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Report: Immersive Experiences in Education

Tech Trends VR

A newly published white paper investigates the pedagogical theory and use cases for deploying mixed reality in the classroom. It is easy to get excited about the possibilities the Mixed Reality spectrum brings to education.

Defying Gravity With The Weightless VR Bungee System


Run, swim, and flip your way through your favorite immersive experiences.

Delighting Users with Rich Interactions is Key to Making VR Engaging & Effective

Road to VR

VR software has introduced many new challenges to developers. Among these challenges, rich interactions are at the very core of all the new elements VR software designers need to consider when creating games or general applications. Guest Article by Enrique Tromp .

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Xiaomi may have laid off its Mi VR standalone team: what’s the future for Oculus Go?

The Ghost Howls

In these days, I got a quite interesting rumor: Xiaomi may have abandoned its plans for the Mi VR standalone headset , the Chinese counterpart of the Oculus Go. Before I continue with this story… Before I tell you what I know, let me clarify one thing: THIS IS A RUMOR.

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5 Magic Leap Apps You're Probably Missing, Including Star Wars, the Magicverse Matrix, AR Jenga, & More

Next Reality AR

Whenever the name Magic Leap comes up, the talk inevitably seems to turn to the company's big-name backers and "unicorn-level" amounts of cash poured into the venture. And if it's not that, observers tend to focus on the company's market strategy and overall prospects.

Exploring Location-Based VR

Tech Trends VR

Location-Based Virtual Reality is experiencing a huge surge in popularity, and an exclusive webinar will explore the present and future of the medium.

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UCLA Surgical Training Study Shows VR Beats Traditional Training by 130%

Road to VR

A randomized study conducted at UCLA to test the difference between VR and traditional surgical training found that medical students trained in VR scored significantly better than traditional methods.

Samsung Elevates Galaxy Note 10+ with Depth Camera for 3D Scanning & Augmented Reality Apps

Next Reality AR

The mobile augmented reality war for dominance between Apple and its Asia-based rivals is in full effect.

Kim Nevelsteen wants to bridge different virtual worlds to create the Metaverse

The Ghost Howls

We all dream of the Metaverse , a fantastic online virtual world where we can all hang out with other people and do whatever we want. Something similar to what we have seen in the movie Ready Player One , or even better. Image by Warner Bros).

US Navy Using Magic Leap Headsets To Keep Soldiers Combat-Ready At Sea


The Magic Leap One AR headset enters the US Military training program. A new AR training tool developed by Magic Leap Horizons will use Magic Leap One AR headset to deliver various AR military training scenarios to the US Navy.

Engaging Audiences With Immersive Technology

Tech Trends VR

“In what new ways might arts institutions engage audiences through immersive experiences?”. That’s the million-dollar question. Or near enough.

VR Attraction The VOID Plans to More Than Double in Size with 25 New Locations

Road to VR

Out-of-home VR attraction chain The VOID may soon reach a city near you. The company recently announced plans to introduce 25 new locations through 2022, more than doubling its current footprint.

The Ghost Howls’s VR Week Peek (2019.08.05): SIGGRAPH shows cool XR stuff, Vive Cosmos will probably cost £700, VirtualLink may die and much more!

The Ghost Howls

I hoped that in this period all VR people were in vacation, so that I could relax a bit… instead this week there have been tons of interesting news and articles… even more than usual! Discover the hottest XR topics of the week in this roundup post…. Top news of the week. Image by ACM).

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Unreal Engine’s New Virtual Production Tool Is Reshaping Cinematography


Is real-time VR technology the future of filmmaking ? Unreal Engine is changing how filmmakers and advertisers are making movies and commercials with a new virtual production tool that allows them to add special effects in real-time.

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Hands-On: No Man’s Sky Is About To Snap An Entire VR Universe Into Existence


There’s a strange sight in the new No Man’s Sky trailer , especially for someone that hasn’t touched the game since they put in 20 hours or so back in 2016.

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Snapchat to Raise $1 Billion to Further Build Content, Gaming, and AR

Road to VR

Snap Inc, the company behind the ever popular Snapchat, plans to raise $1 billion in short-term debt to further develop the content, gaming, and AR features of its platform.

Is Oculus Quest a Good Headset for Your Business?


The Oculus Quest has been a success since launching in May. A lot of buzz, positive reviews, and strong sales to date. According to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, they’re “selling them as fast as we can make them.”

German Circus Ends Its Use Of Live Animals In Favor Of 3D Holograms


Circus Roncalli adopts holographic tech amid concerns over animal cruelty. The international circus industry has been struggling as of late.

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How Red Matter Devs Pulled Off A Near-Perfect Quest Port


Believe the hype; Red Matter looks pretty incredible on Oculus Quest. I’ve played through the first half of the mobile VR port, due for release next week.

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Massless VR Stylus Now Open for Pre-order; Release Date & Price Revealed

Road to VR

Massless is accepting applications for the first wave of its VR stylus which is aimed at making it easier and more precise for professionals to create and design in VR. The company expects to ship the Massless Pen starting in Q4.

Episodic Sci-fi Adventure Kamile VR to Debut at Gamescom 2019

Peter Graham

In a couple of weeks, Europe’s biggest gaming event takes place in Cologne, Germany, Gamescom 2019. From the looks of things, there’s going to be quite the virtual reality (VR) presence.

LEGO’s Latest Playset Has Kids Battling Ghosts In AR


According to LEGO, Hidden Side is “the bridge between physical and virtual play you’ve been looking for.

Dirt Rally 2.0 VR Surprise Launches On Rift, Index And Vive


Surprise! Durt Rally 2.0 VR is now available on PC VR headsets. Back in Februrary, we reported that Codemaster’s latest racing game would get Oculus Rift support this summer. The game launched without VR support later that month. Now you can play the entire original title inside the Rift.

Applications for Oculus Launch Pad Developer Program Now Open

Road to VR

Applications are now open for the fourth annual Oculus Launch Pad , a program designed to help empower developers and creators from diverse backgrounds. Applications are being accepted until August 23rd, 2019.

Consumer AR Revenues Projected to Reach $7.9 Billion by 2023

AR Insider

“Behind the Numbers” is AR Insider’s series that examines strategic takeaways from ARtillry Intelligence data. Each post drills down on one topic or chart. Subscribe for access to the full library and other knowledge-building resources.

Busch Gardens Aims To Perfect VR Thrill Rides With Latest Immersive Attraction


Battle For Eire maximizes rider capacity with a streamlined fitting process. Despite serving as a perfect tool for enhancing and augmenting conventional thrill rides, VR technology has yet to find its footing in the world of theme park entertainment.

Unreal Engine Adds Oculus Quest Vulkan Support, Unity To Follow ‘Later This Year’


The latest version of the Oculus Unreal Engine Integration adds support for Vulkan on Oculus Quest and Oculus Go. Unity told us they will add the same “later this year” What Is Vulkan?

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Rift & Rift S Now Account for Half of Headsets Used on Steam

Road to VR

With the Rift S launching just two and a half months ago, on Steam the headset has already nearly surpassed all Windows VR headsets in use on the platform. With the original Rift and Rift S, Oculus headsets now make up half of the headsets used on Steam.

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InstaVR provides SAP connectivities as SAP.iO Foundry Startup


InstaVR provides SAP connectivities as SAP.iO Foundry Startup. Further Enterprise Level Success with VR Experience. August 5, 2019 – InstaVR Inc ([link] a virtual reality (VR) authoring, publishing, and analysis company, today announced that InstaVR is selected as SAP iO Foundry Startup.

Cast Magic Spells With Your Voice In This Fan-Made Harry Potter VR Experience


Screaming at inanimate objects never felt so good.

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