsung Ventures is increasing its stake in the company. At the time of this writing, neither firm has detailed the extent of the investment, stating simply that Samsung Ventures is again investing through a convertible debt instrument.

Escape H.H. Holmes’ Murder Castle In VR


Next year will see the release of Martin Scorsese’s Devil in the White City , a film adaptation of Erik Larson’s 2003 novel detailing the horrendous activities of H.H. Navigate a booby-trapped hotel while evading the ‘Devil in the White City’ himself in this horrifying VR game. Holmes, America’s first recorded serial killer.

VR Rhythm Shooter ‘Pistol Whip’ Gets Free Anime-inspired Level in ‘Akuma’ Update

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Akuma is the game’s second major content push following its ‘High Priestess’ update, which included a new scene inspired by the hallway fight scene in South Korean neo-noir action thriller Oldboy (2003). Pistol Whip (2019) , the rhythm-shooter from Cloudhead Games, just got a content update that brings a new level to the bullet hell-style VR title.

Step Into Daft Punk’s ‘One More Time’ in This VR Fan Tribute

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Daft Punk’s Interstella 5555 (2003) is an hour-long film that expertly blends the electronic music duo’s album Discovery with some pretty striking visuals, courtesy of Japanese anime studio Toei Animation. Now, thanks to a group of fans led by Sydney-based VR developer Jake Donaldson , you can finally jump into the crowd as the interstellar pop band jams away at Daft Punk’s One More Time.

Everything I know about the internet I learned from playing Runescape

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By the time I was 12 in the autumn of 2003, I wanted to play more and get better. I wasn’t allowed to play video games when I was a kid. My parents forbid consoles in our house, assuming video games were violent and boyish distractions from my academic and social life, and as a direct result of that prohibition I grew up consumed with the desire to play video games at any cost.

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Innovative Headset Manufacturer IMMY Enters Article 9 Foreclosure, Auctions Assets


His company, IMMY , had been in business since 2003 and using mirrors since 2009. In June, ARPost introduced readers to IMMY , a revolutionary company under revolutionary founder Doug Magyari.

Steampunk Adventure ‘Chiaro & the Elixir of Life’ Launches on Vive, Rift & Windows VR

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After having popped in for about an hour, the scenery and characters really remind me of steampunk-inspired anime like Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) and Studio Ghibli’s Laputa : Castle in the Sky (1986). Chiaro and the Elixir of Life (2018), a first-person VR adventure from Montreal-based Martov Co. launched today on HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows VR headsets.

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'Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time' returns with a spiffy HD remake in early 2021

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Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time was a revelation in 2003. It reinvented a video game series with roots that extend all the way back to the late '80s, reimagining the original's mix of puzzles and combat for three-dimensional virtual spaces.

VR Tour App ‘MasterWorks’ Uses Photogrammetry to Bring You to 4 Fully Explorable Heritage Sites

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Founded in 2003, the non-profit company’s mission, CyArk CEO John Ristevski told Tested, is to capture, share and archive the world’s cultural heritage. MasterWorks: Journey Through History (2018) is a new app for Oculus Rift and Gear VR that takes you on a guided tour through four cultural sites spanning three continents.

Sony is Bringing PS2 Classics ‘Gungrave’ & ‘Zone of the Enders’ to PSVR, Teaser Trailers Here

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Konami’s Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner (2003) was originally released for PS2, but today the company announced during Sony’s Tokyo Game Show press briefing that it’s getting an enhanced version, including support for 4K and PSVR. Tokyo Game Show (TGS) is upon us, and Sony has today shown off some a few brand new teaser trailers at its PlayStation keynote.

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Daydream Dead, New Pro Headset And Win Hotel R’n’R! – VRecap


For those of you not from the UK, that was a reference to the 2003 rap hit from grime artist, Dizzee Rascal. Fix up, look sharp, it’s the VRecap! Go Spotify it. Anyway, there’s a whole host of big headlines to get through this week. The biggest, undoubtedly, is the death of Google Daydream VR. Google’s flashy new phone, the Pixel 4, isn’t supporting it and the company isn’t selling Daydream View anymore.

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New LSL Editor released

Hypergrid Business

It works for Windows platforms including Windows 2K, 2003, XP, Vista, 7, and 8 and is available download at the Source Forge page and the manual is available from this Google Doc page. New LSL editor sample. Image courtesy Frank Rulof.). LSL Editor , software that helps users write scripts more easily for Second Life and OpenSim objects, has been updated with more support for OpenSim functions.

Building the Metaverse at Internet-Scale with ‘High Fidelity’

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Philip Rosedale has been working with virtual worlds for a long time, having founded Second Life back nearly 13 years ago in 2003. He co-founded High Fidelity in 2013, and he previously told me that he wanted to fix a lot of the things that were holding Second Life back. One big limitation was having all of the virtual worlds hosted by Linden Lab’s servers, and so Philip wanted to flip that model on it’s head by going with an open source model.

Konami’s Remastered ‘Zone of the Enders 2’ to Launch on PSVR September 2018

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Konami’s 4K/VR remastering of Zone of the Enders 2 (2003), called Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner MARS, now has an official street date: September 4th in the US and September 6th in the EU and Japan. The game is set to release on PS4, PSVR, and PC via Steam, with pre-orders now available for all platforms for $30 (or regional equivalent).

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Computex 2020 Cancelled; Coming Back In 2021

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Even in the SARS outbreak of 2003, the show was successfully moved to September. After a protracted battle with the SARS-CoV-2 virus, this year’s Computex trade show has finally succumbed to the pathogen. One of the world’s largest IT trade shows – and frequently a venue for major PC-related announcements – Computex 2020 was scheduled to take place last week.

CCP Games CEO: “We expected VR to be two to three times as big”

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CCP Games , the Icelandic studio known for their long-running MMO Eve: Online (2003) , shuttered their VR production studios in a surprise move last year, selling off their Newcastle-based branch behind their multiplayer space dogfighter EVE: Valkyrie (2016), and completely shutting down their Atlanta studio behind sports game Sparc (2017).

‘Sparc’ Developer CCP Games to “Talk About Additional Platform Support Later This Year”

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Sparc is an intriguing 1v1 virtual sport created by CCP Games, the studio behind VR flight combat game EVE: Valkyrie (2016) and the iconic (non-VR) MMO EVE Online (2003). Sparc , the virtual sport from CCP Games, launched last week as a PSVR exclusive but could be coming to more headsets in the near future.

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VR Time Perception Insights from Filmmaking & Cognitive Science

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The first involves the extended-now theory (Vohs & Schmeichel, 2003), which suggests focusing on the present moment elongates time perception. Awe triggers in people a desire to make new knowledge structures (Keltner & Haidt, 2003).

Gaming-focused investment firm Bitkraft closes in on at least $140 million for its second fund

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Along with its new pool of capital, the firm has also picked up a new partner in Moritz Baier-Lentz, a former Vice President in the investment banking division of Goldman Sachs and the number one ranked esports player of Blizzard’s Diablo II PC game in 2003. Esports, video games and the innovations that enable them now occupy a central space in the cultural and commercial fabric of the tech world.

High Fidelity VR Firm Lays Off 25%, Focuses On Virtual Offices


High Fidelity had previously been creating the building blocks of a VR successor Rosedale’s 2003 virtual world, Second Life. Philip Rosedale, CEO of High Fidelity and a virtual world pioneer, confirmed that his company has laid off about 25% of its staff, or 20 people, and pivoted to social communications for workers using 3D audio. High Fidelity now wants to enable virtual meetings and social online communications, such as people would do in online meetings.

7 Great Non-VR Games With Must-Play VR Support

Upload VR

Released in 2003, EVE became renowned for its vast scale, seeing players compete for virtual supremacy and bringing some fascinating stories with it. Virtual Reality might be one of gaming’s most immersive ways to play but it remains a niche platform. UploadVR regularly commissions freelance writers to review products, write stories, and contribute op-ed pieces to the site. This article is an opinion-based listicle from the perspective of the writer.].

The VRScout Report – AR Magazines, NFL Refs in VR, & Eye Implants


The STRIVR company was born out of the Virtual Human Interaction Lab at Stanford back in 2015 (founded in 2003 by Jeremy Bailenson, who founded STRIVR with ex-Stanford kicker Derek Belch). Recapping the top stories covered on the VRScout Report , a weekly podcast discussing the best in VR, hosted by Malia Probst.

Sinespace Aims to Become the Second Life of VR


If this sounds a lot like the 2003 smash hit social simulator Second Life , that’s no coincidence. A functioning economy, cross-platform support and a growing user-base could make this the go-to social VR app. The VR social scene is an absolute madhouse right now. Multiple experiences are currently fighting for the position of top dog in the hopes of cementing itself as THE virtual world where users could meet and interact as entirely new people.

2018 Game Accessibility Conference (GAConf) announced

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The IGDA-GASIG volunteers have worked since 2003 to aid the game industry in making games accessible to all players, regardless of impairments or other limitations. The second edition of the Game Accessibility Conference, GAConf , has been announced for March 19th 2018, at the Children’s Creativity Museum, San Francisco, CA, with early bird tickets now on sale.

Hands-on: DisplayLink XR Wireless VR Tech is Top Notch, Lighter Than it Looks

Road to VR

Founded in 2003, the company has a relatively long history of creating the tech behind cable-free computer products, like wireless docks and video adapters. At E3 2017, DisplayLink is touting their ‘XR’ wireless solution to eliminate the tether on VR headsets. Our hands-on with their reference device revealed a robust solution with impressive quality and unnoticeable latency.

Wolves in the Walls Chapter 3: They’re Everywhere Out Now on Oculus Store

Peter Graham

Based on the 2003 children’s book by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean, this final chapter expands upon the mystery and you’ll connect with Lucy’s Nana. Today sees the launch of Fable’s third Wolves in the Walls chapter, titled They’re Everywhere. While using the medium of virtual reality (VR) the studio describes itself more as a ‘Virtual Beings’ company because of the main protagonist in the series, Lucy, who is more than just a character from a book.