Samsung XR and EarthX Debut Environmentally-focused 360 Short Films

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Samsung has partnered with EarthX to debut a dozen immersive short films on the Samsung XR video platform from environmentally-focused filmmakers. Samsung XR is Samsung’s immersive video platform, and home to more than 10,000 videos. This week the platform is adding new section of environmentally-focused 360 short films in partnership with EarthXR, the interactive arm of EarthX, an environmental non-profit. Image courtesy Samsung, EarthXR.

Facebook Ends Samsung Gear VR Software Updates, 360 Video Downloads & Films


Facebook is ending software updates for the Samsung Gear VR. Further, users will no longer be able to access films or download the Oculus Video app. The Samsung Gear VR is a smartphone-based VR headset. The first Gear VR was released in late 2014 for Samsung’s Galaxy Note 4. Over the years, new versions were released to support the latest Samsung phones. No Updates, No Films, No New 360 Video Users.


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Baobab’s ‘Asteroids!’ VR Short Film Now Available


is now available for free on mobile VR platforms including Daydream , Samsung Gear VR and Cardboard for IOS & Android. “From the second the film starts, you are immediately immersed in a world where virtual animated characters become your friends and together, you experience emotions like humor, excitement and compassion, just as you would in real life.”. From its groundbreaking film techniques and captivating visuals, to its cast of well-known celebrities, ASTEROIDS!

VR For Awareness Takes Over Tribeca Film Festival


So far, the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival has been a chaotic whirlwind of innovative filmmaking, groundbreaking immersive entertainment and masterful storytelling. The 8-minute experience uses the Samsung Gear VR to give you an in depth, and at times unsettling look into the increasingly hostile situation. Lasting a total of 40 minutes, Testimony combines the Samsung Gear VR with gazed-based technology to deliver a ‘choose-your-own-adventure’ sort of experience.

‘Jesus VR’ Claims First Ever Feature-length VR Film, to Preview at Venice Film Festival

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Jesus VR: The Story of Christ , an upcoming feature-length 360 film, is getting its first public preview at this year’s Venice Film Festival. Hailed as the world’s first ever feature length VR film production, the 90-minute movie depicts the life, works, and death of Jesus of Nazareth. The preview of the feature-length film will last 40 minutes, and will be open to festival-goers from September 1-4.

Samsung Rolls Out Star Wars AR Experience For Galaxy Phones


The galaxy from far, far away is getting a little bit closer this holiday season by way of Samsung right alongside the release of the latest Star Wars film, Rise of Skywalker. “We wanted to celebrate our Galaxy owners this holiday season and bring them an experience that capitalizes on this cultural moment by taking their favorite starships from the film and bringing them to skies, where they belong,” Rodrigo Burdman, R/GA creative director, said in a prepared statement.

Why 360 Film is in the Midst of a Reboot – Part 3: Demand

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The 360 film industry is still young and it’s maturing rapidly. With his name on more than 20 360 film projects to date, Armando Kirwin has had an inside view as to where things started, where they’re going, and why. Over the past three years, the primary customer of 360 film has been big brands. What’s imperative, especially now that we have a massive workforce ready to deploy, is that we figure out how to properly monetize 360 film content.

Samsung Introduces Pro-focused ‘360 Round’ Camera for 4K 3D Livestreaming

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Announced at the Samsung Developer conference last week, the 360 Round is the company’s new camera for creating and streaming 4K 3D content. One-step stitching and control software, provided by Samsung, allows for 3D 360 livestreaming up to a claimed 4,096 × 2,048 at 30 FPS per eye. Image courtesy Samsung. Samsung says the compact uni-body design is intended to reduce heat, eliminating the need for a cooling fan, reducing weight, size, and background noise.

Samsung Funds Episodic VR Videos, Filmmakers Use Company’s $10K ‘Round 360’ Camera

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Samsung today launched ‘Pilot Season’, a new initiative aimed at putting original episodic VR video content into the Samsung VR Video service. Filmmakers taking part in Pilot Season were given the use of a Samsung 360 Round camera , the company’s professional 3D 360-degree camera. Costing over $10K, the Samsung Round 360 boasts high-quality 3D 360-degree video captured via its 17-lens array. image courtesy Samsung.

7 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences


It may be hard to believe but its been four years since Samsung and Oculus first announced their smartphone-powered Gear VR headset. Since then, Marvel has released not one but two Guardians of The Galaxy films that people actually love. Samsung and Facebook/Oculus are on a mission: to bring the full-internet experience inside of your virtual reality headset. The post 7 Must-Have Samsung Gear VR Apps and Experiences appeared first on VRScout.

This VR Film Lets You Experience an Unwanted Pregnancy


The full length documentary is currently in the works, it’s being developed for Oculus Rift, Vive, and Samsung Gear VR so viewers can watch from their own devices. The post This VR Film Lets You Experience an Unwanted Pregnancy appeared first on VRScout. A Polish-Canadian filmmaker is using VR to challenge assumptions about women’s right to choose. VR is often touted for its “magic” ability to immerse you in entirely new worlds.

Samsung Unveils VR Motion Controller And New Gear 360 Camera


One of Samsung’s biggest annual events, Samsung Unpacked , took place earlier today in NYC where live attendees and online spectators saw the debut of Samsung’s latest mobile effort, the Galaxy S8 and S8+. From cameras and controllers, to content and creativity, here are all of the virtual reality announcements from Samsung Unpacked 2017 : Gear VR Motion Controller. Samsung Gear 360 Camera 2.0. News Gear 360 Gear VR Samsung

Patent Reveals What Could Be Samsung’s Next Gear 360 Camera

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Samsung might already gearing up for its next iteration of Gear 360, the company’s 360 camera introduced back in 2016 and then refreshed in 2017 with a new hand-held design. This time around though it appears Samsung is entertaining a different design route, molding the camera into a lovable cartoon character replete with a cute emoji face. How will it effect 360 filming? Is Samsung targeting ‘less serious’ consumers as a result?

‘Invisible’ From ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Director Arrives On Samsung VR


Today, Samsung has announced a full-fledged drama series coming exclusively to Samsung VR before its wide release on other platforms. Many virtual narrative experiences are delivered in small samplings, with popular films like Suicide Squad , The Jungle Book , Pete’s Dragon , and The Conjuring 2 all having brief VR interactions on the Samsung VR platform to promote the full 2D films. 360 invisible samsung vr

View Conference 2018: National Film Board of Canada offers us interesting VR storytelling tips

The Ghost Howls

Today I’ve attended my first lecture at View Conference : the Masterclass “Artist-Driven Immersive Work” by Eloi Champagne and Martin Viau, of the National Film Board of Canada. Another cool experience is “The Enemy “ This is an experience that for sure you have heard about on VR magazines: NFB (National Film Board of Canada) made this experience with Karim Ben Khelifa, a famous war reporter.

Canada 227

‘Invsible’ From ‘Edge of Tomorrow’ Director Arrives On Samsung VR


Today, Samsung has announced a full-fledged drama series coming exclusively to Samsung VR before its wide release on other platforms. Many virtual narrative experiences are delivered in small samplings, with popular films like Suicide Squad , The Jungle Book , Pete’s Dragon , and The Conjuring 2 all having brief VR interactions on the Samsung VR platform to promote the full 2D films. 360 invisible samsung vr

Makeup Tutorials: Now in VR via NYX and Samsung Gear VR


Shop for makeup like never before with this team up from NYX and Samsung Gear VR. Shoppers choose an influencer based on which look they are going for, fill out a quick survey about their skin type and beauty habits, and jump right into the tutorial using the Samsung Gear VR. Beauty blogger Karen Gonzalez at the NYX Professional Makeup and Samsung VR Launch Party. The post Makeup Tutorials: Now in VR via NYX and Samsung Gear VR appeared first on VRScout.

Samsung Unveils New Gear 360 Camera Capturing 4K


Samsung’s Gear 360 camera was the company’s first real stab and a consumer-grade panoramic camera, revealed a few years ago, but it’s already back with an update. Design-wise, the top of the device keeps the same spherical form factor, but the company has also included a handle below that will allow you to hold it whilst filming. The reveal comes alongside a lot of new announcements for Samsung today. VR Industry News Gear 360 gear vr samsung

Oscar-Winning Director Kathryn Bigelow Discusses Her First VR Film ‘The Protectors’


Attendees at next year’s Tribeca Film Festival will be the first to experience the debut 360-degree film from Oscar-winning director Kathryn Bigelow titled, The Protectors: Walk in the Ranger’s Shoes. The 8-minute short film was created through a partnership with Here Be Dragons, National Geographic Channel, and Annapurna Pictures. The film gives viewers a first-hand look into the lives of the park rangers who are the only defense for the African elephants who roam freely.

Congo 208

The NFL Is Creating a VR Film Series Exclusively For YouTube and Google


It’s difficult to capture the visceral, intense, brutality of the sport on-screen, but documentaries, replays, and a slew of films and television series have done their part over the years. The exact tenants of this partnership aren’t clear, but it sounds like the series will not appear on other video services such as Within and Samsung VR, or other devices natively, such as the Rift, Vive, or Gear VR.

Wesley Snipes Takes On Aliens In VR Feature For Sci-Fi Film The Recall


That’s the story we’ll get to witness in this year’s film The Recall written and directed by Mauro Borrelli and featuring Wesley Snipes and Breaking Bad’s RJ Mitte. Before we get the feature film, though, we’re going to get a virtual reality experience centered on Wesley Snipe’s character “The Hunter” as he takes on alien invaders. There will also be VR and 360-degree behind the scenes clips available on the film’s Facebook page.

Side-Kick VR Launches Now You See Me: Back to Macau on Samsung Gear VR


Side-Kick VR launched the virtual reality game Now You See Me: Back to Macau on the Samsung Gear VR. It’s based on the Now You See Me film franchise from Lionsgate, which was closely involved with the creation of the game. You play Special Agent Price, assigned to find the whereabouts of the “Four Horsemen” band of magicians depicted in the film, who have disappeared yet again after another narrow escape. There are seven scenes inspired by the films.

The Future of Performance Art: Samsung and Punchdrunk Showcase ‘Believe Your Eyes’


Samsung 837 NYC (@837NYC) October 11, 2016. This experience was had a few weeks ago at Samsung 837 , the company’s night club/ demo space in New York City. Without spoiling it for future audience members, a performance was involved, and Samsung partnered with Punchdrunk International , the troupe behind Sleep No More, the experiential re-imagining of Macbeth that has been performed in NYC for more than five years.

Roblox buys digital avatar startup

TechCrunch VR

The startup’s investors include Y Combinator, Samsung Ventures, Anorak Ventures and Zach Coelius. M&A TC Avatar Bitmoji bitstrips computing films mobile applications online games Roblox Samsung Ventures snap inc Snapchat Virtual reality Y Combinator zach coelius

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AltspaceVR and Cyberia are teaming up to present a free VR film festival this weekend.

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AltspaceVR and Cyberia are teaming up to present a new kind of film festival – one taking place entirely in virtual reality VR. Styled after conventional film festivals, audience members can choose from a curated schedule of 38 short films of assorted genres from all over the world. AltspaceVR is a leading social VR platform and Cyberia has over a decade of experience planning film festivals.

EarthXR Hosts Playlist of Environmentally-Focused 360 Content Through Samsung XR

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EarthxFilm – which is part of the annual EarthX event – and its interactive arm EarthXR has teamed up with Samsung XR to bring you a collection of films dedicated to these causes. . Starting now, EarthXR will be hosting environmentally-focused 360-degree videos by a variety of filmmakers on Samsung XR -supported platforms. For the initial launch these films will include: “Guardians of the Kingdom” – Underwater Earth, Vulcan Productions.

Bourne Identity Director Brings Supernatural TV Show To Samsung.


Bourne Identity Director Brings Supernatural TV Show To Samsung VR Today, Samsung has announced a full-fledged drama series coming exclusively to Samsung VR before its wide release on other platforms. Many virtual narrative experiences are delivered in small samplings, with popular films like Suicide Squad, The Jungle Book, Pete’s Dragon, and The Conjuring 2 all having brief VR interactions on the Samsung VR platform to promote the full 2D films.

Pixar Announces First VR Project ‘Coco VR’, a ‘Next level social experience’

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Timed with the launch of Disney-Pixar’s new animated film Coco in November, Coco VR is described as a “next level social virtual reality” experience. Mobile VR Games News Bits Oculus Connect 4 Oculus Rift Games Samsung Gear VR Games VR Film VR Games VR Movies coco vr Día de los Muertos disney pixar vr gear vr disney oculus connect 4 oculus rift social vr pixar pixar first vr experience pixar vr

Review: Samsung’s VR Pilot Season

RealVision VR

Mini Review: Samsung Pilot Season. I checked out, briefly, all 6 episodes in what could be called Season1 of Samsung’s VR Pilot. A commendable initiative by Samsung to promote cinematic VR films. I believe Samsung’s ” 360 Round” camera (a 17 cam rig) was used in some of the episodes. 3D & VR Reviews VR Filmmaking Cinematic VR GearVR Latent Reality Samsung Pilot Season Samsung VR

Venice Film Fest to Launch Virtual Reality Feature About Jesus Christ


Virtual Reality has taken a step forward in the sector of film making and it is coming up with its first ever VR film in the religious genre. Venice International Film Festival is going to screen a 40-minute promo of Jesus VR- The Story of Christ which will be the first ever feature-length movie that will be made entirely for virtual reality. Virtual Reality Jesus VR Venice International Film Festival virtual reality

Italy 43

Baobab Studios Raises $25 Million in New Funding Round

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There isn’t a studio that can claim to be ‘The Pixar of VR’ just yet, but many heavy hitters in traditional media and tech are taking notice of the growth potential of animated films in VR, and specifically in Baobab Studios , the VR film studio known for animated shorts INVASION! SEE ALSO Comcast, Samsung, and HTC Join $6 Million Investment in VR Animation Studio 'Baobab'.

Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare’ releases on Samsung Gear VR and Oculus GO

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Based on reimagining of the 1981 cult-hit horror film, ‘Evil Dead: Virtual Nightmare’ is a soul-crushing mobile VR game brim to the edge with gleeful gore and terrifying twists. Mobile games publisher Boomdash Digital announced the official release of a new action-packed endless runner set within the twisted world of Evil Dead.

10 Best Virtual Reality 360° Short Films!


Virtual Reality (VR) film has seen tremendous growth recently. There is quite a number of critically-acclaimed VR/360° films out there that are already popular among viewers. Here are the 10 best short films we've picked out! The official selection of Cannes Le Marché du Film, Toronto International Film Festival, and Tribeca Film Festival. This allowed for seamless set changes, given that the entire 10-minute film was shot in one take.

Casey Neistat Shows Karlie Kloss the Possibilities of 360 Video


Now only a day before Neistat called it quits on vlogging, Samsung has shared a promo video for the Gear 360 camera that has Neistat showing American supermodel Karlie Kloss the ropes when shooting 360° video with the consumer camera. Filmed back in September , the duo chats about the different features of the Gear 360 in-between fashion shoots. The Samsung Gear 360 , is an affordable consumer 360-degree camera that retails for $349.99 Image Credit: Samsung YouTube.

Top 37 VR Film Festivals to Attend in 2018


As virtual reality continues to rise in popularity, more film festivals, both up-and-coming ones and established ones, are opening up virtual reality competitions. Here we selected 37 film festivals dedicated to virtual reality or with VR programs for your reference. Virtual Reality Festival Held annually in Las Vegas, Virtual Reality Festival is one of the first virtual reality film festivals, which also opened world's first VR Lounge.

Discovery and Google Announce VR Travel Series ‘Discovery TRVLR’, First of 38 Episodes to Arrive in November

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This means you can watch on Google Daydream View and Cardboard, and with a little extra creativity, on Oculus Rift and HTC Vive with Opera’s new experimental browser and Gear VR through Samsung Internet. Episodes filmed in North America, South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and Europe were written and directed by Addison O’Dea and produced by cinematic VR studio Here Be Dragons.

Blade Runner Sequel to Release October 2017 With Oculus VR Experiences

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The movie, received somewhat coldly by critics and audiences on its release in 1982, has since become a revered classic of the genre and fans of the film have longed for a sequel ever since. Now, not only has the follow up been officially confirmed as ‘happening’, the new film, entitled Blade Runner 2049, will show up in October next year and it’s being produced with VR experiences too.